No doubt blood,This also proves that I was indeed stabbed before,But the opponent is very fast,Soon, Qin Feng didn’t catch a trace of this person at all。

When Qin Feng wanted to track down further,Suddenly I feel limp,It’s as if any organ in the body doesn’t listen。
not good,poisonous!Thought of this,Qin Feng immediately used his innate true energy,So as not to penetrate the body。
A few minutes later,Qin Feng“puff”Spit black
Blood,Then I wiped the sweat from my head with my hand,Dark road is dangerous。
I don’t know who the opponent is,Using such a poisonous poison,If Qin Feng is later,Or Qin Feng doesn’t have Innate True Qi Bodyguard,Believe in just a few seconds,Will die。
Take a break,Qin Feng suddenly thought,Why did that assassin assassin himself,Disappeared。
The reason is because of this poison,If ordinary people are infected with this kind of poison,I believe that even the gods can’t save him。
The assassin has a special trust in his own poison,Then he disappeared after stabbing Qin Feng。
It stands to reason that he will win himself,But the assassin did not do that,I must know that Qin Feng will definitely die,That’s why he left with only a stab。
or,He found out that he had an accomplice,So I’m putting a long line,Big fish,Put yourself here,Waiting for my companion to find myself,Then I will kill myself and my companions。
“Hahaha,If you think a broken tree leaf can kill me,Then you are too fancy,When I was playing with leaves,Are you still peeing in the mud,So come out,Don’t let me take you out。”
Qin Feng also made a leaf,And throw it away by feeling。
If it wasn’t for the assassin,Qin Feng would really use a tree leaf,Kill it。
And Qin Feng just threw it based on feeling,Don’t know the exact location of the other party。
Just when Qin Feng finished speaking and finished,A figure stands in front of him at a fast speed。
Then at a very fast speed,Stabbed to Qin Feng again。
And this time,Because Qin Feng was prepared,So this assassin,Perfectly failed。
“what’s the situation?”The assassin was taken aback,This is a mistake that has never happened before,Today is indeed the first miss。
Reacted for a while,The assassin made another assassination。

“I never knew that I also had the passive attribute of helping others,It’s worth it this time!”

Xiang Chen comforted himself,But Yuan Qing on the side didn’t care。
“Not all the young masters teasing Cinderella,Master is tired of playing,Will replace a Cinderella!”
Yuan Qing rolled her eyes,Obviously, I am not optimistic about Han Genji’s broken romance。
Looking at Yuan Qing,Xiang Chen suddenly let out a surprise。
“I’m thinking,I am so weak now,Wouldn’t it be easy for you to kill me?”
Xiang Chen frowned slightly,With a smile on his face。
“go to hell!”
I heard Xiang Chen’s words,Yuan Qing took a few deep breaths,But still didn’t suppress his petty temper,Grabbing the wheelchair from Yan Xiaoyi,Directly pushed Xiang Chen out。
“Mom look,That uncle uses a wheelchair to drift!”A passerby pointed at Xiang Chen, who was driving fast,Eyes full of yearning……
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Seven happy Birthday
There is always an incredible surprise in life,For example, someone won the lottery at random,For example, someone has worked hard for a long time and died,But at an inadvertent moment,Got what I dream of。
So is Wang Qiaoqiao,For the so-called love,She always takes a long-term attitude。
After all living in this society,I have to do my best just to consider supporting myself,Then there are other moods to take care of other things?
But as Han Geunji said,I want to be nice to you,I wanna be with you,After love really comes,It’s especially wonderful。
Although I still wear uniform nurse uniforms during working hours,But Wang Qiaoqiao after get off work,Will change into clothes designed by Han Genji himself。
Wearing new clothes,Sometimes Wang Qiaoqiao doesn’t want to work part-time。In fact, it’s more cost-effective to wear cheap clothes you buy online,Wang Qiaoqiao deeply agrees with this,But she just had to wear clothes designed by Han Genji。

