The old man has a coup to eliminate the old-aged taste

The old man has a coup to eliminate the “old-aged taste”

I have heard the scent, salty taste, bitterness, and spicy taste. Have you ever heard of the “old-aged taste”?
In fact, during the aging process, due to the weakening of the physiological effects of gas and blood, some special odors will be emitted. We may call it “old-aged taste.”
  For example, due to certain chronic diseases, the elderly who eat various drugs for many years will accumulate a kind of medicinal slag; when the body is aging, the internal organs and cells are degraded or even necrotic, it is likely that some bad smells will occur.Taste; the skin metabolism of the elderly is relatively slow, it is easy to deposit a large number of dead skin, and the dead skin itself has a dead skin taste; the degradation or disease of the digestive system will cause incomplete nutritional transformation, causing bad breath in the elderly.
In addition, because of the weak constitution, the elderly are not as clean as they were when they were young, and they are more or less unpleasant when they are in frequent contact with pets.
  For these “aging tastes”, Jiang Dezhen, a professor at the Peking University Center for Ageing Research, said that most of the smell of the elderly can be adjusted to reduce the extent.
She suggested that the elderly should change clothes frequently, and try to take a bath every week in winter; choose a light diet, drink more soup in winter, and avoid alcohol and tobacco to improve bad breath.
  The sense of smell of the elderly will decrease with age, and the family should promptly help. If the odor is too heavy, they should be reminded to go to the hospital for inspection.