True field,He knows that the playing card in Liao Wenjie is definitely not a red peach.ACE,But the magician’s dignity is nothing to choose.。

“Unfortunately,You guess it again.。”
In the eyes of the real land, the eyes of the mood, such as the rain,Poker flip,Still a black peachACE。
“Mr. Magic,You’re right,Black peachACEIndeed my lucky card。”Liao Wenjie grins slightly,Shake the pointer, hold two black peachesACE。
“impossible,you……how did you do it?”
Looking at two black peaches,The real land is struck by lightning,The sleeve wipes the sweat of wipe flowing into the corner of the eye.,What did you think of,Open the card to fly over。
“Are you looking for these two cards??”
Liao Wenjie lifted another hand,Empty palm flip,The fingertips clamp two players,Always is two red peachesACE。
True fields,Wood-like two eyes,Dry throat can’t speak,If the magic teacher, if the props of life is taken away under the eyelids,He actually not perceived,It’s just a scene that dreams fantasy.。
So the problem is coming.,What is this magic?,What is the principle??
The audience will not send applause,Although I don’t understand,But this magic is very strong,So a wonderful performance。
“Wen Jie brother is so powerful,I knew it,He is the best。”
Garden hands holding face,Frequent,Excitedly a punch hammer in the top of Conan,And then hugged Maurland’s death。
“Xiaolan,Wen Jiege is not strong,Uncomfortable,say something!”
Maori nodded,Just what happened?,Where is the card??
“and many more,I want to understand.!!”
Triada three raised hands to stop the applause of the audience,Cold sweat:“You have made your hands and feet for my card.,In the process of shuffling,Erass all the marks I left.,And changed to your mark。”
“Be right,This is the case。”Liao Wenjie nodded,Refreshing。
“Finish,You will108Poker is arranged in order according to what you want.,For example, the rightmost four cards,Red peachesACE黑 peachACEAlternate。”
“sharp,This is wearing you.,It is a genius magician,Be worthy of。”Liao Wenjie thumbs up,Affirmation of the strength of true fields。
“I have a question,You are in the process of drawing,I took two cards from my hands.,So……You put the red peachACEWhere is hidden??”True fields,I hope to know the truth behind the magic.。
“This is a secret,can not tell you。”
“Don’t say it, you don’t say it.,Only magic can defeat magic,I will crack the mystery sooner or later.,But you can be miserable。There are all guests present in the field.,Can easily crack my magic,And in turn makes me faceless guys,I can only think of a person……”
Zhenfei throws a poker,Point to Liao Wenjie:“By now,No need to disguise,You are a strange kid!!”
Liao Wenjie:“……”
No bar,Big brother,Know you very faceless,But it is a bit too much.。
Chapter 281 Normal people who will pay attention to this
Fall into the voice,Banquet hall dead silence。
Onlookers walked out of the lively state,After Qi Qi back,Stay away from the performance,The police in the scene were on the front step.,Enclosed from all directions。
Triada is very famous in the industry,Since childhood is known as the genius magician,Magic standards are undoubted,Can not make him eat more in magic,People who make him disappeared are less。
Eye people can see,This time is not a performance,The true field is very miserable,As he says,The magician who can make his face sweeping on the entire cruise ship,Only a strange bird。
“嘿嘿 嘿,Strange,Sorry for the waitting,Let’s take it.!”
Zhongson Police Department,Can’t wait,Workshoot。
The other side of Maori Xiaolang is not idle.,Winding to performance,Block the last way back。

But from the price price,What do you think,As a worship of the Qing court,Never one“Cost-effective”The goal——Even the emperor wants to get rid of worship!