Boxing tyrants immediately boosted morale,Smashed with both fists,Smashed directly at the door of Yayoi-kun。

This is a shock,Leave nothing,Give enough strength。
Unfortunately,Yayoi-kun’s palms are here,These two giant palms contain extremely terrifying strength,He immediately hugged Boxer。
Everyone only heard a scoff,A lot of sweat splashed all over,Both of them used gang strength at the same time。
This kind of close burst of strength,No tricks,Fighting is both physical strength,That is the strength of Gang Jin。
Same as Arcanum Warrior,After turning on the arcane rage state,Normal blows are hard to work,Only Gang Jin can destroy the internal structure of the body,Let life pass。
Under this fight,Judge。
The fists of the fighter did not hit the face of the little giant Yayoi-kun,But collapsed softly。
Collapsed with his arms,And his body。
Boxing fighter is like a big shell shrimp cramped,The whole person is completely loose。
Many people present suddenly took a breath,Anyone with a discerning eye knows that Boxer is over,He was counterattacked by other people’s strength,Has been shaken off internal organs,Can’t live。
now,Fist domineering,Only a pair of hateful eyes left,Staring at each other。
His waist was alive and thin,There are ten huge finger marks clearly visible。
The little giant Yayoi-kun is indeed a strong warrior,And Gang Jin broke out surprisingly,It is equivalent to directly pressing the boxer to death。
The audience is silent,Are all surprised by the strength of this sumo wrestler。

Xiang Chen smiled,It’s just that the man behind him can’t see the confidence on his face。

Except Momo,No one believes in Xiang Chen’s self-confidence,Ye Qingli closed his eyes,I want to come and I am ready to get a headshot for Xiang Chen。
Duan Long and their three brothers did not speak,But I also felt that Xiang Chen could not complete the challenge in his mouth。
“Good luck,We have to work tomorrow!Don’t want to make any movement!”
The man slowly withdrew the pistol against Xiang Chen’s head。
The muzzle just left Xiang Chen’s head,The man pulled the trigger directly。
A flash of fire,Ye Qingqing is not the only one,Even Duan Long and their three brothers closed their eyes。
Open your eyes again,Just like most people imagine,The ground has been soaked with a layer of red,It’s just that the blood is not from Xiang Chen。
Mo Mo’s hand disease,Fainted her before Ye opened her eyes gently,So as not to let Ye gently see what she shouldn’t。
“I said,Let you see your own egg yolk,I won’t break my promise。and also,You should believe me!”
Xiang Chen pressed the head of the man behind him,As for his expression,Xiang Chen didn’t bother to look again。
Slowly draw the tiger spirit from the man’s throat,A blood stream trickles out。
Xiang Chen did what he blew out,It’s just that the man can’t see the pride of Xiang Chen after finishing。Duan Long’s three brothers are quiet,I didn’t underestimate Xiang Chen before,But now they really found out,It’s not too high to look up at Xiang Chen。
“I’ve been watching the scene for so long,Don’t plan to come out for a chat?”
Xiang Chen turned his head and looked in the direction of the warehouse door,When Xiang Chen’s voice fell,Two middle-aged men who turned to the west appeared at the door。
The moment when two middle-aged people appeared,Mo Mo suddenly became alert,Xiang Chen also shook the tiger soul rhythmically。
“My friend is so good…Pity。”

