"Go to my side!" Lu Zhan told Mo Li that his mantis was approaching Mo Li.

However, Mo Li did not accept Lu Zhan’s kindness. He turned and walked towards the far burning night.
夜生活"Like a pig … there must be someone over there." Lu Zhan is very eloquent. At this time, he thought about personal grievances, and the result was very obvious
Sure enough, when Mo Li was away from the burning night here, the blind monk suddenly "posted a library" to Mo Li’s face, Dolan Jian went out and the blind monk had a strong attack power, so he was beaten with blood.
Casadin hit a Q and took away Mo Li’s head.
Mo Li sent a blood like this.
Before Lu Zhan shook his head, it was normal to be forced out by the flash hook and hit by Zach. After all, there are many people and many control skills.
But Mo Li’s last choice is pig brain. When the other party sees the burning night first and then sees Mo Li, he must be prepared for the burning night. How can he be reassured to go there?
The most depressing thing for Lu Zhan is that he got a blood, which doomed him to be difficult to play against the line.
Chapter 62 Kazik vs Casadin
Mo Li took a passive aim for a while after his death and finally hit the other three.
But the real damage root of level 1 is not enough to see how many people are on the other side, and there is not much blood missing.
Not surprisingly, they have lost the blue buff.
Lu Zhan made a sign to Tian Lan to signal him to get the other blue, and at the same time he moved from the middle.
It’s very important to play wild buff, and he has to help.
Tianlan came to the other side of Blue buff with spiders, and he already had a group of little spiders around him.
Xiao Shengqiang’s dragon lady and Lu Zhan’s mantis stay here together and want to help him grab this buff.
But it didn’t take long for the other person to come again.
Actually, four people came together. They took a blood and left the blind monk to rob Lu Zhanjia’s blue. Others went back to their own buff.
"Don’t let Yao" Lu Zhan eyebrows a wrinkly.
The other five people coming here is equivalent to telling him two news. The first thing is that people will not give up this blue.
Second, they have to change roads!
Generally, ad has to grab the second grade. At this time, the route has been confirmed. Their idea of changing roads is simply to fight the road because of their body, and they will be crushed in the morning and evening. It is better to help grab buff.
The other person has one more Lu Zhan than them. He gave Tianlan a retreat sign and asked him to give up buff.
I’ve already lost a blood just now. If buff can’t get it, forget it. It’s really unnecessary to lose a head.
Sky blue sighed and walked back with Lu Zhan.
At this time, the hammer stone "brushed" and the hook was thrown out, but the little spider with sky blue dragged behind it just blocked the hammer stone hook.
The three men left each other’s wild areas in a thrilling way.
At this time, it has been 1 minute and 45 seconds to get to the blue buff, but the sky blue has passed, and it is good to have the opportunity to harass the blind monk.
Playing wild and leaving Lu Zhan alone came to the middle road near the river grass.
He inserted a hole in the corridor on the side of the grass through the partition wall, and then waited here for someone from the other side to come over.
1 minute and 55 seconds, the wild monster refreshed Casadin, probably walking back to the middle when he saw that no one was robbing the blue.
Casadin didn’t know that Lu Zhan had ambushed here. When Lu Zhan passed through the corridor, mantis flew out of the grass.
It turned out that he had learned E skills at the first level, and this flight directly jumped into Casadin’s face.
Because of the passive threat, this attack is more painful than the normal attack. With the E skill, Casadin was beaten with more than 1 blood.
Casadin turned around and threw him a Q with an extra shield.
At this time, Casadin could not silence his opponent after weakening Q skills once, but he could add a shield to himself by reading a bar.

"I promise"

"Then please describe the scene when Mr. Lu signed it that night."
So devoted to light snow really said just like Liu Wentao said exactly the same.
"Miss Mo, why do you want to do this?"
夜生活Mo Xiaoxue hung his head and shoulders and stirred up for a long time before he whispered, "I hope he gets a divorce."
Then she wanted to marry him, but she didn’t want Liu Wentao to directly break her extravagant hope. As Lan Jingyi said, he probably never had any place for her in his heart. She followed him for so long that she finally found out that she didn’t know him at all.
Lan Jingyi is embarrassed. The more she listens, the more she feels that she wants to look at this little green in her hand. It will soon have no legal effect. Even if she strongly demands a divorce, it will take several months at the earliest to take legal proceedings. Can she really afford to talk to Liu Wentao?
She doesn’t have a lawyer, and she can’t afford a lawyer. All of them are on their own, corresponding to Lu Wentao’s team. What’s worse, Lu Wentao’s lawyers are all famous people in the city.
As a result, it seems that she was doomed from the moment she went to the dock alone.
Jiang Junyue, he helped her get Xiaolv, but he didn’t help her to the end.
She smiled gently and waited for the sad result to come out and then left sadly.
But I don’t know who rang. A lawyer took out a glance and handed it to Liu Wentao with a strange look.
Soon, the plaintiff, Xi Wentao, and the lawyers’ faces changed. When Lan Jingyi didn’t agree, he suddenly meditated silently for ten seconds. Liu Wentao suddenly got up. "Mr. Presiding Judge, I drop the lawsuit."
Lan Jingyi kept remembering Liu Wentao’s last three words. Did she hear voices?
The little green in my hand clenched tightly, it belongs to her again after all, and she will leave the court in a hurry. She really doesn’t want to have anything to do with Liu Wentao and his family anymore, not at all.
But she wouldn’t let her go if she didn’t want Liu Xiaoqi again. When Lan Jingyi was about to rush out of the court, Liu Xiaoqi chased her out and ran to grab a pair of eyes in front of Lan Jingyi, staring at the blue sky and her face as if to tear her face up. "Lan Jingyi, are you in such a hurry to get divorced and want to jump into the man who helped you?" It’s shameless to see one hook up with another. "
What help her man?
Did anyone help her?
Lan Jingyi looked confused. "What did you say?"
"Hum, if it weren’t for someone who just sent a video to Wentao, would he drop the case? Isn’t it your lover’s hair and hum? It seems that you are quite busy, sycophanting with men, and you even break the law when you do things. "
"Mom, let’s go" Liu Wentao finally chased up and stretched out his hand to pull Lu Xiaoqi’s hand. "Let’s go" Lan Jingyi took advantage of his absence to let the divorce agreement get a divorce certificate. Now it has become a fact that he divorced her, and he just said in court that he would drop the lawsuit. This doesn’t change how he doesn’t like her, but he doesn’t know that his marriage is really over and he looks forward to it, but his heart is inexplicably tightly suffocating him.
That’s even Liu Wentao himself. I don’t feel like I’m tearing Liu Xiaoqi fast to my car. Aauto Quicker came back with the news that "Lu is always Jiang Junyue."
It’s no wonder that Lan Jingyi was able to get divorced. It was with Jiang Junyue’s help that I suddenly remembered that I saw the video of her and the cowherd in the hotel that day. It seems that the man in the video is like Jiang Junyue. Did Jiang Junyue and Lan Jingyi have long …
Liu Wentao’s heart suddenly felt a little regret that she had been married for half a year, but he had never touched her. At this moment, a sense of inexplicable loss stained his heart and made him sit there quietly looking at the scenery outside the window.
Lan Jingyi has gone up the steps and walked straight to the opposite direction of Liu Wentao’s car. There is a bus over there. She has to go back to the supermarket to work. She owes Jiang Junyue money. She wants to pay her back. She doesn’t want to be his woman. She doesn’t want to be a man’s subsidiary and never see him again.
Walking quickly towards the bus, a car behind her followed her step by step, and gradually the horn of the car made Lan Jingyi finally react. The car followed her. She turned to look at the black BMW Jiang Junyue and slowly rolled the window at her and grinned at him. "Girl, do you want to celebrate together?"
Chapter 43 The only time
"What video did you send to Jiang Junyue?" Lan Jingyi suddenly remembered that Lu Xiaoqi had just spoken, and there was a ripple in her heart. Was it really Jiang Junyue who helped her? He doesn’t want to force her to be his woman?
"No" Jiang Junyue Shu leaned back and looked at Lan Jingyi indifferently, but the expression seemed really different from his hair.
It’s a video. He didn’t send it. He ordered Jiang Hanfa.
Lan Jingyi breathed a sigh of relief. Since he didn’t send it, she owed him one less favor. When she turned around, there was a bus coming. She didn’t care which direction the bus was going, she jumped straight to escape from Jiang Jun as far as possible, or she felt very dangerous with him.
Panting while taking the bus, Lan Jingyi clutched the backpack slung from her shoulder, and the little green inside finally belonged to her completely.
Divorced, she is no longer threatened by Lu Wentao.
When she got off the bus, she rushed into the supermarket. She had no idea that a car had been following her since she jumped off the bus. It was not until she disappeared that Jiang Junyue started the car and drove all the way to the company. His face was extremely cold. It was always a woman who tried to climb his bed, but this time he was beaten.
When I entered the office, the car key was thrown to the desk with an elegant radian. Manager Li also called "Jiang Xiaoqin can’t come to class from today, you see …"
"No, I haven’t recruited the right person yet. Let her come back to work for me."

"Oh good" Wei Xi low head ready to leave.

"Liu doesn’t follow the gentleman" Jiyun urged.
"Don’t look at me at home," Wei Xi said with some irritation.
"Look where you say this is looking at you. I’m afraid you won’t come back for too long and are unfamiliar with the environment. It’s convenient for Liu to follow you." Jiyun still kept smiling.
Looking at Ji Yun’s stiff smile, Wei Xi felt uncomfortable from the bottom of his heart. He would rather Ji Yun treat him coldly as before than pretend to be a loving mother as he is now.
"Elder brother, you’re back." Wei Haochen came running from the building.
桑拿论坛  title="Slow down and be careful you fall," Wei Xi said with a smile.
"Nothing" Wei Haochen jumped to Wei Xi in three steps and two steps.
"Brother, how can you be your own sister-in-law?"
"Ahem" Jiyun cleared his throat.
Vomitted to stick out the tongue Wei Haochen asked again.
"Where’s Sister Xiaomi?"
To gu Xiaomi Wei Xi’s face froze with laughter, replaced by light sadness.
"I’m going to say for the last time that I don’t want to hear the words Gu Xiaomi in this family. Are you clear?" Jiyun said sternly.
Wei Xi and Wei Haochen looked at each other and no one answered.
"Hao Chen, are you quite clear?"
"It’s quite clear," Wei Haochen said with drooping head and reluctance.
"Don’t bother your brother and let him have a good rest for a few days. Aren’t you doing well in the company these days? Continue to work hard in a few days. When your brother has a good rest, he will also go to class. When the two of you get along, I can rest assured that I will hand over the company to you." Ji Yun said with alacrity.
"Mom, I told you, don’t expect me to take over the company. I’m not cut out for this. You’d better make a brother."
"Don’t talk nonsense, both of you give me a good job. Who will take over?" Jiyun said and turned and walked back to the room
Wei Haochen made a face at Jiyun’s back, then turned his head and smiled and said to Wei Xi, "It’s great to have you back, brother. I’ve had a chat here."
"I was forced to endure, too." Wei Xi imagined that he had lost his freedom from now on and couldn’t help but feel the sadness of his life.
"Elder brother Xiaomi elder sister" Wei Haochen glanced at Jiyun room and asked quietly.
"She is in the sea," Wei Xi said with some sadness.
"Why didn’t she come back with you? Did Mom force you to do something?" Wei Haochen asked in a hurry.
Wei Xi shook his head.
"I chose to come back."
"How is this possible? Why did you leave Xiaomi and come back here by yourself? It’s illogical. Something must have happened." Wei Haochen would never let it go until he understood it.
However, Wei Xishi doesn’t want to explain that he is afraid that he will regret his decision, although he has already begun to regret it.
"Let’s talk about it after Haochen. I’m a little tired. I want to have a rest first." Wei Xi said with a tired face.
"Well, then I’ll meet you later."
"I’m sorry that the young master’s wife confessed that no one can enter the young master’s room without her permission," said Liu Guanjia’s novel.
"What are you talking about? Are you all crazy? This is my brother. He’s not a prisoner. Why should I take him up?" Wei Haochen shouted at Jiyun House.
"Come on, Hao Chen, I have already prepared myself psychologically. Since I choose to come back, I will listen to my mother to arrange you not to be attacked by me. Xiaomi, I don’t have any place to want to stay at home." Wei Xi comforted Wei Haochen instead.
"But elder brother, are you so bent? Are you going to give up Xiaomi elder sister?" Wei Haochen was really afraid that Wei Xi would be depressed.
"What do you say?" Wei Xi said lightly, but his eyes were full of firmness.
"I knew it." Wei Haochen smiled.
"I’m relieved that you are willing to resist my brother’s willingness to go through fire and water. You should take a good rest for the time being and leave things outside to your dear brother." Wei Haochen whispered in Wei Xi’s ear.
"Thank you, brother."
"My pleasure."
"Madam, the gentleman has arranged it," Lao Wang said when he entered Jiyun’s room.
"Good. Do you have enough people? If you can’t, please invite more."
"That’s enough. Now they are staying outside the gentleman’s door day and night in two shifts."
"Very well, Hee-hee must slow down now. He is pretending to obey me now. He won’t give up so easily. I’ll just play along. What’s done is done. Let’s see what he can do." Jiyun looked at the calculation.
"It’s hard for you at this stage. You can’t relax here. Even Haochen, you have to watch him. This child ghost is very simple. I don’t know what the girl named Gu gave her. He went to her side early in the morning to prevent him from sabotaging. Don’t let him get close to Xi." Jiyun held his arm and meditated.
"Good lady, I’ll arrange it right away."
"We must succeed with Shi’s, which is a matter of life and death. Now the economic environment is so bad, we must unite with them to gain a foothold." Ji Yun thought.
"But’s there is not very positive."
"Didn’t you watch today’s economic news?" Jiyun handed the newspaper to Lao Wang.
"How did this happen?" Lao Wang pointed to the newspaper and said inconceivably.
"Exactly. Now it’s not a monopoly. They should be more anxious than we are." Jiyun said with a proud face.
Chapter seventy-seven A lovesickness with two worries
"Aunt Xiaomi was discharged from the hospital the next day. You are busy after having a good rest today." The garden peeled an apple and handed it to Wang Yali.
Wang Yali happily took the apple and ate it.
"I have no matter son is my mother or so goofs off" Gu Xiaomi carefully wiped Wang Yali’s mouth.
"Didn’t the doctor say that Auntie still made some progress?" Yuan sat on the bed and asked.
"Yes, sometimes you know me, but then you forget." Gu Xiaomi nai shook his head.
"I want to drink water, Xiaomi," Wang Yali patted Afraid Garden and said.


