China Party team in "International Military Competition

The Chinese participating team took a group photo with the flag. Jiang Dongpo Photograph People Network Koller August 25th "International Military Competition-20121" Good news came from Kurleri District, Xinjiang.

After accurate data comparison, the croping system judgment and other programs, "Clear", "Clear", held on August 24, announced, and the Chinese team won the first place. "International Military Competition – 2012" "Clear" Portable Air Defense Missing Team Project Skills Fair, China Party Team and the team from Russia, Belarus, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, the competition, eventually compete with the excellent results of 20 minutes The first place, the second Egyptian team, 39 minutes, the third, the third, Russian team, used 41 minutes. It is understood that the "Clear" project is divided into three stages of skills race, multi-game and comprehensive competition. At each stage, the top 3 were selected according to the competition, and after the end of the three phases, the top three and three phases of the group were selected. Card driver, best missile shooter, best machine gun shooter. Multi-capsule, the Commerce will be launched on September 28th. (Editor: Chen Yu, Deng Zhihui) Sharing let more people see.