Half an hour after the meal, the health effect doubles, most people may not understand

Half an hour after the meal, the health effect doubles, most people may not understand

Our healthy people should reasonably mix three meals a day, but for the post-meal health problems, many people may not understand.

In fact, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, some precautions are very important, and as long as you do the right thing, you can definitely benefit your health.

Let’s take a quick look at it. Half an hour after the meal, keep the health effect doubled. Many people may not understand it.

First of all, there are a few things that should be avoided in the half hour after a meal. You must not avoid smoking. As the saying goes: A cigarette after a meal, a live god.

Although this is said, smoking itself is harmful to our health, not to mention that after we have eaten, your blood circulation is regenerated after eating, and harmful substances such as nicotine in tobacco are accelerated in the blood, more than usual.The danger of smoking is dozens of times larger.

Avoid drinking tea. Usually, some middle-aged and elderly people especially like to drink tea and drink tea as white water.

However, if you actually drink tea after eating, it will cause problems in the digestive function of the stomach, which will lead to your indigestion.

Avoid brushing teeth Some friends especially like to brush their teeth immediately after eating, in fact, this is a bad behavior for the teeth.

Brush your teeth immediately after a meal, there is no benefit at all, it will cause your teeth to wear, yellow and so on.

If you want to brush your teeth, be sure to wait for half an hour after the meal.

Avoid loose waistbands. After everyone has eaten, the first reaction is to relax the waistband and not let your stomach stretch. In fact, this is not good.

After eating a meal, the stomach has been inflated. If you loosen your belt at this time, your stomach will sag, and the pressure on the stomach will increase for a long time.

Avoid going to bed Now most young people eat and sleep, sleep and eat, but I don’t know if this is very bad for the body.

Sleeping immediately after eating, the food is all piled up in the stomach, which will lead to weight gain, so the current “fat” are lying out.

Avoid taking a bath and eating your meal, your blood circulation will speed up. If you take a shower at this time, the blood flow in the gastrointestinal tract will decrease, and the digestive function of the stomach will be weakened.

Avoid walking Many people like to go out for a walk after dinner, but there must be enough rest time before going for a walk.

If you take a walk immediately after eating, it will affect the digestion and absorption of our gastrointestinal tract.

Avoid exercise Generally, everyone knows that after eating, you can’t exercise immediately. If you have enough stomach to exercise, it will cause digestive problems. If the exercise intensity is too great, you will have stomach pain and gastrointestinal diseases.

Avoid driving after eating, people’s blood circulation will occur, the brain sometimes lacks oxygen, especially want to sleep.

At this time, if you drive again, you will not be able to concentrate on it. If you want to doze off, you will easily get into a car accident, so don’t drive the car after dinner.

The above several things must remember that you can’t do it after a meal, which is very harmful to your body.

Then let’s talk about how to do it after the meal is good for the body.

1, mainly eat fruit, drink yogurt and other things that can promote digestion of the body; 2, after meals can do housework, consume energy in the body; 3, after eating a meal can also beat the meridian, because this time using bloodThe acceleration of the cycle can help your digestion and make your body healthier.

Finally, if you have symptoms such as snoring, bloating, diarrhea, vomiting after meals, then you should consider whether you have hepatitis, enteritis, gastritis and esophageal diseases.

With these symptoms, you must go to the hospital for examination in time, not for a long time, and dragging into a serious illness.

The above talked about some post-meal health tips, these daily health knowledge is too practical, because three meals a day is not edible, and half an hour after the meal is also a golden health period.

Therefore, if friends want to seize this health time, they must remember the half-hour health knowledge after the meal. As long as you don’t do these things, do more things that are good for your health. In this case, you will definitely double your health.

Excessive use of corn should be eaten with eyes

Excessive use of corn should be eaten with eyes

The biggest contribution of corn to humans is the rich pigments that dye corn into golden color – lutein and zeaxanthin (a type of carotene). Although they are not nutrients, they act like nutrients and are powerful antioxidants that protect them.A photosensitive area called the macula in the eye that prevents the development of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

The macula is a tissue located in the center of the retina that controls vision.

Due to aging, slight oxidation of the macula, damage and destruction, yellow spot deformation, decreased vision, and even blindness.

Lutein and zeaxanthin exert their powerful antioxidant effects, which can absorb harmful light entering the eyeball and maintain the health of the macula.

However, it should be noted that only yellow corn has lutein and zeaxanthin, but not in white corn.

Therefore, taxi drivers, primary and secondary school students, editors, writers and other people who often use their eyes should eat more yellow corn.

  Corn contains a variety of anti-cancer factors, such as glutathione, lutein and zeaxanthin, trace elements such as selenium and magnesium.

Glutathione can be implanted into carcinogens by itself, and becomes inactive and replaced by the digestive tract. It is also a powerful antioxidant that accelerates the aging of free radicals.The most effective anticancer substance in the body; corn also contains selenium and magnesium, selenium can accelerate the decomposition of peroxides in the body, so that malignant tumors can not get oxygen supply and decline; and magnesium can inhibit the development of nucleic acids, on the other handThe body’s waste can be regenerated as soon as possible to prevent cancer; while lutein in corn can prevent colorectal cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer and uterine cancer, and zeaxanthin can prevent skin cancer and lung cancer.

