If this guy appears in the temple,Should be regarded as a living god,But this guy is an authentic fisherman,This is weird!

Some words awaken the dreamer,All these years,What I do most often is to remember the brothers who have died,But for my brother who is still alive?
Xia Chenglong asks himself,I am not treating these guys badly,But one thing,I keep these hatreds in my heart,Unconsciously, he exudes an aura of revenge.。
I might not feel anything,But for my brothers,This is a big deal,The boss looks sad every day,Don’t these guys have something in their hearts??
Is it true that you don’t have some ideas??but,They are now at the critical time of cultivation,Under their own influence for a long time,Because of these things, my cultivation started to slow down,Hard to make progress!
Remember that hatred is right,But can’t live because of hatred,Revenge is necessary,But you can’t use revenge as your motivation to live!
“Worthy of being Sea King Wang Hai!”
Xia Chenglong stood up,Looking at the back of Wang Hai who has gone away,This guy,Definitely not an ordinary person,As the oldest among the six thrones of the military,The experience of this guy’s life is not small。
“Let’s go,We go to Haicheng!”
Xia Chenglong stood up,You still need to understand this matter yourself,Zong Xueqin is good too,It’s better to close yourself to the real behind-the-scenes,I can’t let this matter go!
In the sea city,No one knows the news that the Dragon King appeared,Even Yu Zong Xueqin is immersed in the game of power that he can finally control a party and cannot extricate himself.!
Xia Chenglong changed into casual clothes that he didn’t wear much,Change one’s appearance,Within seven days,Approach Zong Xueqin and kill this guy directly!
This is the small goal Xia Chenglong set for himself!
The first thousand and five chapters Haicheng Kicking Hall
Xia Chenglong still has some difficulty in approaching Zong Xueqin silently.,After all, Zong Xueqin should also know his identity and most of his abilities.,After all these things are connected,Even in a small remote county, you already know the character of Dragon King。

But two people are the light of each other’s world,In this way, two people can open the knot,Do something that hasn’t been done before,Become the one who talks and laughs like before。

I can open the window in my heart,So Xiao Fan felt very happy。
Xiao Fan responded with a smile and said:“Why are you thinking about falling in love now?,Work hard,Wait till you have the ability,I will naturally let you fall in love with Chu Yao。”
What did Xiao Fan think of?,go on:“When Su Ran and Shen Lin return,Just give you two a similar holiday,Let you two have a good rest,This time is really hard。”
Actually Yiming felt something was wrong after saying that,But he didn’t understand how he could say that。
Maybe some kind of knot opened,There are some unscrupulous words,But Xiao Fan didn’t think so,Xiao Fan thinks that such a song is the cutest and most true。
Because seeing Xiao Fan is not only not angry,Still laughing and joking。Yiming, his heart settled a lot,Actually Chu Yao also hopes that Yiming can become more and more cheerful。
Chapter Five Hundred and Nineteen Each other’s light
Chu Yao doesn’t want Yiming because of some other people’s rumors,Or others are jealous of his abilities,And I become withdrawn and lose myself。
Chu Yao felt that Yiming should be the person standing under the light,Yiming gave Chu Yao the light of the world,So Chu Yao’s appearance also brought light to Yiming。
Two people who choose two ways together are each other’s world,This kind of love is the most worthwhile。
Xiao Fan looked at Yiming and Chu Yao,I think these two people are not as vigorous as Su Ran and Shen Lin,But their love may be more flowing,More able to withstand beats。
Of course, Xiao Fan didn’t think that Su Ran’s relationship with Shen Lin would be at risk.,Because once injured,It hurts two people,And it hurts very deeply。
But Yiming and Chu Yao can’t,The two of them are people who will face some things calmly,So when facing many things, the two of them can sit down and talk quietly。
Let’s analyze who is right and who is wrong in this matter together,What to do next,How to solve。
So Xiao Fan felt that the two of them wouldn’t quarrel under normal circumstances,But will become more and more affectionate,Getting better and better。
Chu Yao didn’t owe time after receiving Xiao Fan’s task,She intends to2On duty,Xiao Fan also let his eyeliner in the company shape Chu Yao a reasonable identity,Then let Chu Yao join the company。

That’s right,determinebossIs using this way to respect the rights of the CEO of the company,Dolucy is happy,She blinked:“What are you going to do?”

