Thick "double creation" soil inspired boom

At the startup ceremony of the Jilin Provincial Volkswagen Entrepreneurship, Jilin Province, in the launch ceremony of all kinds of innovation entrepreneurs in our province gathered, exchange experience and sharing experience. The event showed the color of Jilin’s innovative entrepreneurial color, and there will be a new climax of the innovative entrepreneurship in Bai Mountain. Innovation is the source of vitality, entrepreneurship is the foundation of development.

At present, our province is in depth, in depth, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspects the important instruction spirit of the important speech of Jilin, and vigorously implement the innovative driving development strategy. Innovative entrepreneurship as an important carrier and new and old kinetic energy conversion of innovative driving development strategy, only to firmly grasp the connotation, can continue to innovate in the "Double Creative" work, leading to entrepreneurship in innovation, starting from employment To maximize the release of innovation.

Jilin’s comprehensive revitalization has entered the "rising period", entering the "fast lane", must integrate the "double creation" gene into the spirit, implant the bone marrow, can quickly crack the development bottleneck and problems, explore the realization of industrial transformation and upgrading, promote high Quality Development "Power Password".

Only a new person, but the newcomers are strong, but only newers win. In the face of opportunities and challenges, the province grabs the historical opportunity, use the development window period, and put "dual-creation" work as an important starting of economic structure, enhance economic growth, and continuously promote the economy. The road to development. At present, the construction of "Double Creative" platform in our province has achieved remarkable results. It has 7 national double-created demonstration bases. It has graduated a group of companies with strong industrial support, and explored the "double creation" of unique Jilin characteristics. Mode, "Double Creation" upgrade of "double" upgrades in an efficiency and more adequate advantages.

The crowded big boat.

Today’s Jilin is innovative Jilin, Vitality Jilin, Opportunity Jilin, and the public is very exciting, and the innovation is present. Jilin "Double Creative" boat is praised! Editor in charge: Kang Shiqi.

Tongji 72-year-old retired professor made hard core science every day by 12 million hawning netizens reminded more than 72 years old – News

  "Science" fire, in the shake, more than 56 million people have seen her science short video, and even parents have their own children "chasing" her interest physics experiment.

Behind the data is a 72-year-old physician, Wu Yes, a few decades, such as one day.

  Before retired, Wu Yiren served as the Director of the Physical Demonstration Laboratory of Tongji University and the director of the Teaching and Research Office.

It is noted that many students are good at doing, but they have less interest to physics itself. Wu Yes began consciousness in the course explanation, the experimental design increases the content of "grounding" in the experimental design to stimulate students’ curiosity and exploration of physics. want.

Since then, she promotes the openness of Tongji University’s physical laboratory for primary and secondary school students, the purpose is to let more children fall in love with physics.

  After leaving the campus, 2018, Wu Yes and old colleagues, students tried to pass short video science physics knowledge. The shake account "does not brush" becomes her new science podium. A one-minute video, she often takes two hours. In addition to humorous explanations, Wu Ye people have the understanding of physical principles and the understanding of audience.

Some netizens mentioned in the comments that if they were young, there were teachers like Wu Yu, perhaps would not be so afraid of physics. But Wu Yiren said: "Nothing is not too late, the charm of understanding science is never too late.

"The origin is physically, interested is the best teacher" the physics, love science, and the child "is the introduction of the homepage of" do not brush ", and Wu Yam has experienced a true portrayal of the past few decades. For her, Falling in love with science seems to be a matter of natural. Wu Yin’s father is the first generation of new China, usually the mysterious and busy, only Sunday can stay in a few hours to go home to accompany family.

However, it is also in this week, and the father has opened the door for physics and science for young Wu Yans. Wu Yu people recalled that in the childhood, he and your brother often observed under the leadership of the father, thinking about everything around him.

Why do dumplings float when boiling dumplings? Why can’t you fall in the glass? When washing socks, is it a brain to wash in soap water, or a piece of block washed cleared? These others seem to be empty, but the beginning of her and your brother. Under such a curious heart, Wu Yam has chosen physical majors after growing, and begins to explore the movement law in the experiment.

In Wu Yemuth, interest is the best teacher. However, when Tongji University taught "University Physics", Wu Yu people found that many students not only don’t talk about this discipline, but even some "fear". They may be good at doing questions, but there is no enthusiasm for scientific exploration.

