Li Tianzhen took a breath,That’s it for Xiao Yanda,Shen Wenyu also hid in an incarnation for more than 20 years,I don’t know how many key people I met,If he wants to sacrifice anyone,Isn’t it terrifying?

“Taoists don’t have to worry too much。”Dayan seems to see Li Tianzhen’s thoughts,“If it’s a ghost,Kindred can do whatever they want,But in the mortal world,The consumption of these sacrifices and killing methods is quite large,Even if there are blood gods and demons who want to kill you,Have to make a very shocking noise,It is not so easy to dye the red altar with the blood of countless magicians。”
Li Tianzhi,Most of the key figures are ordinary people,Sacrifice them,Why use so much blood?The more he thinks about it, the colder he gets,I can’t wait to leave the Metaworld Secret Realm right away,Rush back to Wuming Mountain。
“Whether totem or altar,Are all things passed down from the blood family,But a qualitative change occurred in Feather’s hands,More than just carry forward,Very remarkable,But the most remarkable thing is the holy blood array he created,This kind of thing is too scary,According to rumors, a group of altars with unequal shapes form an array according to a certain order of the totems of the nineteenth middle school.,Can carry the power of ancestors,Can steal the energy of one world,The destruction of ghost mythical creatures earlier than expected is related to the Holy Blood Array,If this formation is placed in the mortal world,In an instant it was the world of blood。”
Li Tianzhen jumped up when he heard this,Suddenly in my mind,He seems to understand that Xiao Yanda and Shen Wenyu are willing to sacrifice their cultivation base,Purpose hidden in the earth,Three killers of blood,He has seen two,Then the thing they are still trying to find is the Holy Blood Array?Where are the two old men rescued 20 years ago?What does it have to do with these things?
“Are you talking about whether the Holy Blood Array will appear in the mortal world?”If there are other important things,Li Tianzhu wished to rush back to Wuming Mountain immediately。
Dayan holds two or three long beards in his hand,Suddenly froze on the spot,Li Tianzhu previously described to him the course of the Liuyunguan incident,If you think about it carefully, there seems to be such a sign,His expression immediately became serious,After a long silence, he slowly shook his head.,“impossible,Fei Yu has no chance,At that time the world barriers of the mortal realm had not yet been opened。”
“How the world barriers were opened?”Li Tianzhen rummaged through the memories of Li Xiucheng,It seems that there is no such content。
Dayan stared at Li Tianzhi,The look in my eyes suddenly became confused,The secret way is to entertain the old man?If it weren’t for the world’s barriers to be opened three times in a row,Where there are so many gods and demons in the world?
Yes,This guy was beaten by the emperor to the place of punishment,Burned by the sacred fire,Isolated,Maybe it’s really not affectionate,But how did he come?
The twists and turns,Even the great supernatural powers of the Metaverse,Dayan doesn’t know,More invisible,Since the god of war with a chaotic posture appeared in the mortal world,There is always his reason,He didn’t care too much。
The whole thing that the world barrier opened is always a mystery,The mortal world is not only far away from other powerful worlds,There is also a terrifying void storm belt in between,So there is no mature space channel,It is also difficult to establish a time and space gate through which the heavens can be easily connected。
Three thousand years ago,Many heavens about to be destroyed have received the same news,In the distant world,The world barrier is about to open,Did not attract much attention at first,Or be treated as falsehood,After all, crossing the void is extremely dangerous,Even great magicians can hardly say to ensure safety,For this unverifiable news,Few gods and demons are willing to take risks。
But there are still winners after all,So after a thousand years,The world barrier is opened again,Suddenly an unprecedented grand occasion,In a short time,Hundreds of gods and demons flooded into the mortal world,Among them are quite a few great magicians,But the time for the third opening is too short,Few gods and demons successfully entered。
According to Dayan’s estimation,There are no less than two thousand gods and demons in the mortal world,Most of them came in the second time,All the gods and demons who descended on their bodies have gone through a terrifying journey into the void,Was suppressed by the laws of the mortal realm,So except for a handful of powerful supernatural powers,When you reach the mortal world, you are weak,Some even just hang up,More gods and demons who survived after a long time,Only then gradually recovered its vitality and supernatural powers,Just like the smuggler described by Fansheng。
The reason why Dayan and his companions were able to move the holy mountain temple,I got the help of that mighty man,Otherwise, he will not be able to accomplish such a feat if he is exhausted。