  Corn is rich in niacin, a component of glucose tolerance factor (GTP), which is a nutrient that enhances insulin action. Therefore, replacing corn with corn is helpful for blood sugar regulation.

Waist belly fat perfect solution

Waist belly fat perfect solution

Desire to have a good body, a valuable diet, three meals of tofu greens, the only snack is boiled water, can be waist or a round drum.

“Hey, drinking water will also gain weight, really troublesome,” often said this to his friends.

Does drinking water really gain weight?

Waist and abdomen obesity may be due to genetic and endocrine disorders.

  Excessive image formation caused by waist and abdomen obesity is a complex problem.

The day after tomorrow mainly has bad life, eating habits (such as irregular life, not eating in time, eating hard when you are hungry, eating before going to bed, eating high-calorie foods, etc.); eating more, absorbing more, excretingLess; eat less, absorb more, excrete impurities; sit in front of the day do not move; lack of physical exercise and other reasons.

  Waist and abdomen fat brings a lot of inconvenience.

Functionally speaking, life is inconvenient, and when you move around, you are panting, very hard, and easy to induce high blood pressure, high blood pressure, diabetes and other “rich diseases.”

In appearance, the big belly will affect the personal image. For example, women who dare not wear skirts in summer are a problem.

“So many people come to lose weight,” said Director Li. Weight loss improves the body shape of obese people, looks good, and increases people’s self-confidence.

At the same time, it can also improve the function, reduce the burden on the body, reduce the heart load, lower the blood pressure, and is good for health.

  Extremely fat people need liposuction and remove some of the waist and abdomen skin. Now there are acupuncture treatments (such as acupoint weight loss), Chinese medicine to lose weight, weight loss and weight loss, etc. Director Li believes that although there are various ways to lose weight, but this is a waist and abdomen obesityLocal obesity, a recognized and effective method is liposuction to lose weight.

  At present, in addition to negative pressure liposuction, there are also electronic liposuction, oscillation liposuction, and ultrasonic liposuction.

According to Li Qin, some hospitals now use a combination of ultrasound and negative pressure, which can avoid the disadvantage of slightly inhaling a slight suction by the simple vacuum liposuction method.

During the operation, a local swelling and anesthesia is applied, and the ultrasound is evenly slid back and forth over the waist and abdomen for a few to twenty minutes, breaking the unfortunate, and then opening a 0 in the hidden part of the waist (such as the navel, ventral side, etc.).

A small mouth of 5-1 cm, sucking the broken aunt with a negative pressure and discharging it through the small tube.

The time required for surgery is determined by the amount of feces collected, usually between 1 and 3 hours.

  For people who are very obese and have loose skin, Li Qin reminds that simple liposuction can not achieve a good shaping effect.

For this group of people, it must be combined with liposuction and abdominal plastic surgery, that is, on the basis of liposuction, cut off part of the waist and abdomen skin, the surgical trauma will be larger than the simple liposuction, but the shaping effect is better.

  Cardiovascular disease must be controlled before surgery as long as the local slight accumulation, excessive age, 18-60 years old, healthy, pre-operative doctors such as ECG, chest, blood, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc.People with normal indicators can do liposuction.

  It is said that liposuction is more suitable for those who are not healthy, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Blood pressure of people over 60 years old, blood sugar will generally become high, it may be dangerous to do this operation; high blood pressure, diabetics, blood pressure people, etc. are accepted from the hospital doctors for treatment, treatment, the primary disease is controlled in the scope of surgery to extract the lipid.

When doing liposuction, doctors from the hospital will monitor blood pressure. If the patient’s blood pressure suddenly rises during the operation, the operation will stop. Therefore, it is better to choose a large hospital.

  Gradually stop eating and conditioning body shape In general, in addition to facial liposuction, people who have more than 2000ml of liposuction should stay in hospital for 1-3 days. Because of the loss of body fluid during the operation, the hospital can remove the required body fluids. The doctor can alsoObserve the situation at all times to ensure safety.

In addition to anticipation of rest, in order to better shape the effect, the doctor recommended intervention to adhere to the elastic bandage for 3 months to half a year.

  Some people think that weight loss can be done once and for all. In fact, liposuction changes the shape of a person, and the weight does not decrease. Therefore, it is also necessary to adjust the diet (normal diet, eat high-sugar, high-metabolism food) and strengthen physical exercise.Keep your body shape.

Massage the chest and abdomen to prevent the five internal organs

Massage the chest and abdomen to prevent the five internal organs

Chinese medicine believes that “the belly is the palace city of the five internal organs.”

Abdominal abdomen including abdominal wall and abdominal internal organs, there are Renmai, liver, gallbladder, spleen, stomach, kidney and other important meridians and collections and separations, for the lower Dantian, can pass up and down, divide yin and yang.