Wu Yu people want to change this situation, the first thing is to identify the root of the problem. Combined with teaching practice and personal experience, Wu Hao believes that the lack of curiosity of the objective world may be the reason for this phenomenon. As a result, she is interested in the choice and layout of the experimental equipment, and has also built a physical exploration laboratory with colleagues. Many students will regain pure fun of scientific exploration.

  In 2007, under the support of Tongji University, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Education Committee guided Wu Yao and others founded the Physics Practice Workstation of the Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Talent Training Base Tongji University. Heart is a child, and youth popular science can also be very hard to learn the popularity of physics.

Unlike college students who have accepted systemic learning, children in the youth have not formed their minds, and it is when it is curious. Good science content is not only able to nourish the life of children, but also to stimulate their "scientist dreams", leaving fire in their future development. In 2018, Wu Ye who had retired Wu Yao and the students were led by the top ten professors, and the Ph.D. did not brush the club. In April of the same year, the club began to update the shake account "Do not brush", explore the science in the form of short video. Soon, with the "brain hole" props, the interesting history of the fun, the explanation of the sound, Wu Yiren went to the red jimmy, became a "scientific embarrassment" that was familiar with 1.22 million fans.

  Wu Yu people in short video, one silver hair, laughing will show two tiger teeth. In her hand, eggs, drying racks, coins … and unusual supplies may become experimental equipment for mechanics and electrical experiments. Some time ago, Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft successfully launched.

Many children are therefore curious: How did the Rocket fly on? In order to answer this question, Wu Yes specially filmed the first phase of the video, through the blowing ball, let everyone know the speed of the rocket flying in the rocket burning reaction force; then use the liquid nitrogen to spray the experiment, let the children can intuitive Feeling how much fuel takes a breakthrough of the first universe.

  Netizens who are familiar with "Don’t Brush" account noted that although Wu Yao’s explanation always goes deep out, it is easy to understand, but in the choice of knowledge points, she is not limited, and she will not be limited to the children. Deliberately select simple content.

In a short video about "How long is there in a second, Wu Yao first explains why it takes high precision time scale, and then introduces the latest international" second "to the latest definition: 铯 铯 海The two super fine energy levels of the CS133 atom-based state, the transition oscillation of 9192631770 cycles in the zero magnetic field. Netizens, especially children, will not understand this professional complex academic definition? Wu Yu people are not worried, and the repurns of the commentary area also fully demonstrate the popularity of hard core content in short video platforms.

Finally, Wu Yao left a question: Why is the "Beijing Time" Time Center built in Shaanxi Linyi instead of Beijing? More than 4,500 netizens participated in interaction in the comment area, "Close to China’s geographic center, the transfer error as possible", "" High-precision instrument should consider the influence of ground vibration, "perhaps, perhaps based on stability ? "… Different people have different thinking dimensions, and the answer may not be completely accurate, but it is clear that everyone will begin to seriously think about this problem. Some people will not understand, just as Wu Yamao’s reply: "Science to, understand it.

"Turning the network, becoming 1.2 million fans," Science "now, Wu Yao, the average of three videos, determine the theme, write scripts, select the experiment … She is almost all kinds of pro, sometimes she needs homemade" teaching "When some principles did not know how to explain, Wu Yao will pull on the old colleagues to discuss. In order to ensure the accuracy of science, she specially invited the team’s young people to make a phrase, except Recalled what you have to talk about, and did you use the parentheses to do what action. Wu Yam’s short video collected named "Science", stem from the name of the reality to her. Many students she brought over the past Have a family has a child, and the children are used to calling Wu Yao’s "".

Usually meet, Wu Yu people like to take out toys to take them together to do experiments, long time, "scientific" prefixed before "". Now, this styling continues on a short video platform, millions of fans have also begun to like this "scientific". Up to now, "don’t brush" account has accumulated 1220,000 fans, got 3.68 million.

In addition to "science", more and more natural science content began to go into the short video platform. The public data shows that in the past year, only the shake platform is only 33 billion times, and the 700 million people are praised by the relevant works. Among the natural science content categories most concerned about netizens, physical is home to the top five.

I have made countless people’s headache, scared disciplines, is becoming more and more people like to see content.

Source: Xinhuanet related hot word search:.

