Construction Bank Heilongjiang Branch "Entrepreneurship Guarantee Loan" to help small and micro enterprises

People’s Network Harbin October 25th is affected by new coronal pneumonia, some industrial enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households engaged in service industries. Construction Bank Heilongjiang Branch actively practiced the social responsibility of the state, relying on the policy dividends, using financial science and technology power to "loan" the small micro private enterprise entrepreneurship.

Walk into the rivet room in Harbin Spring City Power Station Parts Co., Ltd., located in Acheng, Harbin, and a burst of heat waves, and workers are stepping up the production of boiler accessories.

"These workers are new in February this year, all nearby villagers, come to work, not only stable income, we also pay the ‘five insurance and one gold’, you can employ at home, they don’t have much happy!" Li Maocheng, general manager of Harbin Chuncheng Power Station Parts Co., Ltd., introduced that after years of development, enterprises have obtained the qualification of a large-scale enterprise upstream accessories in 2010. Nowadays have developed to more than 40, with an annual output value of more than 20 million yuan. Its production of boiler parts, forging accessories, etc. have already played a brand in the industry.

When the business is running in a hurry, it is affected by the epidemic, rising raw materials, and the enterprise faces the shortage of liquidity.

Construction Bank Harbin Acrouvel Branch Office of the Office of the Liaison Liaison Learn after the actual difficulties of the enterprise, actively help the company contact, through the "venture warranty" fund pool, relying on "cloud tax loan" products to grant 1130,000 yuan, solving The urgency of the business.

"We support small micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households through ‘entrepreneurial warranty’, and also help government departments to regulate small and micro enterprises’ operation development.

The branch is expected to implement 5 households in ‘entrepreneurship guarantery’ credit support before the end of the year, and credit 4.5 million yuan, and fiscal and interest is more than 50,000 yuan, which will reduce the financing cost of regional small and micro enterprises.

"Construction Bank Harbin Acropers, Liu Yan, said. It is understood that" entrepreneurial guarantee loans "is the construction bank Heilongjiang Branch Harbin Puyi Center of Harbin and the Harbin Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, through CCB products and Entrepreneurship guarantee loan interest policy combined, service micro-enterprises. Small micro enterprises can enjoy the financial interest policy in the premise of meeting the CCB loan conditions.

Up to now, the construction bank Heilongjiang Branch has identified the "entrepreneurial guarantee loan" project billion dollars for the Harbin region, and 143 enterprises, saving the company’s loan interest for more than 1.5 million yuan.

"As a ‘entrepreneurial guarantee loan" project organizer, we have fulfilled social responsibility, helping companies to start business, and assist social increase.

Xu Changhua, General Manager of Harbin Puyi Center, Harbin, Heilongjiang Branch.

(Yang Xuenan, Qin Yizhen, Jiang Yizhi) (Editor: Wang Yan, Li Zhongshuo) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

19 Provincies en districten die de Yangtze River History Story Yangtze River Basin Museum Alliance leiden

De Yangtze River Basin Museum Union onthuld. Network Liu Ha?tiaans Fotolid, plaatsvervangend directeur Guan Qiang, gaf een toespraak en onthuld voor de alliantie, de plaatsvervangend directeur van het Nationaal Cultureel Relics Museum en Sociale Cultuur, Sichuan Provinciaal Cultureel en Toerisme Vice-directeur, Provinciaal Cultureel Relief Bureau Director Wang Yizhi verwelkomt De woorden, de relevante rechtstreekse eenheid van het Nationaal Cultureel Relics Bureau en de leiders van de Provincial Cultural Relics Department of the Yangtze River Basin, de Bondgenootschap ge?nitieerde eenheden en de eerste lideenheden zijn verantwoordelijk voor meer dan 100 mensen om bij te wonen, en waarachter de vestiging van de Basin Museum Alliance Yangtze.

Guan Qiang wees erop dat de Yangtze River Basin Museum Alliance een nieuwe fase is, nieuwe concepten uitoefent, een nieuw patroon bouwt en de integratie van het resource en het openen van het Yangtze River Basin Museum, volledig spelen aan het Demonstration Lood- en Stralings-effect, het openen van de integratie van de Yangtze , bevordering van de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van de Yangtze River-economie is van groot belang. Hij vroeg de alliantie, een, om het politieke station te verbeteren, de juiste richting te begrijpen; ten tweede, we moeten zich houden aan de hervorming en innovatie, de ontwikkelingskwaliteit verbeteren; de derde is om de studieverklaring te versterken, praat over het verhaal van Yangtze; Vierde is om de uitwisseling van uitwisselingen uit te breiden, convergentie te bevorderen, om de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van de Yangtze River-economie te bevorderen, voldoen aan de behoeften van het betere leven van de mensen, en een positieve bijdrage brengt aan de constructie van socialistische culturele krachten.

