Shanxi Province Rural Housing Building "four-range method and one standard" system implementation and urban and rural housing safety hazard investigation and remediation promotion meeting

  Original title: Blue Fandan In the province’s rural house building "four-range method and one standard" system implementation and urban and rural housing safety hazard investigation and rectification promotion, it emphasizes compaction responsibility to strengthen management to build urban and rural housing sector safety line October 9th, The provincial rural housing construction "four-range law and one standard" system implementation and urban and rural housing safety hazard investigation and remediation will be held.

Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, governor, Blue Fanda, attended and speaking.

He emphasized that we must study the important instructions of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the use of safety management of urban and rural housing construction, conscientiously implement the party Central Committee, the State Council decision-making deployment and the provincial party committee, provincial government work arrangements, further compaction responsibility, strengthen management, and comprehensive promotion Rural Housing Construction "Four Methods and One Standard" System Implementation and Urban and Rural House Safety Hidden True Examination and Rehabilitation, resolutely build a safety line of urban and rural housing sector. Deputy Governor He Tiancai hosted.

Deputy Governor Wu Wei, Wei Wei participated.

  In order to prevent urban and rural housing safety accidents, the province has taken the lead in introducing the approval of rural homesteads, rural collective construction land construction design construction supervision management services, rural self-building planning management methods, rural self-construction housing The management measures for business places and the "four-range laws" such as the Self-built Housing Technical Guide (Standards) of the Rural Homestead, and the implementation of the province will be implemented.

  Blue Fantian affirmed the "four-range law and one standard" to implement the staged results of the hidden dangers of urban and rural housing, pointed out, in-depth implementation of the "four-range law and one standard", strengthen urban and rural housing construction management, is to promote the revitalization of rural villages, build beautiful villages Objective needs is to promote new urbanization, building an objective need of new urban-rural relations, is an objective need to improve people’s life and protect the masses’ lives. All departments at all levels must put this work on an important position, adhere to the target orientation, the problem-oriented, and strive to find a short, the policy will implement the "last kilometer", continue to build the bottom line of housing, improve the quality of living To enhance the people ‘s sense, happiness and sense of security.

  Blue Buddha is requested to ask the next step.

  One is to improve ideological understanding.

Active, due diligence, with a high responsibility of the party and the people, the people’s hearts of the people’s happiness and well-being, and the people’s livelihood project arrested in their hands and grasped results. The second is to strengthen promotional guidance.

Do a good job in the "four-range method and one standard" policy interpretation, improve the knowledge, acceptance and recognition of the people’s policy content and processes. To conduct policy training for the four-level four-level city county, let the cadres people really understand really. Strengthen the illegal land, dispute mediation, etc. The third is to improve the supporting system.

Combined with the actual situation of the city and counties, we will have the process of improvement of supporting policies and implementation rules and operational processes.

Accelerate the construction of urban-rural housing safety management system to form a long-term management mechanism throughout the full life cycle.

Strengthening the information management of urban and rural housing construction, transformation, and changes. Establish a rural architecture craftsman list, improve the management system of farmers’ construction team.

  The fourth is to pay close attention to the implementation of the policy. Improve the coordination mechanisms of various departments and do a good job in policy connection.

Improve management service organization, rationalize the system mechanism, and match the team. Enhance the financial support of house repair, safety hazard investigation and rectification.

Accelerate the promotion of village planning.

Do a good job in the approve and approval, construction technology and other services. The fifth is to strengthen inspection supervision. Establish a normalized inspection mechanism and strengthen the use of inspections.

Intensive business places, personnel intensive venue pioneering review, for the current flood disaster, hidden dangers and impairment investigation verification of urban and rural housing.

Promote the illegal law enforcement rights of house buildings. Blue Buddha is emphasized that it is necessary to compare the responsibility of government responsibility, industry supervision responsibility, property owners and users, and increase accountability, and ensure that urban and rural housing construction uses security management to implement the tasks. At the meeting, the Provincial Agricultural Rural Department, the Provincial Natural Resource Office, the Provincial Housing Department, and the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau reported on the situation, Zhangzhou, Linyi City made a statement.

  The meeting was held in the form of a television conference, the city and county set venue. (Reporter Zhang Jufeng).