Pinggu Jinhai Lake Reservoir Area Demolition illegal and green water

People’s Network Beijing March 8th Recently, Jinhai Lake Town, Pinggu District, Beijing, combined with "basic no illegal construction area", pollution rectification, launching the "removal and promotion" special action of Jinhai Lake Reservoir Area, demolishing the yellow grass village , Illegal construction 10,000 square meters around the reservoir area such as Dongma Village Farmhouse Hotel. In the yellow grass village, there is a illegal construction of the law. "The farmhouse has been running for many years. When I start to say that everyone has made difficulties, if the village cadres are taking retreat, the people will wait and see. I will go to my pro-uncle. His family is dismantled, others The work of the home is fine. " Liu Yanghua, secretary of the Party Branch of the Yellow Grass Village.

When the farmhouse operators heard that he had to remove it, he found Liu Yang Hua and its "theory." Liu Yang Hua first mobilized his relatives to start demolition. After seeing the demolition of the secretary of the village branch, other farmhouse operators also worked orally, which also accelerated the progress of the dismantling.

In recent years, near the Village, Dongma Village, Donghua Lake Reservoir, and the rapid development of the accommodation, some farmhouses, and restaurants in the expansion of the production and business areas to form a large amount of illegal construction, no orderly business model to the reservoir area ecological environment There is a large impact, and derived from grassroots governance, environmental protection, safety and stability.

Since 2020 Jinhai Lake Town, Jinhai Lake Town has carried out nearly 40,000 square meters of illegal construction around the farmhouse, restaurant and other reservoirs. In the future, Jinhai Lake Town will continue to take high-pressure trend on illegal construction. Relying on the "Boutique Homestay" alliance, actively absorb state-owned capital, village collective economic organization, farmers, social capital, etc. Agricultural transformation policies, guidance, regulating operations in overall style, operation management, promoting the promotion and upgrading of tourism industry, and realizing the practice of "two mountains" theory. (Editor: Yin Xingyun, Guo Yafei).

The important foundation of cultural strength

  [Guangming Forum · End of New Journey · Construction Cultural Strong National Series 1] Author: Zou Guangwen (Beijing Xi Jinping New Times Chinese Characteristic Socialist Ideological Research Center Special Researcher, Tsinghua University Marxist College Professor) Editor’s Soul, Wen The text is cast.

"Culture is a country, a nation’s soul, is an important support for the national prosperity and national revitalization.

The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee clearly put forward the timetable and road map of the establishment of cultural powers. The Guangming Daily launched the "Equipment of the New Journey" and Building a Cultural Strong National Series, and the Significance, Connotation and Solvabness of Building a Socialist Culture. direction. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "A country, a nationality of a nation, always supported cultural prosperity, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation needs to have a prosperous development of Chinese cultural development." Culture is a soul of a national progress. . The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th National Party is based on the overall height of the Chinese nation’s development, and it is clearly proposed to build a cultural strength in 2035. The proposal of this specific schedule marks the future of the future China in the new journey of building socialist modernization countries, and the status of cultural construction is based on the status and premise. Indeed, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation requires both powerful material power and needs strong spiritual power.

Cultural strength, this is a must-have to build a socialist modern country with Chinese characteristics.

Culture is also a modern soul, cultural is not strong, and modern countries have no talk.

Throughout the world, human modern practice is a systematic project, which is the overall conversion of social life, and therefore, it will inevitably involve political, economic, social, and cultural and other fields.

This is as highly emphasized by General Secretary Xi Jinping: "Socialism with Chinese characteristics is the great cause of comprehensive development, comprehensive progress, no socialist culture prosperity, there is no socialist modernization." Cultural strong country strategy to the great revival of the Chinese nation, for us It is of great significance to build a socialist modernization.

Contemporary China’s reform and opening up, so that my country’s modern practice has achieved historical leaps. We used more than 40 years to finish the development path of the West in the West. The great time to build a hundred years has achieved comprehensive construction of a well-off society. It can be said that we successfully broke out a new path of Chinese modernization, namely the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

There is no doubt that Chinese style modernization has enriched the development model of human modernization, and contributes Chinese wisdom for the future development of the third world. At the same time, in the face of the second hundred years of struggle, we face more arduous challenges, which requires all Chinese more exciting, more filled with cultural confidence, and inject powerful spiritual power for socialist modernization. Strengthening the Cultural Value Consensus in Cultural Strong Country, Concentrateing the Power of Modernization Practice. Cultural value consensus is a national or country that maintains self-symbols across the era of change, which provides the most basic and stable cultural power for a particular nation in the era of globalization.

