In late February, the transaction volume rebounded, and 1.0768 million used car transactions across the country

75%of the new energy used cars accounted for 75%in February 2022. In terms of overall sales of cars at all levels, the A -class sedan is still the hottest model in the used car market, with an average proportion of%, followed by B The average proportion of cars of cars accounted for%, C -Class and D -class cars accounted for%and%, an increase of%and%respectively. The car shows a growth trend, of which B is the most obvious.

In February 2022, among the national new energy used car trading models, A00 models accounted for%, an increase of a percentage point from the previous month, a decrease of a percentage point from the same period last year. A year -on -year decrease of one percentage points; A -level model accounts for%, an increase of one percentage points month -on -month, an increase of one percentage points year -on -year; the B -level model accounts for%, a decrease of one percentage point, an increase of one percentage points; the proportion of SUV models is%to% , Decreased a percentage store from the previous month, an increase of 14 percentage points year -on -year; MPV accounted for%, an increase of one percentage points from the previous month, an increase of one percentage points year -on -year.

The C -level model accounts for the least, accounting for%, an increase of a percentage point from the previous month, an increase of one percentage points year -on -year; from the perspective of the age structure of the car, the second -hand cars within 6 years account for about 66%of the market, of which nearly 30%of them are within 3 years, and and and and and and and and and. Compared with the same period last year, it increased a percentage point; the interval of 3-6 years accounted for%, which was slightly increased in the same period last year. Fall.

In terms of new energy used cars, the price range is mainly concentrated within 80,000 yuan, and the market share in February was 75%, an increase of 17%compared with the same period last year. The most obvious increase was a range of 50,000 to 80,000 yuan, accounting for%, an increase of a percentage point compared with the same period last year. From the perspective of emission standards, the nationwide used car transactions in February are still dominated by national four emissions, accounting for more than 40%.

At the same time, the market share of the second -hand car market of the National VII and the National Six -Six -Six -Six -Six emission of the country has increased significantly. The National Five accounted for%. Compared with the same period last year, the growth rate of the country 6 was significantly increased, and the growth was a percentage point. The proportion of the China Automobile Circulation Association’s predictable models of the second -hand car market national VIII will also be further increased.

In February of Shandong, in February of 2022, the trading volume of second -hand cars in the country was decreased only in the same period last year, and the rest of the regions increased to varying degrees.

Among them, the growth of the southwestern region is the most obvious, with a year -on -year increase of one percentage points. The transaction volume of second -hand cars is 10,000 yuan; the three regions of East China, Central South, and Northeast China have a year -on -year growth rate of more than 10%. Ten thousand vehicles, the transaction volume is 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan, and 100 million yuan; North China increased by%year -on -year, the transaction volume of second -hand cars was 10 million yuan, and the transaction volume was 100 million yuan. %, The transaction volume of second -hand cars is 10,000, and the transaction volume is 100 million yuan.

In February, Wuling Hongguang’s circulation volume ranked first among the national offline used car trading brands, and the top 10 brands accounted for%of the transaction volume.

The proportion of second -hand car transfer in February was%, an increase of a percentage point from the same period last year.

In February 2022, the top five provinces in the national transfer ratio were Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Anhui, and Jilin. Among them, Jilin Province’s transfer volume alone decreased compared with the same period last year. The growth rate of the five provinces in Zhongshan East Province is the most obvious, and the number of second -hand cars is 10,000, an increase of%over the same period last year.

The growth rates of Beijing and Shanghai provinces exceeded 50%, and the transfer volume was 10,000 and 10,000, respectively. Anhui Province increased by%year -on -year, and the number of second -hand car transfer was 10,000.

Jilin Province has declined slightly year -on -year, and the number of second -hand car transfer is 10,000, a year -on -year decrease of%. It is expected that the transaction volume in the first quarter to decrease by 1%year -on -year survey shows that companies within 15 days in the inventory cycle in March 2022 account for%, a decrease of a percentage point from the previous month. Companies with an inventory cycle of 15-30 days account for%, a decrease of a percentage point from the previous month.