“What else can I do,”Chen Geng sighed:“Of course it’s a gift for Europeans,Hope the Europeans will like it。”
Busy gifts for Europeans?
Dorothy is lost:What it is?Can letbossSo busy that I don’t even have time to participate in this bidding conference?
First687chapter Tailored
“Mr. Heisenberg,Lucky meeting,”Faced with Nick, CEO of the Dutch Santander Automobile Sales Group, the largest car dealer in the Netherlands·Mr. Heisenberg,Chen Geng stretched out his hand,Said with a smile:“I hope you like this little gift I brought you。”
“Mr. Fernandez,Very honored to see you,”Nick·Heisenberg hurriedly stepped forward,Hold Chen Geng’s hand tightly,Compliment:“You are the entrepreneur I admire most,Able to establish a cooperative relationship with you,It’s my honor。”
Although looking across Europe,Santander Automobile Sales Group can only be regarded as a third-rate automobile sales group(no way,Who made the Netherlands so big),But anyhow, it is also a company that sells new cars、Used car over20First Dutch Automobile Sales Group,Nick·Heisenberg’s vision is still there,He was also worried about beingAMCFernandez·Will Chen be more difficult to deal with?,Just with those damned、opinionated、Like an arrogant American,All eyes are on the top of the head,But now,Looking at Chen Geng with a smile from the heart,Nick·Heisenberg is completely relieved:This American is different from the Americans I know,He is not like an American in the ordinary sense,Always be arrogant and think that I am here to save the world,Fernandez·Chen came to cooperate with him with sincerity。
Who doesn’t want to respect yourself with a、At the same time, you can also cooperate with people who make money,Especially this guy is from the United States、May be worth more than10Billion dollar billionaire,Not only unconsciously,Nick·The smile on Heisenberg’s face is brighter and more sincere。
After some greetings,Chen Geng gesturedAMCPeople open the warehouse door,Chen Geng smiled at Nick·Heisenberg says:“Mr. Heisenberg,Please come in,Sorry,I invite you to such a simple place when I first meet,I am very sorry……”
The warehouse was previously rented,Thousands of square meters,The purpose is to display this exhibition to Santander Automobile Sales GroupAMCThe group’s customized prototype for the European market,At the same time, for maximum confidentiality。
“Mr. Fernandez, you are so kind,”Nick·Heisenberg hurriedly waved:“I can understand。”
Nick·Heisenberg can really understand,But what’s in this warehouseAMCNew models developed by the group specifically for the European market,These cars are not even finalized production cars,Just a trial car,It can be said,These test cars in a warehouse areAMCThe core of European strategy,I can’t be too cautious,Even beforeAMCThe Santander Group has been notified not to bring any camera and video equipment,Nick·Heisenberg also doesn’t thinkAMCWhat’s wrong with the requirements and practices。
Under the shining of dense fluorescent tubes,Nick·The executives and technicians of Heisenberg and Santander Automobile Sales Group were instantly attracted by the cars parked in the middle of the warehouse.。
The cars in the warehouse all face the gate、Placed in a very delicate way,Anyone who walks to the door of the warehouse will involuntarily be attracted by the car in front of them.,Nick·Heisenberg is no exception,His gaze first fell on the middle car painted with burgundy metallic paint、Obviously taller than ordinary cars、But it’s shorter than an off-road vehicle、The lines should be much softer on the strange body:what car is this?

At least the phone call just now proved!

At this moment,A large number of police cars arrived at the scene,Then a bunch of armed forces holding electric batons and shields appeared in front of everyone, forming a huge encirclement.。
Although some of the fish slipped through the net escaped,But most of the gangsters are unable to leave within the encirclement。Unless they dare to go head-to-head with members of the armed forces。
However in comparison,Hustle is just a mob after all,How can the courage and well-equipped detective force hard steel。
Zhang Yong yelled at Qin Feng when he couldn’t even escape.,“hateful,What did you do?And do you think you will be fine if we are caught?We are gathering people to fight,Your crime is the same as ours!”
Yue Yang doesn’t call anymore,Say in Zhang Yong’s tone,“The big deal is to lose both,My father will protect me anyway。Only you will endure jail then,Wait for death!”
Qin Feng shook his head helplessly,“Really stupid!”
He didn’t say it again,At this time, the circle of armed team members kept shrinking and getting closer,Basically most of the gangsters are already squatting on the ground holding their heads and dare not resist。
And at this moment,An armed member in a special uniform trot to Qin Feng to salute directly,“Chief,The joint operation in the Western Region subdued hundreds of rioters,Please refer to the instructions!”
Zhang Yong’s feet are soft now,Of course Yue Yang is not much better。But he still insisted,“My father is the mayor!If you dare to catch me, wait for revenge!”
“Take away!”Qin Feng is too lazy to explain,Let the armed forces take everyone away,Including Yue Yang and Zhang Yong。
As for Qin Feng,Of course you don’t have to go back to the game to explain to them。After all, all members of the special forces have the right to let local agents assist in the operation。
And of course Qin Feng as a deputy minister is no exception。So under one call,Except for the west side,In fact, several other districts are also under investigation,Directly eradicate all the community gangs that unite to fight against the wind alliance。
of course,People from the Wind League also have to hand over part of it。So it won’t be too obvious!
On the way back,Li Huan was so excited。
“Master,Who are you?。The head of the sentence made me goose bumps all over。But that’s so cool!It’s funny to see those two fools with incredulous expressions。”
Qin Feng didn’t answer Li Huan’s words,But changed the topic,“okay,You prepare,Let’s report with Zhong Fa in a few days!”