Get big、Risk,output……Compared to below,Not so high。
Zhao ignorant is like this,Just to take off the worship?
Chu Deirers always feel that this is a bit,Or……There should be a deeper reason。
Just because you know your understanding,So there is no idea to speculate his ideas。
But no matter how,I died, I’m going to tell Chu Deirers.,It is not a bad thing.,At least no one knows,He told himself to himself.。
“OK,For you to eat……But just eat so much at a time.!”Chu Deirers will take a fraction of one-third of the hand,Give a small red。
Before the Chu Deeman has been in the mouth,I learned more exact news——Eight part《Forty-two chapters》middle,Tibetan Treasure Map with Treasury,And this must……It is also part of the Treasure map!
Shunzhi did not leave too much, after the home,Instead of worship this old minister in the Qing court,Is the only known《Forty-two chapters》Secret。
The same as Murongjiu,In the middle of the dragon,Annual end of the year,Only entering the entry,Can you wake up。
And the full sum of the 12th,So the original eight flag,Decide eight《Forty-two chapters》middle,Two yellow flags and two white flags,Two must,Two red flags、Two blue flags,Tibetan。
As for the yellow flag、Four ginseng,It is also true to take it out.,Has been used by himself!
His hard work can be flying,It is precisely because of four thousand years of participation——Hardware, etc.,There is also a need for nourishing medicines.。
Worship four ginseng,Twelve hard work, etc.,All practiced to the highest realm,After that, the pure yang, which is defective and defect.,Then the speed of the inside out……
Calculating Mao Dongzhu is also a lossless loss.,If she knows,This《Forty-two chapters》There is a must、And there is such an effect,Don’t find Chu Deirent detoxification!
And the reason why I have eaten directly,It is also confident in the Qing court.——The reason why the biggest trophy will be entered,All hide back to my hometown,Speaking of the bottom or because the eight flags have nothing,Hold can’t make a mix,Go back to the other idea。
True Qing court is sitting in the relationship,It’s really good to worship.,And he also has confidence in himself.,I don’t even think that Manchu should leave such a back path to himself.!
“Then you still give a small red?Is there anything in the rest??”Murongjiu listened to the Chu Deiren told her after these,I have to go to the small red mouth.。
Xiaohong also seems to feel something,Have you swallow……
“Useless,The whole root is useless。”Chu Deiren。
“What’s the meaning?”Murongjiu feels that there is something in the Chu deer.。
“Manchurian discovered the dragon pulse,Wan Years I still fall asleep,Even if you are noisy, just wake up.,Some gates from the attack,And with its entry,You can cover a breath。But now……After Zhang Zhennan,You have not feeling a lot of places.‘strangeness’Got up?That is now afraid that it is not sleeping at all.,What is the use of it??”Chu Deirers have just said。
Be right,Now Wu Dong Mountain’s true woker,Leshan、Emeishan is suspected to have something to wake up.,Chu Deirers estimate that thousands of participants have also woken up,What is the foundation of your stay?!
Murong Jiu Wen,I also thought of something,Accreditation of Chu Deirers……
“After that, we went back to Beijing.?”Murongjiu is obviously still can’t put down other days《Forty-two chapters》,Or don’t put it off?。
“Do not,Now Mingjing is chaotic!Let’s make this Sao.?Never urgently in this time,Waiting for too late or Shenlong teaching,Get other《Forty-two chapters》talk later……What’s more, now there is a map,Your ancestors did not tell you,Can be hard to participate in thousands of years?”Chu Deirens don’t want to go back immediately。
“Still go back to Drumshan,I also want to turn off a period of time.,Finish。”Chu Deirers also remember,After two years, I have to mediate the teacher and the teacher’s contradiction.。
Of course, the higher martial arts,Journey easier to mediate。
Although the teacher likes the color of the color,But Chu Deirers are not ready to eat。
Previously, the Chu Deirers wanted to turn off a day in Liguoshan.,The result is eradicating what to worship,Delay……

Extended school,Then I went to find him?”