Among them, the umbilical cord is the essence of the body, can pass hundreds of veins, the internal organs and the six limbs, and has a serious physiological and pathological relationship with the flesh and blood.

  Regular massage of the belly, can coordinate the spleen and stomach, accelerate the peristalsis, help digestion and absorption and excretion function; reconcile the internal organs of the internal organs, balance the yin and yang; promote blood circulation of the abdomen, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, improve disease resistance, prevent evil invasion; Initial refreshment, qi, add fine, and can strengthen the body.

The self-massage method is now introduced as follows: 1.

The palms alternately massage the belly.

Keep underwear, supine or sit on the bed, with the navel and the navel under the dantian as the center, first use the right palm to draw the ring clockwise, push the squat, rub one lap, and then use the left palm to push the ring counterclockwise to push and pull the friction.

Alternate hands and massage for one minute.

Abdominal massage has a good health care effect on the internal organs through the stimulation of acupoints such as Shenque, Qihai, Guanyuan, Tianshu and Daheng.


Abdominal breathing double palms with a waist.

Nude on the supine bed (winter sleep in the bed), the legs are crossed, the palms of the hands are pressed up and down the waist, while pushing the direction of the navel, the two thumbs are wiped under the navel (qihai, Guanyuan, curved bones, etc.)The two little fingers are rubbed down along the two groin, the two middle fingers go straight to the perineal point (between the anus and the scrotum), exhale when rubbing down, let the small abdominal muscles slowly shrink and squat down (slightly stop calming), so that the whole body relaxesIn particular, the two yin (genital and anus) relax; both hands return to stroke and lift the second yin, (snorting) to the left and right waist, let the lower abdomen slowly bulge.

Be deep, thin, even and long.

So breathe for a minute.


Press the genitals.

Sit on the bed, cross the legs, first use the right hand to grasp the tight genitals, palms to test the testicles, genitals, middle finger point to the perineal points, palm roots, wrists under the umbilicus three to five inches (curved bone, middle pole, etc.) clockwiseTry to rotate 50 times, change the left hand counterclockwise to try to rotate 50 times.


Take a belly and lick your waist.

Sit or stand, first use the right palm to beat the belly, while using the left hand to make a fist, anti-arming, kicking the lumbar vertebrae and cheekbones (life gate, yin, Shenshu, Zhi room, etc.), alternating hands, repeated beatsminute.

Wipe your chest with your palms.

Sitting or standing, the palms of the two palms are pressed on the left and right chests, and the two thumbs are focused on the center line of the chest and abdomen. The veins are rubbed down to wipe the internal organs of the five internal organs, while exhaling (slowly calming), then returning to the chest,At the same time inhale the levator.

One breath and one breath, repeated for one minute.

  The above method, the author every night before going to bed, wake up early, supine or sit on the bed (winter sleep in the nest, while watching, listening to TV), each massage, for several years, such as a day, received a very good effect.

The original suffering from prostatitis and hyperplasia for 20 years, urination when the lower abdomen soreness, dysuria, frequent urination seven or eight times a night, or even ten times, now not sore, not dripping, only two or three times a night, December 2004Physical examination, B-ultrasound results: “prostate slightly increased, calcification”; the original suffering from chronic colitis for 10 years, stomach pain, diarrhea, three times a day, three times a day, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, consciously have cold air in the abdomen, fart, now bellyNo pain, abdominal distension, stool formation, once a day, returned to normal; the original suffering from hemorrhoids for decades, often bleeding, trousers changed for three or two days, severe walking difficulties, preparation for surgical removal, did not dare to carry out, afterUse levator ani, hot water bath and other methods to press hemorrhoids, no bleeding for more than a year, acne gradually shrink, and soy beans are not inflamed; the original suffering from indigestion, mild kidney gas also disappears invisibly.

This method is normal main prevention; urinary adverse, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, nocturnal emission, impotence, enuresis, constipation, diarrhea, enteritis, low back pain, high blood pressure, etc., and strong fitness.

British health, healthy living

British health, healthy living

Everyone living in different regions has different living habits and ways of living.

When people in a region generally live and work in peace and contentment, everyone will understand how to nurture the essence of the body and thus carefully learn how to maintain health.

Today, with a broad perspective, we have scanned the people of England on the other side of the mainland, how to implement the various ways of health advocated by the descendants of the Yellow Emperor in their lives.


hzh {display: none; }  英国人的一天  英国人的生活习惯是早晨9时上班.Their lives are arranged in accordance with the biological clock of nature, which is in line with the principles of health care of the Chinese Medicine Huang Di Nei Jing.

After getting up in the morning, don’t exercise, because the dust in the air is attached to the air, and the air quality is the worst.

They choose to make breakfast for their family at home, a nutritious and reasonable health package.

Breakfast usually starts at 7 o’clock and is divided into continental or English packages, with multiple people choosing above.

The contents include: bread, ham, tomatoes, milk, honey and black tea.

