2021 China Textile and Equipment Hundreds of Enterprises Bagui Walks in Nanning

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The People’s Network is taught by the People’s Network. The B8 八 桂 行 行 行 行 区 区 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的One of important initiatives is an important event held in the first game of "Executive Enterprises" this year.

Through this activity, focus on the transformation and upgrading of Guangxi textile and apparel industries and high-quality development needs. Invite a group of academician experts to lay out for the development of Guangxi textile and apparel industries, attract a group of textile and clothing leaders to Guixing, launch a group of Guangxi textile and clothingKey parks, promoting a group of industrial projects to discuss cooperation, forming new models such as regularization mechanisms, entrusting investment and other investment cooperation, promoting Guangxi textile and apparel industries upgrade to high quality, clustering, high added value upgrade, and enhance the industry chain,The modern level of supply chain is promoted to promote the high quality development of Guangxi.

(Editor: Wang Gongxiao, Huang Yimei).