Boxing tyrants immediately boosted morale,Smashed with both fists,Smashed directly at the door of Yayoi-kun。

This is a shock,Leave nothing,Give enough strength。
Unfortunately,Yayoi-kun’s palms are here,These two giant palms contain extremely terrifying strength,He immediately hugged Boxer。
Everyone only heard a scoff,A lot of sweat splashed all over,Both of them used gang strength at the same time。
This kind of close burst of strength,No tricks,Fighting is both physical strength,That is the strength of Gang Jin。
Same as Arcanum Warrior,After turning on the arcane rage state,Normal blows are hard to work,Only Gang Jin can destroy the internal structure of the body,Let life pass。
Under this fight,Judge。
The fists of the fighter did not hit the face of the little giant Yayoi-kun,But collapsed softly。
Collapsed with his arms,And his body。
Boxing fighter is like a big shell shrimp cramped,The whole person is completely loose。
Many people present suddenly took a breath,Anyone with a discerning eye knows that Boxer is over,He was counterattacked by other people’s strength,Has been shaken off internal organs,Can’t live。
now,Fist domineering,Only a pair of hateful eyes left,Staring at each other。
His waist was alive and thin,There are ten huge finger marks clearly visible。
The little giant Yayoi-kun is indeed a strong warrior,And Gang Jin broke out surprisingly,It is equivalent to directly pressing the boxer to death。
The audience is silent,Are all surprised by the strength of this sumo wrestler。