The first central decision to enhance the party’s theme

Original title: The first part of the central government decided on July 1, 1941 and the "Decision of Enhanced Party" (Part).

(Central Archives Tibet) On July 1, 1941, the Central Committee adopted the "Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China" (hereinafter referred to as "decision") is the first one in the history of the Communist Party of China. The only one is to enhance partyality The theme, the central document named in the party’s sex. After the all-national anti-Japanese war broke out, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China made a large number of national development of party members, and the number of party members have developed rapidly. This is a new requirement for the party’s construction.

On the other hand, with complex changes in the situation of the anti-war situation, the party and the army have also emerged very dangerous "individualistic" "heroism" "unable organized state" "independent" "anti-concentrated distribution" and other violations The tendency, some in accordance with the problem of politics or even confrontation of the central part; and, at that time, the anti-communistic stubborn molecules and other reactionary forces in the Kuomintang in the Kuomintang adopted a variety of methods, and weakened the power of the Communist Party. The CCPU realized that if these violations of party sexual mistakes were not corrected, they would destroy the party’s unified will, unified actions and unified discipline, so that the party and revolution were lost.

  It is in this context. On March 26, 1941, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on how to enhance the party’s understanding of party nature. Mao Zedong pointed out that the party’s problem is an important issue. It is necessary to implement the cadres above the intermediate level, and the cadres consolidate the party to consolidate. Implement self-criticism is a (piece) that is difficult to do, Lu Xun also said that anatomy is difficult.

For the miscarriage of the cadres, don’t do it.

Our party’s organizational principle is to unite the entire party, but at the same time must struggle, the struggle is to unite. He further proposed: "My party cadre must be obedient to the organization, which is not known to the superior during a period, and Isolate, I have to bear it.

It is possible to get it.

"The meeting decided that Wang Jiaxiang is responsible for drafting decisions on enhanced partyality.

This decision passed on the Central Political Bureau of the Central Committee on July 1. The "decision" lists the performance of the party’s sex, such as political free action, arbitrarily, Yang Baoyin Personal interests are above all problems, etc., etc., etc. and wrong tendencies.

"Decision" analyzes the cause of violations of party spirit, such as long-term rural revolutionary environment, the dispersion of guerrilla war, and the complexity of party members in the anti-Japanese war unified front environment. "Decision" puts forward the way to correct violations of party spirit, and enhance part of party spirit, including strengthening central leadership, brave self-criticism, strengthen theoretical learning, strengthen the party’s discipline education, and serious party. "Decision" emphasizes that the Chinese Communist Party should become more necessary, politically, organized completely consolidated Bolshvik’s party, all party party members and party components to unite will be united in uniform will, unified action and unified discipline. Become an organizational whole. "Decision" clearly proposes: "The main job of consolidating the party is to request the party members, especially the cadres, and the party members of the cadres have more enhanced their party’s sexual exercise. The interests of the whole party make the whole party can unite like a person. "

  This "decision" to enhance the theme of partyality, highlighting the consciousness of the Communist Party of China to strengthen its own construction and the courage to self-revolution.

"Decide" with the authority of the central document, the party’s concept, connotation and enhancement method, which have attracted the attention and in-depth thinking of the party’s problem, and enhance the party’s sense of party members, especially leading cadres. The political attitude of party members and cadres increases the political theory level of party members and cadres, and has an active role and profound impact on the party’s construction in the War of Resistance Japanese War. Since then, the party’s concept has begun to entered the field of the party’s construction, and party spiritual requirements have become the basic requirements for each Communist Party member, and the "decision" has also become an important part of the party’s sexual education.