  The healthy diet of the British is mainly focused on eating fewer meals.

After work at 9:00 in the morning, start a stressful and dedicated work.

At 10:30, there will be 10 to 15 minutes of morning tea time.

A cup of coffee, a few baked cookies with rich flavors, people chat, exchange information, relieve stressful work stress and stress.

  Lunch at 12:30, the British will eat very simple.

A snack such as a sandwich or potato fish, not much, no alcohol.

  After a short lunch, people are working again.

The tea time at 15:00 was on the scene.

A cup of coffee or black tea, a few exquisite snacks, a relaxed personality, once again put into work and feel comfortable.

  The British people at work attach great importance to dedication. They do not distinguish between urban and rural areas and jobs, regardless of brain or physical labor. Every worker is respected by people.

Mr. He once saw that a strong cleaner, in order to pick up the garbage stuffed in the trench, and to carry it on the ground, this serious work spirit can be seen everywhere.

  The clock points from 16:30 to 17:00, people after work start to get involved in a variety of fitness activities, even on the construction site, stop working on time.

A variety of themed fitness clubs, lawn and pet playing with the flying saucer game, the swimming pool, the football field, etc., people are familiar with each other, you can participate in your favorite activities, enjoy a friendlyfun.

  From 16:00 to 19:00 in the evening, people after the sport enter the bar, ask for a beer or a drink, talk about the land, and enjoy the kindness that friendship brings to them.

Although the United Kingdom is also a major consumer of alcohol, the wines offered in the bar are low-alcohol, with little physical injury, and everyone pays attention to drinking.

  The British cherish the family for dinner.

From 20 to 21 in the evening, most people will go home to cook a delicious dinner with their families, share the harmony of the family, and communicate with each other at the dinner table. The food is filled with love.

  After dinner, the British did not have the habit of walking on the street.

Reading books or TV at home, by 23:00, multiple families went to sleep.

The law stipulates that after this time, the sounds emitted indoors should not interfere with the rest of others.

  What’s interesting about a healthy life in leisure is that men in their 40s will choose to trim the gardens and lawns in their homes after work.

Mr. He said that the owners of each family are outstanding designers who design different styles of gardens according to their own aesthetics.

When Mr. He drove to a small town, each garden was a beautiful piece of art, which made him forget to return.

The United Kingdom has abundant rainfall and long grass flowers. It is a famous “flower capital”.

The sophisticated garden represents the hardworking and noble artistic aesthetic of the male owner, which will win the respect of the people and represent the family’s vitality and hope.

  The male owner can also put the repair work on the weekend, and the hostess is responsible for cooking delicious meals for the family and organizing the home environment.

On weekends, the host will invite friends to join the barbecue and enjoy the food, beauty and sincerity of the world.


hzh {display: none; }  还有不少英国人在周末的时候选择出去旅游,周五开车出发,周日回来。Every year from June to September, young people choose vacations, and seniors rest at home.

The store opens early Monday to Friday, closing the door late, but on Saturday it opens the door late, closes the door early, does not open the door on Sunday, encouraging people to go on holiday.

The hotel’s business is very good, and domestic short-term travel has driven the country’s internal consumption economy.

  In the UK, if there are no 1 or 2 vacations in a year, it is considered an unhealthy life.

Many Britons have inspired love while on vacation.

Mr. He said that a couple traveled to Africa to see the poor life in the local area and donate all the savings of their families.

After returning to China, I have no couples to continue working to make money. I don’t feel that I am different.

  The British especially like to bask in the sun. Due to the maritime climate, there are very few bright suns. So when the sun comes out, every family will put the sheets on the ground very grandly, and it is a unique thing to basking in the sun.Scenery.

  Mr. He, the healthy mentality of work and life, tells us that when choosing a career, the British will choose the work they like to do and will not change at will.

When you like a variety of careers, you will try another favorite industry after retirement.

Mr. He knew a British driver who drove a bus. He had participated in the Gulf War. After returning home, the country arranged a good job, but he still chose to drive because it was his favorite.

  The consumption habits of the British are also relatively healthy.

Because they have good medical care, insurance, pension, housing welfare policies, no worries, so they rarely save money, and their mentality is relatively calm.

For example, after the 18-year-old independent life begins, renting starts, and after work, you can make a 10% down payment or a 0 down payment to buy a house.

They are not greedy and demanding. They only buy one room and one living room that can accommodate two people, a house with a garden, and after buying a child, they buy a two-bedroom apartment with a garden, and the children change more.

When the children grow up and leave home, they switch back to the one-bedroom, one-bedroom house, so the British family has to change the house at least three times.

  On one occasion, Mr. He took a train and met an 89-year-old man who was alone in the train and spent five hours visiting his daughter. The people who accompanied him talked with the old man. The old man said that she often does this. She is very healthy and her ears are not silent.Eyes don’t cost.

Asked about the longevity of the elderly, the old man smiled and said that the diet is like eating the most common potato fish sticks of the British, like a light and simple diet, with a cheerful and optimistic attitude, a reasonable and regular life rhythm, nothing more.

