How to find cholecystitis?

There are some common symptoms in the early stage of cholecystitis

How to find cholecystitis?
There are some common symptoms in the early stage of cholecystitis

Cholecystitis is a biliary tract disease that occurs as a result of certain bacterial infections. This disease is very common.

Moreover, most of them are mainly middle-aged and elderly people.

Therefore, when the body has symptoms of cholecystitis, it is necessary to check and treat as soon as possible.

I will introduce you to the early symptoms of cholecystitis today.

Chronic cholecystitis early symptoms of chronic gallbladder inflammation, signs are not typical.

Most manifested as biliary dyspepsia, irritated food, bloating in the upper abdomen, belching, burning of the stomach, etc., similar to ulcer disease or chronic appendicitis; sometimes due to the cystic duct of the tuberculosis, it may be an acute attack, but when the stone moves,Two-way release, that is, quickly improved.

Physical examination, the gallbladder area may have mild tenderness or snoring pain; if the gallbladder is filled with water, it can often be round and smooth, smooth cystic mass.

Acute cholecystitis in patients with early symptoms of acute cholecystitis occurs in the middle of the night after the oil is greasy, because the high-fat diet can strengthen the gallbladder, and the supine is easy to slide into the gallbladder.

Mainly manifested as persistent pain in the right upper quadrant, paroxysmal aggravation, can be radiated to the right shoulder; often accompanied by fever, nausea and vomiting, but cold war is rare, jaundice is light.

Abdominal examination revealed a full right upper abdomen, abdominal muscle tension in the gallbladder area, obvious tenderness, and rebound tenderness.

Above, the early symptoms of cholecystitis are more common.

When you can’t analyze the symptoms of the disease, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible to check.

If you are diagnosed with cholecystitis, don’t be too nervous.

Because this disease is as common as appendicitis, what everyone needs to do is to treat it as soon as possible.

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