Celebrating the 93rd anniversary of the Jianjun: Changsha Yuhua District held a film "half quilt" premiere

People’s Network Changsha on July 31, for the 93rd anniversary of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, solidly do a good job in the military commander during the festival, and further enhanced double-handed awareness and national defense concept, enriching the form of double support work, July 31 On the day, Changsha Yuhua District Committee propaganda department held the 93nd anniversary of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in Changsha Hengdian, IMAX Cinenthop, and the film "half quilt" rainproof area premiere event. Tang Guiping, the province, the province, the province, the province, the province, the municipal direct department unit, the district leaders Yu Hongqing, etc., "half of the quilt" plastic repellent, the director Zhao You and other movie main creation people show the event site, the station Liberation Army "Fighter, The armed police unit officers and men, military school students, militia reserve staff, and the retired military representatives participated in the event.

On behalf of the 80s, the first secretary of the Sanxianling Village, the first secretary of Sanxianling Village, in the Town, told the scene of the audience, as the 16-year veteran of the troops, and the recruits of poverty attack, he felt more I hope that I can continue to maintain and carry forward the fine traditions of revolutionary soldiers, and they will always be very colored. "Recognizing this reason – the rain flower era" preliminary, Li Degui, the backbone teacher of the district committee, brought the micro-lecture "a red family of 63 years of young spring – feeling of Chen Yi’an Martyrs, from the revolution Martyrs Chen Yi’an’s "Non-Character Book" talked, showing him as a spiritual character of a Communist Party member, firmly conspicuous ideal belief, and heroic fearless sacrifice spirit, and unswerving spirit of struggle.

The director Zhao You came to the stage to share the story during the movie shooting process.

"Half of quilt" tells the Hongjun Long March, and the three female Red Army is located in Yao people in the Shazhou Yao Village of Hunan Yucheng County. He saw that Xu Jiayun Yu Han’s quilt is not. When you leave, the female red military scissors put themselves. The bed was cut and left the half quilt to Xu Ji Xiu. The Yuhua District Party Regional government first captured this red theme, entrusting a famous writer in the district, and plants a movie script that creates a "half of the quilt", and supported this movie to shoot successfully.

"Half-quilt" script won the national theme of the 27th Jinji Baihua Film Festival. The film was selected as the first map of the National Film Exhibition in the 28th Golden Baihua Film Festival. "" Half of quilt "is based on the real story.

In the film shot, I learned positive energy and received a rare positive energy education. It really felt the difficulties and incapacity of the success of the new Chinese revolution. "Zhao You said," Half-quilt "will be officially released in the national column on September 5. Watch the full field movie, Changsha Aviation Vocational and Technical College Scholar University Deng Zhong pays: On the eve of the August 1st military Festival, watch the movie" Half of quilt is very meaningful.

True to understand the initiating and mission of the Communist Party is that there is a quilt to cut the next half, this is a strong military and civilian fish.

This viewing activity is only a micro-shadow activity of the Yuhua District. It is understood that during July to December 2020, the Yuhua District will hold a multi-game viewing activity. Through the grassroots party committee (party total support, branch), "Light and Shadow Soul" movie party courses will be launched, and the unions of the whole district Carry out the "Xiangjian Shadow" activities, organize the anti-v.cinoal medical workers, China’s good people, labor models, moral models, volunteers, and extensive launch of the people of the whole district to go to the cinema, to help the theater to carry out relevant activities, and further improve the popularity of the cinema, Pull movie consumption and promote fast recovery of the film industry.

(Yang Yang Zhang Chao).