But this sees a doctor,He really doesn’t know how to watch。

He will watch,Just gu!
But when I put my hand on Yang Yinyin’s hand,His dantian beats fiercely。
“This,this is……”Eight.The old man was shocked,This obviously,It’s Zhonggu!
I practice witchcraft,And the same disease as witchcraft,It can only be Gu,No wonder,Although far away,But there is still a cordial feeling。
Just now,I thought it was my daughter……
sense,It’s just because of Zhonggu。
“right now,Do you remember?”Qin Feng looked at eight.Old pensive look,Can’t help but irony。
“No,I really haven’t seen it。”Eight.Said the old casually,At the same time thinking in my mind,Who made this。
“what!”Qin Feng’s breath,This old man,Still lie to him now?
Just stretch your finger over。
Eight.Keep watching this finger come,Hurriedly called:“Although I haven’t seen her,But I know who got the Gu!”
“Oh。”Qin Feng’s extended hand stopped in the air,“Really not from you?”
“really not。”Eight.Sweat on the old forehead,How is this compared to when I saw the enemy,Still be afraid?“Although this Gu is the same as me,But this is not mine,And I don’t know how to download Gu at all。”

“Wang Shaoxiao,You have heard so much,Go talk to the driver,I said that the second master recruited all,See if there is anything incomplete。Come see us after talking with him。”Lu Menglin smiled。

This time Lu Menglin had a real fire,Whether it is with Liansheng,It’s still the son of Zhou,He is not ready to let it go,To do a big vote。
arrive home,Lu Menglin didn’t say much to his parents,I just said I was giving Kim So Yeon,Going to Hong Kong for a few days,I’ll go back to Shenzhen City after a year。
Mother Lu looked like she wanted to talk but stopped,Lu Youshan grabbed his son,Shen Sheng asked:“She just left?What’s going on with those people?”
Lu Menglin had to patiently explain:“Those people were actually sent from Korea to take him home,Just made a joke。”
Lu Youshan is not a fool,Naturally won’t believe this answer,But this is not his concern。
“Menglin,That 20 million is not a joke, right??Now the factory is staring at this,If it’s jokes,Your dad doesn’t have a face class anymore。”Lu Youshan asked bitterly。
Lu Menglin didn’t expect this,Shook his head and smiled:“dad,Do not worry!There is no problem with the Liufang transformation plan,Just tell the leaders in the factory,Contract drafted,No trouble anyway。You can start it again after 20 million is paid。”
“Must not go wrong。This incident shocked even the city leaders,It needs to arrive as soon as possible!”Lu Youshan said helplessly。
“I know!Dad, don’t panic,I can actually pay the money!And Kim So Yeon went back to Korea,Will also solve this project in the first time。Rest assured。”Lu Menglin smiled。
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Seven cage
Half a day later,Erye and his two subordinates were handed over by Lu MenglinCLiu Ting, Captain of the City Anti-triad Brigade。
The three are locked inCCity Detention Center,Liu Ting is still wondering,These Hong Kong people have a good mentality,Polite,I kept saying thanks when I was locked up,Full smile,Seems very polite。
Lu Menglin told Captain Liu about the case,The other party is a Hong Kong citizen,A member of the club,It’s more complicated like this,At least one or two months in the detention center,To figure out the situation。
Lu Menglin also specially confessed,Before the situation is clear,It’s best not to let them contact the outside world,The more isolated the better。

