China Party Team "International Military Competition

On September 4th, the "International Military Competition-2012" China Kurleri District officially closed, the scene was held on the spot.Zhang Yongjin photo People’s Network Koller September 5th electric karaoke, the flag is flying.

On the morning of September 4, "International Military Competition-2012" China Kurlerie District held closed.Zhu Xiaohui, a submission of the Army of the Central War District, caused the closing words, and the deputy commander Liu Feiqing announced the closing of the game.The 14-day schedule, 182 participants from the four continents and seven countries conducted fierce competitions, producing 8 single first name, the first place in 3 groups, breaking 5 event records.

Among them, the Chinese team won the first group of 3 projects, including all gold medals in Kurler.In the applause of the audience, the organizing committee announced and issued the "International Military Competition-2012" "Suvolov assault" "clear sky" and "Safety Environment" 3 competition group awards.