12.7%! China’s economy is steady (Wanghai Building)

  The "14th Five-Year Plan" started, and the Chinese economy continued to take a slap. On July 15th, China’s economic transcript announced in the first half of the year: GDP is 53.2167 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth%, and average growth in two years. The Chinese economy experienced the epidemic "Test" is a steady road, showing powerful toughness and strong vitality.

Many foreign media noticed that the Chinese economy continued to return to a good situation, "Washington Post" quote experts point of view, "China’s economic growth trajectory is returning to normal." Bloomberg believes that data in the second quarter shows that China can easily achieve more than 6% of economic growth this year and continue to pull global commodities and industrial markets.

  This shining China’s "medium volume" is also the first half of the year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", which is attractive. From international perspective, new crown pneumonia epidemics is still spread globally, the world economic recovery task is very difficult, and countries are seeking development.

From the perspective of domestic, the year of the opening of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the first step in China is crucial.

How to start starting? "Steady reinforcement, stabilized" – China’s economic data has been answered in the first half of the year.

  Sustaining, the economic recovery foundation is more secure. Not only the economic growth rate, consumption, investment, export "three driving carriages" is not good, the growth rate is obvious, and the economic recovery support is stronger.

From the perspective of people’s livelihood indicators such as employment, income, price, the development temperature of warm heart.

In the first half of the year, the national urban new employment was 6.98 million, completed the annual target; the per capita disposable income of the whole country was 176,42 yuan, and the economic growth was basically synchronized; the consumption of residents rose year-on-year, the price increase was moderate, and the people’s livelihood guarantee continued to improve.

  Sustaining, the quality of economic development is better.

At the moment, all kinds of risk challenges are both pressure testing of economic and social, and also brings new development window. Tightly seize the development opportunities, China’s economic structure adjustment optimization, the increase in economic growth in the first half of the year, the contribution rate of economic growth reaches 53%; the innovative energy can continue to increase, the higher-tech manufacturing, the above-scale high-tech manufacturing, the average growth%; quality benefits Overall increase, the total profit of industrial enterprises over the previous month increased in May. All localities and all walks of life have worked hard into the new journey, and the economic society shows a vibrant new weather.

  Looking around the world, you can feel the heavy component of this "period medium volume". Affected by the epidemic, the issue of supply and demand in the global market is highlighted, and the Chinese foreign trade enterprises have increased the number of horsepower to promote production, rush orders, imports, and export commodities, which strongly guarantees the security and stability of the international industrial chain supply chain.

Up to now, China has provided 500 million new crown vaccine and stock solutions to more than 100 countries and international organizations around the world, equivalent to 1/6 of the current global new crown vaccine.

The strong growth of China’s economy is both an important part of the world economic recovery, which will form a huge push force.

  At present, the situation in China and abroad is complicated and varied, and the risk challenge still exists. Economic growth is not balanced. SME production and operation is facing pressure, employment structural contradictions are still highlighted, but it is necessary to see that the economic continuous and stable recovery is still there, and the water supply and demand will be unchanged. At the same time, valuable confidence from the market further enhances the former action.

The manufacturing procurement manager index has been within 16 months; with the continuous recovery of consumption, food, accommodation, tourism, etc. accompanied by domestic epidemics, accommodation, and tourism, the market main body is constantly climbing to future economic growth. In the first half of the year, there is also a series of data very good: the new crown vaccination in the country broke through 1.4 billion doses, and more than 700 million employees have worked hard, and more than 100 million migrant workers set foot to the road to go out … This coordinated epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development The results, this is not easy to start, in order to open the party centron’s strong leadership of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, in order to open the wisdom and sweat of hundreds of millions of people.

In 2021, "the second half" has been opened, we must steadily enter, continue to struggle, boost China’s economy, ride, continue to have a strong recovery, and write a new article for "14th Five-Year Plan".

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Baiyun District implements four major projects to promote urban refinement management

On August 18, the reporter learned from Baiyun District that based on the "2021 Baiyun District City Fine Management Action Plan", Baiyun District focuses on "strong base" "intensive" "chaos" " "Four major projects, fully promote urban refinement management, create a good urban environment, and further enhance urban civilization quality.

