Shaoxing: Five Asian Games venues all completed

  As the days of the opening of the Asian Games are increasing, the construction of Asian Games venues in Shaoxing also enters the final key stage. The reporter learned from Shaoxing City, the standard of margin and international events, and Shaoxing City invests billion yuan to promote 5 new construction (transformation) projects, including Shaoxing Olympics Center, China Textile City Sports Center and Jianhu Football The training ground Asian Games has been completed, and the Keqiao Yangshan Rock Climbing Center, Shaoxing Wan (Base) Ball Sports Culture Center will be completed before the end of the year.

  Shaoxing Wan (Based) Ball Sports Culture Center will conduct a competition of the baseball and softball project in Hangzhou Asian Games.

The project covers an area of ??245 mu, and the main construction has been completed, and the wall decoration is being promoted, and the internal decoration and 87% of the image have reached 87%. Baseball Project Ribbon includes Baseball Main Park, Training Center, and Physical Training Hall.

Softball project function zone includes a base of the base.

  Shaoxing Bar (Based) Ball Sports Culture Center Designed with Shaoxing’s textile and ribbon as an entry point, let the buildings and platforms link each venue with ribbons and connect with urban streets to become part of the street network. At the same time, the curve elements such as the ribbon, books, and Twa-top, etc., evoke the collective memory of the people in the region.

What is worth paying is that the Soft Ball owner uses the scenic design, which can make the venue in the landscape environment. The roof and ground of the entire project can become a place of public activities. The design of Keqiao Yangshan Rock Climb Center is also quite special. The completed rock climbing center is like a silkworm cocoon, this design refines from the Jiangnan Water Township cultural symbol, and integrates the unique heat of the textile textile, extracts extreme sports such as rock climbing. Medical and dynamic aesthetic lines, introduced the existing landscape of Yangshan Stone City through the way through the frame bokeh, forming a design concept of architectural image and sports theme.

The project has a total area of ??about 18,000 square meters, including approximately 9,000 square meters, including game venues, warm-up venues, indoor venues, etc., current image progress reached 80%, and undertakes the Hangzhou Asian Games Rock climbing competition, 6 gold medals will be produced.

  "Intelligent Asian Games" is a highlight of the China Textile City Sports Center Stadium and Shaoxing Olympics Center Stadium. China Textile City Sports Center Stadium adopts high standard construction intelligent system, multiple special network systems, dedicated security systems, and video systems. After the upgrade, the Olympic Sports Center Asian Games Basketball is equally filled with technology. On the basis of repairing the original settlement ground, all the original sports wood flooring is replaced, which is changed to the resuspensable elastic base layer by the original base layer. Adapt to the requirements of different ball competitions.

  Jianhu football field is located in the Kinghu Tourism Resort in Keqiao District. As the Asian Games football training supporting venues, the total land area is about 52,000 square meters, with a total construction area of ??about 10,000 square meters.

There are four venues in the stadium, including a standard football venue, three football training venues, standard football fields to set a lounge, training room, news reception room, etc., the Asian Games is completed. (Editor: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.