Decision on granting Zhang Lianyin Comrade "Time Model" title

Zhang Yun, male, Han nationality, Zuoyi, Shanxi, born in January 1945, member of the Communist Party of China, the original deputy commander of the Hebei Military Region. He entered 40 years, under the cultivation of the party, from eating hundred rice, wearing a cow baby in a hundred clothes, growing into a senior cadre of the army, giving all the youth to the national defense and military modernization. After retiring, he resolutely returned to his hometown. He led the team to plant more than 10,000 mu, more than 2 million plants, and made a prominent contribution to the improvement of the hometown of ecological environment and Beijing-Tianjin Shanyuan governance. He does not look into the name, in order to afford the house, all of the ecological construction results are given to the collective. He is in the best of the party’s fine style, preaching the party’s glorious history, and conducts party history education for cadres and young people, and is highly praised by the local people, known as the "New Era" "Yang Shanzhou". It was commended as "the advanced individuals of the national retired cadres" "advanced retirement cadres". Comrade Zhang Lianyin is a sincere persistence of the initial mission, the vivid practitioner of "two mountain theory", the revolutionary tradition of model heritage.

He believes that it is like a stormy, unloading, retirement does not fade, fight for the party’s career, struggle; he is small from home, falling into the roots, and the people are in a total, with the people’s heart, Sticking to the "New Battlefield" of the green ridiculous mountains and windproof sand; he retires off the army to replace the agronom, live farmers, eat farmers, and always maintain a hard simple style, model inheritance party’s fine tradition, for the majority of party members leading cadres Make a shining model. In order to promote his advanced deeds and sublime, the Central Propaganda Department decided to grant Zhang Lianyin’s title "Time model", call on the leading cadres and military officers and soldiers of the majority of party members, learn from the hero of the party, from the spirit of the Chinese Communists Draw the strength of the effort, more closely and unite in the party center of China’s party as the core, comprehensively implement the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking, based on two big firms, and the big people ", always think together with the people, Together, the wind and rain are in the same boat, and the same is willing to work in the new struggle for greater glory. (Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 18).