Baiyun District has developed "2021, white cloud district, urban refinement management action," 2021, white cloud district, urban refinement management action, etc. in the lack of road facilities and lack of road facilities and park management, " Plan ", adhere to the problem-oriented, goal orientation, and results or guide, surround the urban business circle, municipal road, park square, etc. within the ring line, and carry out urban refinement management work.

In terms of implementing the "Strong Branch" project, Baiyun District focuses on urban management intelligence construction, relying on "Wisdom Baiyun", improving urban refined management database; establishing "smart city management" command dispatching system, integrating "12345" hotline, " Guiyang people shoot " Management command dispatches real-time, actual combat, practical; continue to promote smart road lights, smart parks, smart toilets, smart management networks, etc. Enhance the comprehensive quality and law enforcement ability of law enforcement personnel, and vigorously promote the application of "smart law enforcement", promote the use of the urban management law enforcement unit equipment, realize timely dispatching command, enhance the comprehensive administrative law enforcement ability. In terms of implementing "intensive" project, Baiyun District carefully promoted the classification of domestic garbage in the pilot community, regulating the construction of community garbage castle points, realizing the effective connection between community garbage classification, classification collection and classification and transportation, classification disposal, strive to complete 5 street 5 Pilot community’s domestic waste classification project; strengthen urban environment hygiene, do a good job in road cleaning, increase the road to the road, reasonably arrange the wrong peak cleaning, carry out the municipal facilities cleaning, provide a good urban environment for the public; implement the farmer market Improve the transformation, promote the overall improvement of the hardware environment of the urban farmers market and the transformation and upgrading of traditional business models. At present, the construction of the multi-cavery farmer market and the Hongshan Red Farmers market renovation will be promoted; implementing construction site standardization management, strengthening the implementation of the construction site Special governance, vigorously promote the construction site intelligence supervision, strive to achieve "6 100%" on site management this year, build a clean, civilized, orderly construction environment; implement construction waste disposal, carrying out construction garbage Transport vehicle governance, strengthen construction of construction waste transport vehicles, carry out source governance of construction sites, strengthen construction waste disposal field management.

In terms of implementing "governing" projects, the district has used normally civilized urban normalized chemicals, and vigorously implemented the road management and rectification, the city’s main road, back street alleys, green plazas, pedestrian bridge, underground channels, and school around , The occupation of key regions such as the station, large urban complex, has a comprehensive management, and the problem of hotspots, difficulties, pain points, and launched law enforcement actions; carry out outdoor advertising and door-headed plaques, for urban access, Welcome line, the main road and outdoor public places, the city’s key sections and the various outdoor advertisements around the city, and the outdoor advertisements around the project will conduct a comprehensive cleanup norm; implement the illegal operational governance, severely crack down on various illegal operation chaos, currently The order of the district transportation market has been significantly improved, and the illegal operations are effective, and the illegal operation vehicles have been significantly reduced; implement "three cars" governance, strictly investigate "three cars" red light, reverse driving, illegally manned, do not follow the regulations Safety helmets and other traffic violations, fully create a good road traffic order. In terms of implementation of "Correction" project, Baiyun District has solidly carried out standardized remediation of urban brightization facilities, and the urban main road light and the accessory facilities are checked, renovated and replaced; implement urban greening, the number of Bo Avenue, Yunfeng Avenue , Nanhu Road, Nanhu East Road, Central Road and other green landscapes are replaced by seedlings and replacement, replanting replaces, carrying out a new round of "The City of Qianyuan", strengthening the management of Quanhu Park, Colorful Lake Park, etc. Implementing the improvement of human sidewalk rectification, strengthening inspection maintenance on sidewalk facilities, fixing the sidewalk of old, potholes damage, carrying out special rectification actions for the fine management of human sidewalk; implementing 30 back street alleys, currently rectifying improving projects are promoting middle. (Editor: Li Yongxin (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see recommendation reading.

China Construction Seventh Bureau City Investment Company Operation Company creates a happy life convenience project

2 a 24-hour unmanned supermarket is located in the beach of Butterfly Lake Forest Park, and the Butterfly Park, the butterfly-style small house, through the landing glass door, supermarket shelf, full of food, various food, drink, cold drink Ice cream and other commodities, neat display, clear price, for public, tourists need.

Self-help convenience, the people of the people "do not fight". "You use WeChat to sweep the QR code, pay attention to the WeChat applet, you can enter the supermarket directly, pick it up, put the shopping basket into the designated checklue table, you will automatically display on your phone. The billing bill details.

"According to the small program, Mr. Yang quickly learned the relevant operations, and experienced a self-service shopping in the unattended supermarket.