Companies with an inventory cycle of more than 30 days account for%, an increase of a percentage point from the previous month.

Around 60 % of the dealers said that the inventory cycle was more than 30 days. The overall inventory cycle in March was 42 days, which was extended from 39 days in February.

Li Xin, director of the Information Department of the China Automobile Circulation Association, said that March each year is the peak of the first half of the year. In March last year, 10,000 used car trading in the country in March.

Since March, the frequency of epidemic has increased significantly, the number of infections has continued to be high, which has a great impact on the operating situation of the used car market, and the market has continued to sluggish.

Judging from the market performance of March in March, the first three weeks have been in the falling range. Although there are slight callbacks in the fourth week, the average daily transaction volume decreased by 20%compared with the same period in February. Therefore, it is expected that the transaction scale in March is about 1.33-135 million units, a decrease of 15%compared with March last year.

The survey found that many second -hand car trading markets across the country have been suspended in March, mainly concentrated in some key provinces, including Shanghai, Hebei, Shandong, Jilin and Henan provinces. Affected by the sluggish market in March, the trading volume of used cars in the first quarter of this year was about 3.91 million units, which was 40,000 less than the same period, and the cumulative decreased by 1%year -on -year. The epidemic in April will still restrict the rise of market passenger flow, and it is expected that the transaction volume of used cars will be suppressed. Especially in the first two weeks of April, the number of epidemic infection is still high, and the prevention and control of the epidemic in many places becomes stricter. At the same time, the tide of layoffs in Internet companies in the first quarter, the epidemic affected the income of employees of SMEs, and to a certain extent, it restricted the growth of consumer demand to a certain extent. Heating back, but from the survey of car dealers, everyone is not optimistic about the operation of April.

The overall market is in a downturn.

He coming in,Identified a judge,And faint hostility。

Everyone in the field is a competitor.。
If there is no one to walk to a weapon,Start equipment yourself。
Large criminal、Darker、Bow and arrow、Arrow pot……
Just when he just took the bow and arrow,Behind the footsteps,Then, one hand is gently tatted to his shoulder。
Summer has already been detected in advance,But did not avoid。
When the other party is taken when the shoulder,He turned,The face is deliberately revealed。
Small fish captain,You are also under this……Uh!
Not finished,Summer stop,The look is awkward,Tell the weapon in the hands of people。
The person is the left fish。
She is in a purple leather.,Branding belt,Put the book, the mandatory posture is more energetic。
And her delicate face。
Jiao face white,Mangru,眸 水,Qiong nose picks up,Ling lip,Beebera,When you are like a female war。
She works in her hands,One person is high……Big ax!
Be right! It is a sharp and curved big ax on the front end.,Behind is a long grip。
certainly,Summer know,This kind of weapon is not called an ax,But it is called it。
At the east,Usually have‘Small,Big man is 钺’Statement。
But at this moment, I caught this big.,Is a body shape,Pretty beautiful girl。
How to see a strong violation。
right,I am also in the eighth game。
Left small fish face flashing a red cloud,Explanation,My master said,current stage,It is best to use some long soldiers,When I went to Wu Wang or Ling Haijing,Best self-care sword,I feel that other weapons are too light.,So I chose big 钺。
In fact, you don’t have to explain。
Summer dark self-vomiting,The face is revealed,I see……
Toned,He deliberately open topics,I still just know,The small fish captain is actually the county。
The county is just an identity.。
Left little fish,We are all military,Warrior is not arrested。
Toned,She is under low voice channel,I will enter it in it.,You avoid those magic as soon as possible。
Summer is first,Will they don’t for you?
definitely will。Left small fish tone,But the expression is not concerned.,I am not afraid of them.,They can’t stop me……
The genius of the left small fish was being secretly drove,Seeing her and a strange guy talking,Complete colors。
What is the identity of this guy?,I have made the county of the county.。
at this time,A heavy footsteps came from the door of the hall。

New Gansu · Financial Channel is officially launched

As the first news party on Gansu, the new Gansu client has become the main platform for publicizing the provincial government’s policies, the main window to release Gansu information, the main channel for promoting the image of Gansu, and the main position to guide Gansu public opinion. Since October 2018, Since its launch on the 28th, the cumulative download volume has exceeded 6 million.