Xiangyang nodded,Such a thing,Meng Bo has no reason to lie to himself。

Let out a sigh of relief,Xiang Yang said to Meng Bo:“I won’t go up,Since he doesn’t want me to know,I don’t know,Is he hurt badly?”
“Not very serious,Just after coming back,The state has not been very good。Went to the doctor,Went to check the body,I can’t find out why,But Lingyun’s mental state just didn’t improve。”Meng Bo answered truthfully。
“I know,thank you,You took care of Lingyun so hard during this time!”
Xiangyang nodded,He looked up at Lingyun’s house again,Some worries。
Turned and left,Without the sassiness of before,Meng Bo behind Xiangyang,The pace is much lighter。
Walk a little distance,Xiang Yang couldn’t help but glanced back at Ling Yun’s direction,Some worries,Helpless。
For this person who reached out to help when he and Xiang Chen were at their worst,Xiangyang always feels unclear。
Hope he is okay!Xiangyang took a deep breath,Then spit out slowly,Turn around again。
“Xiangyang!Ling Yun is not right!”
Just when Xiang Yang was about to leave and go home to see how Xiang Chen’s health was,Meng Bo stood at the window of Ling Yun’s house,Loudly called Xiangyang up。
Rush to Lingyun’s house,Xiangyang’s worried Ling Yun’s mouth is hanging with blood,Smiled at Xiangyang,No need to say anything,He is in the state of Xiangyang.。
“Did you drive?”
Meng Bo supports Ling Yun,Looking anxiously at Xiangyang。
Xiangyang was taken aback,I don’t know how to tell Meng Bo about my lack of a driver’s license.。
“wait for me!”
Suddenly thought of something,Xiangyang took out his mobile phone and dialed a series of numbers,Also reported his location。
“Don’t froze,Take him to the gate of the community first!”
Seeing Meng Bo still in a daze,Xiang Yang scolded,It also brought Meng Bo back to God in an instant。

At this time, Qiao Tianyu finally had a taste,This time I wronged Keiko.。

It is clear,The person who raised the gold quotation is not someone else,It is Prince Rahul!
Because if you want to completely destroy Prince Mahmoud and his son,You have to confirm their two crimes:One is that their father and son sold off one-third of Saudi Arabia’s annual oil production,Cost Saudi Arabia heavy,Second, their father and son did not complete the purchase5000Task of tons of gold。
Prince Rahul must know that during this period Qiao Tianyu tried every means to rescue Prince Mahmoud and his son,He also knew that Qiao Tianyu was close to getting there5000Tons of gold,If the gold is really gotten by Qiao Tianyu,Prince Mahmoud and his son can be rescued,All his efforts will be in vain。
That’s why Prince Rahul can’t wait to kill Mahmoud and his son.,On the one hand, they quickly sent their father and son back to Riyadh for trial,On the other hand, it jumped out to maliciously raise the price of gold,Disturb Huang Qiaotianyu’s gold acquisition plan!
These two measures are closely linked,It’s no wonder that Prince Narahel can give power to the Saudi royal family,Sure enough!
After seeing through Prince Rahul’s conspiracy,Qiao Tianyu knows that saving people is important,Can’t look forward and backward,Hesitate。
The so-called ringer must be tied,At this time, Qiao Tianyu knew very well,The only way to save Prince Mahmoud and his son,Only that5000Tons of gold!
Let’s get the gold first,Others will be discussed later!
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu immediately followed Huizi and Qiao Dahua out of the villa,Get in the extended Cadillac bulletproof car,All the way to the southeast of Dubai city.
First0208chapter Hidden in the city
Whenever faced with difficult and dangerous situations,It can always inspire Qiao Tianyu’s ability to make decisions that are different from ordinary people,He knows that now it can only be purchased5000Tons of gold are not enough,The most important thing now is to grab time with Prince Rahul!
So after getting in the car,Qiao Tianyu made several calls in succession。
This first call,Qiao Tianyu called Michelle,Let her immediately contact all the helicopters and transport planes borrowed from the KGB,Ready to ship gold。
Although Michelle is still right5000Tons of gold have concerns,But Qiao Tianyu gave her a death order,Even that5000There is a problem with tons of gold,Also a future thing,Save lives now。
See Qiao Tianyu so sure,Michelle didn’t say much,Act immediately。

Someone in the live broadcast room is not too big,Have reported。Many people see this guy not pleasing to the eye,Funny to think about,This is a typical pretense。