Mr. Yang smiled and said that in this unmanned supermarket, it is still very convenient. The key is that it is 24 hours, but it can be purchased, and through "no contact shopping method", effectively reduces people and people In contact, reducing the propagation risk during the epidemic, which is very convenient for people who live near nearby residents, tourists, and is very convenient and safe.

Ms. Guo, who is buying a beverage, is also deeply shameless: "It is not only available all day, providing us convenient, but I noticed some rice, food is poverty alleviation goods from mountainous areas, while shopping, we can also poverty alleviation The help of the help of the business, it is really two, "(China Construction Seventh Bureau Cao Cong) (Editor: Huang Sha, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

De conceptgroep van Sino-Nanxian bezocht de "Tibetaanse opera" om de charme van culturele charme te voelen

  China Jong netwerk Peking 12 november (Reporter Li Yanlong) op 10 november Communicatie-interactie tussen de ontwikkelingscontrole.

  De eerste batch van niet-materiaal cultureel erfgoed in het land – YAHAZZA XUEBA TIBET PLAY IN ZHAXI, de oorsprong, ontwikkeling en erfenis, daarom is er de schoonheid van het eerste dorp Tibetaans.

Via het veld bezoeken en uitwisselingen voelen de teamleden niet alleen de kenmerken van de Gemeenschap, en diepgaand, diepgaand, het leven van lokale dorpsbewoners worden daadwerkelijk weerspiegeld in de integratie van nationale culturele uitwisselingen. In de afgelopen jaren heeft ZHAXI Quadden Community gehandeld aan het hoofdgehalte van de Tibetaanse Tibetaanse cultuur en integreert de oude cultuur met het homestay-toerisme, realiseert echt de tweerichtingsrol van culturele overerving en economische ontwikkeling.

Het betreden van de gemeenschap Zashira, nette straat steegje en de Tibetaanse Tibetaanse cultuur heb ik toegang tot de hele gemeenschap hebben een culturele sfeer. Onder leiding van de divisie van de Wuhan Aid Engineer Xiawen bezocht het team de lokale levenservaring van de lokale dorpsbewoners. 6e B & B dorp Dava, ruime landelijke binnenplaats, schoon en opgeruimd huislay-out, en speciale Tibetaanse culturele elementen, waardoor het hele Homestay-omgeving uniek comfort. Het prachtige landschap is mooier en de Dava-familie serveert ook de teamleden met hun eigen zoete thee.

In de uitwisseling met de Dava-familie, leerde het team hoe de Zashi Subden-gemeenschap zich heeft ontwikkeld tot het eerste dorp van Tibetaanse Tibetanen van een armoede en heeft een diep begrip van de oude Tibetaanse cultuur. De revitalisering van het homestay-toerisme, laat de oude Zashi Subden-gemeenschap nieuwe vitaliteit hebben uitgegeven in de uitwisseling van communicatie met alle etnische groepen. Onder het juiste leiderschap van het feest en de onbaatzuchtige hulp van het Toerisme-team van Wuhan Tourures, is Zani Squin Community in het verleden een mooi en leefbaar platteland geworden, dat vandaag een mooi en leefbaar platteland is geworden, in alle nationale toeristen van overal het moederland.

De Zashikaden-gemeenschap nauw samenwerken met toeristen van alle etnische groepen, een meer inclusieve en open functie hebben.

Evenzo onthult het enthousiasme van de dorpelingen en toeristen van alle etnische groepen de nationale geest van het volk van alle etnische groepen. Door loopbezoek aan de Tibetaanse cultuur die basis en de dorpelingen diepgaande communicatie uitvoeren, zijn de teamleden van mening dat de huidige gemeenschap Zani Rubden een cultuur is van culturele uitwisselingen en mengen. De teamleden zeiden dat de Zhaxi Rosen-gemeenschap echt cultureel wordt gekweekt als de Tibetaanse culturele veldcultuur. Onder de multi-etnische gereden, wisselen de echt beoefenaars van multi-etnische mensen uitwisselen uitwisselen en mengen.

  Dit veld bezoeken, laat het team diep voelen van het culturele en culturele erfenis van de grassroots-gemeenschap, getuige van de erfenis en innovatie van Tibetaanse cultuur en innovatie om de mensen van alle etnische mensen te maken om symbiose te integreren. Mooi leven. Editor de leiding: Li Yanlong.

Change the screen, the small disease is … don’t let the mobile phone to repair "small black house"!

There is no problem in the inner screen, and the screen is going to switch.