"I can’t tell you. There is one more thing that must be clearly told to you!"
"What is it?"
"Don’t touch the computer, you know? Don’t touch it even if your heart wants to. "
"This ~ elder sister is already late. A few days ago, I contacted Zhang Xian to bring the computer."
桑拿会所"What?" Sister’s face showed a burst of loss and regret, and there was a little despair.
I shook my sister’s hand and asked, "What’s going on with me?" Cong, I have a premonition that something big is going to happen.
My sister seems to have an abacus in her heart for a long time. Finally, my sister said to me, "Do you know why you want to stay here for seven years?"
"Didn’t you say I was sick?"
"You are not sick, but you have the ability that others can’t, but many normal people are afraid that your ability will hurt them, but some people want to have this ability, so you are trapped here by doing experiments."
"What?" After listening to my sister’s words, I was surprised and speechless. I’m an experiment? A burst of sadness hit my heart. It turned out that I was just an experimental mouse in the secret room.
"Don’t be disappointed by the snow. Do you know why your parents haven’t come to see you for so many years?"
"Elder sister, didn’t you say they were going to control the company’s operation in the distance?"
"Of course not, our Oriental family used to be a small family of’ dream’ enterprises, but because of you, we were promoted to the general agent of the local branch and I became one of the top ten leaders."
My sister saw that I didn’t speak and continued, "Actually, you are not our Oriental family, and you are not my own brother!"
My heart trembled and asked, "Sister, are you telling the truth?"
Chapter 16 Thinking
Comrades, look, we’re going to smash tickets! Don’t smash, just say a few comments! Just don’t comment.
Chapter 16 Thinking
"You were born in a test tube!"
"~ ~" I forced myself to listen to my sister quietly.
"As soon as you were born, we decided that you were fifteen, so before you were fifteen, you had no memory, not amnesia."
"At the age of fifteen, you were handed over to me by the enterprise to take care of you. Do you hate your sister?"
"No, I know my sister is sincere to me."
Hearing this Oriental Ping’s eyes suddenly reddish, the corner of her eyes was full of tears.
"Have you this sentence is enough! I believe that my sister will be able to rescue you. "
"Sister, isn’t everyone here except you ~"
"Well, I’ll tell you what I want to tell you first. In a few days, I’m going to leave Nishi for our parents’ place, where I’m preparing for precise deployment. When everything is ready, I’m sure I’ll come and get you out. So before that, you must behave as good as before, especially before Zhang Xian, and don’t show great interest in computers. Besides, this is a microcomputer. Do you know when it is the latest high technology? Don’t be found out that you can make a computer and have a computer body, even if you go to the toilet, take a shower or sleep, you should keep it close to your body! "
"The elder sister is gone!" Dongfang Yiping was about to leave when she suddenly remembered something and said to me, "Did you enjoy the game?"
"Well, this ~" I’m embarrassed to say that in my ready-made game, everyone shouts to beat the street mouse.
"No matter whether you play this game or the world’s number one game for the time being, my original intention is to let you learn all kinds of things in society in the game, but after watching you play the game, you will know that you have learned something. Remember that the game is not just a game, but it is not a game! Remember? "
"hmm!" I replied with firm eyes
I watched my sister leave the window with tears streaming down my eyes. I knew I couldn’t see my sister for a long time, but my heart was heavy, but what was heavier was that my life was so rough or what special talents IVF had. If he really had special talents, I would like him to appear earlier.
My head was in a mess, and I fell asleep. Don’t forget to put that microcomputer the size of a finger away and put it in my pocket before going to bed.

Lu Wenbin was afraid that Uruguay would attack China’s defense line as quickly as Nigeria did.

South American team Uruguay’s attack may be sharper and more deadly than Nigeria’s, but now it is because Lu Wenbin nailed the back position that Uruguay has never made any achievements.
If Lu Wenbin was in the front waist, Uruguay might have scored before he scored.
Therefore, Lu Wenbin can continue to defend in the backcourt and slowly organize the attack.
China finally got a chance before the half-time.
In the third minute, Lu Wenbin controlled the ball near the middle circle and watched the situation in the frontcourt while holding Uruguay striker Lodeiro behind him.
Although Uruguay is defending against others, the midfield ball may not be defended in front, but it is impossible for Lu Wenbin to organize an attack if he wants Lu Wenbin to take the ball even if his back and defender are far away from the striker.
However, Lu Wenbin’s ball control skill is too good. Lodeiro can’t grab the nearby Liverpool No.9 striker Suarez, who plays for the Premier League, has come over and is ready to join hands with Lodeiro to steal the ball.
Lu Wenbin naturally won’t wait for Suarez to reach the designated position.
Although both of them are strikers, their stealing skills are not very good, but two people may make Lu Wenbin lose the ball.
Even if you don’t lose the ball, it may affect the quality of his ball
Anyway, Lu Wenbin has seen the shift of gears and teammates and can launch an attack.
Lu Wenbin’s eyes fixed on the right side of the road and inserted Hao Junmin, which led Uruguay’s defense formation to move a little towards Hao Junmin.
Then Suarez posted the ball to former Lu Wenbin, and he kicked it out.
Uruguayan Lu Wenbin wanted to give Hao Junmin Lu Wenbin eyes and really looked at Hao Junmin.
As a result, after the ball flew, it went straight to the bottom line on the left, and Lu Wenbin made a Ronaldinho-style east-west kick.
This caught all the players in Uruguay’s defence off guard.
Seeing the ball flying to the left, everyone turned to look at the sea and didn’t know when it went there.
At present, a man on the left side of Uruguay’s defense has unloaded Lu Wenbin’s long ball and then cut it to the forbidden area with the ball.
In utter amazement, Uruguayan left-back scottie quickly turned his head and rushed to block the sea.
Lei Wu rushed to the goal from outside the forbidden area to grab the point in front of the goal, which led the Uruguayan defense to retreat and tried to intercept the ball to Wu Lei.
Scottie is about to approach Qianhai and take a kick outside the line of the big forbidden zone and the small forbidden zone.
Scottie jumped up to block the loophole but didn’t touch the ball and didn’t fly.
Lei Wu took two centre-backs into the penalty area while Zheng Zhi was in a defensive position behind him.
Yu Hai didn’t let Lei Wu fight for the header in the lob, but an inverted triangle low flat ball to the penalty spot.
Zheng Zhi rushed from behind and kept the ball. He volleyed the ball directly to the right corner of the goal.
Turning to the ground with Lei Wu centre-back Aguirregaray, the tackle failed to touch the ball.
Goalkeeper Silva couldn’t touch the ball with a jump.
The ball passed Silva’s fingertips and stuck to the right post and got into the goal. China team 1 Uruguay.
Commentary China commentator a roar loud.
"The goal is in."
"Zheng Zhi, Zheng Zhi and Zheng Zhi scored."
"The 33-year-old Zheng Zhi Confederations Cup scored."
"From Lu Wenbin’s east attack to the west, the ball was easily caught and cut on the seaside road, and then the triangle ball was inverted to Zheng Zhi Zheng Zhi’s non-stop volley."
"Most of the credit for this goal comes from Lu Wenbin, who fooled Uruguay’s defense line with his long-distance attack from the East to the West."
"Lu Wenbin’s vision and ball skills are better than Barcelona Harvey."
Before watching the TV, China fans broke into warm applause and cheers and screams.
This is the first time that China has been in the leading position in the Confederations Cup.
Zheng Zhi is the oldest player in China, but for his rich experience and physical fitness, he would definitely not have been selected according to the current age structure of China team.
The key is that head coach Gao Hongbo doesn’t like him either.
It was because of Lu Wenbin’s suggestion that he continued to be selected for the national team and participated in the Confederations Cup with the team.
Although there are many fans in Zheng Zhi and China, Lu Wenbin still thinks that Zheng Zhi should be one of the top players in China at present.
Even though he is a little older, Zheng Zhi is very self-disciplined and has always maintained good physical fitness. China team also needs his experience.
桑拿Now Lu Wenbin’s suggestion has paid off.
He had to defend the backcourt to prevent his opponent from fighting back. Zheng Zhi finally scored a goal for China ahead of Uruguay.
China was immediately in a better position than Uruguay.
Chapter 664 A sword seals the throat
In the next few minutes, the situation between the two sides changed, and China began to shrink and defend Uruguay’s pressure attack
I don’t know what’s going on in Spain and Nigeria, but now China is ahead of Uruguay, and the real-time score is 4 points for China and 3 points for Uruguay.
If Nigeria doesn’t beat Spanish China, it can force Uruguay to qualify.
Therefore, China has reason to shrink its defense and Uruguay can suppress its attack.
However, it is difficult to form a real threat if almost all of Uruguay’s attacks are blocked or disrupted before Lu Wenbin.
It was not until the 44 th minute that Uruguay deliberately avoided Lu Wenbin’s 45-degree corner that Suarez found the first point to header the goal but it was higher than the crossbar.
One minute after stoppage time, the referee blew the half-time whistle.
In the dressing room, China learned from the goalkeeper coach who had been betting on another game that the half-time result of another game was that the half-time substitute team played in Spain and was already 2-ahead.
The African champion Nigeria, who has a very low tactical accomplishment in Spanish man-controlled technology, was beaten to pieces even though Spain lost half of the substitute array.
Hearing the news, the China players suddenly cheered with joy.
However, Lu Wenbin threw cold water on everyone and warned everyone not to be happy too early.
Segmented reading 312
Just one goal ahead.
If Uruguay equalizes the score at half-time, it will become Uruguay instead of China.
Therefore, at half time, everyone must work together with Qi Xin to defend and wait for an opportunity to fight back.
If we can lead by two goals, the China team will be stable.
Personal achievement plus leader halo bonus Lu Wenbin’s prestige is much higher than that of the coach now.
Lu Wenbin said that everyone naturally calmed down.
After a 15-minute break, the two sides exchanged sides and fought again. China contracted the defense line and played a defensive counterattack. Uruguay made a pressure attack from the beginning of the half-court.