Chinese style modernization road is the correct path established by the Chinese nation, and the party’s leadership, the people’s main body, and Chinese characteristics are the most basic cultural value consensus. Based on this consensus, we must profoundly recognize the core power of leading our modernization is the Chinese Communist Party, and the fundamental principle of adhering to the comprehensive leaders of the Communist Party will run through the whole process of China’s modern practice. It is necessary to consciously realize that the modernization we seek is the modernization of all the Chinese people, so we must respect the main status of the people, give full play to the first spirit of the people, will achieve good, safeguard and develop a fundamental interests of the most broad masses of people. The fundamental starting point and development of Chinese style modernization pathways. We must also stick to modern Chinese characteristics, take your own path, correctly understand and dialectize the relationship between the three of the three outstanding traditional culture, revolutionary culture and socialist cultural culture, adhere to the correct direction of cultural development in the great practice of modernization. .

  To enhance cultural attractions in cultural strength, show the unique charm of Chinese style modernization path to the world. The Reform and Opening and Opening and Modernization Practice Let China have an unprecedented integrated national strength.

It turns out that only the country is strong, and the people of other countries can face our culture. For Chinese culture, we must have a sense of mission, especially on the basis of economic strength, and in culture, it is necessary to take a confident and robust pace, and truly understand the future in the way to China’s progress and development. Chinese culture advocates beauty and common, and different, there is a powerful compatibility and inclusive characteristics, which is undoubtedly our unique cultural advantages. For the future, we must not only show the world’s long history and brilliant, more importantly, showing the spiritual faces and innovative culture of contemporary Chinese, showing the modern civilization of contemporary Chinese, and is good at sharing Chinese modern modernization with the world. The results and experience of development, enhance the appeal and appeal of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics.

In cultural exchanges between the equality of all ethnic groups, civilized mutual forwardings and common prosperity are constructed. Taking the strong cultural creativity of cultural strength to cultivate strong cultural creativity, the source of the Chinese nation is given into the source. "Building a strong country in building socialist cultures is to enhance the national cultural creation." This important argument provides fundatures for our construction of socialist cultural powers. "

The revival of a nation must be accompanied by culture.

Cultural Power should have strong creation, production and communication capabilities of modern culture. As the soft power of national development, culture should have become the leading and social modernization practice.

We must adhere to the road of socialist cultural development in Chinese characteristics, continue to promote the reform of cultural system, and simultaneously in both highlights of modern culture. From the perspective of cultural popularization, the people have an endless cultural creation, so we must give full play to the enthusiasm of the cultural creation of the people, improve the modern cultural literacy of the whole nation, and consolidate the deep social foundation of culture creation. From the perspective of culture, it is necessary to fully mobilize the creation of cultural workers, advocating profound thoughts, keen insights and lofty responsibilities. It is necessary to work hard to change the status quo of the copy capacity of my country’s cultural industry, the original capacity is not high, and the reform is released in cultural innovation, and truly creates a group of cultural masterpieces to the people, contributes a group of immortal works for humans.

To face the world, the new brilliant broad brilliance of the broaden, facing the future, providing a strong value leading to the cultural strength and national cultural rejuvenation.

  "Guangming Daily" (September 09, 2021).

Pathfinder helps 2020 extremely cold hipponces perfect end

January 1, 2020, 6: 45, 2020 First Jiamusie Ice Marathon opened in the 10th anniversary of Jiamusi City, the north side of the river, from Beijing, Yunnan, Taiwan, Guangzhou and other provinces and cities, and Jiada International Student and other majors The athletes and runners have a total of more than 1,500 people, running together on the pine river, feel the unique ice and snow sports charm, and welcomes the first sunshine in 2020. Open the first year of the Chinese New Year.

China’s first Olympic champion, a healthy China Action Promotion Committee Member Xu Haifeng’s marathon is a marathon. After fierce competition, Liu Fujun from Harbin got a man’s full horse champion in 2 hours and 50 minutes, from Harbin, Wang Xueying got a woman’s whole horse champion at 3 hours and 14 seconds; Cui Hongyu from Harbin was 1 hour 28 minutes 56 seconds The score obtained a men’s half-horse champion, Liu Jinfeng from Suihua Qinggang got a woman’s half-horse champion in 1 hour 46 minutes and 35 seconds. When the temperature measurement on the last sale is at -28 degrees, the players are not afraid of the cold test in the 5th level of the northwest wind in this extremely cold challenge. Just because the road is maintained by the "core" by the "core", from the external protection.