You can only change the assembly, the inside and outside.

Facing the same shredded screen mobile phone, the solution given by different maintenance personnel may be large enough to make consumers. The reporter survey found that in addition to the standard chaos, many merchants still have problems in the mobile phone repair process, with a good, small disease, and other issues, need to standardize the rectification.

What should I repair if chaos change? The reporter took a single screen with a crack but did not affect the normal operation, and visited a number of stores.

On Chaoyang Road, there is a special mobile phone repair counter in a China Mobile Office. The maintenance personnel took a preliminary examination of the mobile phone, indicating that your inner screen is no problem, you can change the outer screen, 240 yuan, 20 minutes can get it. When the reporter tried to bargain, the other party followed the cheap, generally not warranty, and if I change it, I can warmed for three months.

The reporter further questioned how to exchange the screen, the maintenance personnel flakes, this is not to manage, since we are doing this, there must be a way. Not far away, such a counter can also be seen in the corner of a Di Xin Tongmen. You can only change the screen assembly, which is to change the inside and outside, because they are a whole and cannot be opened.

But like you, this inner screen itself is not bad, you can go to exchange.

What is redemption? The maintenance personnel explain that it is to remove your screen assembly, and there is new in the inside and outside.

This kind of affordable, manufacturers will take you with this screen. If your inner screen is broken, it will be 450 yuan minimum. The maintenance personnel turn out two small boxes from the cabinet.

Two kinds of screens, this is a domestic screen, also called the assembly screen, the screen color will be light, and if the exchange is 150 yuan. After finishing, he took the drawer and took out a screen without any brands from the simple bubble bag. This is the original pressure screen. It is the same as you now. You don’t look at the packaging, the quality is guaranteed, exchange It is 200 yuan down. In the drawer, there are many bulk screens like this, and only the difference between each other is the model from the marker note. Like you, the reason you can redeem, mainly because the screen is also useful. After processing, it will be like these original pressure screens.

Looking at the reporter is a little hesitant, the maintenance personnel added again, those who only have external screens, many of the small machine processing, will be fried, there is a bit similar to the film is not posted, there is bubble. As for how long it can be used, it will not be able to touch your luck. Still direct change assembly, the disassembly is also convenient, and the top is 15 minutes. About 1 km, a mobile phone repair store in the door of a convenience store also provides a switch service.

Your inner screen is good, so only the money of the remote screen, the total set is 180 yuan.

Only about the wall of this layer of glass, go to the factory.

The maintenance person said that there is a spot in the screen of the store, but there is no packaging, in fact, it is removed from someone else’s mobile phone. The outer screen has changed new, and there is no problem. Save it like you, there will be someone to work. There are mobile phone repair counters at another supermarket entrance, and the reporter once again heard the initial statement. Only about the external screen, 240 yuan, this will be finished for a while. The maintenance personnel referred to a small machine on the table. After heating, it will separate the glass outside, and then re-install a layer, it is guaranteed that it is not delayed.

Unlike some of the quality difference, you can’t use the fingerprint identification.

Question No matter how much it is necessary to use the traditional offline maintenance, more and more online maintenance seem to be more convenient, but it seems more professional, but the issue of exposure Many. On the black cat complaint platform, many consumers questioned the quality of online maintenance.

At that time, the mobile phone was only broken, but it still can be used normally. There will be no handle tickets in a few days after switching.

So I gave me a screen.

After three days, the screen appeared on the screen, and the color was green, and then the customer service said it was my own problem and did not replace it.

On November 8, the complaintr found that the mobile phone could not boot, and then call the supervisor staff. After the next day, they confirmed that the screen is intact, no one is damaged.

The company’s quality inspection department read the video of the mobile phone damage, not for the warranty and replacement, saying that if you want to solve it, you can only let the order again, pay the fee to continue repair. If you return it again, then change to the 2 screen similar to the above two screens? When is this? They took my ability to use the shredded screen, and the money was taken. I only had a mobile phone that can’t use it, and I can’t turn it on. Another group choosing the complaintr of the order of the order.

It was said that the non-people were damaged for half a year.

However, after the screen is changed, the mobile phone has been restarted. It can restart 30 times a day, and the other party can’t say the reason, and the screen is changed.

After that, occasionally restart, think about it, no replacement.

Now fell, I didn’t fall, I didn’t press it, put it on the desktop, ready to plug in charger charging, the result is suddenly black screen, wait for it again, the screen will spend.