“What do you mean?”Tu Shanming was taken aback,not understand。

Mi Xiaochong points to those special units,Said:“They look very similar to the Dark Race,If the body can emit that smell,Isn’t it possible to lurk into the enemy line,Spies for us?”
This remark,Tu Shanming and Long Zhanye were both taken aback,Nodded at the same time。
This kid is right!These monster soldiers listen to us,If you can send them to the enemy camp,With the dullness of those low-level dark races,I can’t find it,This is really a good plan,Very practical tactics!
Three Talking Room,The ghost giant headed by suddenly moved,Scared them。
I saw that magic shadow giant stretched out his huge palm,Dig into its own chest,Then he pulled out a rectangular box。
When this box is pulled out,The faces of the gods below changed drastically at the same time。
Because they all smelled a strong stench,That is the breath of the dark race。
The magic shadow giant gently placed the box that exudes strong spatial energy in front of Lu Menglin。
Everyone was still discussing,Said that these monster soldiers do not have the breath of the dark race,As a result, I smell such a strong stench all at once,All dizzy,Miserable。
“Tu Shanming,Go open the box!”Lu Menglin didn’t care,But with a relaxed smile。
Tu Shanming heard the boss order,Have to bite the bullet,Stride forward,Opened the lid with the tip of a knife。
result,He was struck by lightning,I was just stunned on the spot。
A few others leaned forward to take a look,Also all dumbfounded,Not much different from him。
Because in this rectangular black box,Ten divisions,There is one thing in each grid,It’s the things that are placed in the grid,Exudes a strong atmosphere of spatial energy。
Those placed in the grid,Nothing else,It is the energy core of ten magic shadow giants。
Ten energy cores,Which is ten top offerings,This wealth,Even the first-rate giants in Shenmin Continent,It may not be able to get it out in one breath!

Su Ran heard the long-lost praise,At that moment,I feel that my efforts over the years are truly recognized,Tears of excitement fell。Su Ran sensed his gaffe,Wiped a tear。

Su Ran smiled and said:“Fan,You are back,My grandpa also knows that you are back,Why did he hide it so well,Really。”
Xiao Fan will cry and laugh when she sees her,Also very helpless,said laughingly:“I didn’t let him tell you,I want to surprise you,But I feel scared a little bit more。”While talking, she looked at Yiming and Shen Lin。
Yiming and Shen Lin both bowed their heads,Yiming suddenly remembered Lin Yoona,I quickly asked:“Boss,You haven’t seen sister-in-law,She has done very well in business these years,And very strong,I admire her。”
Xiao Fan paused and said:“Ok,Wronged her,I’ll go back to see her in a while,After all, I don’t know how to play in order to not scare her。”
Nodded,A few people talked about some important things they did in these years,Xiao Fan said that he actually knew,Fan Lao keeps whispering,These three people bluntly said they were going to fight against Fan Lao。
Chatted for a while,Xiao Fan looked at the time,Tell them I should go back,Waiting to meet Lin Yuna,I’ll take everyone to Greenwood Villa for a vacation,Several people are very happy,agreed,Three years,These people have relaxed smiles on their faces for the first time。
When Xiao Fan is away,Every one of them has tight strings,Because they dare not make a little mistake,They want to protect the Lin family,Protect the base,Also develop the company,These three years,They really worked hard。
Lin Yuna’s left eyelid keeps jumping today,I was so flustered,Always feel that something is going to happen,I was absent-minded during the meeting,The assistant said to let Lin Yuna go home to rest。
Lin Yoona refused,These three years,She basically keeps herself busy,Busy feet do not touch the ground every day,I’m tired to fall asleep when I go home,So she won’t have time to think about Xiao Fan。
She will miss Xiao Fan in her free time,She read that letter countless times,The paper is a little wrinkled,This is the only token to support her in a good life。
She doesn’t blame Xiao Fan at all,Xiao Fan is the husband she chose,So no matter what,She will take it,Lin Yun’er’s education and cultivation for so many years is really not comparable to ordinary people。
Xiao Fan is not cheating and betraying,But to do things for everyone to be better,Lin Yoona wants to be Xiao Fan’s wife,Naturally looking forward to his good,So these three years,She is still improving。
The real ladies are like this, right?,Won’t make trouble,I will adjust my emotions quickly,Will consider others,I won’t wrong myself。
She went back to the office,Continue processing files,Work hard,And soon put into work,The title of strong woman is not for nothing,Lin Yuner is only a birdie in front of Xiao Fan。
at this time,Xiao Fan has arrived at the Lin Group,He didn’t use teleport,But drive over,Park the car in the parking lot,Step by step,He wants to feel the path Lin Yoona has traveled over the years。