Li Haiying shouted:“I’m the one in the third room!”
Li Tianran has eight regular wives,The so-called Sanfang is the offspring of Li Tianran’s third wife。
And Li Haiying is the first person with the highest combat power in the three rooms。
Five or six people are Qi Qi and Li Haiying flying up the mountain from another trail on the mountainside。
Li Haihu continued to order:“The people in the second room go to the hill on the right to block,Whenever you see that kid shows up, send a signal;The five rooms occupy the top half of the hill on the left。
Keiyama,You steal anytimeilisten,Whenever that kid disappears, find him immediately!”
Everyone performs their duties,Take people to action one after another。
Patriarch Qingyun can see clearly,Thought in mind:“I found Li Haihu for Changchun Shengji Cream。
But he commanded it to advance and retreat,When i get better,Reconstruction of Qingyunzong,You can consider letting him be a master!correct,Changchun Shengji Cream,Although the portion is not enough,But enough to treat my palm,Healed the palm first,That kid is no longer my opponent!”
Seeing Li Haihu, he took someone to chase him,Is whispering:“Sea Tiger,You stay and help me with medicine!”
Li Haihu touched the ointment on the left palm of Master Qingyun,I saw that the original skin on his left hand came off like a snake,The new skin is lightiAs smooth as tofu。
1090 Anti-kill
“Kid,Don’t run!”
“……Don’t chase!”
Everyone in the Li family chased after him,Chen Xiu ran in front,Look back,There are more than 20 people chasing after me,However, the figures of Patriarch Qingyun and Li Haihu were gone。

“Prosthetic,You are?”

Alley,I thought that I was asked nearly seventeen years.。
“I am from Cao Dahua’s nephew Liao Wenjie,The old man called me Ajie.。”
Liao Wenjie is polite,The table is he and He Min younger,Others say less than forty,Be allMada Wang’s relative。
“Oh,It turned out to be Ada’s nephew。”
Old man nodded:“Xiaolian mentioned Ada in front of me.,Exaggerate the sky,Said that he is straightforward、Love post,Is not a good warner。I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it.,I am relieved to see you.。”
Liao Wenjie:one`′one
You are rest assured.?
“Uh,I don’t know how old people are your surname.?”
“People are old forgotten,Self-introduction,I am a father of Xiaolian.。”
“It turned out to be Wang Weng,excuse me,excuse me。”
“Ha ha,Your child is really joking,But you don’t have to polite with me.,All。”
Wang Weng smiled and narrowed eyes,Then before the topic:“Xiaolian’s heart,No family,Arrangement, don’t go,How can I urge it?。I suddenly talked about a boyfriend.,I am worried that she is cheated.,I started thinking that your uncle is a soft rice.,After all, his position is lower than Xiao Yulin.。”
Liao Wenjie:one′one;
Then your eyes are too accurate.!
“After you see you,I am relieved.,Xiaolian said that he pulled his nephew on one side of Ada.,You are so good,Ada’s character is definitely not bad。”
Liao Wenjie:
It is worthy of soft rice hard to eat Cao Dahua,Don’t have a seat in a seat。
“Ah, hahahaha.”
A smile of exaggeration to explosion came from the distance,Because it is too magical,What makes people think about dreaming、Toad wants to eat、Small people have a sense of derogation。
One of the banquet halls,Everyone he said,It is the area of the flying tiger team。
Zhou Xingxing’s wine glass,Two eyes are straight to see the front,The beautiful dream of the EM I can’t extricate,I have been laughing and realistic.,Forgot what your surname。
Front of the front colleague or superior with the superior,When the reporter’s camera turned,I have shrunk my body as much as possible.,Distress,I can’t wait to find a slit drill on the spot.。
Be too shameful.!
I feel shameful,Is there any Min,I don’t look at it.,I am afraid that others know that she is a girlfriend of Zhou Xingxing.。
The old lady knows the book、Beautiful,Why do I still look at him??
“Don’t panic,Remember not to watch,Otherwise, everyone will think that we know him.。”
Liao Wenjie does not change,Two words,He Min again,Just leave the banquet scene,Even afraid of the sky,She is a passerby relationship with Zhou Xingxing.。
“Mr. Liao,So much,You are also?”
Liao Wenjong is talking to He Min,Suddenly there is yin and yang,Look at it,Dragon nine。
Attend,very beautiful。
Unfortunately, the iceberg is arrogant,Cooler than the first time,It seems that Liao Wenjie owed her a few million.。
“A nine,How did you suddenly have a sin? I have to sin you.?”
Liao Wenjie,Gang、innocent,Be very wronged。
Dragon Nine does not move the color of He Min,Sitting straight in Liao Wenjie’s vacancy。
After meeting last time,She and Liao Wenjie have changed the phone number,So many days,Liao Wenjie did not contact her once.。

