Women in sex should be more active than men

Women in sex should be more active than men

Most men think that sex is exercise and must be fully sprinted.

This is almost considered an automatic sexual response.

However, I also advocate the use of “quiet” in sexual love.

It highlights the tendency for women to control sex, while men should learn to lie down and enjoy the thrill.

  ”Static” refers to the frictional stimulation of sex.

Practice has proved that slow-paced movement, friction, and extended contact with static time can enable both parties to obtain long-lasting and intense stimulation, which is more likely to resonate and cause physical and psychological climax.

  We all know that men can easily reach the climax by moving in front and rubbing back and forth 1/3 of the front of the penis.

In the process of static generation, one of the first things men must learn is to let the woman rhythmically touch the penis or move the friction slowly, and they should completely immerse themselves in the meditation of sex.

For example, the wife can use the middle finger to the abdomen (tip), starting from the bottom of the scrotum, through the scrotum slit up and stroke the penis.

  Such stimulation can help men integrate the scrotum and penis into a single reaction unit, replacing the main reaction of the penis neck that was developed in the past.

In the process of substantial love, the male pelvis remains static, and the wife is responsible for stimulating the sexual organs of both sides, controlling the angle and depth of stimulation.

This approach makes it easier for women to get a climax and to change the pattern in which men reach their climax.