Bold try bold, the "altitude" of the open highlands can get more and higher

As an important hub connected to the country, the self-trade test area shoulder the double mission of "reform pilot" and "open pressure test", which is conducive to deepening domestic and foreign trade integration, with higher open level, greater reform. Strength and more effective way to promote the smooth flow of domestic international dual cycles.

This 19 measures involve multiple specific areas, targeting a number of specific problems, boldly trials for the self-trade test area, boldly created better conditions and environment, which is of great significance for the construction of open highlands and construction of new development. It is conducive to adapting to the new situation and responds to new challenges.

Relevant measures from imported trade, offshore trade, bonded maintenance, medical imports, cross-border e-commerce, etc. The new challenge is to find new trade growth points in the process of adapting to the international economic and trade situation.

It is conducive to improving the business environment and further attracting foreign capital. Through the implementation of higher levels of external open, simplify approval processes, improve service efficiency, relax foreign access, and reduce foreign-funded entry, reduce foreign-funded, and reduce foreign-funded entries, and more convenient Investment conditions attract quality foreign capital to bring more incremental funds for the reform and development of the relevant regions. It is conducive to smooth international logistics to enhance product service transmission efficiency.

In the current situation, the impact of logistics on international trade is increasingly significant.

"Measures" to actively explore international logistics such as aviation, railway, multimodal transport and shipping, improve the management service efficiency of transportation transportation, and do a good job in the connection between transnational transportation, smooth international logistics, will promote China. The overall efficiency of foreign trade and bidirectional investment. It is conducive to promoting financial institutional reform and innovation to expand financial openness.

"Measures" propose rich commodity futures varieties, conducts the pilot of the bank account system of this foreign currency, explores intellectual property securitization, etc.

It is conducive to the improvement of laws and regulations in the economic and trade fields to protect the legitimate rights and interests of economic and trade enterprises. The development of international trade and investment is inevitable with the increase in legal needs. By carrying judicial practices and explorations on various transport documents in the self-trade test area, it helps to improve relevant laws and regulations to improve trade efficiency.

Strengthening, improving the judicial review of arbitral awards in the regional arbitration institutions, can effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises in the area, and lay the foundation for further enhanced trade investment facilitation.

It can be said that the introduction of "Measures" has brought new opportunities for the trade-inspinement and related companies. They are both policy beneficiaries and practitioners of policies. On the one hand, the self-trade test area should actively do a good job in new and old policies. It is necessary to pay attention to the systematic, integrity, continuity and synergism of the policy system, and accelerate the promotion of new measures as soon as possible, precise landing, and effectively land.

On the other hand, relevant companies should speed up their own system innovation and transformation and upgrading, accurately grasp new measures, timely adjust their business direction and development mode, eliminate backward production capacity, increase independence innovation, actively introduce new funds, new people and new technology, improve The quality and competitiveness of core products, create new advantages for high quality development.

Only in this way, the freedom test area is increasingly higher as the "altitude" of the open highlands, and the radiation drive will be more and more, and finally injecting powerful driving force for the construction of new development patterns.

(Wang Liyong, the author is the vice president and professor of the International Economics and Trade College of the Central University: the original title: for the self-trade zone, boldly try boldly create a better environment (open talk) "People’s Daily Overseas Edition" (September 14, 2021 Day 06) Editor: Wu Zhengdan, Meng Qingchuan.