This complaint person contacted the customer service of Flash, the other party replied that it was caused by human extrusion, I used it to use, charged electricity. If you want to repair, you have to pay 499 yuan to change the same screen as before. Isn’t this a clear-eyed deceived consumer? Say good 180 days of warranty? Compared with the home repair, I can’t see it, and I can’t touch the delivery repair, which makes the consumer have no bottom.

According to Mr. Yang, he originally sent mobile phone to replace the external screen and back glass, but after receiving the phone, by querying serial number data, I learned that the phone except memory, the hard disk is replaced.

He called the engineer’s no fruit, and the customer service staff did not do after-sales service.

Lifting the delivery and repair, the lady is also uneasy. Once the phone leaves the line of sight, I don’t know what the other party will do, not only the components may be replaced, and it will face the risk of privacy leaks.

Remind the procedure for the backup process in advance, in fact, offline and online mobile phone repair is not completely cut, sometimes it can also form linkage. A few days ago, the Shanghai police successfully knocked off a online customer service low price, the fraud group of false repairs in the store, and arrested 20 suspects headed by Wu, more than 30 million yuan in the country.

In this case, the police have been investigated and found that the online customer service will arrange a special person to maintain the operation of various types of search websites, ensuring that consumers are prioritizing the store and contact information of the gang when searching for the related mobile phone repair keywords, and misleading Consumers use the store as a brand official repair point. After the consumer is inactive, the customer service will give a quote below the market price according to a complete set of speaking in advance, and give the customer to the physical store repair. If there is no physical store in the city, it will guide the customer to mail the phone to repair.

Offline maintenance is carried out by the gang to recruit the entity mobile phone repair shop from all over the world. It is generally equipped with one store manager and 3 engineers. According to the case of the case, after the customer arrives in the store, the engineer will first try to let customers approve the so-called risk protocol, then take the detection and maintenance as an excuse, bring the phone to the maintenance between the mobile phone, so that it is separated from the customer sight.

After the fictional, fabrication, exaggerating mobile phone failure and manufacturing black screen, can’t boot, etc., forcing customers to agree to pay high maintenance costs. In fact, the so-called original accessories are counterfeit or second-hand accessories, and some do not even replace at all. If the customer refuses to repair, the engineer will also secretly remove the original accessories to the original accessories. The problem of mobile phone maintenance is inherent in the information asymmetry, the charge is opaque, where is the phone? How to repair? What is changed? How much is it? These have lack corresponding standards, and there are many vulnerabilities. Consumers can only be in the passive situation. As a senior employee of mobile phone repair, Zhao Qiang recommends that consumers have made data backups in advance and restore their mobile phones to the factory settings or open maintenance models to protect personal privacy.

During the maintenance process, try not to let the phone leave the line of sight.

It is expected that there will be more management rules in the future to promote industry purification, reversing people’s negative impression on mobile phone repairs, and makes consumers less into the way.

In addition, the police also reminded that no matter what kind of repair method, you must remember two points. First, choose a regular channel. Second, after the maintenance service is completed, it is important to retain relevant maintenance and transaction vouchers, which will be traveled afterwards.

(Original title: Survey | Change the screen, small disease Captail & hellip; & hellip; don’t let mobile phone into repair small black house) Source: Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Zong Yuanyuan Process Editor: U010 Copyright Notice: Text copyright All the Beijing News Group, no credit is not permitted, no reproduced or adapted.

Deliven the one who creates a newborn

  [Remembrance] Delo, the people who create new students – remember Guangdong test tube baby "first person" Chen Yuanben Guangming Daily reporter Wu Chunyan Wang Zhongyao 2020 points on April 7th, Chen Yuanben, enjoy 89 years old. The pioneer of my country’s reproductive medicine, Guangdong test tube infant "First Person", the founder of Guangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Research Institute, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, will always leave the world that he worked hard to create a new life. The ancestral home of Guangdong South China Sea, Chen Yuanben, who was born in 1930, is growing in the era of revolutionary war in the firefighting and smoke.

I have affected the father of the patriotic soldiers, Chen Yuanben has self-improvement since childhood, for the spirit of the country. Chen Yuanben’s information on the eve of the founding of New China, Chen Yuanben, who participated in the various anti-Japanese national salvation activities organized by the school in Yuebei, refused to advise him to study abroad, stayed in the motherland.

As a first-generation college student in New China, Chen Yuanben, who graduated from Zhongshan Medical College in 1955, established a life goal contributed through modern medical treatment.

  After being assigned to the Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Maternity Academy of Medicine, Zhengzhou City, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Chen Yuanbin completed the multi-patient complex huge bladder vaginal leakage procedures, and took the lead in the cervical cancer of cervical cancer in Henan Province. The first example of cervical cancer in Henan Province was carried out.