  The medical system makes Mr. He most praised that the toilets in the whole UK and even small villages can meet the first-class health standards. The United Kingdom is a country that has made the city construction solid and detailed to every corner.

This meticulous attitude affects the world.

In the UK’s health care work, it is important for daily training and preparation of emergency events.

I remember that when the world smelled the “SARS” discoloration and refused to enter the Chinese, only the United Kingdom and the United States pointed out that they were released. They believed that their country is fully capable of controlling sudden infectious diseases, and the usual positive prevention and emergency work has already beenIt’s easy enough, and it’s worth learning and incorporating.

  In the United Kingdom, the Ministry of Health has adopted a policy of universal public health care. The government attaches great importance to the health of the people and has a large proportion of expenditures in this area.

The United Kingdom has a population of 58 million, and more than 95% of its citizens are publicly funded. The government pays for it. This form is equivalent to the medical policy adopted by China in the 1970s.

  Most of the government’s budgetary expenditures are subsidized from the taxpayer’s income.

As for the government, this is a very high expenditure. At present, some officials of the British government have also proposed reforms. However, because they are involved in the interests of ordinary people, the people recognize and enjoy such systems, so they are not well reformed.

  In fact, there are many problems in the UK’s medical security system, sometimes inefficient and slow.

But the people are taking medicine for free.

After attending a hospital visit, the patient must hold a doctor’s prescription to the pharmacy to buy the medicine. Without a doctor’s prescription, the pharmacy can sell any medicine.

The drug passes strict checks. Regarding the time, quality and function of the drug, the clerk must provide detailed instructions and introductions to ensure that the people have a safe medication environment.

  Domestic medicines such as band-aids and hygienic products are sold in specialized stores and cannot be sold together with medicines.

There is a strict distinction between the management of business content.

  How to avoid serious illnesses in the United Kingdom, the procedures for people to see a doctor are like this. If you are sick, you should go to a community hospital. There are hospitals and restaurants that are specially opened in the residential areas. The living areas of the living areas are set up and managed separately.

The general hospitals in each community have basically solved the problem of residents’ medical treatment.

In the case of a serious illness that cannot be solved by a community hospital, the community hospital will issue a certificate and agree to visit the large hospital.

If there is no community hospital’s consent, the big hospital will not recognize it.

  Mr. He cited an example: a Chinese overseas Chinese living in the United Kingdom, once eaten by a fishbone stuck to the scorpion, leading to suppuration.

Community hospitals have no special inspection equipment and are recommended to large hospitals.

The big hospital did a good job of checking, and did not see the location of the fishbone, and proposed a one-week treatment plan.All medical expenses during this week, including eating and drinking, are free of charge for the hospital.

After anti-inflammatory and fluid eating, during the process of developing a surgical plan, the doctor found that the mouth of the old overseas Chinese was not big enough to pull out a few teeth. As compensation, the hospital gave all the overseas Chinese the cost of dental cavities.

You know, in foreign countries, the cost of dental implants is a high expenditure.

Although the old fisherman’s fishbone disappeared unconsciously in eating liquid food and anti-inflammatory, the hospital gave an alternative compensation plan.

  Every community has a nursing home. Every community has a nursing home, and every old person is properly cared for.

In the form of “brotherhood”, the old people pay a certain amount of funds regularly when they are young and working. After the age of 70, they can live in nursing homes and enjoy good care.

  Mr. He has visited a nursing home where all the elderly can be killed naturally. The youngest is 71 years old and the oldest is 93 years old.

This kind of community nursing home is excellent for alleviating social pressure.

  Football walks into every family British people pay attention to daily exercise.

The United Kingdom is known as the “king of football”. In this kingdom, regardless of men, women and children, the entire family members are loyal fans.

They all have football teams that they like and support. Many football fields are fixed. In addition, a certain position of the football field is the exclusive seat of a family. This exclusive right may be passed down by generations.。
Think about it, Grandpa’s grandfather’s grandfather is watching the ball in this position. Up to now, he is still watching the ball at this position. This is the characteristic of the “soccer kingdom”.

Many old people also chose their graveyard near the football field, hoping to enjoy the avid football game in paradise.

At this time, many people will choose to play football. Some amateur football teams will walk neatly in order to play the game, keep the neat team and go to the far field.

  When Mr. He met a local resident and walked to a football stadium, he was very proud to say that he was a loyal fan of the football club, and there were two fixed seats in the football field.

The children organize football matches in the school, and the parents will actively participate. When the game is over, they will have a barbecue together and the atmosphere is very warm.

  The British also have a very favorite sport, cricket, which is also a national love for both men, women and children.

  Mr. He concluded that the healthy lifestyle of the British is reflected in many good habits, such as taking a bath and washing twice a day. The clean and tidy instruments will bring confidence and vitality; a reasonable diet, simple and less oil,Eat less and eat more meals, maintain healthy motility of the gastrointestinal tract; pay attention to exercise, pay attention to family life, fully create a caring environment, etc., are the places that the British deserve to learn and replace.