"It turns out that the disappearance of Chang ‘an girls was done by a good brother? Good brother is really a good thing! " Ling Feiyang milli moral integrity to say with smile

"I’m flattered!" Ouyang Ke said, "Brother, don’t you want to see who can get their sincerity? Brother, this is a shame!"
Said Ouyang Ke so smartly walked to the front of a young girl "shua" to open the paper fan ling Feiyang saw folding fan painted with a few bright peony, with five words white camel mountain Shaozhu.
"Please forgive me for inviting the girl this time!" Ouyang Ke said softly.
"Bah!" The girl spat out of Ouyang Ke and easily escaped with her head tilted.
"Girl, don’t get angry, please listen to me …" Ouyang Ke didn’t say a word yet. The girl suddenly flew up and kicked Ouyang Ke in Ouyang Ke’s crotch, and her figure flew more than ten feet high, and then she used a trick to land lightly.
"This move is handsome!" Ouyang Ke asked ling Feiyang.
"Not bad, but my sister doesn’t seem to care about you!" Lingfeiyang avenue
"Duckdove River Island …" Ouyang Ke’s folding fan flicked a poem.
The girl suddenly slapped Ouyang Ke and grabbed her wrist.
"Can the girl know?" Ouyang Ke asked the girl to ignore Ouyang Ke’s words, but she was in a hurry to drag her arm back and blushed.
"You are such a girl who doesn’t understand the amorous feelings. Don’t chase her!" Ouyang Ke had to let go of the girl’s hand and walked towards another girl.
夜网论坛  title=When her young girl saw Ouyang Ke coming, she was scared to run around the hall. Some of them hid behind the cabinet and some got under the table.
"Afraid of what! I want you to follow me, Ouyang Ke, and I will guarantee that you will enjoy all your life! " Ouyang Ke was in a hurry to take a jade bracelet from her wrist and waved it. "This jade bracelet is made of priceless Tianshan jade. If any girl takes it from me, I will give it to you!"
"Hey, this is called material inducement, not a change of heart!" Ling Feiyang hurriedly woke Ouyang Ke.
"Today, these women are really interesting …" Ouyang Ke had a wry smile. "Brother is willing to give up if he can change his heart …"
Ling Feiyang looked around the room and found a girl who looked more aura and walked up to her and said, "Can this girl talk?"
At the same time, Ling Feiyang winked hard to make the girl white, but the girl was not as clever as Ling Feiyang imagined. "Mental derangement!"
Ling Feiyang’s heart was in a hurry. Suddenly, she had a brainwave and looked straight into the girl’s eyes. She actually practiced "moving the soul * *"!
Ling Feiyang’s "moving the soul * *" is far from being practiced at home, but it is more than enough to deal with this girl who can’t fight martial arts. This girl’s eyes involuntarily stare at Ling Feiyang’s consciousness and gradually get out of control of her brain.
"Girl, can you go back to your room and have a chat?" Ling Feiyang said, reaching out and holding the girl’s arm.
"Well …" The girl involuntarily replied that she was dragged into the hall by Ling Feiyang.
Ouyang Ke saw ling float in the sky for a moment and brought the girl into the room and hurriedly chased her to the door to watch.
"Girl, why don’t we undress and talk about the bed!" Ling Feiyang said
"Well …" The girl obediently sat by the bed and began to unbutton her blouse.
Where has Ouyang Ke seen this wonderful martial art of "moving the soul * *"? Seeing this girl’s cooperation turned out to be no resistance. She was envious and strange in her heart and cried, "Brother is really a master in the middle. I give up! But how did you give birth to a younger brother? I really didn’t see it clearly! "
"Dear brother, come in and let’s play together and teach you a few tricks!" Ling Feiyang cried to the door
At this moment, the girl has got rid of her blouse and left a profane garment. Ouyang Ke’s heart itches. When she hears Ling Feiyang’s words, she immediately walks into the room. Ling Feiyang sees Ouyang Ke go to her side and suddenly raises her right hand and slams the Dazhui point behind Ouyang Ke! Ouyang Ke fell into bed before he could shout it out!
Chapter 36 Ling Feiyang’s First Battle in Ouyang Ke
Ling Feiyang has been looking for opportunities since he came to this mansion, but he knows that Ouyang Ke’s martial arts will never be weaker than his own situation. Here is another family’s government’s rash move, which is likely to fail. He has been cooperating with Ouyang Ke’s move and finally seized the opportunity to strike at the moment.
Ling Feiyang attacked Ouyang Ke’s eyes and left the girl’s eyes. The girl immediately woke up and was about to scream. Ling Feiyang hurriedly covered her mouth.
"Don’t be afraid, I’m here to save you!" Ling Feiyang pointed to the ground Ouyang Ke.
The girl looked at Ling Feiyang with Zheng and said, "Don’t lie to me. You are not a good person at first glance. Don’t I didn’t know you were with this rogue!"
"Do I really look like a good person?" Ling Feiyang was very depressed and was about to continue to explain when he heard someone outside the door say, "Young Master, I have brought you tea!"
Ling Feiyang hurriedly dragged Ouyang Ke’s body to the bed and then took the quilt. At this time, a white maid had walked into the hall with a teapot and saw Ouyang Ke shrink into the bed. He couldn’t help but look a little strange.
"Ouyang little Lord just * * excessive is resting at the moment …" Ling Feiyang hurriedly said.
"Oh, I won’t get in your way …" The maid said, putting the teapot on the coffee table and was about to leave the room when she suddenly cried, "Why don’t you even take off your shoes when you sleep?"
Ling Feiyang knew that it was good to discover the truth, and another palm knocked out the maid.
In the hall, her girl was too scared to say anything when she saw these changes. Ling Feiyang thought for a moment and suddenly said to the girl beside the bed, "You and her change clothes!"
This girl is not too stupid. She immediately stripped the maid’s clothes and put them on her body. Then Ling Feiyang put the maid under the bed in Ouyang Ke.
"If you want to escape, listen to my command!" Ling Feiyang gathered these girls hijacked by Ouyang Ke and told them a few words and then opened the hall door.
"No, something happened to the young master!" The girl in maid’s clothes Ling Feiyang directed and ran out while calling.
A group of white camel mountain maids immediately ran in and rushed into the room from the hall to see Ouyang Ke hugging a female bed, apparently unconscious.
"Run!" Ling Feiyang suddenly cried that these kidnapped girls immediately ran to the outside of the hall, and all the women left the hall, and immediately locked the hall door with iron locks. These maids were taken to the hall.
Ling Feiyang led these girls out of the mansion and saw that no one was chasing them, so she called, "Go home quickly!" "
"Thank you for saving my life!" These girls thanked Ling Feiyang in succession. Ling Feiyang suddenly felt vanity inflated.
"It feels really good to be called a hero!" Ling Feiyang thought; "I wonder if any of them are willing to repay their kindness physically?"
Off these girls at this time has arrived after midnight Ling Feiyang is preparing to go back to the inn to take the luggage and run away. Suddenly, I saw a figure chasing up from behind. This man was wearing white clothes and holding a folding fan, but he was a little flustered. Who else would it be if it wasn’t Ouyang Ke?
"How did he wake up so soon? Early know that I should make moves a little heavier … "Ling Feiyang didn’t want to start work with him and was preparing to escape. Ouyang Ke’s figure suddenly floated up and soon before Ling Feiyang, it turned out that white camel mountain banker took flying" in a flash "!
"Is it because I am mistaken that you are like-minded friends?" Ouyang Ke doesn’t look stingy.
"Good brother is indeed some see deluding themselves …" Ling Feiyang said.
"But I don’t look like those respectable people!" Ouyang Ke Road
"Do I look so bad?" Ling Feiyang was so depressed that he said, "Don’t you think it’s interesting to push your sister?"
"But, brother, how do you know if they are willing to come to me? These maids are all plundered by me, and now they are not all willing?" Ouyang Ke said, "If these women enter my Baituo Villa, they will be able to spend their lives in luxurious clothes and gold and silver, which is much better than that of ordinary people!"
Ouyang Ke said plausibly that Ling Feiyang knew that he was not much better than him and was too lazy to argue with him. Ouyang Ke continued, "I can let bygones be bygones, but I can’t forgive you for letting my woman go! Come on, let’s do it! "
Taking his word, Ouyang Ke’s body suddenly deceives the folding fan to Ling Feiyang’s left shoulder! Ling Feiyang hurriedly flashed to the side, but was almost struck by a folding fan and immediately drew his sword and cut it to Ouyang Ke’s arm!
Ouyang Ke variants extremely quick to fold the fan blade a little shape has gained momentum to fly half! Ling Feiyang used a recruit "Cang Bo Wan Qing" to attack Ouyang Ke’s toes with a bamboo stalk, which has jumped behind Ling Feiyang and folded the fan to his neck! Ling Feiyang doesn’t look back. A backhand trick "Return air dancing willow" seals the folding fan offensive!
Ouyang Ke’s figure flashed, the folding fan fluttered, but it was freaky, and he couldn’t leave Ling Feiyang’s body. Ling Feiyang listened intently to see the move. The two figures staggered back and forth in the bamboo forest and had fought for more than a hundred rounds in a short time.
The night wind blows and the bamboo leaves rustle in the forest. Ouyang Ke suddenly rises high and uses a trick "Goshawk Beats Rabbit" to attack Ling Feiyang’s folding fan and smash it to Ling Feiyang’s head!
This recruit commanding is very biting ling Feiyang hurriedly use a recruit "fire into the sky" to welcome the sword to the folding fan!
"Stab!" A long sword pierced the folding fan, and immediately made silk into a fan, piercing Ouyang Ke, who closed the folding fan and caught the blade in the fan bone!
At the same time, the two men regained their capacity, but their capability was neck and neck. They heard "click" a long sword and broke the folding fan bone from it.
Ouyang Ke threw the damaged folding fan to the ground and shouted, "It’s really not weak to draw with Ouyang Ke. Why don’t we compete again!"
Ling Feiyang just threw broken arrow to the ground, and Ouyang Ke’s hands attacked like snowflakes. It was white camel mountain’s housekeeping method "camel snow mountain palm"!

Jelly immediately got excited and ran outside when she saw the little master coming.