Precise early warning, careful preparation, response quickly – fighting extreme Blizzard Tongliao City like this and time racing – Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

  Since November 5, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has suffered the most strongest storm in the local meteorological record. The maximum snow is 68 cm, which exceeds the historical extreme.

This is a snow that is concerned about society. It is like a mountain, and the responsibility is like a mountain. How to ensure smooth, guaranteed to ensure the people’s livelihood, ensuring that the economic and social operation is normal, ensuring normal life order … In front of the test Enthusiasm, running with time.

  Fully prepared, rapid action, based on defense, anti-rescue combination, this extreme blizzard weather process, Tongliao City heating power supply is guaranteed, the supply necessities supply is sufficient, the market price is stable, and the city will pay a high-level people’s livelihood answer. "On November 3, we predicted the blizzard process to the relevant departments of the municipal government.

Xu Jianguo, the chief forecast expert of Tongliao City Meteorological Bureau, said that due to the rare blizzard weather, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government attached great importance to the weather, and made a lot of attention. Ready to work.

  On the 11th, the reporter saw in the Green Agricultural and Sideline Products Wholesale Market of Tongliao, the staff was in an orderly manner, and the truck was continuously transported to the city’s communities and surrounding flag counties.

Qian Gui, chairman of Tongliao Yongda Green Agrow Sideline Products Wholesale Market, said: "In response to the cold wave of cold trends in this winter, the wholesale market began autumn reserves on October 10, which is not problematic, and the price is stable.

"Winter Summer Cut", "warm current" in the blizzard to home. This year, Tongliao thermoelectric company reflects some small districts that are more concentrated by heating problems, and implemented non-hot "winter sick summer" heating management.

Ms. White in Yuejing Garden Community said: "This year, this year, in this cold day, but the room has been kept at 23 ° C, it is warm to the heart!" Wind and snow weather, transmission line easy to form ice dance, thereby causing trip, influence The downstream is powered.

On the basis of this year, the National Net Tongliao Power Supply Company did not take precautions in the beginning of this year.

Up to now, Tongliao power grid operates smoothly, no line trip events, power customers are safe and stable.

  The blizzard suddenly suddenly on November 18 last year, causing urban roads to be covered with snow, and the traffic is inseparable. This year, on the basis of full preparation, Tongliao has allocated thousands of people, 12336 in all kinds of snow-covered vehicles, adopting snow covered with clear, 24-hour mannewing machinery, unstoppable working models to carry out street removal work. In addition, the surrounding areas such as Chifeng, Xing’an League also actively responded to the deployment arrangement of the autonomous region and dispatched a clear snow vehicle to support Tongliao.

In the morning of the 12th, the reporter saw in Tongliao urban area, and the main roads have exposed asphalt pavement, and the traffic order is basically recovered. Since November 5, Tongliao City public security, fire, transportation, and sanitation and other departments have been in the snow, and they will invest in the snow and rescue in the snow. "There are three schools such as Corqin Primary School on Lukin West Road. In order to clear the snow as soon as possible, we prioritize the passage of the Qingxing machinery.

"At 22 o’clock on the 10th, the Tongliao City Public Security Bureau traffic management detachment police in the cold wind in the cold wind," may have to work at 3 am, but for the children to start on time, we must stick to the post.

"The cold wind puts on the face, it is like a knife.

"Youwei, the staff of Tongliao Railway Station. After the blizzard is coming, Yu Wei and 721 cadres employees will be put into the sweement of the 685 set of hubs. In order to prevent the shoes from falling off, the snow, Yu Wei and colleagues use tape to take the trousers and The shoes are tied, and in the wind and night, there is only two or three hours a day. After a few days of snow work, the train from the Tongliao Station is actually resumed. As of now, Tongliao City co-organized the armed police More than 3,500 comprehensively rescue teams, social rescue power, rescue vehicles, 3,0110 sets of rescue equipment, successfully rescued more than 1,000 people trapped, more than 1,000 trapped vehicles, disposal collapse large factory and livestock total 157 Block, saving economic losses of more than 200 million yuan. After blizzard, strong cooling, high wind weather, housing, livestock, shed, crops such as rural pastoral area Tongliao City is damaged.