Greedy ice drink, be careful, ice cream headache

Greedy ice drink, be careful, “ice cream headache”

Greedy ice drink caution “ice cream headache” In the hot summer, come a big mouthful of ice cream or cold drink, that feeling is really cool!
However, as the coolness of the heart spreads throughout the body, a sharp headache also appears.
In an instant, the scalp and upper jaw were numb, and the tip of the tongue lost consciousness.
吃冰淇淋为啥会引起头痛 医生解释说,冰冷的食物突然进入热的口腔,会对口腔黏膜造成强烈刺激,并使头部和面部的肌肉、血管收缩,引起直通大脑的动脉痉挛,冲击痛觉神经The tip, which eventually causes a chain reaction of headache.
The doctor said that this symptom is commonly known as “ice cream headache”, and its scientific name is pterygopalatine pain.
“Ice cream headaches” occur mostly in children and youth groups and migraine patients who like to drink cold drinks. The location stimulated by cold food is often on the same side as the headache position, but some people will have pain in the entire head.
Most headaches are short-lived, usually 10 to 30 seconds.
If you want to relieve your headache quickly, the usual way is to use your tongue to hold the upper jaw, which will speed up the upper jaw and return to normal temperature.
Another way is to slow down when eating ice cream, so that the nerve center of the upper jaw can have enough time to adapt to temperature changes, and the rate of vasoconstriction and expansion is less severe.
The doctor reminded that once the “ice cream headache” occurs, stop eating cold drinks immediately and repeat the local massage with your hands to relieve the contraction of the blood vessels and muscles caused by sudden cold stimulation, and relieve the pain. If the headache is particularly severe, you can be at the doctor.Take painkillers under the guidance of the doctor.

Diabetes is a high risk factor for diabetes

Diabetes is a high risk factor for diabetes

It is recognized that the typical type 2 diabetes symptoms are “three more and one less”, namely, polydipsia, polyphagia, polyuria and weight loss.

However, at the 5th International Diabetes Federation West Pacific Conference, experts pointed out that obesity plays an extremely important role in the development and development of type 2 diabetes.

Weight loss and obesity are two opposite phenomena. How are they linked to the “rich disease” of diabetes?

Therefore, the reporter recently interviewed Dr. Wu Yangfeng, the doctoral tutor of the epidemiological research office of the Fuwai Cardiovascular Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, who has been engaged in the study of chronic diseases such as hypertension and hypertension for many years.

  Professor Wu Yangfeng told reporters that for a long time, the problem of obesity and overweight has not caused enough knowledge in the medical community, and even does not think that obesity is a disease.

It was not until 1997 that the World Health Organization (WHO) identified obesity as a disease.

At the same time, obesity is closely related to the occurrence of many chronic diseases (such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, etc.), and is an independent risk factor for coronary heart disease and dilated stroke.

Common indicators of overall obesity are body mass index BMI: body weight (kg) / height (m) 2, abdominal fat accumulation on body weight, that is, the index of centripetal obesity is waist circumference (WC).

The WHO classification criteria were compiled based on research data from Western populations, with BMI25.



9 is overweight and BMI ≥ 30 is obese.

Last year, the adult overweight and obesity limit proposed by the China Obesity Working Group was: BMI24.


9 is overweight and BMI ≥ 28 is obese.

  In response to the reporter’s question about the “three more and one less” characteristics of diabetes patients and the seemingly less related problems of obesity, Professor Wu explained that “three more and one less” is a typical symptom of type II diabetes when it develops to a certain extent, and it is a diabetic condition.More serious clinical manifestations, but in the early and early stages of the disease, 80%?
90% of patients with type 2 diabetes are obese or overweight, and foreign epidemiological survey data also show the same results.

Obesity is an important risk factor for type 2 diabetes, but not all obese or overweight individuals develop diabetes.

For the cause of diabetes, obesity may be an “environmental” factor that produces insulin resistance in an adverse environment caused by obesity, thereby causing diabetes in individuals with defective beta cell function.

Losing weight can also reduce the incidence of diabetes.

  Professor Wu also pointed out that obesity and diabetes are all non-communicable diseases that are currently prevalent globally and pose a serious threat to human health.

Thin people must see!

I want to let myself grow some meat.

Thin people must see!
I want to let myself grow some meat.

The thin people also have troubles. They may say that they don’t eat fat, and hope to eat something to gain weight.

So, what exactly is the weight?

What are the common causes of underweight?

How to increase weight through reasonable diet?

  First, what is the weight?

  Like obesity, underweight is also a sub-health that is caused by abnormal energy metabolism in the body.

  For adults 18 years of age and older, the body mass index (BMI) is 18.


9 is normal and below 18.

5 is underweight.

BMI is calculated by dividing body weight (kg) by the square of height (m), ie BMI = weight (kg) / square of height (m2).

Of course, the results of BMI do not reflect the body’s muscle content and are generally used to estimate body fat content.