“Since he is so fun,Then I have to play him.。”
Speech,The strength in his hand is also increasing,The painful Sun Yaru is also a tight frown.,Gently bite the lips。
“Acheng,You don’t want this way,There are still many students in this class.。”
“hehe,Where can I?
Previous time before you study,You are not the same, can you serve me??
Now Li speaks back from the wind.,You want to resist?”
Looking at the color of the face of the face of Lincheng,Sun Yuru fused。
“Acheng,I did not mean,I really have n’thing to with him.,And my heart is yours.,I have given you the first time.。”
I heard Sun Yuru said that I gave myself for the first time.,Lincheng’s injured force is significantly smaller。
“Um,Do not worry,Since he dares back,No good fruit,Don’t think about the alarm,I won’t do something like this.,Because it is a punishment for him.。”
Say this,Lin Cheng is also a little disappointing handle.,Then wrinkled with the brow, I thought how to persecute Li.。
He acknowledged that Li Hui has changed.,There are many brave than before.,It seems to be a lot,But the good tiger is not a group of wolves.,What is he still belongs to a hungry?。
Sun Yarru feels the leaving of the magic hand,The heart is also a breather.。
She is from Lincheng from the beginning to the end of Lincheng’s play,The city of Lincheng is terrible than his big brother.。
But these things,Sun Yaru is afraid to say,Because once it is said,Her results will be very miserable。
But for the first abandonment,Her heart has not regretted,She feels that Li is without money.,People still,In addition to having a true heart to her,Other simply is nothing。
Just Li Hui’s performance,Let her heart have a ripple。
That honesty,Li Hui, who bullied, did not expect to have a domineering side,I didn’t expect to have a man’s side.。
Qin Xue’s office,Li Hui is quietly listening to Qin Xue’s teachings.。
“Lee,Do you know that in order to let you return to the campus??
Now that you have come back, how do you don’t know how to cherish??”
Qin Xue is really afraid that Li speaks again and again.。
After all, she is very rare.。
However, she feels that this time Li speaks back from the wind.,Changed to some of the past。
She clearly remembers that if I have been bullied by Li Hui, it is reasonable.,If the other party does not tell him,He is definitely will not do it.。
But now,Li Hui Feng is not only started.,And there is still a lot of spicy。
The extent to which you start is unlike this age group.。
“do you know,The other party is alarm,You will go in?
do you know,The other party makes you compensation for medical expenses. You will lose it.?”
Looking at the eyes of Qin Xue, it is an anger and anxious.,Li Hui’s heart is moving。
But immediately he is grinning。
“Hey-hey,Teacher Qin,I all know this,I have confidence that they will not call the police.,Because if the alarm, I entered the past, the things that I did, only more than me.,As for medical expenses, I can bear。”

Mainly, Zhu Minglang is worried about the old masters of Jianzong who come to ask his own teacher.,Where did the abandoned sword forest go?,Even abandon the sword,It’s also their swordsman’s treasure!

Before they found out,Hurry up。
Originally, Zhu Minglang thought of the highest peak,Say goodbye to Zhu Xuehen,But after thinking about it,She probably didn’t want to see herself,Finally dismissed this idea。
“Zhu Minglang,This sword sect,Is the strongest person your grandpa??”Fang Niannian asked curiously。
“He should be the top three before,Too old now,Mainly teach students。My aunt is his disciple。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Aunt Xuehen?,How strong is it,When I was in Jianzong, I heard some male disciples talk about her……Why she doesn’t look very old,They all call her a teacher。”Fang Niannian asked。
“Depends on how it compares,If it is simpler than repair,She is probably the highest rank,The four major forests are leaders,But the sword in her hand,And her sword state,Actually more terrifying than her cultivation,If life and death fight,No one below the king can be her opponent,Even a group of supreme king-level gods,It’s impossible to kill her。”Zhu Minglang explained。
Zonglinnei,The division of generation is clear and simple。
Master、Master Uncle、disciple。
Generally speaking,A large forest like Yaoshan Jianzong,The cultivation of disciples is generally at the sub-level to the main level。
Master-level disciple,Always the best,As the chief female disciple of the church like Zi Miaozhu,Cultivation has a superior position、Top master。
And the seniority of the uncle,The cultivation base is between the main level and the monarch level,The ordinary ones may only be the lower main level。
Better,Rushed to the king level。And the more outstanding,Mostly high-ranking monarch and top-ranking monarch。
Master’s cultivation,At least at the highest rank。
But everyone who can be named a master,Most of them already have some realms above their own cultivation level。

The front desk clerk rubbed his eyes,It’s Song Fang,Whispered:“Director Song,We can’t help it,They have complete procedures,It won’t work if the door is not opened。Are you okay??”