The new Gansu · Financial Channel will make full use of the advantages of the new Gansu client platform to create a bridge between the financial information aggregation platform, service channels and industry participants, and provide Gansu financial enterprises with a more authoritative publicity platform and sound window for Gansu. The development of the financial industry provides a stronger and stronger publicity guidance, and strives to be a media platform that understands Gansu’s finance better. The channel will set up six sub -columns around the nature and characteristics of the financial industry in Gansu Province, namely: "headline": spreading Gansu financial hotspots; "bank": leading the green finance era; "insurance": scientific management insurance plan; "dynamic" : Insight on cutting -edge financial markets; "character": three -dimensional interpretation of the industry typical; "live broadcast": financial front -line watching; the launch of the new Gansu · Financial Channel will provide a broader platform for the development of the financial industry in Gansu, and promote the publicity of Gansu financial enterprises to build The new communication model jointly promotes the construction and development of the financial industry through the form of "media+", and open up new channels for the majority of the audience to obtain financial information.

Rong media products are more based on the new media product production team and technical support of Gansu New Media Group. New Gansu client financial channels set up headlines, banks, insurance, dynamics, live broadcast and other columns. Differential original content, and actively produce original innovative media products such as videos, posters, hand -painted, H5, to achieve mobile creative communication. Government -enterprise services will be broader about the new Gansu · Financial Channel will play a strong media links and build a full media communication platform for governments, enterprises, and users.

Relying on the full media resources of Gansu New Media Group, they do a good job of information services for more Gansu financial enterprises, promoting corporate compliance operations, and stimulating the vitality of the financial market. Financial hotspots are more fast, whether it involves major national economic trends or related to the dynamics of local financial services in Gansu. Financial channels provide the latest financial news daily. Relying on the "New Gansu Client" new media professional editing team and information crawling technology, the content of relevant financial content of various cities and prefectures in the province, provinces, and provinces.

From banks, insurance, securities, funds to Internet finance, fintech, fintech, etc., it spread valuable financial information as soon as possible, and provides a mobile central set center for scattered and fragmented financial information.

“Then thank you senior!”Li Ming naturally took out the red jade,Give it to the Wind Beast Mountain Master。

Wind Beast Mountain Lord’s face is gloomy,I spent an extra 700,000 Chaos Spirit Liquid for nothing,If you count the loss of the black god ancestor,This time Feng Beast Mountain has lost more than a million Chaos Spirit Liquid。
But Li Ming is smiling。
“Got it!”Held back the excitement,Li Ming sent away the lord of the wind beast,Waited another three years,I just notified Zheben Zuxian。
“Ming Daoyou,The heart of this world is left to you!”Zheben Zuxian also seems to know that Li Ming urgently needs this treasure,“No longer stay,Waiting for you to cultivate this great supernatural power。”
Cultivating great supernatural powers,It’s also the rhetoric given by Li Ming。
After all, the role of the heart of the world,Is to practice some great magical techniques,And the great supernatural powers trained by using the heart of the world are very powerful。
strictly speaking,Li Ming said the truth。
《Holy Book of Thousand Body》It’s such a magical technique—Among all magical methods,Are considered the most powerful!
After Zheben Zuxian left,Li Ming directly controls the formation,Trapped the entire cave。
At the same time dozens of formations fell into the cliffs of the cave,He has entered into a magic treasure of the Chaotian Qibao level。
This cave,Has been reformed by Li Ming,The point of the cave,But the vast ocean—Ocean of Yuanye。
And in the ocean,Has a relatively small island,Above the island is an island lake,There are more than 30 chaotic spirits in the lake。
Li Ming’s opportunity and the refining and selling of the law plate,A total of nearly one hundred and sixty chaotic spirits,It took nearly one hundred and thirty in exchange for a heart of the world,The rest is almost here。
“Heart of the world!”Li Ming waved his hand,A spar flew out of a storage space。
“So beautiful!”