So I have been following jelly to the innermost part of the hospital, and Han Mobai found that the change at home is not small.
The former children’s amusement park has been demolished and now it has been replaced by a large swimming pool and a kennel in the corner of the tennis court. As soon as I got close, I heard a "whining" puppy barking.
"Woof woof" jelly shouted at Han Mobai and ran in.
Han Mobai followed the past and finally saw three cute puppies with jelly in the corner of the kennel. Their hair was black ears and claws or pink, and they all looked at themselves with black eyes.
Han Moxue then acted as a commentator. "Brother, I’m telling you, this is the boss’s pudding, this is the second child’s cream, and this is the third child’s salad."
"…" Han Mobai looked at the litter of dog babies with some horror.
God, jelly is already the mother of three dog babies?
Suddenly he thought of a very serious thing, "Who is the father of Momo Dog?"
桑拿Han Moxue said smilingly, "It’s the root number three."
Han Mobai "…"
God, it’s no wonder that these three puppies look more like shrinking Tibetan mastiffs. They turned out to be a combination of jelly and root number …
"Brother, you just came back. Please help me talk to my aunt later, okay? The dog baby can’t leave the dog mother. Don’t let her take the pudding away." Han Moxue said again.
Section 769
Because Yu’s three children also like dogs, especially the youngest daughter, Yu Zhizhi, has liked it since she once came to Han Zhai to see jelly. She clamored to drink and play with jelly every day, and once Han Moxue reciprocated with jelly to Yu’s house, and the jelly and the root number three flirted with each other, and finally secretly settled down for life.
Afterwards, that is, more than half a year ago, Jelly just gave birth to three puppies. Several adults also agreed to give a puppy to the Yu family, but Han Moxue didn’t like it. She thought that since Jelly was born, it was that Jelly Kids didn’t have the root number three …
Han Mo white after listening to also have some headaches.
Because he is still immersed in surprise, how can he imagine how these two diametrically opposed dogs can look at each other?
Sure enough … There are no great wonders in the world.
In the morning, the villa park was fresh and the three of them ran along the cross road by the river.
Is just run a few kilometers Han Moxue can’t stand Han Shao to stay with her daughter and walk slowly. Han Mo Bai keeps running.
"Dad" Han Moxue held Han Shu’s arm and was almost dragged forward by him, panting and saying, "Are you not leaving after my brother?"
Han Shu nodded, "I won’t go after grace."
Han Moxue blinked and suddenly became happy. "Great!"
After many people at home, dad should not take care of her as before, right?
"What’s great?" Han Yan squinted at her daughter.
"No, no, nothing." Han Moxue vomitted to stick out his tongue wittily and refused to say.
Han Shu looked at her thoughtfully.
"Oh, suddenly, I’m strong again, Dad. Let’s keep running." Han Moxue said and immediately ran forward again.
Han Dong "…"
Finally, Han Mobai ran 20 kilometers first and went home first.
Yu Xiao was coming from the building to see him and asked, "Why did Xiaobai get up so early and not sleep for a while?"
"Enough rest, Mom. I’ll take a shower first." Han Mobai finished directly.
Yu Xiao looked at him for a while and just planned to go to the kitchen to see what the servant made for breakfast. Han Shu and Han Moxue also came back, especially Han Moxue, who was panting and blushing. When she saw her, she shouted, "Mom, I want to drink water."
Yu Xiao rushed over and poured a glass of water and handed it to her. "Why are you breathing like this?"
Han Moxue took a swig and then said, "I’m going to take a shower first. By the way, I want to have an omelet with millet porridge and an fried egg for breakfast!" "
Say that finish immediately ran to the floor.
Yu Xiao "…"
"Wife," Han Shu said, "Is the court busy today?"
Yu Xiao went to the city court after graduating from graduate school, and now she is also a well-known senior judge in D city.
"…" Yu Xiao thought for a moment and said, "There is a case to be reviewed in the afternoon. Nothing happened in the afternoon. Why?"
"Xiao Bai started to go to the company with me today. If you are not busy in the afternoon, go home and watch Xiao Mo Mo. Don’t let her go out and run around," Han Han said.
He didn’t forget what his daughter said yesterday, but he was too busy to watch the servants all day and couldn’t stand the words.
Yu Xiaonai smiled, "Husband, why are you like big brother?"
Look so tight at your daughter.
"Nonsense, can I be like him?" Han Chan looked disdainful. "Little Mo Mo was only thirteen years old this year, but I didn’t keep an eye on her until she reached the age of ten. I won’t be as abnormal as Big Brother."
Yu Xiao "…"
She also said that others are abnormal. It seems to her that these two men are almost half a catty.
Soon Han Mobai came upstairs in a neat white shirt and black suit pants.
If one second he was a sports teenager full of sunshine, then at the moment he looks like a cool and handsome man, just like a natural luminous body there.
Yu Xiao can almost imagine how many women will bow down to his suit and trousers when her husband takes her to the company for introduction … Ahem.
Yu’ er took over the company and was not worried at all.
In the past five years, she has learned a lot about the training situation in the United States. She firmly believes that although Han Mo is only ten years old, she is no worse than a twenty-year-old person … she is even better, younger and more energetic.
The only worry may be about him and Jing Anjiu. After all, career can be gradually pushed by IQ and ability, but feelings … Sometimes it is really difficult to grasp such a stubborn and overbearing future father-in-law as You Zaitan Jing Muchen.
She felt it necessary to give a push.
So after coming back from the court at noon, Yu Xiao called Jing’ anjiu’s mobile phone number
"Aunt Xiaoxiao"
Listening to the gentle and sweet beauty with a small smile on her face, "What is jiujiu’s family doing?"
Jing Anjiu said, "Look."
"It’s really love learning to watch after all the exams," Yu Xiao praised at once.
Jing’ an Jiu’s head "er" said "Aunt Xiaoxiao, I am reading a novel written by Aunt Huanyan"
"Oh, it’s a good novel. It’s a good novel. It’s all about love. Look more and it’s very suitable for a little girl like you in seed of love." Yu Xiao immediately added.
Jing Anjiu "…"
"jiujiu afternoon in addition to see other things busy? Aunt wants to invite you to have afternoon tea to celebrate the end of your college entrance examination? " Yu Xiao finally spoke his mind.
"…" Jing Anjiu seemed to think and then said, "OK, I’ll tell my father."

He gave me a quick peck at my lip.

Then listen to his hoarse voice and say, "Well, thank you, wife."
There is a smile in the tone that does not ignore pleasure.
I feel that my face is getting hotter and a little annoyed. I have decided to keep my distance from him. What is it that I can’t control him?
Well, he didn’t do anything ambiguous again, said good night to each other and went out.
I woke up the next day and the morning sun shone in.
I looked at the familiar and unfamiliar layout in the room to remember that I had returned to the military compound.
Subconsciously, I feel very safe here. These days, my nerves are tense and I suddenly relax.
When I opened the door and passed the guest room, I saw the servant cleaning it.
It seems that Ye Xiangyuan has got up. I paused and then walked to the floor.
Sister-in-law and Xiaojin eat in the restaurant.
Xiaojin smiled sweetly at me and waved to me when she saw me.
There is a bowl of noodles in front of him, and he likes pasta as much as his uncle.
I couldn’t help laughing and walked over to him and kissed his little face gently.
Xiaojin bent his eyebrows and smiled sweetly.
I also smiled and looked around and didn’t see Ye Xiangyuan.
Sister-in-law seemed to see that I was looking for him and laughed. "Ah Yuan went out and told Xiao Jin not to bother you before he left."
I was slightly embarrassed and then thought that he might have gone to see Gu Changyu.
The idea made me a little uncomfortable, but I didn’t show it.
It was the eldest sister-in-law who took a look at me and asked the servant to bring breakfast and explained with a smile, "Ah Yuan went to see grandpa."
The more embarrassed I am, the more I almost forgot that Grandpa still lives.
It is reasonable for Ye Xiangyuan to go to see grandpa early in the morning, but I think it’s wrong.
Chapter 217 Be sure to chase bravely
Eldest sister-in-law sipped corners of the mouth smile didn’t say more.
I don’t know if she saw anything, but there was always something wrong with her.
Good little Jin said, "Aunt, it’s good to have you back ~"
Listening to him sigh like a grown-up, I couldn’t help laughing and whispered, "My aunt promised you."
Xiaojin nodded and blinked and sighed, "We haven’t seen you for a long time ~"
I was drinking juice and almost spit it out.
We met in the hospital yesterday …
He was serious. "You came back yesterday and stayed in your room. My uncle wouldn’t let me in. I missed you."
I felt his head in guilt.
Xiaojin laughed and talked to me warmly.
I asked him, "Today is the weekend. Do you want to go somewhere to play?"
Xiaojin frowned. "I want to learn boxing from Uncle Yuan."
Yuan Xi also taught me close combat at the beginning. After the operation, I stopped when I was pregnant.
He has always been Pandong’s right-hand man, and this time Pandong saved me from Ye Sanye, which is due to his patrol.
I said, "Uncle Yuan is very good. You should study hard."
Xiaojin nodded obediently. "I also admire Uncle Yuan."
I gave him a quiet look.
The solemnity he showed at this moment made me feel that he grew up slowly.
Xiao Jin’s birthday has already passed this year, but many things have happened and he has not been given a big deal.
However, Xiao Jin is still very happy that his eldest sister-in-law has recovered from her illness this year and can accompany him all the time, and he has grown up rapidly.
In fact, after getting along with each other for more than a year, I know very well that Xiao Jin is really a black bag with sesame stuffing, and he has learned from Ye Xiangyuan one hundred percent.
He will even be careful in front of me, so as to be better than deliberately revealing that Ye Xiangyuan takes care of Gu Changyu.
However, although I don’t know what he has in mind, I don’t mind his small thoughts because I feel that he really likes me.
After breakfast, we moved to the living room to have a rest. Sister-in-law read the documents and I whispered with Xiaojinwo sofa.
I don’t know how to say that there is a little girl in kindergarten who likes Xiao Jin. I look at Xiao Jin and think that his uncle can’t help judo. "When you grow up, Xiao Jin’s baby, if you have someone you like, you must chase it bravely."
Don’t like each other like your uncle, and the other person doesn’t have no feelings for him, but he misses it and lets his beloved marry his best brother.
Xiaojin looked at me blankly.
After all, children still don’t know what love is.
I patiently explained to him, "Just as you like a girl after your aunt wants her to stay, you should let her stay with you … so you will be very happy."
Xiao Jin mused, "Are you as happy as your uncle and aunt?"
I can’t help but stay.
Are Ye Xiangyuan and I happy in his eyes?
Section 21
But we’re a fake couple, so we’re close in appearance.
I can’t help but laugh at the thought of this. What can Xiao Jin understand when he is only six years old?
I didn’t answer his question, but I continued, "But you must not provoke other girls when you like little girls."
Maybe he still doesn’t understand, but he nodded cleverly, "I remember ~"
I smiled with relief and brought him juice.
But I accidentally saw my sister-in-law looking at me deeply.
I leng leng and then a little uneasy.
Sister-in-law must know that I mean Ye Xiangyuan. He likes Gu Changyu but married me … I don’t know what sister-in-law will feel.
And I don’t know if my sister-in-law will blame me for teaching Xiao Jin this kind of thing.
Sister-in-law looked at me and sighed gently.
品茶论坛There seems to be a hint of understanding and nai in this sigh.
I’m all shocked.

After receiving the news, Han Mu lambasted Han Luosi for being stupid and having nothing to satirize He Lianyin. Why didn’t she know that it was the information age? What I said has been photographed by major city surveillance cameras, and I can’t avoid it.