Hu Yang fixed his eyes on those masks,One of them is metal,More than three thousand priced。Populus is too lazy to bargain,Lest this guy has to look down on people again。
I saw Brother Hu bought a mask,Whether it is Huazi、Xiaoxiao、Ran Ran,Or other people in the live room,All immediately realized,That thing is probably valuable again, right??
“Haha!When I regret having this stuff。”
Chapter four hundred and fourteen Federa
Everyone is watching the show subconsciously,Not the time yet,So Xiaoxiao and others are silent,Waiting for this guy to be unlucky。
Hu is angry,Never scold or fight,But it will cost you a lot,It’s worse than hitting him,This is everyone’s consensus on Hu。
and so,There is a word on this platform,Don’t make Brother Hu angry。
Not long,People from the official store are here,And there is a foreigner。This foreigner,This is a technical appraiser,Come to china,Is to solve a problem。
When he arrives at the store,Heard this,Also go out in person。
It’s about the reputation of their brand,He thinks the problem is serious。If there are fakes in official stores in China,,The problem is quite serious。Just report the news to the headquarters,Must be rectified。
The person in charge of the China region and others,All a little worried,Something like this。
Although I don’t know if it’s blackmail,If so,Then easy to solve,According to the law。But if it is really a fake out of their store,To them,Not good news。
just,They even want to solve it privately,But there is such a foreigner,You can’t operate it privately。
Ou Quan immediately took off the watch he was wearing,Let the other party do the identification,In addition,Also issued relevant bills, etc.,The store cannot be denied。
in fact,He thinks this,It’s not bad for him。No matter what,He didn’t lose,All earn money!
if it is ture,At most, say sorry to the people in the store,Listen to others,Got it wrong。But Hu Yang had to pay him for a new Rolex watch。

“but,This is your problem!”Long Zhanye laughed。

Tu Shanming frowned,Tiptoe,Pull out the head of the Zuma leader,Asked:“What’s the problem?”
Long Zhanye laughed:“Shi Qing Dong is all knowledge,Human feelings are the article。You are too simple,Have not experienced the tempering of humanity,So there are few changes between moves。”
“Oh!Seems to make sense。I always go straight,Breaking by force mostly,Not so many flowers intestines like you。Then how do i change?”Tu Shanming asked again。
Long Zhanye laughed:“Very simple,Find a woman,Talk about a love,One is not enough,Then find a few more。Experienced a lot,You will understand what feelings are,Can only be extremely affectionate,So it can be better than a sword,Emotionless Knife,Still a bit worse。”
“Looking for a woman?fall in love?Isn’t that a waste of time?Delayed entry?”Tu Shanming was confused,Shook his head and sighed。
Long Zhanye saw that this silly boy had been confused,Can’t help laughing:“Then look at Master Wuhao,Is the woman next to him missing??But he is not strong?Better than you?In the flowers,No leaves,This is the highest state of emotion,Your kid is too far away,Let’s start with a relationship!”
“is it?Then you have no woman?”Tu Shanming is not really stupid,Frowned and asked。
Long Zhanye had expected,Haha smile,Tao:“How old is the old man?How old are you?in those days,When I was young like you,That’s a romantic and chic!Riding a leaning bridge,Red sleeve trick!Forget it,You don’t understand!”
“Now the old man is old,It should be self-cultivation,The situation is different again!In a word,What age do things!Look at the Wuhao-sama who is your age,Don’t understand?”
“Ok,It seems to make some sense!I really can’t do Mr. Wuhao,I miss him too much!Obviously he is not older than me!understood,There are many women around him,Fall in love without delaying practice!I’ll talk a few too!”Tu Shanming said to himself。
but,He soon began to frown again,Shook his head and murmured:“but,Who am i going to talk to?Those girls,It doesn’t seem to be possible to talk to me?So annoying!”
Long Zhanye looked at this silly boy,Can’t help but be funny,Originally based on his character,Won’t talk about these things with Tu Shan Ming,For one thing, he made the first kill today,feeling good,Secondly, I also looked at Tu Shanming, this guy has always been a Tie Hanhan,The Way of Civil and Martial Arts,One by one,Like his tricks and tricks,Something will happen sooner or later。