Russia’s Erbipusk Pavilion calls on Russia to be alert to the harmful information erosion from the "Falun Gong" cult organization

From mid -February this year, the "Falun Gong" cults that have been banned by Russia have previously prohibited in some areas of Russia, and the activities have been rampant. According to the report of the Memorial Department of the Russian East Relief Car, many local residents suddenly found a leaflet titled "Falun Gong in the world" in their mailbox -4 pages of the leaflets, which did not marked any publishing date, of which rumors were made of rumors. The "Falun Gong" believers were persecuted. "Falun Gong" attempts to shock Russia’s unknown truth and gain sympathy.

In addition, the leaflet also quoted the contents of an illegal publication of the "Falun Gong" Russian branch, involving the border issues between China and Russia, and deliberately stimulated the opposition of the people of the two countries.

In fact, the "Falun Gong" cults are falsified by the name of Chinese qigong, mixed with other sectarian doctrine, and promoting the "end of the world", not practicing "Falun Gong" must be destroyed, the leader Li Hongzhi has superpowers, and believers must absolutely obey the fallacy. Essence What’s even more stated is that the "Falun Gong" cult organization also encourages believers to self -harm, suicide, demonstration, refusing medicine and refusal, and racial discrimination. Like many destructive denominations, the "Falun Gong" cult organizations under the guise of mission to people who are unknown to people who do not know the truth, declare that "Falun Gong" has magical treatment effects, and preach the so -called "truthfulness, good, forbearance" and other cult teachings. As we all know, in the current fierce information war, Russia is facing the risk of western information impact. It is not difficult to understand why the "Falun Gong" cult organization and its leadership have been fully supported by some US forces. This cult is plundered. If it is not completely defeated, it will even endanger Russia’s political security.

In view of the current rampant of the "Falun Gong" cult organization in the Carbinsk region in the car, the Memorial Department of the Yarpensk Diocese of the Russian East Corporal Erotic Erlangians invited the Russian authorities to pay close attention to the illegal activities of the "Falun Gong" believers in the car in Carli.

At the same time, the missionary department also urged the local people to choose spiritual beliefs with a responsible attitude towards themselves.

Yao Junli won’t wait for Xia Jian to speak,She rushed to say:“It’s great if you can come,What to bring?Besides, you don’t know what I like to eat,Buying is a waste“

Two words from Yao Junli,I finally helped Xia Jian,Or it’s a trivial matter,Sounds embarrassing。Xia Jian doesn’t know how to buy things,But he has experienced too little of things like this,When entering the door of the ward,He just remembered that he should bring something over,But it was too late。
At this time,Xia Jian’s phone rang,He took out a look,Qin Xiaomin called。He stood up and got connected。Qin Xiaomin’s happy voice came on the phone:“Have you arrived in the provincial capital?Come for dinner at my house at noon,My mother and I are waiting for you“
“Oh!I am at the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine。Don’t wait for me,I’ll just eat outside“Xia Jianshun said。
Qin Xiaomin didn’t like it,She said coldly:“What do you mean?You won’t come to my house when you come to the provincial capital?Eat out?My mom said,Don’t come to my house after you don’t come“Qin Xiaomin played a child’s temper。
“Ok!Ok!I’ll be here in a while“Xia Jian said,Hung up。
Ouyang Hong’s face changed slightly,She took a deep breath and said:“I knew it,Mayor Xia won’t eat with me。It seems that beauty is still powerful!“
“You are also a beauty!Don’t be confident?“Yao Junli said,Took a look at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Miss Ouyang is really a beautiful woman!If it weren’t for a friend’s appointment,You have ordered this meal for noon today“
“All right!You better go quickly!Listening to both of you are awkward。What Miss Mayor’s,What kind of messy names are these“Yao Junli said,His face changed slightly,She’s still a little unhappy。
Xia Jian suddenly felt,There is a great distance between him and Ouyang Hong。Is this the distance of time?It seems that they can’t go back to the past?
First1660chapter change
When coming out of the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Xia Jian’s mood is still a bit heavy。
Big Ben crawls slowly in the stream of traffic,Xia Jian’s mood seemed extremely irritable。What he fears most is this kind of traffic jam,Not because of communication accidents or other reasons,But there are too many vehicles。

