Koreans love to eat three-color face

Koreans love to eat “three-color face”

In South Korea, not only cold noodles, but nowadays, the colorful and nutritious three-color noodles are favored by more and more Koreans. They are green tea noodles, pumpkin noodles and chili noodles.
  To say how these kinds of noodles are made, it is very simple. When you are in the noodle, add green tea powder, pumpkin powder and chili powder, and the noodles will become green, yellow and red, and the colorful noodles.With a variety of delicious sauces, you will definitely get the most satisfaction in terms of both visual and taste.
However, Koreans who love to eat noodles invented the three-color noodles because they can add beneficial nutrients to the body.
  Green tea powder is a powder that instantly pulverizes green tea to maximize the original natural green and nutrients in the tea.
Therefore, it also has antioxidant, liposuction, and slimming effects.
Adding such nutritious and healthy green tea powder to the flour, the noodles are not only brought with the faint aroma of green tea, but also become a nutritious noodles.
In South Korea, green tea is most popular among women.
Especially in the summer, eat a bowl of green tea, cool and detox.
  Huang Cancan’s pumpkin noodles are the favorite nutritious food for middle-aged and elderly people.
Natural pumpkin powder is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals and enzymes such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. It has the functions of supplementing vital energy, moistening the lungs and removing phlegm, and also has a good auxiliary therapeutic effect for some chronic diseases.
The Koreans who lose weight choose pumpkin noodles more, because the pumpkin noodles are not high in calories, and eating often will help to lose weight and reduce fat.
  As for the chili noodles, it fully caters to the taste of Koreans who like to eat spicy food. Add a little chili powder to the flour, and the noodles will be red, and a little spicy, which is very stimulating.
Many Koreans like to use the chili noodles as a food that is damp and cold, and a bowl of hot chili peppers under the face, so that you can get hot.
But the chili noodles can’t be eaten like the first two kinds of noodles. It is easy to get angry when eating too much. It is best to mix with green vegetables when eating. The nutrition is more comprehensive and healthier.