Ali Treatment County Dongtuo La Xiong First Level Public Security Check State: Warm "Lonely"

  Aerial view of the cave melaxy Lexiong first-class public security checkpoint.

Change the county public security bureau provided a Dongzhi La Xiong First Class Public Security Inspection Station in the Tibet Plateau, which is located in the reigestion town of Dangtuo Township in the Ali area, 240 kilometers, Western distance Change the county county town 114 kilometers away from 498 kilometers away from Shiquanhe Town, Tung Tuan 317, is one of the main channels entered the Ali area, and also the key line of Ali, known as the East Gate of Ali Region. Dongtuo La Xiong first-class public security checkpoint is about 4680 meters above sea level, the annual air oxygen content is low, the temperature is low, the water vapor content is low, the temperature difference between day and night, strong ultraviolet, belongs to the typical plateau inland sub-tape arhe season, the area One of the most difficult public security checkpoints of natural conditions.

  Since the beginning of 2013, the 4 generations have struggled, and the public auxiliary police in the public security inspection station overcome loneliness and loneliness, picking responsibilities, and give full play to the "bridge" role of the inspection station, silently guarding the Ali area. Dongdaomen, completed a very difficult task, handled a warm people, Huimin students, and won the Tibetan Youth Collective Award, Autonomous Region Police Communications Advanced Unit, Advanced Collective, Ali District Public Security Department, etc. Honorary title. In winter, the public security checkpoint is the most difficult.

Every day is a cold wind, I have passed, and I don’t let every corner here.

The police police on duty are always on the cold wind, and through the traffic flow, check the past personnel, vehicles, etc.

  In 2020, Huang Evin came to the Public Security Inspection Station of the stationmaster. He said, whenever winter is often three weather, morning weather is sunny, the wind is in the afternoon, and the snow is flying in the evening. Although the same work is carried out every day, everyone is ripening, but it is not huge and slack. In order to do a good job in road traffic safety, the police auxiliary police tried a car and the person who passed the inspection station and one person and one person checked the service. Even if the sun is high, but it is just the balustraining, not warm, picking up the driver and passenger hand in a time, and then pass the police terminal to verify the documents, the driver is swaying the window and is cold Forced to do it, standing in the duty police in the cold wind, only the hands, haha, warm and warm frozen hands, smile.

  From Lhasa, after entering the Ali area, the sea level has increased, the weather is difficult, and many tourists are unfamiliar with the local road conditions, often have high and negative, vehicles, etc., here they have become the "transit station" of these people. "Supply Station" and "Love Point".

  On January 2, 2020, he received a tourist. The Public Security Inspection Station immediately organized the public auxiliary police to rescue.

  Since the car walks on the ice, the ice is collapsed, the car is trapped.

In order to be able to rescue trapped vehicles, the public auxiliary police struggled to hang the trailer rope. In the water temperature of about 20 ° C, no one’s disappointment, the ice is hop in the water, hopping into the water, hung the trailer rope, and successfully rescue the tourist vehicle.

When the tourists saw the legs of the legs, they couldn’t help but take off their thick clothes and wrapped the people’s auxiliary police frozen legs.

  …… Over time, everyone knows – there is a police inspection station of La Xiong First Level, such as Ali, Tibet.

  I have been adhering to the harsh environment, and most of the civilian police here suffer from high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and other highly diseases. Long-term overload is their daily day.

  Some people in the people are sick, they can’t take care of; there is something in the family, entrust other relatives and friends to help solve … Many families have caught complaints, but they see busy business, but also distressed. Knowing the responsible, the big husband is also; the responsible person, the big husband is also. Dongzhi La Xiong first-class public security inspection station all the people’s auxiliary police "guarding the initiality, the mission", the loneliness, she has lived loneliness, and she has never adhered to the public security inspection station. I have already used "lonely" to claim, Ali Regional East Gate, as a "safety valve".

(Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.