However, after she was angry, Han’s mother still felt very sorry for her daughter. She asked her lawyer, who said that if Hanroth’s case was not good, she would lose 9%, and Hanroth’s threatening speech video and evidence that Hanroth bought a murderer would go to jail 9%.
Korea’s mother finally decided to give HeLianYin dial a message to sound out.
He Lianyin didn’t intercept his words. He took a mobile phone and turned over the latest news of the day in the living room and smiled coldly.
"What can I do for dopted mother?"
Korea’s mother smiled "Yin o you have today? Dopted mother wants to buy you a cup of coffee. "
"Good. When?" He Lianyin quickly agreed that this woman is so refined that she may have found out that the source of the message was directly found by him.
His answer was so frank that Han Mu was silent, but his daughter Han Mu crustily skin of head said, "How about today at two o’clock?" See you at the coffee shop? "
He Lianyin hesitated for a while and said, "Come to my house and have a drink. I just ordered a batch of Brazilian coffee beans recently, and my dopted mother will love it."
Han mother thought for a long time and finally nodded "yes"
Sunshine mei Xin Zhai Li
HeLianYin kitchen watching maid QianJie cut fruit QianJie hand especially clever cut fruit is crystal clear and beautiful HeLianYin took the plate of fruit and turned out of the kitchen with a smile.
He Lianyin was sitting in a daze in front of the ground window. He Lianyin went over and put his fruit bowl on the table. "Brother, have some fruit. I heard you talking in the kitchen just now. Are you talking to me?"
"Ears are really sharp." He Lianyin took her hand and sat with black eyes. "I was just talking to Ruan Hanzhen. She’s coming over."
He Lianyin’s face is very cold.
He Lianyin wondered, "What are you going to do if you want to convict Hanlos?"
"I’m afraid it’s not that easy to convict her." His eyes are cold. "Even if Ruan Hanzhen is convicted, Hanluo can still be taken out of prison and sent abroad."
"Then let her send it. Anyway, the future of Hanroth today has been ruined. Even if she goes back to China, she will not dare to re-enter the entertainment industry."
"In this case, Ruan Hanzhen will definitely retaliate." He always feels that Ruan Hanzhen must still have a post-move. It’s not so easy to hand over his daughter, and the Korean family has always been implicated in Hector’s family. If Ruan Hanzhen intercedes with her grandfather, his grandfather’s friendship with her grandparents will definitely give her a face.
It is not difficult to get rid of Hanluo, but it is difficult to get rid of Ruan Hanzhen. After all, Hanluo is not even a fart without Ruan Hanzhen.
品茶Ruan Hanzhen came here travel-stained. She was wearing a luxurious cheongsam and sitting in the living room.
Qian Jie grinds the coffee that He Lianyin confessed to Brazil and makes it. She hands it to Ruan Hanzhen politely and says, "Ms. Ruan invites coffee."
"Good" Ruan Hanzhen took a sip of coffee and smiled slightly. She has a good attitude towards people and a high quality of self-restraint.
I just don’t know how such an excellent woman can raise such a domineering woman as Han Luosi, and she is probably too spoiled, making children have to pick the stars if they want the stars, and the moon if they want the moon.
He Lianyin sat opposite Ruan Hanzhen with He Lianyin.
One person does not move.
One person is smiling.
To be honest, Ruan Hanzhen also counted the number of readers, but sitting in front of these two people, some of them could not understand what they were thinking, and some of them were guilty.
"How does it taste? Dopted mother? " He Lianyin’s lip angle smile is extremely beautiful and he can’t see through what he thinks.
HeLianYin always silent eyes wave falling together don’t like angry like watching her.
Ruan Hanzhen felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, but he still put his coffee in his hand with a smile. It was a subtle cold meaning "delicious"
"Since dopted mother likes me to ask Qian Jie to pack some for you, go home." He Lianyin said, turning to Qian Jie in the kitchen, "Qian Jie dopted mother likes our Brazilian coffee very much, so you can pack some for her to take back."
"No," Han’s mother stopped laughing. "Now that I’m here, I’ll tell the truth, Ayin. I hope you can think about an open hand. She’s only 19 years old this year. If she commits a judicial crime and goes to prison, she’ll be finished."
The smile in Lianyin’s eyes deepened and he took over Heyin and said with a smile, "But she deliberately murdered my sister. No, your daughter is a person, but my sister isn’t?"
Korea’s mother’s eyes are cold but she still smiles hypocritically. "Sisi, she has been used by me since she was a child." Can not being sensible be an excuse to escape charges? Dopted mother, if I give her a chance to live, I’m afraid your grave grass will grow two inches long in two years. "This means that intentional murder is not sensible, so if she comes again, an ignorant person is likely to kill Han’s mother.
Korea’s mother shocked He Lianyin to curse him like this? She clenched her teeth secretly, and people who want something must put on their posture. She will never move her last trump card until the last moment.
"Ah Yin, you grew up with Sisi, and you know what her sex is. If it weren’t forced, she wouldn’t hurt anyone. Look at you guys who played with her since childhood. Did she hurt you? No, right? Real thinking is still very kind in my heart. She was mad and confused at that time … "
"dopted mother, you don’t have to say this. We won’t give in. It’s the same sentence. As long as she is at large, my sister will not be safe for a day." He Lianyin interrupted her, smiling and smiling so charming, but there was no smile in her eyes.
Smell speech
Han Mu’s sneer at the corner of her mouth became clear. "Auntie, at least we got to know each other. Don’t be so rude?"
"She hurt my sister, and our maintenance benefits became rude? Godmother, one day someone is going to kill you. It happens that you know each other. Will you forgive each other? " He Lianyin said the word "kill" very seriously. His words are of great significance. Han’s mother is so clever that she must recognize what it means.
Han’s mother didn’t understand it. "It depends on what weight this person has in my heart."
"dopted mother, I am very happy and touched that you can come to see me today, but if you come to me because of thinking things, I can’t help you."
"You don’t want me to know that you did these things. If you make Sisi feel bad, I won’t make you happy." Korean mother coldly spit out a threat.
HeLianYin inadvertently reminded corners of the mouth "oh? How can dopted mother make me unhappy? "
Chapter 155 Yuan Xi’s birthday
"Oh, there are some things we wish we knew. You gave birth to Hector’s parents, Sun is a famous star, and now you are married to your sister. It’s hard to see your face when you go out?" Ruan Hanzhen’s eyes contain cold meaning. If it weren’t for He Lianyin’s forcing her, she wouldn’t do this to him. After all, the two families have always been involved.
He Lianyin suddenly laughed, and there was a kind of cold in the gentle smile, which seemed to be desolate, mysterious and creepy.
"If you let this news out, I won’t stop you." He Lianyin’s words are like a gourd ladle of ice water pouring on Korea’s mother’s heart, which makes her unable to help but give a shudder and feel weak.
Today, He Lianyin is more than just a pop star. He has more things in his hand than his mother thinks. Even if her mother released the news of He Lianyin’s marriage to He Lianyin, no magazine would dare to publish it. Otherwise, the star field and power and the power of He Lianyin’s studio would make that newspaper go up in smoke overnight.
Han mu’s face changed and she grabbed her handbag. "I won’t stop if you are good."
She left with a dark face.
HeLianYin lazily on the edge of the sofa lift eyebrow see HeLianYin "brother do this thing so unique? In case they get angry? "
"Grandpa, do you want to say hello first?"
He Lianyin’s slender legs are folded and his fingers are white and beautiful. "This thing is to say one."
He dialed grandpa’s words and told the whole story. He made it clear that let him solve it himself. He didn’t participate.
Sure enough, as soon as Han’s mother got home, she joined several magazines to hand out the news from the United States. All the magazines immediately said that they were busy and left, and everyone was unwilling to offend He Lianyin. Even if the marriage certificate was published then, He Lianyin can still say that this thing is splicing his popularity. Without absolute evidence, they will never offend him rashly.
The absolute evidence is that unless the Korean mother can hand over the photos of He Lianyin and He Lianyin’s bed or intimate kissing photos, everything will be discussed.
If they hand in such shocking photos, they dare to take risks. Unfortunately, the evidence in Han’s hands is too thin and has no influence at all.

"This ….. are you still angry? Can I apologize? Don’t be angry, OK? " I learned enough Chris to say to me at ordinary times.

Zhang Xian’s reaction was the same as my previous reaction, and he jumped up and shivered.
"I said you are crazy today? I can’t stand being such a big man! "
As soon as Zhang Xian finished speaking, she left. Watching her leave, I kind of wanted to laugh. I didn’t think that Chris was a good move. I immediately turned on the microcomputer and got online again. In those three days, I found a job, which was to design a security software and pay for it only after delivery. On the last day of the three days, I designed most of the programs, and now it will be an hour before I can complete the verification, so I can get online early and then drive Zhang Xian away.
An hour later, I passed the verification and inspection of the completed software and the other party, and soon replied to me, saying that the security software I designed was very Gao Qian and let us keep it together, and the software purchase had been paid to my online bank account.
I immediately opened my online bank account and immediately saw 50 thousand figures, which was the first time I made money by myself. Although there was no chance for the time being, I was still very happy.
Just then the door knocked at the door. I immediately put away the microcomputer and unlocked the lock code. When Zhang Xian came in, he looked at me with a puzzled face and asked, "When did your door lock?"
"I don’t know? Is this door locked? Strange! "
"I don’t know? By the way, I forgot to tell you yesterday that your sister was sent away by the company. Maybe she won’t be back so soon, so I’m leaving. "
"Wait! Where did my sister go on a business trip? "
"How do I know that I just told you something? Is there anything else?"
"When is your birthday?"
"What’s wrong with you ~ idiot!"
"Pa" vigorously left the door with a fiber, but I found that I seemed to like bickering with her more and more. It was a little exciting, exciting and unexpected, and it was really refreshing.
After Zhang Xian left my room and returned to his own room, his heart beat unwillingly and accelerated. Although he was very handsome, his IQ1 genius actually had a crush on this guy who had nothing but samples, but he couldn’t tell his father that he felt like he wanted to be transferred and was pressed by his father to say something important. If people don’t believe her, they will believe her. Now it’s even worse to see him every day. He even gave his first kiss .. But the more he thought about it, the more excited he felt. He shook his head and immediately ran into the bathroom to take a bath.
Chapter II Teeth (2)
Chapter II Teeth (2)
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☆        ☆        ☆
Chapter II Teeth (2)
The next morning, Zhang Xian cooked her special breakfast until I finished eating, but she didn’t say a word to me, but I thought she had a special taste. While eating breakfast, she walked over and looked at her, making her hair stand on end. After breakfast, she glared at me. The horse packed up and left as if I were a wolf and she was a sheep.
The line horse received n messages asking me if the line was available, which was even more strange at 1: 00, 3: 00, 4: 00 and 7: 00 in the middle of the night. I really wondered if he didn’t sleep. After returning the message, I came to our hotel to wait for them.
桑拿会所  title=The disease didn’t happen early today. Chris seemed to say that her father had something to ask her, and finally it was left to me and Dark Fire to finish it. After sleeping and thinking last night, I already had a destiny in my heart today. Dark Fire and I continued to buy a lot of fruits and pieces of meat, and then we bought a special thing to go to the underground cave with the merchants. This time, we used the same method to distract the mice first, and then Dark Fire and I put that special thing’ gunpowder’ by the fountain (don’t ask me what gunpowder is in fairyland anyway, but it is forbidden and can come when siege.
When the mice were all away, we lit the gunpowder and "bang", and the whole fountain was blown up. The whole cave echoed, and the ears of me and the dark fire were buzzing. And those poor mice were almost killed by the loud noise. I and the dark fire both gained a lot of experience. I rose to LV72 and the dark fire rose to LV76, but it was only in this sealed cave that there would be an echo. Even if it was blown up, it would have no effect on the magic.
Dark fire and I walked away from the fountain just now, which was what I thought of last night. Anyway, the whole fountain could not be found. It is very likely that the fountain surface appeared when we got closer, but it was a sharp iron needle with a diameter of one square centimeter. The two of us picked up the iron needle and looked at it left and right. It was all an iron needle root and the word’ medicine’ could not be pulled apart.
When the underground cave was shaken by a loud noise, cracks suddenly appeared on the top of the stone flower, and gravel fell in other places. I called angel Polly to spread her wings and fly away from this underground cave with a dark fire horse. When we just passed the narrowest section to the underground cave of the orcs, the whole underground cave collapsed. I thought it was hopeless to come to this level with special explosives.
I came to the orc hero and gave him the medicine. He was filled with joy. The iron needle was longer than mine. His teeth were picky and he sprayed a pile of saliva behind us before he breathed a sigh of relief!
Dark fire and I have been waiting for the orc hero’s similar tooth-rubbing behavior until he finished saying the word Shu, and I asked, "What do you mean this iron needle is medicine?"
"oh? You mean this thing? I call this thing’ medicine’ in the orc village! "
I fell with the dark fire. What’s the concept?
The orc hero continued, "I dropped this thing into the waterway two days ago when I was fangs, and the water in my orc village will definitely flow there from that fountain. Without this’ medicine’, I can’t eat well. It’s much better now."
Dark fire and I suddenly realized that it was eating in our teeth, and we couldn’t help secretly despising this hateful guy, but it was a good reward to get an orc hero’s card. When I received the orc hero’s card, I said, "Congratulations on the player’s elegant completion of the top ten difficulties and seven’ Orc Hero’s Tooth Pain’ won the prize’ Orc Hero’s Card’ Orc Hero Shield"
I immediately opened the object column and saw that there was a small golden shield, which was similar to that of an orc hero, but it was at least ten times smaller, and then I looked at the attributes.
Orc hero shield level 4 armor defense+5 one hole special ability [carbonization]? Professional super beginner
At first glance, I know that I tailor things specially because I am a super beginner, but what is that [carbonization] skill? I didn’t introduce it. Whatever, we took the things and left immediately. It’s hard to say what will happen if we blow up the pool in the orc village.
As soon as he left the underground cave of the orc, he immediately received a notice from the general manager that "the player will report to the Tianjin Palace on his own for three days for being elegant and maliciously damaging the handyman in the public facilities".
When I heard this coke, I was punished for going to Tianjin? Haha, it’s right to enjoy it there
When I showed the Orc Hero Shield to Dark Fire, Dark Fire realized that my profession was super beginner, and my reverence for me was even higher.
Dark fire himself went to train first, while I wandered by boat to Tianjin. Anyway, I finished my sentence as soon as possible and finished it as soon as possible, and we began to look at’ gorgeous metal’ and so on
Chapter III Tianjin Tour
Chapter III Tianjin Tour
I came to Tianjin with great joy and came to Chris’s room. I was already familiar with the frame. Look at the murals, touch the table and pottery, and look at the garden scenery outside. But I didn’t expect to see a computer in my room. I didn’t doubt that it was an ordinary computer, but it surprised me enough to see an ordinary computer in the game. I opened the computer and found that it was very similar to my microcomputer. It may be that my computer has a special interest in computers. I immediately checked the properties of this computer, but I almost fell from my chair because of my computer name. I saw’ Scorpio’!
What is this concept? I haven’t found any information for three days, and the computer host’ Scorpio’ is actually in the fairyland game. Think about it, it feels like it’s unlikely that it’s the same name, so I immediately started looking at the parameters.
CPU (core processor) is 10,000 Hz (1 = 1g = 1m = 1k = 1Hz means the main frequency speed Hz).
Hard disk network
These two parameters are displayed in the computer, but it has shocked me to know nothing. What is the concept of 10,000 hz? I don’t know, because my sister told me that my microcomputer is top-notch, but it also has hz. What kind of monster is this thing?
When I was horrified, Tianjin housekeeper brought my punishment order "to serve the princess for three days!"
I expected that I had just received this order, and Chris immediately appeared in front of me and hugged me, and then Chris hung my neck with his hands.
"Chris, can you tell me what this computer is all about?"
"This? It’s me and my father. Isn’t it good? I heard that it is a wonderland mainframe extension. I usually go online to see what human society is like, otherwise how can I have a common language with you? "
I kissed Chris with a red face and finished the plastic surgery. At this time, I feel that it is a kind of happiness to the extreme. Even if I am an NPC, I can devote myself to my sister and Chris. How can I not be moved?
Knowing that this is the computer mainframe extension of Wonderland, I have a destiny in my heart. The so-called’ Scorpio’ mainframe is Wonderland. I didn’t expect the’ Dream’ group to be a shareholder of Wonderland Game. What was the game designed for? And the extension has such high performance. How high is the performance of the host? But it’s better to know these than secrets, and I’ll dig them slowly
☆        ☆        ☆
I don’t care about the punishment at all, but another condition of this punishment is that I can’t leave Tianjin for three days, which means I have to wait until three days after I want to play’ gorgeous metal’, so I will have nothing to do these three days. Is it impossible to chat with Chris every day? So I began to study the special skill [carbonization] of the Orc Hero Shield.
We came to the ancient forest in northeast Tianjin to equip the orc hero shield with a bullfrog, which made it carbonized. When we saw that Niu Wa immediately turned into a black coke, it did not reduce its life value. After ten seconds, it returned to its original state. At first glance, we found out what a rubbish skill this is, but the only advantage is that it is not limited to the alert range of monsters, but I can also be within my sight range, but I don’t know if BOSS-class monsters are necessary.
Then check all the rubbish that was hit yesterday. None of it is really rubbish. Almost all of it has been thrown into the store for RO coins. The best thing is an’ orc carrion card’, which increases the attack power on dark magic objects by 5%. Equip weapons, and there are relatively many dark magic objects, such as witches, goblins and ghost archers. Although my leader’s sword has a hole to hold, who knows if there will be a better card.
I didn’t have a wave in the afternoon these three days. I immediately called Dark Fire and Disease Method to go to the ancient forest for training. It’s not bad to have a river boy to upgrade here, but my goal is not a river boy, but he hung a gourd for three days. After three days, we fully hit more than 30 gourds. Three days later, we came to Polly Island again. This time, we know that it’s an angel Polly. Although that’s the case, it’s really hard to find it. After all, the chance of this little BOSS appearing is still quite low. We spent three days here to catch an angel
And the four of us stayed here every day for a week, and finally caught the seven angels Polly’s disease and the dark fire, and then put away the remaining five, and then I put these angels Polly’s money in my first game
I once tried [carbonization] in the process of catching angel Polly, but it was effective for angel Polly’s little BOSS, but it took three seconds. So I guess there should be one second for an ultimate BOSS, right?
Busy for more than a week, I missed the second challenge, but over the past week or so, the friendship between the four of us has deepened, and I have gradually begun to tell them what happened around me bit by bit. Of course, the key point is to keep it a secret, but telling them that I was born with a disability in my foot and had to stay at home because of illness, etc., which moved the three of them and made me better.
☆        ☆        ☆
For more than a week, bickering with Zhang Xian has become a habit. Every time I see her, I don’t say a few words, but Zhang Xian is angry with me every time. But the next day, I continue to bicker like nothing happened, which makes me feel funny, and I doubt Zhang Xian’s motivation. How to say that she is a’ dream’ enterprise? She eavesdropped on several times and reported unimportant information. For a long time, I became less and less wary of her.
PS: The next chapter will be more refreshing. The protagonist will describe the experience of getting rid of the shackles and showing his heroic posture from both reality and game!
The fourth chapter is the first sound of the world
The fourth chapter is the first sound of the world
I just saw her doing the same thing again, looking at her profile. To tell the truth, she doesn’t belong to that kind of amazing girl, but she is smart. She has a special temperament, especially her eyes always feel sparkling, which makes people want to have a feeling when they see it. But speaking of it, I don’t seem to have seen many girls. It’s hard to say whether every girl is like this. Of course, Chris is not. She is still an NPC.
I quietly sat in a wheelchair by the bed for three seconds and quickly flashed behind Zhang Xian. A pair of big hands hugged her neck. When her hands wrapped around her neck, she shook all over, but she immediately reacted. As soon as she shrank, she left my hands. I felt my arm, and I felt lost. Sometimes I really wondered if I was a lecherous.