Just now,He must be deliberate。

She continues to work,but,Lu Hao Cheng said,Want to see Xia Xian at night。
She is slightly lip,Open the computer again,Viewed the information of Xia Chi。
Mu Ziqi packs something,I think I can go out.,The whole person is not happy.。
Su Sei Ming sitside and plays games。
Muzi has honled a lazy waist,Only:“I finally be discharged.,I almost didn’t go crazy this time.。”
Su Seiming, played a game while answering him,“I think you are in the blessing.,You have more sweets in these few days.,Only you know。
I don’t want to go out.。”
“hehe”Mu Zi Hua smiled,“Boast,It is because you don’t have a girlfriend.,So I will say this.,Waiting for you to have people you like,You won’t be so acid.。”
Su Seiming looked up at him,“Muzi,You can’t stand it.,What is me??
I still often eat lemon.,Don’t feel acid。”
“hehe”Mu Ziyi looked at him smile,“so,This is the reason you don’t have a girlfriend.,You will not eat even vinegar.,Which woman is willing to tell you??”
Su Sei Ming exited the game,It is said that:“Go back this evening,I will drink all the vinegar in my kitchen.,I think you still dare to say that I will not jeal.,I will send you a video.。”
Muzi:“”e!This person will not accompany him a few days in the hospital.,Stupid。
He said that vinegar is not this.。
“Wow!Su total,Hello you are,I have to drink all the vinegar in the kitchen.,Which woman is not happy??
I actually make your vinegar.。”
Le Yu is wearing a big red skirt,Painting exquisite to make makeup,Enchanting and charming,Laugh and walk in,Holding a bouquet of flowers in hand。
“Gather,You came。”
Mu Zizi smiled happy,Looking at the temporary music of the eye,Her heart jumps non-stop,This time,They are nearly a lot,She is like a treasure girl,The more deep understanding,The more people can’t stop。
Su Sei Ming’s smile,Looking at Mu Zizi:“Muzi,Are you waiting for your people??
You will pack it so little thing.,Used for two hours。”
Mu Ziyi has a little embarrassed laugh,“Gather,Don’t listen to him Hu,He is too idle every day.,Will so。”
Le Yu handed him with the flowers in his hand,Looking at him a lot of color,I am relieved in my heart.,“Son,Congratulations, you are discharged.。”
“Thank you.!”
Mu Zizi lost his head smelled,“True incense!I like。”
Su Shengming looked at the two people,Looking at the two people looking like a look,Very pleasing,He jeally。
How did he have a girlfriend??
He picked up the phone,Send a sentence in the group:Why don’t I have a girlfriend??
Five people’s group,No one will pay attention to him。
Su Jingming sighed a breath,“Why don’t you care about me??”
“Mu big brother。”
With the coming of sound。
Mu Ziyi and Le Yu look at the door,I saw Qin Ning and Lu Si.。
On the hands of Lu Si, I also mentioned a flower basket.,Smile and watch Mu Zihao。
Qin Ning looked at it,Full of provocation,“Son,These days, Grace has been watching you.,Fortunately, you are fine.。”