“What can we do,Really!”Song Fang shook his head with anger。
by the road,Xia Jian first blocked Song Fang,Then watched her go by car,Only then blocked the car and went directly to Donglin Zaixia。When he arrived,Less than seven o’clock,Auntie cleaning is cleaning。
“Aunt!Clean up my office first,I want to use”Xia Jian said to a female cleaner。
Procter & Gamble agreed, It will be cleaned in a while。Xia Jianyi went in,The curtains are drawn up,Then lie down on the sofa,Fell asleep。
What sleep did you sleep last night,It can be said that I didn’t sleep all night。Lie down,Xia Jian slept like a dead pig。Just when he was dreaming,Someone pushed him to wake up。
Xia Jian opened his eyes and took a look,It turned out to be Guo Meili sitting next to him,Guo Meili held a newspaper in her hand,Xia Jian glanced at Guo Meili,I wiped the saliva on my mouth and said:“I’ll sleep for a while,I’ll talk about it later”
“You can still fall asleep!Take a look, what is this”Guo Meili was a little angry and stuffed the newspaper in Xia Jian’s arms。
Xia Jian took a look,I immediately sat up like an electric shock。Headlines,With large color photos。The front is the photo of him entering the hotel with Song Fang on his back,Behind is a few pictures of him and Song Fang naked.Photo of lying on the bed with bare shoulders。
The most annoying is the title“The group boss has an improper relationship with the female factory director,Outrageous”
First0873chapter Gossip
The power of the media is sometimes not to be underestimated。
Xia Jian roared:“Bastard”Which newspaper is he holding,Just rush out。Guo Meili might have known Xia Jian would do this,So she blocked the door early。
“What are you doing?”Guo Meili asked coldly。
Xia Jian roared with anger:“I go to this newspaper,I want them to bear legal responsibility”
“This is a pheasant newspaper,I’m afraid everyone has already run away now,Where are you going to find?What you need now is calm,We have to analyze,What is the purpose of this“Guo Meili pulls Xia Jian,Let him sit down。
At this moment,The phone in Xia Jian’s pocket rang,He took out a look,Seeing Ouyang Hong came here,He connected immediately,Just listen to Ouyang Hong on the phone and laughed:“President Xia!Don’t use this method if you want to be famous?Streets today,Publish your Yan.The newspaper photographed is flying all over the sky“
“What do you want to do?Are you making fun or want to say something?Go straight!“Xia Jian at this time,Angry,He couldn’t help but angered Ouyang Hong。
Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“Kidding you,I didn’t expect you to be angry。I am calling this to tell you,I have asked the City Propaganda Department to investigate this matter。If necessary,I will let the police intervene。You’d better not show up in Pingdu these two days“
So Ouyang Hong meant this,Xia Jian said modestly:“Thank you!”Then hung up。I seem to be too impulsive,This kind of thing gets worse,In this case,The media has exploded。

“It’s no surprise you don’t know,Even old revolutionaries like Meng Jiucheng don’t know this place。But your colleague Feng Xiaowei knows,And she seems to have been,I heard that I went there more than once”Xia Jian lowered his voice and said。

