It’s good to live and work together.

It’s good to live and work together.

Nervous work, intense life rhythm, we can deal with these things very well, it is also important to learn how to combine work and rest. It is also important to learn to relax in fatigue. The night light extinguishes the lamp on your bed.

.  Are you tired of working every day?

Tired, but this is the basic condition for survival.

Are you tired of watching TV on the TV every day?

Tired, but if we watch TV and our life becomes better, then it is worth it.

Are you tired of surfing the Internet every day?

It’s definitely tired, but if the network can change your fatigue, why not?

If you ask me if I am tired, then you can definitely get a positive response.

  Tired, too tired, modern people are affected by being alive.

But, do you know what is the reason that makes us so tired?

I think you probably can’t guess it, the bureaucrats probably said this.

Teacher Yang Wei once taught us the truth about the health of our feet on TV. Today, we will come back to him to ask how you can change this tiredness.

  You are too tired, it is time to rest!

  Is it a distant memory to go to work on time every day? Is overtime the normal state?

Shoulder and neck pain, stomach pain, back pain. Is it a “common language” that you and your colleagues are familiar with each other?

What’s more, there is a supervisor in the office. The frequency of a colleague’s body seems to be getting higher and higher.

  Although work can make people play their talents, accumulate wealth, and their careers can flourish, but they can be healthy but often recovered, not to mention the cost of life.

Have you ever thought about whether you are a “workplace winner, a life loser”?

Still think of ways to win both?

  What time is the light in front of your bed?

  Constant urban people, getting up early and sleeping late seems to be a common phenomenon.

Going out at 7:00 in the morning, rushing into the company to start work; about a few friends get off work, or work overtime, usually more than 10 points to get home.

Everyone seems to be spinning like a gyro. After paying for others, they start to take care of their own affairs. It is already midnight in the middle of the night.

Sleeping up early and getting up early will hinder the detoxification and self-regulation of the body organs, just like the burning candles at both ends will only make life burn.

  Late at night, I don’t know what time the lights in front of your bed are bright?

  Meida public relations company plans to be 26 years old lighting time: 21:00 – 2:00 am Mida is a smart and beautiful and very spiritual girl, all things are almost a bit, plus the understanding of objectsWhen I graduated from a university, I was taken by the manager of the Planning Department for three years.

  In the three years of work, Meida has been innovating frequently. Several cases of handling projects have been particularly appreciated by the entrusting party, and they have also created good results for the other party. Even the company’s CEOs have met Mita and greeted them privately.I have always praised that “the younger mind is alive.

After three years of training, Meida has become the main force in the department. All major cases are responsible for her. In order to maintain her good reputation and strive to create new achievements, Mita is more rigorous to her own high standards.Claim.

  A customer’s business plan can’t have only one solution. At least at the same time, it has to come up with three different perspectives. Different viewpoints allow customers to choose.

Therefore, Mita often enters a few hours of copywriting after a short break from dinner, and the completion of a program is at least three days, and it will accumulate as long as Mita receives a new customer for two consecutive weeks.”Night car.”

Mita sometimes counts privately, and it seems that less than a week does not work overtime.

  But now, Mita often feels chest tightness and shortness of breath, sometimes it is necessary to look at Venus, vision is also reduced, the doctor suggested that she take a good rest.

  Tip: In the middle of the night to 4 am, the hematopoietic tube of the spine must be asleep and should not stay up late.

The biological clock is a very magical thing. If you develop a bad schedule, it is easy for the body to follow a vicious circle. Just like the domino effect, it is very unhealthy for your health.

No matter what profession, if you are thinking about your health, you should force yourself to try to live regularly in accordance with normal life.
Get up early and go to bed early, make full use of the morning time to work and study.