Mental aging is a healthy black hand

Mental aging is a healthy “black hand”

Psychological aging is the “black hand behind the scenes” for the health of the elderly.
  What is the performance of psychological aging?
  Inferiority is often silent, unsociable, timid, sociable, lacking enthusiasm for life, less creative and enterprising; life is simple and casual, often waiting for death.
  Suspiciously stubborn, obsessive, and doubtful, often with a lot of unwarranted rules and regulations from my constraints.
Some are prominently expressed as fear, fearing that there are flying disasters and their own, especially for their own diseases, often suspected of cancer as cancer.
  Sensitive and narrow-minded, heart-wrenching.
They often quarrel with people because of small things, or they are worried about people and things they can’t understand.
Only my uniqueness is its characteristic.
  As an old man, how can we delay mental aging?
  After leaving the post, I still have to receive various information and life interests in social activities, so that my mind is constantly changing, brain cell vitality and brain function are maintained at a certain level, which can prevent the occurrence of inferiority complex and dementia.
Being good with others is also an important measure to prevent mental aging. People who are close to you should try their best to live in harmony and give help and support as much as they can. This will make their moods infinitely enjoyable.
It is not necessary to blame the faults of family members and neighbors, and there is no need to blame others for their achievements.
This is the reason of “Benevolence”.
  Modern life provides many conditions for preventing psychological aging: music teahouses, TV news, numerous books and newspapers, and various sports, all of which are enough to enrich themselves and are naturally healthy.
  Old people should always maintain a happy mood and carry out their health to the end.