Underweight affects the development of the body and intelligence of minors, affects the physical fitness of adults, and is also associated with low immunity, irregular menstruation or amenorrhea, osteoporosis, anemia, depression and so on.

  Second, the common causes of underweight due to common causes of underweight include inadequate food intake, food digestion, absorption and utilization disorders, hypermetabolism and nutritional loss.

People who are underweight usually look thin, and weight loss can be divided into simple weight loss and secondary weight loss.

The former does not have a clear endocrine disease, and the factors that cause it include congenital inheritance, and acquired diet, lifestyle and psychology; and caused by organic factors such as the nervous system or endocrine system.

Specific factors such as: congenital factors: such as high metabolic level, low digestion and absorption capacity; acquired factors: such as too little absorption, excessive physical energy consumption, lack of sleep, irregular life, excessive fatigue, mental stress, etc.; pathological factors: such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, depression, anorexia nervosa, celiac disease, chronic liver disease, chronic adrenal insufficiency, anterior pituitary dysfunction, infection, malignant tumors, etc.

  If you find yourself underweight, especially if you don’t lose weight, you should check to see if you are suffering from the potential effects of certain diseases.

After excluding these pathological factors, the weight-increasing plan is implemented, for example, by adjusting the diet and exercising properly to help alleviate the problem of underweight.

  Third, how to increase weight through a reasonable diet?


Preferred foods for weight gain Some people think that weight gain is to eat more high-sugar and high-sorghum foods, such as braised pork, cream cake, cola and so on.

  In fact, eating such high-energy foods in large quantities is likely to increase weight in a short period of time, but the increase is mainly in sputum, not muscle, and it leads to excessive obesity.

Whether it is aesthetic or health, it is not what we want.

  It is recommended to give priority to some foods with high nutrient density and high transition, and the food is best to have a low satiety and easy to digest and absorb.

  Common high-metabolism foods suitable for weight gain such as: 1 nuts: walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, peanuts, etc.; 2 milk: whole milk, full-fat yogurt, cheese, butter, etc.; 3 meat: chicken,Beef, pork, animal offal, fish, etc.; 4 fruits: bananas, raisins, red dates, dried blueberries, etc.; 5 gluten beans: oats, wheat germ, flour rice, millet, sweet potatoes, potatoes, red beans, etc.;Class: olive oil, linseed oil, avocado, etc.

  Of course, foods such as avocado and oatmeal are more full-salt and more difficult to eat.

If you want to gain weight, you should find a way to let yourself eat more.

  If the appetite is not very good, you can work hard on cooking, such as making the food soft and avoiding hard and difficult to digest, such as eating cooked vegetables instead of raw vegetables, or adding onions, garlic, pepper, pepper, etc. to the food.Appetite seasonings, etc.


Variety of foods, reasonable mix In order to ensure the comprehensive and balanced nutrition during weight loss, we should try to achieve a small amount of food.

  Every day, you should eat cereals, beans, poultry, eggs, milk, soybeans, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and algae.

  Moreover, there are at least 15 kinds of varieties of food raw materials per day, and 20-30 kinds are most desirable.

  In terms of collocation, the meal requires protein, protein and traces of the three major nutrients, and the meal can be carbonated with protein, or added with a small amount of mix.

  Three types of food mix: breakfast: cereal potato mixed beans + eggs + milk + vegetables; lunch / dinner: cereal potato mixed beans + fish and shrimp meat and poultry meat + soybeans + vegetables; plus food: potatoMixed beans/yogurt/nut seeds/eggs/fruits, etc.

  In addition, you should also pay attention to the reasonable mix of food: such as staple foods based on cereals, thick and thin, such as miscellaneous grains porridge (rough rice, black rice, red beans, mung beans, yam, etc.), red bean rice, purple potato taro, etc.;A variety of vegetables, such as green cauliflower, carrots, purple cabbage and other colors; foods are often exchanged in the same category, such as lean pork can be exchanged with the same amount of chicken, duck, cattle, sheep, etc., fish and shrimp, crabWhen the aquatic products are exchanged, the milk can be exchanged with yogurt, milk powder, cheese and the like.  3.

Appropriate increase in daily food intake For those who need to gain weight, you can increase the 300-500 kcal on the basis of the normal energy required for your body every day, or add more.

  For example, a man usually absorbs 2,400 calories per day, and increases to 2,800 calories per day when he gains weight. He can increase from 7 to 2 staples per day to 9 or 2; the soybeans are 0.

8 two manifestations 1 two; aquatic products from 1.

5 two increased to 2 two; vegetables, fruits are increased to 1 kg each day.

Meat, milk, eggs and cooking oil can be maintained at the original one.

5 two, 6 two, one two, zero.

6 two unchanged.

  Specifically, by increasing the number of meals, increasing appetite, and making the foods delicious and delicious, the styles are varied, and appropriate medications that help digestion and absorption are used to increase the daily intake of food.

