“I never knew that I also had the passive attribute of helping others,It’s worth it this time!”

Xiang Chen comforted himself,But Yuan Qing on the side didn’t care。
“Not all the young masters teasing Cinderella,Master is tired of playing,Will replace a Cinderella!”
Yuan Qing rolled her eyes,Obviously, I am not optimistic about Han Genji’s broken romance。
Looking at Yuan Qing,Xiang Chen suddenly let out a surprise。
“I’m thinking,I am so weak now,Wouldn’t it be easy for you to kill me?”
Xiang Chen frowned slightly,With a smile on his face。
“go to hell!”
I heard Xiang Chen’s words,Yuan Qing took a few deep breaths,But still didn’t suppress his petty temper,Grabbing the wheelchair from Yan Xiaoyi,Directly pushed Xiang Chen out。
“Mom look,That uncle uses a wheelchair to drift!”A passerby pointed at Xiang Chen, who was driving fast,Eyes full of yearning……
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Seven happy Birthday
There is always an incredible surprise in life,For example, someone won the lottery at random,For example, someone has worked hard for a long time and died,But at an inadvertent moment,Got what I dream of。
So is Wang Qiaoqiao,For the so-called love,She always takes a long-term attitude。
After all living in this society,I have to do my best just to consider supporting myself,Then there are other moods to take care of other things?
But as Han Geunji said,I want to be nice to you,I wanna be with you,After love really comes,It’s especially wonderful。
Although I still wear uniform nurse uniforms during working hours,But Wang Qiaoqiao after get off work,Will change into clothes designed by Han Genji himself。
Wearing new clothes,Sometimes Wang Qiaoqiao doesn’t want to work part-time。In fact, it’s more cost-effective to wear cheap clothes you buy online,Wang Qiaoqiao deeply agrees with this,But she just had to wear clothes designed by Han Genji。