“but,This is your problem!”Long Zhanye laughed。

Tu Shanming frowned,Tiptoe,Pull out the head of the Zuma leader,Asked:“What’s the problem?”
Long Zhanye laughed:“Shi Qing Dong is all knowledge,Human feelings are the article。You are too simple,Have not experienced the tempering of humanity,So there are few changes between moves。”
“Oh!Seems to make sense。I always go straight,Breaking by force mostly,Not so many flowers intestines like you。Then how do i change?”Tu Shanming asked again。
Long Zhanye laughed:“Very simple,Find a woman,Talk about a love,One is not enough,Then find a few more。Experienced a lot,You will understand what feelings are,Can only be extremely affectionate,So it can be better than a sword,Emotionless Knife,Still a bit worse。”
“Looking for a woman?fall in love?Isn’t that a waste of time?Delayed entry?”Tu Shanming was confused,Shook his head and sighed。
Long Zhanye saw that this silly boy had been confused,Can’t help laughing:“Then look at Master Wuhao,Is the woman next to him missing??But he is not strong?Better than you?In the flowers,No leaves,This is the highest state of emotion,Your kid is too far away,Let’s start with a relationship!”
“is it?Then you have no woman?”Tu Shanming is not really stupid,Frowned and asked。
Long Zhanye had expected,Haha smile,Tao:“How old is the old man?How old are you?in those days,When I was young like you,That’s a romantic and chic!Riding a leaning bridge,Red sleeve trick!Forget it,You don’t understand!”
“Now the old man is old,It should be self-cultivation,The situation is different again!In a word,What age do things!Look at the Wuhao-sama who is your age,Don’t understand?”
“Ok,It seems to make some sense!I really can’t do Mr. Wuhao,I miss him too much!Obviously he is not older than me!understood,There are many women around him,Fall in love without delaying practice!I’ll talk a few too!”Tu Shanming said to himself。
but,He soon began to frown again,Shook his head and murmured:“but,Who am i going to talk to?Those girls,It doesn’t seem to be possible to talk to me?So annoying!”
Long Zhanye looked at this silly boy,Can’t help but be funny,Originally based on his character,Won’t talk about these things with Tu Shan Ming,For one thing, he made the first kill today,feeling good,Secondly, I also looked at Tu Shanming, this guy has always been a Tie Hanhan,The Way of Civil and Martial Arts,One by one,Like his tricks and tricks,Something will happen sooner or later。