In addition to chrysanthemums, young people are still keen on this matter.

In addition to chrysanthemums, young people are still keen on this matter.

Xiaobian recently heard friends around me spit out to me, the recent weather makes people laugh and cry.

Rainy and hot weather cycles are coming, and it can be seamlessly connected.

Guangdong has only two seasons in summer and winter, and now there are also stalks that everyone vomits.

The summer solstice is over, and it takes half an hour to go out for a minute. It is normal in Guangdong.

Many people think that this time is the most suitable for swimming, NONONO, in fact, hot spring is the best way to open.

Hot springs – the summer heat to the treasure hot springs is actually a very good activity to cool down the heat.

People are soaked in hot springs, and the pores will relax, which is beneficial to the quantum emission in the body.

Through repeated soaking, the whole body is like eating mints, which can completely eliminate the sultry heat of the body and cure the symptoms.

On the contrary, if it is soaked in cold water, the pores will be immediately turned off when stimulated, and the skin will feel cool, but the heat in the body cannot be completely replaced, and it will still feel very hot in the near future, and there is no way to cool down.

This is why summer hot water baths are more effective than hot water baths.

Fake hot springs = hot water, really hot springs are really enjoy the bubble. The hot spring is a health, if you get the wrong hot spring, it is no different from going home to hot water.

In Guangdong, hot springs are the most indispensable resource.

During the period of 2017-2018, Guangdong Tourism Hot Springs Quality Certification Evaluation Conference passed many examinations and audits to screen the quality of hot springs of hundreds of enterprises in Guangdong, and announced three batches of real hot springs!

At present, there are 54 certified hot springs in Guangdong and 3 cold springs with medical value.

Hot springs – five major benefits 1, detoxification health spa is a very good detoxification method, because summer hot springs are more likely to sweat, the body’s toxins through the pores through the sweat to replace the body, help to improve physical fitness and immunity.

2, improve the quality of sleep Many people sleep low quality in summer night, because the air conditioning to sleep causes the pores to close, is stored in the body.

The hot springs can dispel the heat in the body and have great potential for improving sleep quality.

3, relieve fatigue In the hot springs, the comfortable hot spring water can take away the troubles of the day and take it away, relax and relax at the same time.

4, slimming beauty can attract a lot of girls.

In the process of hot springs, the body’s excess uncle will replace the sweat to eliminate the body, to achieve weight loss.

5, care for the skin in summer, the weather is hot and dry, the skin is stimulated by the increase, and it is more likely to age.

Through the hot springs, the skin pores can absorb the mineral elements in the hot springs, and the delicate skin is also more beneficial to the skin health.

Hot springs – note that the hot springs are good, don’t be greedy for a long time?
Summer hot spring time must not be too long, the length of time for hot springs depends on the temperature of the spring water.

In general, the initial soaking time is preferably between 3 and 10 minutes. After adjusting to the hot spring, slowly extend the soaking time.

It is best not to exceed 30 minutes each time.

In high temperature environments, water in the body is easily lost.

It is recommended that everyone add water in time after the shower.

If there is a chrysanthemum in the cup, it is even more perfect.

On the weekend, drive a car, bring a couple of friends, and with your family and children, come and talk about the hot spring trip, why not?