Master Dao’s pupils dilated,The meaning of fear swallowed him directly。

“Ha ha,Master Dao!I already said when I came in,I will pay the kindness Li Huan owes you。You used to shoot me again and again,Should have become a corpse long ago。But since I said it,I won’t make a move this time。But you have to remember,Don’t mess with me anymore,And you have to be optimistic about your young master,Otherwise, it will be too late if you regret it when it brings the disaster to the Shenglong Group.!”
Qin Fengxiemei smiled,Patted the dust on the clothes,“Li Huan,gone!”
“Yes Master!”
Li Huan looked back at Master Dao,Finally couldn’t help but speak,“Master Dao,As my master said,The kindness I owe you before,I’m paying you back!I also advise you,Stop being obsessed,My master is not as simple as you think!”
Leave this sentence,Li Huan trots and leaves the teahouse,Quickly keep up with Qin Feng’s pace。
Until a few minutes later,Master Dao just recovered,His back was already wet with sweat at this time。
“Qin Feng?What kind of person is this?”
After leaving the teahouse, Qin Feng naturally returned to the community to rest,After all, the sunset has gone down after coming out of the teahouse,I’m afraid it’s not a few quarters of an hour until night。
In Qin Feng’s opinion,As long as Xu Jinshan who is hiding in the dark will be resolved tomorrow,Then Jiang Yan and other women’s affairs will come to an end,I also have free time to continue investigating what happened 15 years ago。
of course,If he wants to continue investigating,Maybe you can find the clues you want through some intelligence organizations。
After all, in his list,Du Heng, who provided graphic design drawings, is now a celebrity。
At this time, Du Heng is not only one of the best famous designers in China,Even has some reputation abroad,This is why Qin Feng couldn’t find him in the East City.。
Qin Feng knows,It’s not easy to deal with celebrities。After all, famous people are not weak in social influence,If one doesn’t handle well,Even arouse the attention of special departments,At that time, Qin Feng’s road of revenge may become more troublesome。
and so,Before there is sufficient information,He will not act rashly。After all, I can wait for fifteen years,I don’t care if it takes so much time。
Just as Qin Feng was sitting in his living room meditating,Li Huan didn’t know where to go and made a cup of hot tea。
“Master drinking tea!”
that’s it,Qin Feng’s meditation was interrupted again。

“I was planning to sleep in Yongan earlier,As a result, a very special guest from outside world invited me to join her city of heaven,Her heavenly city can connect with other worlds,Now it has connected dozens of small worlds。”

“I think she is different from other foreign visitors,After playing with her for a while,I’m ready to go shopping in Zhutian City,Then I don’t think it’s safe to go alone,I want to call some group members to go together。”
“I guess something happened to you,So I called the Monkey King group members to go to Zhutian City,There are many creatures in Zhutian City, even I don’t know which race they are.,Really opened my eyes。”
Jingtian said with a smile,all in all,Fangcai Zhutiancheng and his party,He also saw many creatures from other races,Very wonderful。
“Sedum group member,Why don’t you call me such a good thing?I was eating roasted meat of Warcraft with my parents,If Sedum group members call me,I took my parents to go to Zhutian City directly。”
“Forget it this time,Next time if there is a chance,Remember to call me。”
Nezha said with a smile,Can connect with other world cities,There are many races that have never been seen before?Such a wonderful place,It just so happens that he can take his parents around。
“Fortunately, I didn’t call Nezha.,Otherwise things will be trickier。”
“The Monkey King group members took one of his subordinates to Zhutian City with me,If I guess right, the subordinate,It should be a delicious lazy pig。”
“Although I can see the causal entanglement on that foreigner,But did not pay attention,Just think not to talk too much。”
“Who knows that the guest from another world is so horrible that he is haunted by cause and effect,It’s the reincarnation of Broom Star。”
“There is a third-tier elder in Zhutian City,Is the strongest in a small world,I want to learn from the Monkey King group members,The Monkey King group members did not agree,Let the pig Gang compete with that elder。”
“One is the strongest in a small world,Extremely rich combat experience,One is a pig who is lazy and delicious,Nezha group members think these two are competing,Which wins and which loses?”
Jingtian asked with a smile,It’s not that he looked down on Zhu Gang,Mainly because Zhu Gang’s performance was too unbearable,Anyhow the same level,And the monster race is extremely powerful,At the very least, you have to face up to the strength of the elder Dugu Qiufei。
The results of it?I want to rush up with a fist,Fight strong and weak with your fist and the sword energy of Dugu defeat?This is still awake?It can also be seen from this that the strength of the pig is too watery,More water than him。
“Isn’t it obvious?It must be the one who won the world,Although the creatures in the little world are limited by the world itself,Unable to break the limit,but,Unable to break through,It means that they will be more familiar with the power of Tier 3,A lot of strange ideas will appear,So the third-order of those worlds are basically difficult to wrap around。”
“I remember that should be called skillful,Back to Basics?”