  In 1978, Chen Yuan was introduced into the Guangzhou Second People’s Hospital (now the Third Affiliated Third Hospital Affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University), and sensitively realized the driving role of technology on modern medicine. "’Technology Xing Doctor’ is the way to pass." He once said. At the time, only Shanghai Fudan University, Hunan Medical University and other colleges and other colleges and universities conducted research on cell genetics and human chromosome preparation research. Chen Yuanben hosted the first cell genetic laboratory in Guangzhou in 1978, filled in South China. blank. It is in just one year, only a laboratory of simple required equipment, Chen Yuanben leads the team successfully prepared the peripheral blood chromosome, and later discovered the world’s first report. At the end of 1986, the Ministry of Health will capture infertility as a "Seventh Five-Year" research project, Chen Yuanbin took the initiative to carry out this very forward-looking study. At that time, the domestic test tube infant studies just started, can one municipal hospital? "There is no difficulty in the world, as long as you will climb." Chen Yuanben answered questions about the leadership of the hospital and the Municipal Health Bureau and got their support.

  "Don’t pass unknown." Chen Yuan has recalls that test tube infant technology involves multi-disciplines such as human life medicine, embryology, reproductive endocrine, obstetrics and gynecology, in order to prepare tens of thousands of words "human auxiliary reproductive technology outline" He looked over more than 100 foreign languages, and he worked almost a day and night, explored its own technical process system.

Preparation from cases, induce ovulation, follicular development, timely taking steps in eggs, sperm access, in vitro fertilization and cultivation, embryo transfer, Chen Yuanben leads team step by step, all overcome.

  On September 15, 16, 16, the first example of Guangdong Province, the second example of the test tube baby was born, the news was out, causing a lot of sensation, Guangdong became the third in Beijing, the third in China province.

Since the first test tube baby is born, Chen Yuanben continued to explore in reproductive medicine, and successively launched a number of front-edge derivative technologies such as peclate single sperm injection, embryonic stem cell technology, cytosol core.

Today’s Wide Medical Third Hospital has developed into one of the largest reproductive medical centers in Guangdong Province. "Guangming Daily" (April 20, 2020).

2019 Taipei Marathon begint meer dan 40 Shanghai-spelers om deel te nemen aan de competitie

People’s Daily online Taipei, 15 december (Reporter Sun Liji, Chen Xiaoxing) op de 15e, om 6:30 in de ochtend, "2019 Taipei Marathon" opende in Taipei City.

10.000 deelnemers, waaronder meer dan 40 Shanghai Marathon-liefhebbers namen deel aan het spel. Volgens rapporten is dit jaar de eerste start van Taipei Marathon via het internationale spoor en veld (IAAF) Copper-labelcertificering, het aantrekken van deelnemers uit 62 landen en regio’s. Shanghai en Taipei sportbureau ondertekenden de "Taipei Marathon en Shanghai Marathon Exchange Cooperative" in augustus 2016, de Memorandum zal deelnemen aan de Moulass-evenement dat elk jaar door de andere partij wordt gehouden. Dit jaar is geen uitzondering.

De Running Group Taipei Marathon Shanghai bestaat uit meer dan 40 personen. Hoofd, plaatsvervangend directeur van het Shanghai Sports Bureau, Yang Pei, is een van de pioniers van Shanghai Marathon.

26 jaar geleden leidde hij mensen van planningsroutes en opende hij het nummer en de president van het evenement was lang.

Yang PEI heeft ge?ntroduceerd dat Shanghai en Taipei Sports-samenwerking meer dan 600 Shanghai-spelers aan Taipei zijn georganiseerd om deel te nemen aan wedstrijden en Taipei organiseerde ook 800 tot 900 spelers aan Shanghai Marathon.

De twee partijen leren van elkaar, die niet alleen de verbetering van het milieuontwerp van de twee plaatsen bevordert, maar ook sterk verbetert het niveau van organisatorisch beheer.

Hij zei dat Marathon een nationale fitnessoefening is die mensen werkt en uithoudingsvermogen.

"Door de uitwisseling van marathons, laat de civiele spelers elkaar begrijpen, vooral door het platform van Marathon, basketbal, gymnastiek en andere projecten brengen.

"Laatste maand, Li Zi Li, Li Zhai, Li Zhai, de sportdirecteur van Taipei, gaf een groep om de marathon te bezoeken, en ook persoonlijk" alle paarden "liep.