What they want is the alarm handling。

Qiu Boyu directly finds some problems in the four seas,Also got out of Ye Fengchun’s property issues。
After all, he can manage the property of Fan Zhong.,That is to get the consent of the fan.。
But Ling Fourth Sea believes that Ye Fengchun should not agree。
Jin Xijie has added fire directly in this matter.。
Ye Fengchun’s property,Industry and various small restaurants have been reported。
Originally, the four seas also thought of slowing procedures.,I have already got a piece of work in an instant.。
At the same time, things about Ling Sihai alarm,The police also came out to make people discuss compensation。
at this point,Qiu Bo Yu has no hesitation with Jin Xijie.。
After the two compensation,It is also in charge of it.。
Next day,Ling Sihai’s bar has a fake wine problem,There are people in the past.,Even businessKTVThere have been a lot of special service issues.。
These issues are collectively explosive,Let Ling Sihai are also afraid.。
Ling Sihai clearly knows this is the ghost idea of Jin Xijie.,But he has no way。
Abutment of Jin Xijie is impossible to have these things。
If there is,Jin Xijie will not send it directly to so many people.。
Qiu Boyu This fox he feels more impossible。
no way,He can only learn Jin Xijie,Self-breaking arms。
He did not think that it can be forced by two.。
“Golden boss,Ling Sihai has already walked no way,We now only need the last blow,I believe that his industries will be seated.。”
“Um,But I don’t want to let him go so simple.!”
When I said this,Jin Xijie also thought of people who were almost got to be killed by each other.。
Qiu Boyu heard this,It’s also stunned.。
He did not want to let the four seas collapsed directly.,Just want to swallow each other’s industries。
After all, the four seas is in,So how is Jin Xijie can’t be?。
Because once Jin Xijie acts,He can completely united the four seas。
However, if the four seas are packed by Jin Xijie。
Whole bright market is one,Can’t support it。
“How to do the gold boss?”
“I haven’t thought about it yet.,But I have to consider it.,However, he should still auction when he has the industry’s auction.,Di Hall,Bar belongs to you,How about it?”
Hear Jin Xijie,Qiu Boyu is also opposed。
He knows that when it is still torn with Jin Xile。
When Jin Xijie returned to his site with Nie Yang,He is on Nie Yangdao:“Nie Lao Big,Di Hall,Then it is yours.,I am still the previous requirements.,Cannot have any illegal behavior。”
“I don’t care about you.,You just tossed。”
“There is another thing you help me investigate.,What are the lack of things through these years?,It is best to have the kind of fever with others.。”
What is the gold boss ready??”

Xia Jian ate two bowls,And Qin Xiaomin also ate two small bowls。This makes Zhao Hong dumbfounded,Because she eats at most two small bowls of noodles。But she lives in the countryside,Exercise a lot since childhood,So the stomach is also big,But this Qin Xiaomin is different。

“how about it?Is my appetite okay?!The most important thing is that your noodles are so delicious“Qin Xiaomin said to Zhao Hong with a big smile。
Sun Yuejuan,Happy face blooms,She smiled and said:“It’s delicious then come more later,I made it for you“
Put down the tableware,Xia Jian took Qin Xiaomin to Zhangyang Village,This is the village Xia Jian cares about most。Just walked to the entrance of the village,I saw Ma Chuntao leading the villagers to wash the village。
“Yo!Mayor Xia,Mayor Qin!You are coming“Ma Chuntao dropped the tool in her hand and ran over。She looks happy。
The villagers heard that the mayor and mayor came to see them,So he huffed around。Qin Xiaomin said with a smile:“Made everyone tired,What needs the government to help,Just report to the village,We try our best to satisfy everyone“
“No,Because Mayor Xia held a flood prevention meeting for us in advance,So this heavy rain hardly caused us any major economic losses。Only fell the walls of a few houses,We can handle this ourselves“Li Xiangye rushed to say。
Qin Xiaomin glanced at Xia Jian,His face is a bit unsightly。Finally, under the leadership of Ma Chuntao,Qin Xiaomin and Xia Jian went to the flower garden again,Found everything intact。This makes Xia Jian very happy。
On the way back to Zhangyang Village Committee,Qin Xiaomin asked Xia Jian in a low voice:“ This heavy rain,Did someone notify you?“
“Yes?Entrusted to me“Xia Jian laughed and said。
Ma Chuntao heard the conversation between Xia Jian and Qin Xiaomin,She smiled and said:“Mayor Xia is a god,During the day, we worked overtime to clean up the Xichuan River,Pours down at night,Thinking about it, I’m a little scared“
“Just know,This time I let Li Xiangye lead the team,I’m afraid that you will be lazy。Okay,You listened to me,Otherwise, you should assess the consequences“Xia Jian said,Ha ha smile。
Ma Chuntao made a face at Xia Jian with a little embarrassment。Through this event,Ma Chuntao really admires Xia Jian’s leadership.。
About three o’clock in the afternoon,Qin Xiaomin’s driver drove to pick up Qin Xiaomin,The moment Qin Xiaomin got in the car,She suddenly turned around and said to Xia Jian:“Thank you“

“clang!”The sound of,Lin Han threw the dragon head on the ground,Shouted to the staff:“Smash,Smash me hard!”