Li Zhenyu’s heavy eyebrows are frowning. Obviously, he is as entangled as Xia Xue. This is indeed a very serious matter! Children’s psychology is the most sensitive and fragile. If problems are corrected from time to time, the consequences will be very serious. He has experienced it personally!

Hesitated for a moment, he said, "I will deal with this matter! When I discuss with Yuanhang, if necessary, I will ask Tingting to ask a professional psychologist to help her ease her emotions and untie her heart. "
"Well, you can arrange these things!" Xia Xue listened to Li Zhenyu’s voyage from Lu and couldn’t help thinking about Han Xiao. He wanted to make a message and ask about the situation.
Before Xia Xue could speak, Li Zhenyu suddenly reached out and squeezed her beautiful and quiet black eyes and looked at her lightly and asked, "Is there anything you want to say to me?"
Lu Yuanhang, what exactly do you want to do after going around in a circle?
It’s so foggy. Sure enough, you saw through Lu Shaoshao!
Lu Yuanhang, I told you not to go to misfits! With me, Mr. Lujia, the turtle elite can’t get mixed up with this aborted abandoned wife! Serious protest! I don’t want her! Don’t!
Misty (smirk) It’s not up to you! Lu Shao, just obey!
Lu Yuanhang (sworn) I have Xia Xue in my heart! Her heart has been cut out and she can’t love another woman anymore! I refuse to empathize with another woman!
Smoke mang (continue to laugh) don’t love, just don’t let her love you!
Your man will never bother.
"Is there anything you want to say to me?" Li Zhenyu gently picked up Xia Xue Xiumei and squinted at her eyes in a dangerous tone.
品茶论坛Xia Xue tiny one zheng immediately thought of Han Xiao things he might know! It’s also such a big thing to think about. It’s impossible for Gu Yi Ning not to tell Li Zhenyu, but he has been waiting for her to speak, but she didn’t mean to ask for help.
At this time, Li Zhenyu asked Xia Xue that he didn’t know what to say.
Zhen-yu li eyes color a deep tone quite some dissatisfaction "the two of us today you should believe me! Han Xiao’s matter is a big deal for you, and you don’t even want me to know! "
"I …" Xia Xue’s head is down. There is no denying that she is really melodramatic, but she really doesn’t want to … "I think you are very busy and don’t want to trouble you with everything! It happened that Lu Yuanhang was there, and he said he could fix it! So I won’t tell you for the time being! I don’t believe it, but I don’t think it’s necessary! "
"Lu Yuanhang!" Li Zhenyu narrowed his black eyes. This guy is nice and helpful enough to take care of his wife without telling him, and he said he could handle it so politely! "Very good!"
"He is very enthusiastic. Fortunately, he was there, otherwise Xiaoxiao might be arrested in the police station!" If you want to think that Han Xiao’s body has not recovered, he will be arrested in the police station. Xia Xue will accept it. "He also takes care of Xiao Xiao in the afternoon. I really have to thank him!" Speaking of which, it seems that I just found that the man looked seriously unhappy. She couldn’t help but smile and said, "Please help me thank him!"
Well, the last sentence is not satisfactory, which makes him sound less depressed. "Thank him. I’ll take care of it!"
Li Zhenyu picked up Xia Xue’s mobile phone and dialed the number of Lu Yuanhang directly.
Sure enough, the words immediately rang out from the end of Lu Yuanhang’s fart fart diligent smile "Hi, I still stay in the hospital with your friends! She’s fine. She ate a lot of dinner! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her energetic body! And the liujia is out of danger is moderate concussion need hospital treatment … "
"It’s hard for you to be so attentive and useful. Xia Xue friends rushed to plan for me to say thank you for her!" Lizhenyu language coldly interrupted
"…" Yuan-hang Lu probably didn’t expect Li Zhenyu to call, but also Xia Xue’s mobile phone suddenly felt bad until she saved her mind and hurriedly explained, "Hey Jin Woo, don’t get me wrong! I didn’t mean anything by it. It’s a coincidence! Do you think about our friendship, of course, can’t stand by … "
"Why don’t you tell me!" Li Zhenyu is obviously not prepared to accept this favor. "You can say hello to me first and then help me. I will be more grateful to you!"
Section 17
"Ahem ….." Yuan-hang Lu seems to have an inflamed throat and kept coughing "that … that … it’s an emergency. I can’t think of it at the moment! Besides … Didn’t Xia Xue tell you … "
This sentence accidentally poked the hornet’s nest because Li Zhenyu knew it was not what Xia Xue said about the friendship boat. "Very good! Lu Yuanhang, I must thank you! See you at Taekwondo Hall this weekend! "
Li Zhenyu hangs up when he drops this sentence.
Xia Xue heard white next to the two people seem to have broken up and Li Zhenyu made an appointment with Lu Yuanhang to meet at Taekwondo Hall this weekend, mostly to fight! In the mind a little uneasy, I thought about Lu Yuanhang’s defense. After all, people can’t let him get beaten again when they help her kindly (I’ve seen Li Zhenyu’s skill, Wu Tianyou, not his opponent’s gentle Lu Yuanhang’s estimation is also terrible). I hesitated for a moment and got up the courage to speak. "Lu Yuanhang is a nice person and very enthusiastic! Today things thanks to him … "
"Don’t intercede for him!" Zhen-yu li coldly interrupted her "this is not the first time! He took advantage of my failure to be attentive to you, and I will not completely cure him again! "
"…" Xia Xue suddenly embarrassed this guy is jealous!
This man is good at everything except being jealous! Don’t say that Lu Yuanhang himself was ridiculed by him several times.
"None of your business! I’ve known him for years and I won’t fall out! It’ s a slap in the face. He’ s not weak, not as weak as you think! " Li Zhenyu knew what Xia Xue was thinking, and he couldn’t help sighing that this little woman always tortured him to make him lose control and lose his manners.
"Oh, it’s good that you know it." Xia Xue was relieved that she knew that Li Zhenyu and Lu Yuanhang had a friendship. It was also an interaction. It was nothing. She didn’t know that Lu Yuanhang was beaten by Li Zhenyu for a week.
With that, she turned her eyes and looked out the window to the west. I don’t know when the sunset has gathered the last ray of beauty. The whole day is gray and the night is coming.
Xia Xue!’ Li Zhenyu held Xia Xue in her arms and slender fingers reminded her again, forcing her to meet his eyes. "Remember to tell me when something happens! I’m your fiance. Who are you going to rely on if you don’t rely on me? I really understand that you would rather ask Lu Yuanhang for help than tell me. Is he better than me in your eyes? "
"No!" Xia Xue knew that he had misunderstood and quickly explained, "Jin Woo, I’m afraid you think I’m too much trouble!" Biting her lips, she sighed in a low voice, "I always have so many troubles that I always want you to help me clean up the rotten stalls behind me … I am very sorry!" "

"You … you and I are going to jump off a building?" On the man’s shoulder, Lan Jingyi said lightly that a heart was suddenly beating wildly because of his appearance, but he was at the same frequency. "Bang bang bang …" It kept beating.

