Xiang Chen smiled,It’s just that the man behind him can’t see the confidence on his face。

Except Momo,No one believes in Xiang Chen’s self-confidence,Ye Qingli closed his eyes,I want to come and I am ready to get a headshot for Xiang Chen。
Duan Long and their three brothers did not speak,But I also felt that Xiang Chen could not complete the challenge in his mouth。
“Good luck,We have to work tomorrow!Don’t want to make any movement!”
The man slowly withdrew the pistol against Xiang Chen’s head。
The muzzle just left Xiang Chen’s head,The man pulled the trigger directly。
A flash of fire,Ye Qingqing is not the only one,Even Duan Long and their three brothers closed their eyes。
Open your eyes again,Just like most people imagine,The ground has been soaked with a layer of red,It’s just that the blood is not from Xiang Chen。
Mo Mo’s hand disease,Fainted her before Ye opened her eyes gently,So as not to let Ye gently see what she shouldn’t。
“I said,Let you see your own egg yolk,I won’t break my promise。and also,You should believe me!”
Xiang Chen pressed the head of the man behind him,As for his expression,Xiang Chen didn’t bother to look again。
Slowly draw the tiger spirit from the man’s throat,A blood stream trickles out。
Xiang Chen did what he blew out,It’s just that the man can’t see the pride of Xiang Chen after finishing。Duan Long’s three brothers are quiet,I didn’t underestimate Xiang Chen before,But now they really found out,It’s not too high to look up at Xiang Chen。
“I’ve been watching the scene for so long,Don’t plan to come out for a chat?”
Xiang Chen turned his head and looked in the direction of the warehouse door,When Xiang Chen’s voice fell,Two middle-aged men who turned to the west appeared at the door。
The moment when two middle-aged people appeared,Mo Mo suddenly became alert,Xiang Chen also shook the tiger soul rhythmically。
“My friend is so good…Pity。”