“Next,We and a beauty Lianmai,She is a great singer in our guild,Conditional friends,Can go and support。”Populus euphratica。

Finished,Just accept Lin Yufei’s Lianmai invitation。
“Sister Lin fell from the sky,Do you know how to do it?”Populus joked。
Live room screen,Turned into two live broadcast rooms,belongpkmode。
Lin Yufei speaks generously:“I’m very happy to connect with Hu Ge,We ate together two days ago,Very good talking local tyrant brother……”
Business bluffs for a while,Ok!This is a normal routine。
“Lin family sister,Sing for everyone!”Hu Yang said to Lin Yufei。
Lin Yufei nodded:“Then I will give you the brightest star in the night sky,For the brothers in the two live broadcast rooms。”
“Everybody,Give a small gift if you have live currency,The student party can give people something to pay attention to。”Hu Yang reminds everyone。He doesn’t care about the gift,But others will care,Thin-skinned girl,So he asked for。
Everyone also gives face,Many people went to the opposite live room to pay attention,The people in the warehouse also sent something。
Lin Yufei sang,Keep an eye on the data。Can’t fail to pay attention,Attention has soared so fast,This time,Suddenly increased by several hundred。
In addition,I also brushed a lot of gifts,Can’t see it at all。She finally understood,Why does the guild have to let her and Brother Hu connect the wheat?。
Brother Hu never asks for coins,Ask for help this time,Many people will give face,Brush a little。
Down a song,She received a total of more than 500,000 live currency gifts,Can’t help feeling,Brother Hu is Brother Hu,Extraordinary。
She also accidentally connected with other big anchors,But the other party is not very willing to introduce his fans,How can Brother Hu be so generous?
“Thank you!Thank you all for the present,Thank you brother Hu。”
Populus euphratica waved his hand,Express don’t care:“Still time,Let’s have another song!Everyone knows,I don’t sing。”

Love is gone,She still has family affection,Mother will never betray her;Love is gone,She still has friendship,Chengyu and Ningning,They all love her,Won’t abandon her。

And those kids,All very sensible,She said she would provide them for college,Can’t break your promise。
Her love is great,Is the kind of fraternity that embraces the world,To those who experience injustice,Will use their own abilities to give them warmth;Her heart is very small,I can only hold myself and him,Can’t hold one more person。
That kind of relationship,She really can’t stand it,Even if she backs down,Where’s Huo,Will accept?
Even if the Huo family accepts,Where is the Lu family?,Will make her go well?
Chapter Four Sour oranges
You know,She still shouldn’t test her position in her father’s heart。
Love someone,very sweet;Hate someone,Very tired;Forget a person,Difficult!
Sweetness is what she wants,But not her;tired,Not what she wants,It won’t last forever in her life,Since that person doesn’t belong to her,Then force yourself to forget。
Lao Niu ruminates for digestion,If she misses her lost love repeatedly,That’s the unhealed scar on Jiexinkou,Is regretting the decision,She is the willow who goes forward bravely,Won’t fall apart。
The deviated life is back on track,The wrong blueprint has been revised,Those magnificent landscapes are beautiful,But not suitable for her,Still get a good mood,Start again!
Yangliu keeps cheering for herself,Continue to encourage myself,Do your best to imagine tomorrow’s beauty,But no matter how she thinks about it,It’s divorce after all,She is not as great as she thought,Not as strong as expected。
Tears kept falling down the corners of my eyes,Wet hair,Wet the pillow。I’m afraid my mother will be sad,Cover your head with a quilt,Hiding in there and crying。
In a daze,Yangliu slept again and again,Brain-mixed,I don’t remember any dreams。
Finally wake up,Lying in bed-Last motionless,People who love to sleep in bed,Finally have a reason not to get up。
Mother for her to sleep well,Drew the curtains,Thick curtains block the sun,Dark in the room。
Darkness brings tranquility,No use of eyes,But my ears are very sensitive,Raiying’s low whimper came faintly,Maybe my mother didn’t take it out for a walk,It protested。