Everyone was surprised,Talk a lot,Don’t understand what he means,Things that cost 100 million dollars will be smashed on the spot。
Lawrence trot up to the stage quickly。
“Mr Lin,Is there any misunderstanding?”
“Our Sotheby’s auction house has witnessed the panel of experts,Ensure that the items taken are genuine!”
“If you don’t believe,You can also bring your own appraisal team to verify again!”
He thought it was Lin Han who suspected that the dragon head was a fake,After all, ordinary people would spend 100 million dollars to photograph things,It smashed in ten minutes。
Lin Han directly took out a bank card and threw it into Lawrence’s hand。
“This unregistered card contains 130 million dollars,Enough tax point,The rest is for you。”
When Lawrence was still looking dazed,Lin Han took out another thick pile of cash,You know that Hong Kong dollars have a face value of one thousand yuan,There are millions in it。
Lin Han said to the staff member holding the big hammer:“Smash,Smash this dragon head into scrap copper,This money is yours!”
Such a good thing,The staff naturally cannot ask for it,Hold the hammer over the top and knock it down。
The gambling king shouted,Take Chen Xiu and the others on stage,Chen Xiu took advantage of everyone’s response,I quickly dropped the hammer in the hands of the staff member。
“This dragon head records the humiliation history of our Xia nation for nearly two million years,Keeping the dragon head is to let our children and grandchildren not forget that period of history;
It is to let children and grandchildren know that more than two hundred years ago,Our Xia nation has been able to create such a brilliant culture,Inspire young people to create a better future。
You must not smash this dragon head!”

Epidemic,It doesn’t matter。

If the infection is aggravated,This ventilator is not enough.。
Zhou Ye, who has seen the latest diagnosis and treatment guide very well,newGPneumonia is difficult to control,ThisGNew products in the virus not only damage the lung,Inverse of irreversible lung injury,Still hit the heart,Hit the digestive tract,Kidney,Crash,Immune system that can quickly。
There is a completeSARSHorror threats with severe infections!
therefore,Dyeing newGStrong endangered patients must create three lungs,Human body comes with one,Then the ventilator is a one,ECMOBe considered one。
Two hearts,Human body,ECMOBe considered one!
Three kidneys,Two people,ECMOBe considered one,Can guarantee that people’s organs can run normally。
“ExtrarporealMebraneOxygenation,That isECMO,Our vitro lung oxygenation,This is both artificial hearts,Another artificial lung,Without this place, I don’t know how many people will die in Wuhan.。”Zhou Ye met。
At this time, Xu Liangqi heard the dialogue between Chen Riyuan and Zhou Ye.,Hoot:“There areECMOBe good.,I have earlier, I and you Chen Director.,ECMOI just started to implement it.,Price, short price,Then everyone will not use very much,Indications are also unclear,The severe patients at the time encountered cardiopulmonary failure,Can only wait for death。”
“Thank you.。”Some people in the bus shouted。
This sentence is out,Everyone’s face has become so awkward。
Xu cool looks at Zhou Ye also likes it very much.,It’s hard to smile gently。
“The boy is strong, the country is strong.,Old Chen,right。”His tone is pleased。
Chen Riyuan understands that Xu Yan is the courage to appreciate Zhou Ye.,The little age is actually in order to save the wounded.,In the meantime, the two director think of the young at Diapho period.,They are also like this.。
“Number of romantic people still look at this chapter。”Chen Riyuan is so happy。
Zhou Ye I listen to two people are praising themselves.,I have a little hot up and down.。
Depend on,Both medical big cows like this,This feels like it.。
But I am a little doctor after all.,So don’t dare to scream。
At this time, Xu Liang looked at the Wilder I didn’t have.,In order to pull the relationship,Asked casually:“Xiaomu,This year’s epidemicECMOThe use can be said to be a rescue straw,you knowECMONS?”
Chen Riyuan listened to Xu cool quality,Smile,How can this pediatric problem?。
He turned his head and looked at Zhou Ye.:“You answer the problem of this old thing.。”
Old things?
Zhou Ye I was the first time I heard the Qing Dynasty, I was called alone.。
This Xu cool and Chen Riyuan are so familiar.,Really is a friend of the same window。
Even the call……Unique!
Zhou Ye is laughing:“Xu Director,ECMOIn vitro lung oxygenation,It is often used in severe cardiopulmonary failure patients.,ECMOCan simulatory human heart and pulmonary organs,Provide continuous vitro breathing and cycling,Role to maintain life。”
“certainly,ECMOThe most important part is also this artificial lung and artificial heart.,Can be newGCrown infected person for long periods of heart and pulmonary support,Give a rescue。
Zhou Ye is very casual, two key core points, artificial lungs and artificial hearts,BeECMOThe essence is introduced.。
Xu cool quality is also very satisfied。
But this is not enough!
I want to know that Xu Liangqi is the director of the Tianfeng.,This is the best hospital in Tianfeng City.,The indicators of each department must also be above the Tianfeng People’s Hospital.,He is not satisfied with the legacy of the doctor is just staying on the surface.,There is no stage of entering the principle and mechanism!
“Since you knowECMOCore,Then do you know how they do to achieve support for life?。”
This question is obviously asking some heights.。
Chen Riyuan shook his head frequently,Heart secretly:“The old guy does not speak Wu Deh.,This problem is a certain student knows,Only the use of clinicians will be familiar with the use of clinicians.!”
But the Yau Ye is not shocked.!
Nima,This problem is really difficult……
Who told me a man who has read the guide?。
Zhou Yewu is grateful at this time“Hard work”NS。
He looked quietly with Xu cool quality。