"You didn’t … no?" Hugging Lan Jing and Yi Huai tightly has that practical feeling.
"How about dumping us for a midnight snack?" Why invite a girl if you don’t know her? Why let others get there first? She wants to eat midnight snack with him and drink with him until she gets drunk.
Forgive her for wanting to indulge again. Indulge yourself for one night. She needs that indulgence.
"Good." He leaned over and hugged her tasikmalaya, and then walked briskly towards the overpass stairs. The two girls behind him still wouldn’t give up. "Hey, Mr. Come and have a snack with us."
"Deng Deng Deng ….." Jiang Junyue walked so fast that he hated the two flies behind him. Didn’t he see that he was busy at this time? He hugged the Imperial Palace Empress, but what did they even want to fight for?
Soon the stairs reached the front of the car. Jiang LaCrosse was released. Two girls behind Lan Jingyi followed. "Is this your car, sir? Wow, that’s cool. "What about Land Rover? It looks like a local tyrant." Let’s sit down, too. At least you just hit me and apologize. That’s an apology. "
Jiang Junyue really wants to talk. Now girls are so naturally engaged. Don’t you know how to be reserved? Make signal with the lips toward Lan Jingyi. "You have to ask my wife. She has the final say."
"Madam? Is she your wife? " One of the two girls realized that they had hit the gun.
What a beautiful name for a wife, but is it possible for him to be himself?
Lan Jingyi bent down and got into the car. "Let’s go. I’m hungry." The root reason was that she ignored the two young girls. She was tired and walked for a long time, only to find that her legs and feet didn’t seem to be her own. Very tired.
Jiang Junyue gracefully sat in the driver’s seat and shouted at the two girls outside, "I can’t help but say goodbye to my wife." After that, I stepped on the gas pedal and drove off to stay. The two girls stamped their feet and had an affair, and they hit their real wives.
"Where to?" He asked her softly, as if he was afraid that the loud voice would scare her. At this time, he didn’t pretend that she knew. Why did he pretend to be cold?
"Fury" didn’t even think about it. She just ordered the bar, the place where she and he first met.
Or start there and end there.
If it’s true, how can she and he get together again? It’s impossible. It’s impossible to achieve it. I think it’s right that he chose not to tell her, so she will be as miserable as she is now.
"Good" He responded that he could finally speed up the car this night. He drove as fast as possible, but kept it steady. With her car, he had to think about her lonely figure just now, and his heart ached again.
Neither of the two people will go to that thing, which is that neither of them wants to feel sad, but it is just there, even if it is not, it will always tell the two people that they are now.
But everything is theirs, isn’t it?
Section 125
Leave the mother and father aside. If they were single individuals, Mu Jinshan died and they didn’t have any at all. At that time, they were all very young.
When I got into the car and got into the commotion, there was a feeling that time seemed to go back to that night. It was like that night everywhere, and it was also a little crazy. Men and women spent the night here, posing on the dance floor, tempting people to try "box or hall?" Jiang Junyue took her hand and asked her gently before stopping.
Lan Jingyi has a little finger. "Why don’t you go to the bar and I want you to mix drinks for me?" Only then did she realize that she felt drunk and wanted to drink. His mixing was very delicious, especially his mixing style was awesome.
"Oh, good, but the present techniques are unfamiliar for a long time. If you drop the wine bottle and glass for a while, you mustn’t laugh."
"Ha-ha-ha." I didn’t expect Jiang Junyue to be so nervous and so cute, so she stood on her toes and whispered in his ear, "If you fall, I will fall, and I haven’t practiced for a long time." She also wanted to mix wine, just like that night.
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple, she wants to mix seven glasses of wine before he drinks them together.
Suit and tie, however, Jiang Junyue walked into the bar and took off his western coat to reveal his white shirt. Then he untied his tie. The move was so sexual that a woman screamed and rushed over. "Small tilt … small tilt …" After such a long time, someone still knew him, which showed that he had caused a stir that night.
Without super ink, his face is more enchanting and attractive.
Lan Jingyi leaned against the bar and smiled at the man’s performance. Every move was in her eyes.
He’s really nice.
Chapter 215 Small inclination
Lan Jingyi leaned against the bar and smiled at the man’s performance. Every move was in her eyes.
约茶He’s really nice.
Maybe the first time I saw it, I was doomed to my own story.
At that time, I never thought that the original ending would be perfect.
Lan Jingyi’s mind flashed like a rewind through that time when Lu Wentao was devoted to light snow. It all passed like a shadow. Her life was not very beautiful but it was very memorable.
If it weren’t for Xiao Xue and Liu Wentao, how could she come to such a place as Sao Dong? Everything is fate, and it is fate that unites her with Jiang Junyue, and it will be difficult to separate from her from now on.
And how did she think that she would be so close to Jiang Junyue one day when she gave He Lingguo an island film? If I had thought of it early, I wouldn’t have provoked He Ling early, but even if she hadn’t provoked He Ling, She would have disagreed with her and Jiang Junyue because of her father’s business.
Are they predestined?
But fate has brought her a lot of torture, and now she will be separated because of her father’s affairs.
Whether she wants to or not, she can’t be indifferent to that past.
Think about how painful the heart is.
Parting is not because of her, nor because of his annoying fate.
He left his wine at the bar, and after another, she raised her glass and drank it. It was as sweet as she remembered.
He moved as smartly as he did that time, and there was no difference at all. "It’s my turn." Lan Jingyi grabbed the bartender’s new bottle and mixed the wine with a little drunkenness.
Four cups first
Repeatedly cup
Just like the order of the year.
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, put it one by one. Taijiang LaCrosse gestured "End to the table over there". It was a small round table for two people in the corner. Two small sofas were most suitable for lovers sitting opposite each other.
I don’t want to drink anything. I just want to drink with him tonight. I’m so drunk, but I can’t remember anything.
Jiang Junyue ordered a few exquisite dishes to set a small table. Seeing that she didn’t eat them, he picked up chopsticks and put a piece of sweet and sour tenderloin on her lips. "Be good, this sour and sweet is delicious."
But she just likes to eat it, so she bit into her mouth and chewed it, perhaps because the sweet and sour fillet he gave her was particularly refreshing.
Take a sip of food, drink a sip of wine and take a look at the man opposite. The most beautiful thing in life is just that, but after tonight, there will be no chance. "Do you regret meeting me that day?"
"No," he also took a sip of wine, but he clearly said that if time goes back to the past, he will still meet her again, and then please don’t meet his mother who killed her father. That’s cruel. It’s cruel.
"Isn’t it very powerful to fall in love with spring?" The little face suddenly sent Lan Jingyi’s mouth to Jiang Junyue’s ear, or the two of them were all due to the spring affair.
"That thing is not as good as mine." He chuckled and put his thin lips in her ear. "Why don’t you try it later?"
"Hiccup …" With a hiccup, her eyes became blurred. "Just try." Who’s afraid of who? She’s not afraid of him.
The wine is getting more and more fragrant. I drank all the good wine and ordered two bottles of O. Anyway, Jiang Junyue must pay for it this time. She doesn’t feel bad that he is a local tyrant and it will cost him. "How did you become two heads?"
"Well, you have two, too. Let’s try it." His voice was loud but he couldn’t cover the noise of music in the commotion. Lan Jingyi blushed, and even though she was drunk, she knew what he was going to take her to do next.
And I cann’t believe I’m so damn looking forward to it
Since that night, she and he have never set foot in that hotel again. I think of that night when she was crazy. Her heart beat faster and her whole body hung up. He hugged her and walked out of the commotion. "Little tilt …" She whispered in her heart that she couldn’t tell the taste.
"Huh?" He should be gentle and gentle.
"Small tilt …"
"Small tilt, why are you so beautiful?" She pointed her finger a little, and his tone at the tip of his nose was light, just like a ten-year-old sister. She was so naughty and lovely.
The night is really deep.
It’s almost dawn at this time, and it’s really dawn at three o’clock.

Yu Enze hates iron not to produce, and rushes to long summer with a step. "Su Lixia, when are you going to deceive yourself? When do you have anything in your heart? You just refuse to join me. You keep saying that I think you are happy. If I am happy without you, you will be happy."

"I don’t want to listen, I don’t want to listen, I don’t want to listen." long summer covered his ears and shook his head wildly and shouted, "You go, you go, you go."
"Su Lixia, you really want to piss me off alive. You" Yu Enze was forced by long summer to do nothing to her, but he hated him for hitting the cold hard wall with a fist. "I’ll leave you here to fend for yourself. If I take care of you again, I’ll be a pig." Say that finish and slam the door angrily.
"Go, go, don’t let me see you again. You are the first super fool." long summer was hysterical at Yu Enze’s angry back.
When Yu Enze disappears from sight, long summer leans against the door and is short of breath. The whole person can’t help but sit on the floor and endure tears. He can’t stop pattering.
"Damn it, it’s hard to see him. I actually drove him away again. Su Lixia, Su Lixia, what on earth are you doing? You’re sorry for him first, but you have to break his heart three transgressions of five times.
You, he has no blood, no flesh and no feelings like you. He said that you should die. "Regret long summer hates himself and gnashes his teeth and keeps pounding his legs.
After sending Anbao to the special class, Xiaowa drove directly to a painter’s private gallery to watch her solo exhibition. The painter was invited by long summer. As a result, long summer had something to discuss with Yu Enze today, and long summer asked Xiaowa, who is now equally influential, to go instead of her.
The painter’s friend gallery built birds and flowers, green trees and shady forests. All visitors can park their cars in a vast parking lot on the mountain first, and then walk along the winding colorful stone steps to the gallery. All the way, the mountains and rivers are beautiful and the scenery is beautiful. Influenced by nature, people’s mood suddenly shines like sunshine.
Xiaowa was climbing the stone steps in high spirits, perhaps in a hurry. One of the steps suddenly stepped on a strong arm behind her when she saw that she was about to fall.
"Girl, are you okay?" The ear sounded clear and tangent.
喝茶约茶  title="It’s okay, thank you." I’m a little embarrassed to have a thrilling panic.
Two eyes collided at the same time.
"Lu Yuefan"
"Yang Xiaowa"
Xiaowa and Liu Yuefan almost have the same mouth.
"You also come to the art exhibition" came out at the same time.
Friendly and slightly embarrassed smile echoed around Liu Yuefan to help Xiaowa "what a coincidence"
"Yes, what a coincidence." Xiaowa replied passively.
Many years ago, Lu Yuefan of Y city often visited long summer in long summer workshop. Xiaowa and Lu Yuefan met many times. Although they never had deep contact, they both had a good impression of each other.
"Walk slowly, don’t worry." Liu Yuefan’s voice is gentle and soft, and his smile seems to be plated with charming gold
Xiaowa smiled shyly. "It seems that it is necessary to change the Pharaoh’s problems since childhood."
I plan to keep going, but I can’t move when I stop.
"What’s the matter?" Liu Yuefan immediately asked anxiously.
"Maybe I sprained my ankle." The little wow voice suddenly became low, and sweat broke out on my forehead because of pain.
"My horse will take you to the hospital." Xiaowa hasn’t reacted yet. Liu Yuefan has neatly picked up her and walked up the mountain.
Xiaowa helped Liu Yuefan wipe his forehead sweat and said to him apologetically, "Liu Yuefan, you’d better let me come. It’s too long. You just have to help me walk bit by bit. I’m afraid you can’t stand it."
"No, your ankle is sprained. If you keep walking, your foot will swell inappropriately." Liu Yuefan firmly carries Xiaowa, and his shirt has been soaked with sweat. "I carry you behind my back so that we can all be faster."
In the end, Liu Yuefan didn’t forget to be funny. "Besides, it’s a piece of cake for me to carry you so thin and light."
Wow, I can’t help but be amused by Liu Yuefan’s humor, but I feel more ashamed when I think that I have caused Liu Yuefan trouble. "Your clothes are all wet, and you say that I am too heavy to compact you. I’m sorry that I accidentally caused you trouble."
"Look at what you said, it’s a stranger." I feel that Xiaowa’s body is going to slide. Liu Yuefan quickly gathered her back with moderate strength. Xiaowa’s sweat dripped drop by drop. "You are a friend of long summer, that is, my friend. Everyone is one of our own. So you can treat me as a hero to save the beautiful."
"It’s a pity that I made you a hero so hard." Xiaowa sadly wanted to cry. I don’t know how long it has been warm in her heart. She has never experienced such tenderness as being cared for and pampered.
"Gee, wow, how can your heart beat so fast that I can feel it?" Liu Yuefan seems to have discovered the new continent.
"Ah, no" was Liu Yuefan’s heart, so shy little wow’s heart beat more violently, like a deer bumping into her cheek and blushing. Fortunately, this Liu Yuefan didn’t find it.
Liu Yuefan stepped up his pace. He was afraid that Xiaowa could not stand the pain, so he encouraged her, "Our horse is going to the mountain soon, and there are still a few steps to go. Xiaowa, please bear it again."
"Don’t worry, I can hold on." Xiaowa’s eyes sparkled with wonderful beauty. Strangely, her feet hurt at the moment, but she felt as if she were floating in the clouds and there was a gorgeous rainbow in front of her. She even had an evil idea. If this mountain road is exhausted, she can’t walk, so Liu Yuefan can carry her forever.