Qin Xiaomin asked a little bit unbelievably:“is it?If Donglin Township really has such good tourism resources,Really have to develop it“
“Hey!I have to tell you in advance。Ziyangguan is located in the boundary of Donglin Township,So this project was developed separately by Donglin Township,Stop participating in other units in the city“Xia Jian looked straight,Said seriously。
Qin Xiaomin said with a smile:“You want to be beautiful,is it possible?If you really want to develop such a good project。First go through the scenery bureau,Forestry Bureau,And tourism management area。So many units,You want to cross them all?“
“Oh my goodness!I don’t know where this meat is,There are already a large group of wolves。I don’t think I think about it anymore,Whoever likes to do it!“Xia Jian said discouragedly。
Qin Xiaomin laughed and said:“No way,If you don’t have sustainable projects that can convince the public,You can’t touch a penny for the harvesting of a thousand mu of northeastern pine,Let alone build a road“
“Humph!We fix it ourselves!I have asked them to go to the village to do the preliminary work“Xia Jian looked disapproving。
Qin Xiaomin looks a little cute at Xia Jian,Can’t help but smile and say:“Can’t eat alone。Local development,So many things in the city come to the administrative unit to survive,You can’t let us go down to make a living, right?!“
“Ha ha!I just made a joke。I know,These departments cannot be bypassed anyway,But let’s talk ugly first,The development of Ziyang Temple can only be our main focus in Donglin Township,Of course, this income ratio is our large share“Xia Jianyi is worried,Started talking about the benefits。
Qin Xiaomin shook his head and said:“It’s a bit early to say this。How good is this project,Just listening to you。You didn’t show me any powerful information“
“How about this!Take time out,Let’s go to Ziyang Temple。Take pictures of all the beautiful scenery with a camera,And show it to the leaders,Would it be better?“Xia Jian said,Came up with an idea。
Qin Xiaomin couldn’t help but nodded and said:“This method is good。We have to do things like this,Let the leaders understand what you want to say in the shortest time,In this way it will get twice the result with half the effort“
“I know,Then I don’t have to go to Mayor Chen,Wait for the information on Ziyangguan to be ready,Talk to him again。Because of this road construction,You can talk about the development of Ziyangguan together“Xia Jian smiled and said to Qin Xiaomin。

“Get up and wipe off the sweat,Then put on warm clothes”Xia Jian said loudly。He is both surprised and happy。

Donna answered very well,Hurriedly got out of bed and went to the bathroom。When she comes out again,Donna has changed clothes,People seem to change in an instant。Donna’s face is a lot rosy,People feel more energetic。
“how about it?”Xia Jian asked urgently。
Donna smiled and said:“All right,I feel relaxed。It turns out that the kind of cold that gets into the bones is gone。You are really a god,Impressive“
“You just recovered from a serious illness,Should add some nutrition,Then there must be no less clothes,keep warm”Xia Jian said in a very happy mood。It seems that my medical skills have improved a lot,It turns out that he always underestimated himself。
Donna nodded and said:“It’s past twelve now,Let’s just have some food here,Then rush to Hongchuan River。In the evening, I will treat you again”
“it is good!Then cook a bowl of noodles,This is not necessary at night,I have made an appointment in advance”Xia Jian smiled and said。
Donna frowned,Snorted and went to the kitchen。Xia Jian sat on the sofa alone,He just looked a few very simple movements,In fact, where noodles contain high knowledge,That is to use air,Can’t be seen by others。
Xia Jian on the sofa,I fell asleep in a short while。One tired,Easiest to fall asleep。Xia Jian, who was sleeping, was quarreled by the phone’s ringing。
He quickly took out his phone and took a look,Guo Meili called,Xia Jiangang connected,I heard Guo Meili say hurriedly on the phone:“President Xia!Situation is very bad,The villagers who came to make trouble gathered about two to three hundred people,There seems to be a social gangster inside,Should we call the police?”
“Don’t call the police,I am with Mr. Tang,Should be here in an hour”Tang Jiangang finished,I saw Donna walking over with the cooked noodles。
Two people just ate a little,Xia Jian drove his big run,Take Donna to Hongchuanhe Hot Spring Resort。It’s only a few kilometers from Qingshan County to Hongchuan River,The car has not reached the gate,You can see the crowd gathered at the gate of the resort。
And you can hear these people yelling from far away。Donna sitting in the co-pilot suddenly said to Xia Jian:“You get off and walk over,Go in through the side door,Leave the car to me,I go to the village,You just wait for the good news!”
Xia Jian responded,Parked the car on the side of the road,Then walked to the resort alone。The security guard guarding the side entrance knows Xia Jian,He didn’t say anything,So he opened the side door for Xia Jian。
Xia Jian went directly to Ruan Lingna’s office as soon as he entered,It’s a pity that there is no one in Ruan Lingna’s office。Of course,There are so many people at the gate making trouble,How can she sit in the office at ease?
Xia Jian dialed Ruan Lingna’s cell phone,One call,He only said one sentence:“I’m in your office”Then hung up。
Three or two minutes,Ruan Lingna came running。She still wears a short work skirt,Of course,Her legs should be warm flesh-colored stockings,Looks very sexy。
“President Xia!Here you are,We can’t hold it anymore”When Ruan Lingna said this,,Crying。