Jin Mingwu heard that there is something else to cool.,Hurry to cancel the other party。

“Brother,Things that destroy rules, don’t do it.,Otherwise, it is our,That Li Xianer, Li Jia’s genius,So many years, others don’t know,I understand her.,I thought that I didn’t have a gap with her.,But I didn’t expect to have been with me.。”
Put in this way,Jin Mingwu feels red,There are more confidence in Li Xianer.,Now he feels much more。
Just according to this situation,He feels that you want to marry each other,It really belongs to the situation that is difficult to get up.。
“Golden brother, you don’t worry.,If you are not you,The Li Xianer is afraid that it will not renovate the blood.,It should be that you forced her to the road.,So she only countered。”
So cooling is so comforted,Jin Mingwu’s heart is so good,But his purpose has always been a medicinal augment.,His purpose has always wanted to marry each other.。
“Then what do you say now??
The strawberries on the side of Li have already shipped this.,It is the blessing of strawberries.,I still don’t have any hope that I can crush drunk fairy.。”
“hehe,Strawberry is just the first step,We still have a trick.?”
Su cool, this is to make Jin Mingwu curious,He really can’t understand what there is anything.。
“What else is there??
Nice,Strawberry,Medicated diet,Is there a trick to leave the devil from other places??”
In addition to leaving here,Avoid the frontal hard fit with Li Xianer,Jin Mingwu really thinks that there is any trick to resist the opposite side of the opposite side.。
Especially when I see Li Xianer’s drunk fairy, it is difficult to seek a ticket.。
I need to order tickets in advance to go to the drunk fairy.,Although tickets do not want money,But this way is that it never passed.。
Especially the tickets of the drunken Pavilion have belong to souvenirs.,Because the design of the ticket is actually the same as the admission notice of Northeast University,Opening the ticket is a drunken disaster presented in front。
Such a delicate ticket,Many people are not coming to eat.,Even for tickets。
The most important thing is that the ticket has been speculated.,Tickets can make money。
Although the drunken fairy does not make money,But those yellow cattle have already begun to make money.。
But for this kind of thing,Li Xianer is not any measures,What she want is this effect?。
What you want is to let this effect ferment,Then she will take a certain point.。
Now the drunken doll has not reached her request.。
In addition, she has already started to build a brand of drunk fairy cabinets in other cities.,Although there is no devil so fire,But she has many ways to let Drunken Pavilion on other places.。
Looking at the streets of the people of the mountain,Li Xian smiled gently,Because she has seen the shackles of the drug aware in the distance。
Compared to ordinary hotels,Medicine aware house is not bad,But compares to drunken fairy cabinets,So simply can’t be miserable。
And according to the information sent by her hand,The hotel on the Korean family’s restaurant is basically a stopwork.。
Han recently seems to have a big person,What is the specific situation, she doesn’t know,But you can let Han’s entire family enterprises enter tight state,It is conceivable to know the energy of this big person.。
But these are not her care.,What is the only concern now is to let the drug aware,Then drive out the devil。
Although she doesn’t want to be so,But the command inside the family,She has no way。
Just do this after this thing,She is free.。
most of the time,She also wants to learn Li Mei, directly from Li Jia.,But I want to get out of Li’s family is not as good as everyone.。
Li Mei is because it is originally a branch of Li Jia.,Or Li Jia is not intended to take Li Mei.,So it will be so easy。
But she is not the same,She is the arrogant woman of Li Jia’s day.,It is a piece of meat stared at many families.,How big is the value of this meat?,Her own heart is not there,But she understands that she wants to play her meat to the biggest value.,Then it is to show the biggest value of it.。
And now that all of her is the result of the operation of Li Jia.。
Although she knows this is a circle,A circle for her,But she still has to stretch the neck.,Then I am set up。
“Jin Mingwu,Next, look at you.,If you have the ability to defeat such a drunk fairy,I am also willing to marry you.。”
Li Xianer’s self-speaking, looking at the medicine restaurant not far away.。
At this time, the top of the drug is also looked at the drunk fairy cabinet.。
He is a bit anxious,Some panic,He originally thought that Li Xianer can be defeated very easy.,Soon, you can marry each other。
Never thought that the other party has always been a cat mouse。

