“Next,We and a beauty Lianmai,She is a great singer in our guild,Conditional friends,Can go and support。”Populus euphratica。

Finished,Just accept Lin Yufei’s Lianmai invitation。
“Sister Lin fell from the sky,Do you know how to do it?”Populus joked。
Live room screen,Turned into two live broadcast rooms,belongpkmode。
Lin Yufei speaks generously:“I’m very happy to connect with Hu Ge,We ate together two days ago,Very good talking local tyrant brother……”
Business bluffs for a while,Ok!This is a normal routine。
“Lin family sister,Sing for everyone!”Hu Yang said to Lin Yufei。
Lin Yufei nodded:“Then I will give you the brightest star in the night sky,For the brothers in the two live broadcast rooms。”
“Everybody,Give a small gift if you have live currency,The student party can give people something to pay attention to。”Hu Yang reminds everyone。He doesn’t care about the gift,But others will care,Thin-skinned girl,So he asked for。
Everyone also gives face,Many people went to the opposite live room to pay attention,The people in the warehouse also sent something。
Lin Yufei sang,Keep an eye on the data。Can’t fail to pay attention,Attention has soared so fast,This time,Suddenly increased by several hundred。
In addition,I also brushed a lot of gifts,Can’t see it at all。She finally understood,Why does the guild have to let her and Brother Hu connect the wheat?。
Brother Hu never asks for coins,Ask for help this time,Many people will give face,Brush a little。
Down a song,She received a total of more than 500,000 live currency gifts,Can’t help feeling,Brother Hu is Brother Hu,Extraordinary。
She also accidentally connected with other big anchors,But the other party is not very willing to introduce his fans,How can Brother Hu be so generous?
“Thank you!Thank you all for the present,Thank you brother Hu。”
Populus euphratica waved his hand,Express don’t care:“Still time,Let’s have another song!Everyone knows,I don’t sing。”