Two studies have made · flood control and disaster model: "Listen to the book, listen to the dry department"

With the "bang", on 9:30 on the evening of June 30, the two digging boats rushed down from the water, and he hit the Wulia Bridge. Under the sun, the rumors of "bridge-changing" were very dust.

Wulipan is Jiangxinzhou in the water, and the Wuli Bridge is the only passage of the villagers’ villagers in Wuli Town, Wuxi Town, Luxi County, Hunan Province.

At this moment, the floods that have never had a calf are still rising, and 3300 villagers who are moving emergency have become a bird of shock.

"Don’t panic! Comrade the Armed Police, please continue to search for the unavailing people, the rest of the party members and I will carry the ship!" Chen Xiuzhong is the secretary of the newly selected branch of this year. He clearly knows that if you can’t stabilize your feet, The harm brought by uneasy emotions is likely to be more fierce than floods. At the same time, Liu Xiantao, who has been seventeen, Liu Xiantao, is helping to resettle the victims of the victims. From 6:00 in the morning, Liu Xintao has been busy for 16 hours, and he didn’t take care of it.

He shouted: "Everyone should listen to the governance of government cadres.

"The appearance of the old books played, the crowd of the disturbance gradually, some young people have settled the old child and began to help maintain order and joined the team of rescue.

After half an hour, the good news finally came. After an emergency survey of the professional department, the hitting ship has not caused substantial damage to the Wuli Bridge, and pedestrians can still pass.

Chen Xiuzhong’s heart is finally put down. He quickly divided into a few groups in the mass of the basketball court: "Everyone is now in the team, waiting for a batch to follow me.

I must remember, I will follow me, don’t run more, I will guarantee your safe delivery! "The scene is silent, everyone is quietly looking at Chen Xiuzhong.

Follow him, may face the danger of bridge collapse; stay in the continent, the harm brought by Hongfeng cannot be estimated. Time passed by one bit, and the air as if solidified.

"I listen to the loyalty, I looked at him, he said that I can take me out and definitely!" A elderly villagers stood up and said firmly. "Listen to the book, listen to the dry department, they are not afraid, we are afraid of shrinking, like!" More and more villagers stood up and prepared to override the bridge in Chen Xiuzhong. "I will go first, everyone followed." Wuli Bridge Head, Chen Xiuzhong took the first step. The flashlight is slightly thrown on the bridge, and the floods are filling the flood roar.

When I walked over the impact, the sharp sound of friction between the two digging boats was scared, and Chen Xiuzhong turned his head to encourage everyone: "Inspiring, immediately.

"After coming into the huge shadow of the digging boat. The two men in the bridge slammed their breathing. Although only 10 seconds did a long, Chen Xiuzhong led everyone to the huge shadow of the dug boat, they Accelerate the footsteps and quickly ran toward the bridge.

saved! A ruling villager relied on the armed police, and it was soft and cried.

This head, Liu Xintao also gave sweat in his hand, and saw Chen Xiuzhong walked over with the first batch of villagers. He quickly held the hands of Chen Xiuzhong, as if it was a ritual. Inspiring, Chen Xiuzhong turned again and returned, and then walked up the bridge again.

That night, 3,300 villagers were all insured, no casualties were properly placed.

On July 2, the dredges were drilled into the river through the drilling, and the water level of the Lijiang River fell sharply. Wuli’s villagers returned home to post-disaster reconstruction ….