This shows that the other’s positive play is really good.,otherwise,Once the conspiracy is lost,So how much it will be climbed.。

However, high performance,Tang Yu’s face is a bit unnatural,It seems that it is very concerned about the fate of Gaolongki.。This small episode,Not causing a vigilance,He did not think about some aspects。
“so what,Zhou,How are you going to do??”
Nort-North Dynasty,Written,North Zhou said the emperor of North Qi“Qi”,And the emperor of Northern Zhou Zhou“Zhou”,No one will say it is“His Majesty”of。
High performance,Of course, it is a dead to live.。Fortunately, Yu Wenzhao does not want to be entangled with high performance in this matter.,It is not a half point。
“I think,Ask Mr. Tang to write an article,Content,That is Qi Guo’s rebellion.,Tudu,Subvert Qi State,Sin。
at the same time,He is still with the Queen,That is, Li ZuguanX,Shengshi,Trying to play the monarchy,Ourselves。
Be able to bear,Can’t bear it。
The Changshan Wang is Qi Guozhen,Can you accommodate a small mess like this??Custody,Rape,It is what Tianzhi is,Anyone is unshirkable!”
Yu Wenyi said that it is filled with indignation.,If you don’t know the bottom of the bottom,I really thought that he had to throw his head in the north.!
However, high performance and Tang Yu heard each other.,Almost stupid。
I really dare to say this.!
Tang Wei is not afraid to write 檄文,He torn with Gao Bao.,I am afraid of a hair.。But there is something, whether it is true or false,Written some insult IQ。
Or,That kind of trace,It’s too obvious.。
Don’t you eat a little better??
Derive“veryXVery violent”Something writing?
One time,Tang Yan actually doesn’t know how to answer Yu Wenzhao。
“how,Mr. Tang feel very difficult?Ugh,I also know,It is indeed a bit difficult.,What should I do??”
Yu Wen’s holiday。
difficult,Or not,That is the things of Tang Yu and high performance,Instead of him。As for why Tang Yu is in the name of high performance,Because the high appearance is a high joy!
Only this identity,There is a so-called appeal。Yu Wen,Or Zhou Guo’s so-called 檄文,Will only laugh at generous,Let others think that Zhou said that it is too ugly.!
This,I am afraid it is the only meaning of high performance and others.。
otherwise,Leave these two people?
Finish,He is watching Tang Yu and high,Especially when I met Tang Wei,Yu Wenzhen also tapped a table。
Tang Wei“Suddenly realize”。He and Duan’s things,I am afraid that Yu Wenzhao is here,I have already conclusive evidence.,Don’t say Gaeloni。
Because I know this,Therefore, Yu Wen is a rush to himself.。after all,If you know how to be your own son,So,This is very proud of Northern North Qi,It is very likely that you will not work with yourself.!
This is very sure。
“Under understanding,have no idea,When will you send troops??”
Tang Yan asked。
“Military country,I naturally know。only,Develop a specific plan,Not me。so,These things,I am not particularly clear.。
If you have a chance in the future,I sent people to inform you.。”