China Vocational Education Society: Give full play to the professional advantages of vocational education groups to promote the high -quality development of modern vocational education

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, April 27th (Reporter He Miao) At a press conference held by the Ministry of Education today, Fang Naichun, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Chinese Vocational Education Society, said that the Vocational Education Law of the People’s Republic of China ") The revision is a major event in the development of vocational education in my country, which will definitely have far -reaching significance for better promoting the high -quality development of modern vocational education.

Fang Naichun pointed out that the newly revised "Vocational Education Law" has given the union, the China Vocational Education Society and other group organizations to organize legal obligations and responsibilities, including participating in the formulation of vocational education professional catalogs and related vocational education standards, carrying out the prediction of talent needs, career development research And information consultation, cultivate the integration service organization of the supply and demand, organize or jointly organize vocational schools and vocational training institutions to organize, coordinate, and guide schools. As a mass group, the mission of the Chinese Vocational Education Society is on the shoulder, and the responsibility is on the shoulders. "Learning, propaganda and implementation. Fang Naichun said that the Chinese Vocational Education Society will conscientiously study and propagate and implement the new version of the Vocational Education Law from the following aspects, and actively participate in supporting vocational education. The first is to unify ideas, consolidate consensus, and do a good job of learning and propaganda of the Vocational Education Law.

(Responsible editor: Hao Mengjia, Xiong Xu) Share let more people see it.

“Ah,Seeing Qin Sabe’s owner intentionally to this Xia Master。”

He is like a sentence,Rear view,“Color scale,Needless to take you。”
Color scales,Slightly stagnation,Looking at the back of the Qin Night Yuyuan in the summer,Bite your teeth,Boost。
Thousands of laughs,No longer talk,Instead of the summer before,Put the squat together。
NS3871chapter Apologist
NS3871chapter Apologist?
Qin Ning Yushu chased the inquiry in the summer.。
On the way,This woman’s eyebrows spread between excitement。
“Xia Master,I have not hostile you.,But we like color scales,So I can only take you away first.,Whee……”
Summer mouth is awkward,Some speechless。
This is the source of thousands of pine to yourself.?
Make a change,Also don’t。
He is not struggling,Run each other grabbed himself,Ask,“Since this,Thousands of pureces,Why is it ready??”
Qin Night Jade,“Previously, Qian Song Pavilion was high,How can I notice a small person like a color scale?,She is now,So causing the wonder of the owner。”
Summer frown,“The rise of color scale is now more than a month,You like her.?”
“What is strange?,Do you need to see time if you still need someone??”
Qin night jade is a woman,Idea is different from men,A little more sensitive,“Although we have some small belly,But always,People are still good。”
Summer shink,Not arguing with her,I always feel unsatisfactory,But can’t find anything。
Qin night jade speed is extremely fast,Just a few longitudinal,That is like floating,Spread to the distance from the car seal。
Recent cars heard the action,Turn around。
He has long heard,Monitoring Pavilion This departure master is not only strong,And see the speed at speed。
I am also completely satisfactory.,Refined boots,It was turned up.。
“Qin Sge,Good means,Name is not flexible。”
“Ha ha,The car is the main point of view.,after all,I am the main owner of the monarch.。”
Along with a crisp smile,Qin Ning Yushu has been chasing nearby,Agate acceleration,Transcend。
Car shake the head,There is no more powerful with her.。
This is a fact。
Monitor,Every strength is extremely strong。
For a long time,Qin Ning Yushu has been close to the top of the mountain with summer。
I have seen the Liangqiu, waiting there.。
He is standing on the ground,Pair of hands,I hope that the front of the bridge in front of the Guanghua。