Deze keer liep Yang Pei-bende ook en nam actief deel aan de demonstratie van het werkteam.

De Shanghai-runner van deze wedstrijd heeft zowel administratief personeel, docenten, ondernemers en gewone burgers. Een van de spelers was het meest opvallend. Hij is de Tafeltennis Olympische kampioen Wang Liqin.

Als molecuul van het Shanghai sportbureau heeft Wang Liqin ook deelgenomen aan Taipei om deel te nemen aan twee kanten van de jonge basketbaluitwisseling.

Hij zei dat de sfeer van Taipei Marathon erg goed is.

Wang Liqin zei dat tak sporten uitwisselingen, met name adolescente sportuitwisseling, helpen om het niveau van training aan beide zijden van de Straat te verbeteren, waardoor het coachingniveau van de coaches kan verbeteren, waardoor sporttalenten aan beide kanten beter te cultiveren. Zhang Zhanhui, een lang, is een roadcoach. Deze keer leidde hij 16 studenten samen; 61-jarige Qian Dameing heeft meer dan 30 marathon, ik heb zojuist deelgenomen aan Kaohsiung in februari van dit jaar, hij is met name op zijn Gezicht "GOGO" en andere trucs, om de "holte aanpassing" van Shanghai-mensen te tonen; Zhang Hanard van Foshan in Guangdong, de eerste marathon is geselecteerd in Taipei. Hij zei: "Het is erg blij van het vasteland naar Taipei.

"2019 Taipei Marathon vervolgt nog steeds de stedelijke attractie-route van het voorgaande jaar, om meer in overeenstemming te zijn met de competitie-normen en het comfort van de hardloper verbeteren, het aantal moeilijkere hoeken te verminderen. Bovendien, wat intieme kleine details, dergelijke AS: Uitgangspunt en het eindpunt heeft een "WAN People’s naammuur" opgezet; een groot LED-dynamisch tankscherm in de track instellen, en de speler heeft de mogelijkheid om zijn naam te zien en de informatie aan te moedigen die het bijtanken aanmoedigt bericht.

De hele marathon, zoals verwacht, de eerste drie van mannen en vrouwen zijn Kenia-spelers.

De herenkampioen werd verkregen door Kennethmburumungara, Kenia, een score van 2 uur en 14 minuten, 54 seconden, en de vrouwenkampioen is Kenia’s Antoninakwambai, de score is 2 uur en 31 minuten en 27 seconden.

Dit jaar regelde Fujian-provincie fiscaal 18 miljard yuan om de verbetering van de stedelijke en landelijke bouwkwaliteit te ondersteunen.

Originele titel: dit jaar zal het provinciale fiscaal 1,8 miljard yuan regelen ter ondersteuning van de stedelijke en landelijke bouwkwaliteit om het volledige spel van speciale fondsen ten volle te spelen, de stedelijke kwaliteit en het geluk van de massa’s te verbeteren. Het provinciale ministerie van Financi?n, de Provinciale Afdeling Financi?n. Afdeling van huisvesting, "Fujian Province De regelmatige basis voor de bouw van de milieuconstructie is duidelijk uit dit jaar, en de provinciale financiering heeft meer dan 1,8 miljard yuan per jaar gerangschikt, steun voor stedelijke en landelijke bouwkwaliteit. Onder hen is meer dan 1,5 miljard yuan ingericht om 16 soorten projectconstructie te ondersteunen, zoals stedelijke en landelijke leven afvalwaterafval, historische en culturele bescherming en benutting, greenways en openbare parkeerfaciliteiten en bevordering van stedelijke verlengingsoperaties en plattelandsconstructies. Tegelijkertijd zijn jaarlijkse aanvullende regelingen positief stimulans met 300 miljoen yuan, gebruikt om alle locaties, transport, wateromgeving, winden en beheer van vijf kwaliteitsverbeteringen en de top tien sjabloonconstructie te bevorderen. Het provinciale fiscale wordt ondersteund door factoren, zoals milieubeheer, prioriteit geven aan de verstrekking van fondsen van de provinciale partijcommissies voor particuliere praktische projecten, streven naar 2025, alle sets van fundamentele constructie, classificatie, classificatie, classificatie en transport, classificatie-verwerkingssysteem, Het landelijke leven van de provincie Riolering Governance-tarief is meer dan 65%, 50% van het stedelijke bouwgebied bereikte de bouwnorm van Spons City.

(Reporter Wang Yongzhen) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Chen Lanyan) Delen Laat meer mensen de client downloaden.