Senegal President Sale Meet Wang Yi

  November 28, November 28, November 28, Senegal President Saler met with State Council and Foreign Director Wang Yi in Dakar. Sale asked Wang Yi to convey the sincere greetings of President Xi Jinping. He said that the CPC CPC has a fruitful result.

The cooperation between the two countries promoted the development of Seonland region, profoundly changed the national appearance, and effectively enhanced the economic competitiveness of the plug.

Cai Fang hopes to strengthen cooperation, more people in various fields, and people in all areas. Wang Yi conveyed to Sale to Xi Jinping Chairman’s intimate greetings.

It is said that the two states have established a firm mutual trust and provide strategic lead for the development of the Seminous relations.

China is willing to continue to promote pragmatic cooperation in all areas of the two sides.

  Wang Yi said that China-African Cooperation Forum is a banner of developing a win-win situation and a model of South-South cooperation. Thanks to Celefa’s important role in the construction and development of the forum during the Common Chairman of the Central African Cooperation Forum.

China has always advocated that Africa should become a big stage of international cooperation, not a competitive field of the big country.

China will always be the most sincere partner for the development of Africa. We will firmly practice the commitment of China in the United Nations to be a commitment to developing countries, firmly standing with African partners to jointly maintain the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries.

  Sale said that the plug is highly appreciated from the selfless help of China’s Africa. China advocates global governance of justice, which is fully compliant with the common interests of major developing countries, including Africa.

Unfair international order should change, and African fate should be mastered. Saler said that in 20 years, China-African Cooperation Forum has carried out effective cooperation on the basis of mutual respect, and a series of China’s implementation of the non-real cooperation initiatives fully fits the needs of Africa, and is generally welcomed by African countries. It is expected that the Chairman Xi Jinping personally attended the opening ceremony of the meeting and issued an important speech, which is critical to ensuring the success of the meeting.

  On the same day, Wang Yi took a talks with Eargal Foreign Minister Aishata.

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