“No wonder it has been passed down for hundreds of millions of years,But can’t even leave a fairy,Innate state,Judging by how broken the pubic area is,I’m afraid to use the forbidden technique more than once or twice。”

With the integration of mind,Lin Daoshi’s dantian is constantly being strengthened,Even directly opened up the Purple Mansion。
“brat,This gift that I accepted,Keep this original intention。”
Li Ming’s heart moved,Mental distortion,Cast illusion。
Lin Daoshi in front of you,People who have seen him in the city,Hundreds of miles away from the high-rise inside the fort,I forgot about an innate master named Li Ming。
Chapter Twenty Four Ordinary life(4)Miyaka
Eight Dragons Small World,It’s an extremely remote small world in the winter travel world。
On the Spirit of Heaven and Earth,Spiritual resources,The Eight Dragons World is even far inferior to Lei Yuan Small World,The most powerful practitioner is no more than a real person in Vientiane,And only a few。
This little world,But it is completely ruled by a family。
Royal Aijia。
Aijia,The law adopted is entirely family rule,Take the Vientiane ancestor in the family as the core,Brothers of the Purple Mansion, suppress the Quartet,Oppression to collect a lot of spiritual resources,Used to train royals。
In Balong Small World,The biggest spiritual place,Is the palace。
“Ancestors,The royal family is restless now,The queen and the two princesses fought hard,But it’s suffering for those of us。”
“It’s a pity that Xiao Guizi hasn’t been in the palace for long,I fell on my body and turned into frost,It’s so terrible to die!”
A little eunuch in a red robe,Said to the fat eunuch who looks wide and fat。

Because the mortal world has become a natural maelstrom、Big trap,In the dark jungle,Who moves first,Who died first,The powerhouses who have gone through the catastrophe know this truth,They are good at disguising,Force yourself to keep a low profile,Constantly tentative,Attempt to make peace with other unknown forces,To strengthen yourself,But how difficult?

