5 habits before going to bed make your morning radiant

5 habits before going to bed make your morning radiant

When people are asleep, the skin cells are extraordinarily active, absorb more nutrients, remove excess substances from the epidermis, and ensure the regeneration of skin cells.

Therefore, good sleep will make you look good and your skin will be firm.

If you can do the following 5 strokes before going to bed, it will be radiant after the morning.


Do not eat too much at dinner, otherwise it will cause blood to concentrate on the stomach during sleep, affecting the metabolism of skin cells.

To minimize salt intake, it is best not to drink alcohol to avoid edema around the face and eyes in the morning.


Be sure to remove the kidney’s cosmetics before going to bed, which is good for nighttime skin respiration and excretion of waste and sweat.


Soak the tea bag with water before going to bed, then press it on the eyelids for 10 minutes, then apply eye cream, which is good for the maintenance of the eye skin and prevent the production of crow’s feet.


Taking a hot bath before going to bed helps to relieve the feeling of fatigue.

After bathing, gently massage the body with an emollient oil or body lotion to make the skin smoother and more elastic.


Milk has a hypnotic effect.

People who are prone to insomnia do not hinder a cup of fresh milk before going to bed, which will relax your nerves and make you sleep easily.