Central Party History and Literature Research Institute – use new media to talk about the new Chinese history

Central Party History and Literature Research Institute – Talking to the Party History New China History News reporter Shi Fang 2020 May 12 07:26 Source: "Super ignition! Party history actually has comics version.

"On April 29th, I saw the party history comics" Daqing Petroleum ", a netizen did not expect. Party history comics from the Central Party History and Literature Research Institute, this party’s history and theoretical research The authority is committed to talking about the new Chinese history of the party history.

"90 after" Doushuo is a cadre of Zhongguancun Street Comprehensive Office in Haidian District, Beijing, like many young people, he likes to play mobile phone, Internet.

At the time of chance to see the short video of the "Open Ceremony", Douu Shuo is very surprised.

"Short video has made ‘interests’ things ‘things’.

"Du Shuo said that" the party history of most heads is very easy to express in short video, and attract young people.

"At present, party history new media products are recognized by netizens. Only short video" Open Coal "exceeds 50 million in total playback volume.

"Someone asked me, 80 years old, why is it necessary to enter the party? My answer is – in order to give a solemn promise!" The white-haired movie performance artist is slow into the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Museum, will peasant Party members’ pages are risking life dangerous to save the story of the paid swearing. This is the scene in the "11th Book" of the Identification and Mission. "Witness the" Eleventh Book "of the initiality and mission" selected the touching story of 11 Communists, including the "Oath", Fu Lie’s "Desperate Book", and Wang Hao "Trust", Lu Deming’s "Marketing", Zhang Dynasty, "Two Books", Chen Yi’an’s "Cordless Script", Xia Munham’s "Justice", Zhao Yiman’s "Show", left right "Decision", Chen Ran’s "Ming Zhi" showed the belief and loyalty of the Communists used life and blood casting, always adhered to the initiality and mission. Since the online, the full range of hits is reached from 100 million, including more than 60% of the audience under the age of 30.

"We must use the true power, the strength of the truth, to make the red gene inherit," said the deputy director of the Seventh Party of the Central Party History and Literature Institute. As the high-end platform of the party’s history and theoretical research, the Research Institute has accumulated rich partial history literature resources. In recent years, the research institute has held an account in the shake, Tencent microsight, Tencent video, Baidu looks video, pear video, etc., and simultaneously conduct video push in multiple network audio-visual platforms, exploring the use of new media platforms The depth development and effectively spread of film and television resources.