Japanese media: Japanese and German summit Agreement to set up a new head of security for security consultation

It was reported on April 29th. According to Kyodo News April 28, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Wenxiong held talks with German Prime Minister Tonalz on the 28th.Regarding the conflict of Russia and Ukraine, the head of Japan and Germany confirmed that the international community would resolutely respond and fully support Ukraine.It is reported that the two sides will hold the next round of the Japanese and German Foreign Minister’s Defense Minister (2+2) as soon as possible to achieve an agreement on the realization of the so-called free and open Indian Ocean-Pacific Ocean.According to reports, in order to strengthen security relations, the two sides have reached a consensus on intergovernmental consultation between the two countries to participate in the intergovernmental consultation between the two countries.Tsugs said on the policy of new intergovernmental consultations that this is a measure that improves Japan -German relations from quality to a new level.

“Don’t fucking be like the boss of the underworld,Be careful i get you in。I can tell you,I don’t care whose site is here,As long as someone makes me uncomfortable,I will make him uncomfortable“Xia Jian said http://www.xsd-space.cndisdainfully。

Wang Youcai also stood up,He said coldly:“Then you mean you came here sincerely to make trouble?“
“Sincerely your grandma’s head,I only heard that the speakers here are the best in the city,So I brought them here。Your service staff asked me whether I want the third or first floor,I just said the third floor,I don’t know there will be such a trick on the third floor。The most annoying thing is that your people have to make me pay another thousand yuan,If it is you,Will you pay?“Xia Jian’s Countdown to Wang Youcai,Doesn’t save him any face。
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“You really don’t know?“
“I know it won’t come,Didn’t you see that I brought three women?What is your IQ?Don’t even understand this,Still thinking about ruining money“Xia Jian said,Just sat down。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“it is good!I believe you,Because you saved my mom,We’ll even balance this matter,If there is another time,I won’t let you off easily“
“Talk about it next time!gone,Help me thank you which beauty“Xia Jian said,Stood up,Opened the door and walked out。Just outside the door,Which more than ten yellow hairs stand in two rows,Only left the middle of the passage。
Wu Wu saw Xia Jian came out,He laughed and said:“President Xia walks slowly!Welcome to come often“Xia Jian waved,No more words,He doesn’t want to talk to these people at all。
He just walked to the side of the road,When I was about to stop a car,Xia Jian’s phone rang,He took out a look,Seeing Ouyang Hong came here,He was connected。
First0996chapter Cold night walk
On the road at 11 midnight,Cold wind swish。
One call,Ouyang Hong asked anxiously:“Where are you?Okay?!Does Wang Youcai have trouble for you??“Ouyang Hong has three question marks in a row。
In this cold night,Xia Jian heard this,Can’t help but feel warm。He smiled and said:“Nothing,Don’t worry,sleep early!“
“Damn!can not sleep,Worried about you,No sleepiness“Ouyang Hong sighed and said on the phone。
Xia Jian was stunned.,People say I can’t sleep,Or because of him,what should I do?Anxious,Xia Jian said casually:“If you can’t sleep, come out and have two more drinks!“
“Still drink!Stop drinking,But it’s fine to come out and walk with you“Ouyang Hong said with a smile on the phone。
Xia Jian was dumbfounded,This cold day,Still midnight, Why are you coming out?But Xia Jian responded quickly,He smiled and said:“Okay!I’ll wait for you outside your community,Remember to wear warmer“Hang up the phone,Finally stopped a di,Xia Jian went straight to the outside of Ouyang Hong’s community。
A few minutes’ drive,But when Xia Jian passes,,Ouyang Hong has stood at the gate of the community,She kept stomping her feet,I can see how cold she looks。
Xia Jian was moved,He ran over in two steps,I can’t help but stretch my hand,Took Ouyang Hong’s body into her arms。Ouyang Hong’s body trembled,But she did not resist。But said softly:“We two walk together,Not many nights like this“