Although it is called Lingqi, it not only has the qualification of Hallows, but also becomes whiter after getting to know this ball step by step. This is a kind of restricted artifact, which awakens Lingqi and cultivates it to be able to control Lingqi independently, which can definitely surpass most artifacts.

Even if you are famous and powerful, you may not be able to take advantage of such things. Even if you succeed in offering sacrifices by accident, ordinary people will make some ideological struggles, and then talk about the possession of the results. Jun Qian got the hand weapon, which is very rough and inconvenient. I think it should be too hasty to pay attention to the appearance
It seems that such an unremarkable device is composed of several small pieces, and a large number of machines can be changed into the mode he wants at will, from cold weapons and hot weapons that will not appear in the era of repairing the truth to astrolabes that can give him great help to fortresses as small as a toothpick.
This regardless of the state and can be separated into multiple individuals should be unprecedented in history, so precious, if it is not made spontaneously from the beginning, it is impossible for poisonous fire ants to send it without any consideration.
This alone shows that Jun Kuang is very sad about his affairs.
Jun Qian talked in his heart and looked up at the dazzling golden Long Lin. "Since I’m here, I have to be mystifying." So big, so powerful, so intimidating, so violent and fluctuating, but I never see anyone. Maybe it’s yet we called and urged a thousand times before she started toward us?
"When I don’t want to come, but my dragon horn is stuck" is really handsome for less than three seconds.
桑拿会所Smell speech the little girl couldn’t help laughing "Snow". "This physics is probably called a wormhole, not a dragon hole."
"It’s a pity that the long worm is not a real worm." Jun Qian tactfully echoed.
"How long has it been since I went here? I haven’t seen you for a month. You two have been in unison. I’ve been having fun with echo each other." You crazy can’t help roaring.
"Why don’t you come in person?" Jun Qian shrugged his shoulders regretfully. The brain is a big thing. I hope you have it.
Wen Yan Jun is even more angry. "I don’t want it. It’s your doing to cut the mouth of the cave into half its original size." He spat bitterly. "I’d like to be human, but if I lose the dragon defense, I will be torn to pieces by the frenzied time and law. Then you are ready to bathe in dragon blood and pick me up and fight slowly."
When the spell is finished, I am afraid that the power of the remains of the gods will almost end, adding another stroke to the history of the monarch’s madness.
He has enough black history, even if he is thick-skinned, which really has no effect on him.
"What’s the existing way" Qin Xiao always don’t white what jun crazy this point.
"Don’t hurry up and put the jade back." Jun struggled and twisted in the crazy light.
When he gave Qin Xiao this jade card, he never thought that it might be sawed into two pieces. After all, the gilded jasper is too hard to be destroyed by ordinary methods. But when Qin Xiao’s life hangs by a thread, it can stop Qin Xiao from hurting once.
Even so, Jun Kuang is not at ease and intends to invite Lian Di to seal the law. Once the jade brand has suffered a major attack, it will drop the light beam. On where he is crazy, even the mysterious world will be pulled by the light beam and instantly come to her. And the light beam is not good-looking. It is responsible for accumulating energy, urging the law to open channels, and at the same time protecting Qin Xiaogong.
Because the gilded jasper was cut into two pieces, each with half Jun Qian and Qin Xiao holding the light beam, both of them would be shrouded at the same time. If Qin Xiao was holding Jun Qian at that time, they would be excluded.
The same is true of Jun Qian’s spiritual weapon given by Jun Qian. Once the spiritual weapon is out of Jun Qian’s control, it means that Jun Qian’s opponent will start the second stage of the body discussion without a struggle. Someone will directly wrap Jun Qian in his hand and leave a trace of consciousness to drive him to Jun Qian’s side.
Although it’s not as convenient as gilding jade, it’s better to stay green and have no worries about firewood.
You can still remember to add this layer of insurance in such a hurry, which shows your madness
"Let’s put it together now." Two people hurriedly put the jade pieces together.
In an instant, the golden light column turned into a ball of light, and a huge golden dragon almost filled the whole cave with golden scales and smashed several stalactites and stalagmites, and then a golden dragon fell to the ground with the ball of light around it.
The original crazy gathering of heaven and earth, the aura suddenly dispersed, and there was a roaring wind. The whole cave group was silent, and all the creatures were intimidated by great pressure and even dared not come out of the atmosphere.
Chapter five hundred and ninety-four All forces harbor evil intentions
"The ceiling is cracked, and you can change back quickly." Qin Xiao cried, pointing to Fang in shock.
Pang Dalong’s body will not only destroy stalactites and stalagmites formed over the years, but also crack the ceiling in the process of occupation. Watching the gravel falling off the ball and then rolling to one side, Qin Xiao has no doubt that if Jun Kuang continues to be close at hand, the three brothers and sisters will experience a mine disaster in the future.
And possibly his race in his cave.
"A good piece of stalactite is so ruined by you. What if there is a stone essence in any stalagmite?" Jun Qian took a look at the huge faucet. "Change quickly."
Being stared at by Qin Xiao is crazy, but you are modest.
Dragon must be a jilt to jun Qian accurately dumped out from the ball of light.
Jun Qian just wanted to get up from the ground when he found that the root could not move, his knees were soft and his body was stiff.
He can be sure that this is due to the failure to control the dragon body, but this kind of pressure has long been beyond the ordinary monks’ ability to withstand the smell of dragon power and magic world power blessing, so it is no joke.
If it weren’t for the fact that he didn’t even have enough room to open his mouth, Xuanli would not be crushed. I’m afraid he would have asked what the realm of Junkuang is now, and whether the repair has already been restored.
He just stared at Jun Kuang and was thrown out to enjoy the pressure. The little girl stepped on his foot several times before and didn’t see him at all unhappy. I really don’t know if I should complain about Jun Kuang’s favoritism.

After I don’t know how long, at lunch, my sister-in-law went to the restaurant and grandpa and Xiao Jin went into the living room.

Xiaojin has walked around the garden holding grandpa’s hand. Grandpa is ruddy and Xiaojin has a thin sweat on his forehead.
I smiled and greeted Xiao Jin to wipe the sweat.
Xiaojin leaned into my ear and said, "Grandpa just went to see the general with me."
The general is a retired military dog, which is a gift from Yuan Xi to Xiao Jin, who likes to raise it himself.
His nose is getting naughty when I spot it, but at this age, he should be honest.
Ye Xiangyuan looked at us quietly not far away.
I thought that he might be in a bad mood, so I patted Xiao Jin on the shoulder and said, "Go and talk to my uncle."
Xiaojin was so clever that he ran over at once.
I asked the servant to bring warm water to grandpa.
Grandpa smiled and said, "Thank you for the company."
I feel guilty. I didn’t contribute at all. I’ve been rushing around these days.
Ye Wen went to see the head of Xinlong Company and discussed the progress with his lawyer every day. I didn’t help at all.
Former Chen Shu is said to have gone back to the Imperial Capital. I originally wanted to meet Ye Wen, but it’s a pity that others invited guests.
I can’t help but shake my head and blush with shame. "Actually, I’ve been at home … and it’s all a little busy …"
Speaking of which, I can’t help but look at Ye Xiangyuan.
He just looked at me and nodded gently as if to encourage me.
I took a deep breath to calm down.
Grandpa smiled gently. "Don’t be nervous. You are Ayuan’s chosen wife, and Xiaojin also said that he likes you very much. I have nothing to be dissatisfied with."
It turned out that Xiao Jin gave me a good impression and I smiled shyly.
Grandpa looked at me and Ye Xiangyuan for a moment and finally fell on my stomach and smiled, "This child must be as good and lovely as Xiao Jin."
I heard my heart tighten.
Grandpa should be looking forward to his nephew, but I’m going to give this child to my parents to raise, and according to the current situation, it’s likely that the child will stay away from Ye’s family, and then it’s estimated that he will be alienated from Ye’s family, let alone intimate with Chu’s family …
I hesitate to tell grandpa the truth. I don’t want to deceive such a loving old man.
I was hesitating. Ye Xiangyuan suddenly came over and took hold of my shoulder and smiled at foreign justice. "I discussed with Shi Shi that this child is going to be given to Shi Shi’s parents. You know that Ye Jia is not very peaceful recently."
I didn’t think he would come out and explain to me. Looking at him in a daze, I couldn’t tell what it felt like at the moment, and it was a little sweet.
Grandpa frowned.
Ye Xiangyuan cocked his lip angle and continued, "I am still young and can have a second child."
Grandpa’s eyebrows gradually spread. "It’s not unreasonable for you to consider sending your child to an safe place. It’s also an insurance policy."
I bowed my head and didn’t dare to go out.
Although Ye Xiangyuan confessed a truth, he told another lie.
How is it possible to have two children?
My marriage with him is not real, and I may face separation at any time.
For so many days, I didn’t think that Gu Changyu could occasionally smell the flowers from Ye Xiangyuan, so I didn’t know.
But that doesn’t mean that this problem will go away.
品茶论坛So Ye Xiangyuan actually said that he would have a second child with me. I don’t quite believe that he should have lied to Grandpa just to help me out …
I exhale softly, forget it. Since it’s to appease grandpa, I can acquiesce in his words.
At dinner, the servant suddenly came to report that his grandfather, nephew and granddaughter were outside asking for an audience.
As soon as I remember seeing Chu Feifei in the company.
Grandpa seemed surprised. "Feifei, how did she come to the imperial city?"
It seems that Grandpa really doesn’t know about ChuFeifei’s coming to China.
Chu Feifei came to the door and didn’t want to know who it was for
Thought of here, I couldn’t help but look at Ye Xiangyuan Gherardini.
Ye Xiangyuan received my eyes about to react. Suddenly, the bottom of the table took my hand and reminded me of the corners of my mouth.
I "…"
He smiled slightly and said to the servant, "Let her in."
Chu Feifei came in wearing a long black coat and took it off and handed it to the servant to reveal the pink turtle neck inside. She wore a tall ponytail and looked as delicate as a Barbie doll.
After she shouted three grandfathers, she looked at Ye Xiangyuan piteously and shouted "Cousin …"
Chapter 233 In the hands of O Yuan and Xiao Jin sooner or later
My heart feels funny.
She is probably in her early twenties, and she is very young and beautiful, which is somewhat touching with this weak appearance.