In just 10 sentences, the healthy secrets of Chinese medicine masters for a lifetime

In just 10 sentences, the “healthy secrets” of Chinese medicine masters for a lifetime

In life, we often see that some Chinese medicine masters are close to ancient times, but they still have a good mental state. The number of daily visits is not worse than that of young doctors.

Ask the secret, in the root of 10 sentences.

A comb combs 100 times each time in the morning and evening, which can stimulate the brain, promote blood circulation and enhance brain cell metabolism.

When combing the hair, it is best to replace the wooden comb, combing 10 each time?
For 30 minutes, the force should be averaged to make the scalp feel hot, swell, and hemp.

There are many acupuncture points in the brain, and the comb can penetrate the Shujing activity and wake up the brain, especially for some mental workers and the elderly to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Secondary exercise is a must, you can exercise twice a day, try to avoid the time when the air quality is poor, especially now that spring is suitable for going out to exercise.

What time is it suitable for exercise?
10 o’clock, 3 pm?
5 o’clock.

Usually it is not suitable before going to sleep at night. Exercise 2 hours before going to bed may affect your sleep.

Three cups of boiling water get up every day after drinking a cup of warm water, replace the blood, to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

The temperature of drinking water should not be too hot or too cold. The optimum temperature is 10 °C?
30 ° C.

The characteristics of the four seasons corresponding to the four seasons are spring temperature, summer heat, autumn dryness, winter cold, clothing, food, shelter and transportation must conform to the laws of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

According to the regularity of the four-hour change, usually the spring is focused on raising the liver. Pay attention to the lack of acid in the diet to avoid the strong liver, and eat some seasonal foods, such as leek.

Five-point massage in the morning and evening, each massage Baihui point, Yongquan point, Zusanli point), Tianshu point (2 inches at the navel), Sanyinjiao 100 times.

Also according to your own habits, you can have time to massage every day, with a slight fever and acidity at the massage.

The six-mile walking fast walk is the best exercise, and you can walk for 6 miles (3000 meters) every day to keep fit.

Generally, the slow walking effect is not as fast as walking. The exercise must reach an effective heart rate, but it cannot be too fast, and it is easy to hurt the joint.

However, you should pay attention to walking fast, especially now that some people do not do their best to refresh the WeChat high-step number, which leads to the quick break and hurt the joints.

When walking fast, you should choose comfortable and lightweight sneakers. The upper should be breathable, warm and waterproof. The sole should be cushioned.

The fabric of the clothes should be soft, breathable, sweat-absorbent, and quick-drying sportswear.

Seven days of bathing, called 7 days, does not mean that it must be washed in 7 days. After all, the environment is different now. It takes only 7 days to take a bath. It is estimated that no one can stand it.

Here is to say that the bath can not be excessively excessive, otherwise it will take away too much sebum membrane and lose the first layer of protection.

It should be noted that if you are full, do not take a bath on an empty stomach. It is best to choose about 1 hour after a meal.

The temperature of the bath water should be around 40 °C, and it is best not to exceed 20 minutes for each bath.

Sleeping at 8 o’clock is guaranteed to sleep 7-8 hours a day. It is very important to avoid staying up late.

Too short is not conducive to restoring mental and physical strength; too long, some brains are chaotic.

At the same time, a proper lunch break is also a good choice to recover your strength and maintain a good working condition.

Nine points of food are full of eight or nine minutes per meal, don’t be greedy for a full meal, eat regularly, eat more fruits and vegetables.

Diet and emotional imbalances will cause irritation to the stomach. “Spirit, worry, sorrow and fear” In the seven emotions, thinking over-injury the spleen, anger hurts the liver, liver gas does not evacuate the spleen and stomach, over time, it affects the normal function of the stomach.

Very smile, laughing 15 minutes a day, like exercising for 45 minutes.

The formation of diseases has a great relationship with emotions. Being angry and depressed can lead to poor liver qi, and the boots cause qi stagnation and blood stasis, eventually leading to diseases such as atrophic gastritis.