Shanxi Carbon Metallic and Industrial Technology Innovation Union

On November 11th, the Shanxi Province carbon-backed carbon and industrial technology innovation consortium jointly launched by 23 students and enterprises and institutions was established in Taiyuan. It aims to promote the low-carbon social construction in our province, energy structure optimization, energy efficiency Enhance the carbon discharge capacity and explore the low-carbon development path of high-carbon industry in our province’s resource-based region. Our province is the national energy province. It is a large province of greenhouse gas emissions. It is also a province with severe climate change.

The consortium will combine the actual situation in our province, through the interpretation of carbon peaks and carbon among and action policies, scientific issues, research and popularity, greenhouse gas monitoring and evaluation, green development consultation and service, etc. Docking and conversion cooperation mechanism, building high-end intelligence strategic platforms, high-level cooperative exchange platforms, scientific and technological achievements transfer transformation platform, high-level talent cultivation platform and carbon-up carbon neutralization platform, to achieve carbon-carbon carbon in Shanxi High quality, efficient, precise service. (Reporter Zhang Liyuan) (Editor: Sang Liyuan, Zhao Fang) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.