All local cases in Chengdu at 18 o’clock on the 10th is in the same spread chain

Original title: As of 18 o’clock in the 10th, all local cases in the city were in the same spread chain last night, the Chengdu People’s Government Information Office held a special conference, and the latest situation of new crown pneumonia was diagnosed, and answered reporters asked questions. According to reports, from 18:00 on November 10, 1 case in the city, the new local confirmed case, the total number of epidemic regulations were diagnosed with 24 cases. At present, all cases are separated from public health clinical medical centers, and the condition is stable.

So far, all local case epidemiological relationships in our city are very clear and in the same spread chain. The launch will notified the basic situation of new cases: Case 24: Elever Hua District Ruoshui Dongyuan (Western District), the same building of the case 6.

On November 5, its residential community was included in the sealing, the first two nucleic acid detection negative, November 9th concentrated isolation period nucleic acid detection positive, passed the clinical expert group, diagnosed as a diagnosis of new crown pneumonia.

This case has never been isolated from closed loop management.

Since the incubation period of new crown viruses is generally 1-14 days, the isolation personnel that have been controlled in the previous period may still be in the isolation period, but there is no activity trajectory in society after isolation, which causes the risk of the epidemic. The risk is very low.

So far, all local case epidemiological relationships in our city are very clear and in the same spread chain.

  According to Jincheng, the director of the Municipal Weather Committee, after the epidemic situation, the city is based on the requirements of new coronary pneumonia epidemic emergency disposal, scientific and precisely grasped the stream trace, investigation and testing, medical treatment, etc. As of 10:00, 3,588 people have been investigated in the city, 14,125 secondary contacts, except for the case of notified the case, and the remaining personnel multi-wheel nucleic acid detection results are negative. At the same time, the city has started the nucleic acid detection and key industry personnel of the key area from November 5, and 906,2134 people have been completed, and the results have been negative. (Chengdu Daily reporter Tian Chengchen Yang Su Liu Fei) (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Share let more people see.