A total of more than 300 people from the Shuiqi Cave of the Wanshan Realm and his tribe were killed on an unknown desert island in the southern sea.,Legends of them migrating secretly,Ready to unite with the blue grain boundary,Hold together to survive,But met unexpectedly;More than fifty of the sacred infants of the snail world were killed in the Arctic wilderness with the strongest,The Huoyunzhe of the Great Demon World somehow died in the desert of Central Asia, etc.。
these years,The lucky ones from the heavens have accidentally lost their lives.,Although they are better at disguising and hiding,But slightly changed,Still can’t escape the end of destruction,They were not killed by mortals,But was killed by alien refugees of the same status,Because those magical powers and methods are not possessed by mortals。
Recently, it has been reported that the strong psychic Lord of the Nether Realm has also been killed,But this time it was unexpected,The murderer clearly,It is said that it is Li Xiucheng of God Realm,It turns out that he did it,This guy has been arrogant in recent years,Completely ignored everyone’s adherence to the rules,Jump up and down,provocative‘Demon Lord’,Almost killed the god and demon Spark of Dala Mountain,There is a stance against all foreign gods and demons,Key point,This boy and Fansheng are mingled together,Seeing as the watchdog of the mortal world,Tolerable or unbearable。
Is lingering,Or restore the glory of the past race?The answer is obviously the latter,Who doesn’t want to recreate the world,Become a creative power?The question is how likely is it to succeed?What kind of traps are hidden in the revelation of the Great Asura God?These all need to be considered repeatedly。
“Why not talk about your conditions first。”Dayan, who has been silent all the time, asked the first question,Not only broke the extremely dull atmosphere,Also indirectly shows his attitude,He has great ideas about Xiyang。
“Da Yan Daoist is really。”Great Asura God high-five and laugh,“My request is actually very simple,There was only one condition,But I didn’t expect the Innate Taoist Association to come,So add another condition,Not sitting on the floor,But it’s good for everyone。”
“Appreciate further details。”The uninvited congenital Taoist smiled slightly,Seems very generous,The origin of this person is quite mysterious,Because his claimed master Xuanji Xianzun never showed up,But he himself is a true immortal peak cultivation base,But it’s like a fake replacement,Quite tough,There are rumors that it is very close to the level of Jinxian,Not to be underestimated。
“One,Materials needed to activate congenital soil,I have prepared seven things,Two things are missing,I opened the skylight to talk brightly,Both of these things are produced in the Metaverse,So seek help from Dayan fellow;Second,If you can get the treasure of the fairy family‘Xingluo chessboard’s help,The old man is sure to derive this soil into four parts,I wait for each of the four circles to get a point,how is it?”
Chapter nine hundred and twenty-five Conspiracy under duress
Dayan frowned slightly,But did not speak,And the innate Taoist look around,Then hehe smile,“The Great Asura God is too joking,Think about that‘Xingluo chessboard’Is the fifth treasure in the fairy world,Don’t say I just heard,I haven’t even seen my master,I just wanted to help,But I can’t do anything。”
This time it is the turn of the Great Asura God to frown,And Dimoro and his companions also feel quite wrong,This condition is unfair,Other materials、Baby,Share the soil,And the Brahman world can get a share if nothing comes out,People are naturally upset,Unwilling to participate,It seems that the Great Asura God is intentionally tied to his brother,A bit threatening。
“Since this is the case,Then please forgive me for not thinking carefully,Originally it was just an idea。”That’s it for the Great Asura God,Suddenly raised his hands and high-five,The Shura who were sitting with him under the high platform immediately got up,After saluting to Gaotai,All quietly exited the hall。
“Then let’s talk about the key points。”The Great Asura God suddenly showed a fierce light,“Actually, it doesn’t have to be that trouble,Just get rid of the guy holding the soil,You’re done,The old man has very reliable news,As long as everyone contributes,Everyone has a share,If you can provide those two missing materials,Get an extra。”
This will kill you,Great Shura God hosted a banquet,There is no good feast,Several people looked at each other,I feel that things are not that simple,A strong dangerous mood began to spread,The Great Asura God almost revealed his thoughts,Obviously prepared,If someone who is sitting there object,Or quit politely,Don’t you be afraid to leak the news??
“Since this person can hold the soil,Want to come is not a general,I’m afraid that I’m not sure about it?”Or the innate Taoist asking questions,He insists on making friends with the Great Asura,It can be said that I jumped in by myself,Seeing the situation is wrong,I just bite the bullet and find a chance to get out。
“No problem,It’s not easy to mess with,But there are people who cast him down。”Great Shura God laughed,High five again,“Please dazun。”

The dean directly laughed loudly,I am very satisfied with the few people in the population。

“Dean,You haven’t said Ye Fuming yet!”
I heard Ren Feng,The others are equally curious,Look at the dean at the same time。
The dean just said with a mysterious smile:“I won’t say anything else,You just need to know,This time Ye Fuming will shine in this college competition,It will make those four-level academy guys eye-catching!”
Ren Feng’s eyes suddenly widened,They have never seen such confident words from the dean since they knew the dean,I have never seen the dean place so much importance on a student!
The dean is very satisfied with the looks of everyone,Big hand waved:“You can go back first,The car ready to go to the duel city,We will go out after today,Three days later,Conquering the city of duels!”
“Comply with!”
Ren Feng,Sun Mingyun,Gongsun Yan,Great elder,Loudly should be,Turned away。
The dean instantly appeared in front of the Fuming few people。
Several people have put on dry clothes,Saw the dean appear,Bow。
“Today we are going out,Now i give you one last task!”The dean looked at several people and said。
The five looked up at the dean。
The dean took out a banner,Directly inserted into the ground and said to everyone:“I will put this thing here,You come to capture,I don’t care what you use,As long as you succeed, you will be successful!”
“I promise you,As long as you get it,After going out,I will give you a surprise,If not successful,Then no more,It depends on your abilities!”
The Fuming five looked at each other,The eyes looking at the dean were full of warfare,A raging flame rises in my heart。
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Chapter Ninety Seven:Barely pass,New combat skills!
The five people go a little further and start to discuss countermeasures,The dean just stood there waiting,