  All in all, weight gain needs to be sustained, except for foods that are easy to digest and absorb by prioritizing high-transformation, foods that are trying to be delicious, varied varieties, increased appetite, and increased meals to increase food intake.Do some weight-bearing strength training, and ensure adequate sleep, good mood, appropriate pressure and smoking cessation.

If you suspect that the pathological factors lead to underweight, you should seek medical treatment promptly.

Older people should eat fruit to avoid bogey!

Older people should eat fruit to avoid bogey!

Experts pointed out that the elderly often eat fruit, have the effect of nourishing and strengthening the body and prolonging life. However, due to the aging of the body, various diseases occur. If you eat improperly and oppose the body, you must pay attention.

  Executive director of the Chinese Geriatrics Association, Professor Miao Yude, member of the Standing Committee of the Osteoporosis Committee of the Chinese Geriatrics Association, issued the following recommendations for the elderly to eat fruits: high blood pressure patients should eat citrus, grapefruit, strawberries, apricots, bananas; patients with coronary heart disease shouldEat citrus, grapefruit, strawberry, apricot, but not suitable for water intake of watermelon, coconut, etc., so as not to increase the burden of the heart and increase edema; stroke patients should eat hawthorn, watermelon; stomach ulcer patients should eat green bananas, which can promote ulcersHealing, prevent stomach acid from eroding the stomach wall, but yellow ripe bananas have no such effect, and should not eat plums, hawthorn, lemon and other fruits containing organic acid solution; patients with diseases should eat litchi, red fruit, pomegranate, apple, dried persimmon, bogeyEat raw dates; hepatitis patients should eat oranges and fresh dates and other fruits containing vitamin C, which is conducive to the treatment and recovery of hepatitis; patients with nephritis should eat juice, red dates, black skin watermelon, dried fruit; often dry stools for the elderly, can be moreEat peaches, bananas, oranges, watermelons, etc., but eat less persimmons, because persimmons contain a lot of persimmon,Eating too much will increase constipation; diabetics should eat pumpkin, watermelon, melon, spinach, bayberry, cherry, pear; emphysema cough and asthma patients should eat sputum, have gas and phlegm, clear lung and stomach function; asthmaPatients should eat pears, lychee; anemia, hypotension patients should eat pears, strawberries; elderly with high blood pressure and edema and diabetes, not only to eat less sugar, but also to eat less sugary pears, apples,banana.

Focus on protecting the 8 major parts of office pollution

Focus on protecting the 8 major parts of office pollution


Face work gap, first open the eyes, raise the eyebrows, then move the chin on the left and right sides, drive the facial muscles and scalp, perform rhythmic movements, try to use your rich expression to make your face exercise, you can delay the localThe aging of various tissues and organs keeps the mind clear and keeps the facial muscles from slackening.


Eyes In the development of information technology today, everyone will have a computer, so that our eyes are used too much, and the vision is getting worse.

After working, you can wait for a minute outside the window, then tighten your eyes for a while, then let the eyes move up and down.

It is good for relaxing eye muscles and promoting blood circulation in the eyes.


Ears Our small ears have 49 acupoints, connecting the three meridians of the twelve meridians.

So it is good to have a small “squat” on the ear.

When one of your hands is free, you can pinch your ears, or pinch your eartips up to achieve a clear fire puzzle, a smooth heart, and a sweet sleep.


If the head is a girl whose hair is not tied up, you can use your finger instead of the comb, palms to the head, combing from the hairline of the forehead to the occiput, and then combing the head to the ear and behind the ear.

If you can’t move your hair, you can gently tap the top of your head with your fingertips.

It can improve the blood supply to the brain and refresh the brain, thus lowering blood pressure.


Many office girls in the neck and neck often feel that their neck and neck are stiff and painful, which is the result of long-term inactivity.

It is better to follow it here.

First raise your head and try to lean back. When the lower jaw is lowered to the chest, the back muscles of the neck are tightened and relaxed. Then the chin is pushed to the left and the opposite to stretch, and finally loose.


The abdomen with both hands in a clockwise direction around the navel and abdomen for 36 weeks, has a better effect on preventing constipation, indigestion and other symptoms.

When you have dinner, it is best to wait until you have finished digesting and then sit down and work. If you are too late to sit down and work, you will not be obstructed to do something hidden. Although indecent, you can prevent weight gain.


The sacral tract is the levator ani exercise. The sphincter is tightened, then relaxed, and then repeated, one tight and one loose, repeated.

Station, sit, and walk can be done, and no one knows.

This exercise can promote local blood circulation and build body buttocks.

With this method, why not do it?


When the main shaft is sitting, the human spine should support the weight of the whole person. The shaft should be moved from time to time to avoid the burden on the spine.

Bend the left and right sides, twist the back of the shoulder, apply the fist to slap the lower back, relieve the pain of back pain, lumbar muscle strain and other symptoms.

  Because the white-collar workers in the office have messed up their bodies because of their work, they must learn to carry out activities on their bodies from time to time in the office to reduce the physical strain. Naturally, your work efficiency will be greatly improved.Will not be delayed due to physical discomfort.