  Naiman Flag White Yin, Hirahumu Baotou, to check the party branch, He group Snow covers and villages in the village, do you have to reduce losses. In the wind and snow, the party members of the three children of Kurun Town, Kulen, rushed to the front, lead the masses to clean the main roads to clean, safeguard the road, organize farmers and herdows to produce self-help. On the 11th, the reporter came to the three families of Kurun Town of Cullen, seeing the village Zhang Weixu and his neighbors sweep in their own hospital to remove the snow on corn. What he worried was that nearly 30,000 pounds of corn harvested in the autumn a few days ago, he was still in the hospital, which is easy to get tide. After the blizzard, the weather turned fine. Zhang Weixu quickly carried out the snow, and several neighbors took the initiative to help him clean up. The reporter learned in Tongliao, in the process of this blizzard, the party branch of rural pastoral area across the float, the first time of the village committee, organized the aggressive farmers and herdsmen to actively carry out production self-rescue, fully played the role of grassroots battle Accelerate the normal order of restoration of production and life in rural pastoral areas.

(Reporter Enacao, Second Zhen, Liu Lei).

The city is more charming residents more satisfied

  Core reading in recent years, Chengdu continues to strengthen social governance, build beautiful and livable modern cities: building civilized vegetables, convenient residents, also make the city’s human condition is more strong; carry out river governance, improve the ecological environment, and let the masses of happiness Get practical; to create a number of museums, not only enriching the spiritual life of the public, but also enhances the cultural heritage and charm of the city.

    In recent years, Chengdu adheres to the people-oriented, with ecological civilization as the leader, the form of the park is organically integrated, and strive to create an ecological space of production and life, and the modern city of natural economic social humanities. The civilized vegetable city is full of human emotions at 7 o’clock in the morning, located in the entrance of Chengdu’s famous sights, the entrance to the depth of the lane, all the doctrines are finishing the dishes, busy and orderly. Vegetable booth doctrine Wan Shou Yue just put a fresh dish one one code, and quickly replied to the news. "Many old customers are not convenient to buy food, they will send me a message.

My daughter is responsible for distributing home, and by the way, I will help them bring other life supplies, which is a trust! Zhou Yue said. After an hour, the vegetable city began to become lively – the wall scrolling played the real-time velocity price and the traceability of each vegetable.

While documented, the soldiers were running, while chatting with customers, with a harmonious atmosphere. Check the cleaning disinfection, verify the base information of the doctrine, implement the entrance and exit management system … At the same time, the work of the storeman’s Shuqiang day is also in an orderly manner.

He didn’t lose young people in 60, who worked for more than 10 years, and he took nearly 20,000 steps every day.

  "To create a civilized dish, it also requires all aspects of efforts and pay.

We serve all merchants, and merchants can serve the public to form a benign cycle. Customers and doctrines are respectful, and contradictory disputes are less, we have been rated as the city ‘Ping An Market last year.

"Shu Qiang said that there are more than 50,000 residents around the food service. Over the years, the hardware facilities of the dishes have been continuously upgraded, and the service level has been continuously improved.

After more than 10 years of interaction, the owner and customers have established a deep emotional connection, so that the people of the city are more strong. The river governance improves the feelings "The blooming safflower is a triangle plum, which is really beautiful." House living near the residents near Chengdu, Chengxianqiao Park, said.

As a full-time mother, she will take a walk from other children’s mother after school, and enjoy pleasant city views. "In the past few years, the nearby environment has changed greatly.

"Zhang Lu recalls that the Fangjia River before 2017 is still a stinky ditch, and the smell that often exudes makes the surrounding residents complain.

The river shantyt is more weed, garbage is everywhere.

  The transformation is derived from the Heavy punching governance in Chenghua River in Chenghua District.

After the river governance, the construction of the river, the construction of the greenway, and combined with the railway culture of the area, the railway and registration point, the train restaurant, etc., so that the residents have effectively felt the bonus of ecological civilization and urban culture. "The environment is good, and the surrounding residents pay more attention to ecological protection, and the enthusiasm of participating in the construction of a total construction will be higher." The director of the Working Committee of the Second Ministry of Congress of the Shuixian Street, Chenghua District said to Zhaohui.

  In recent years, the river governance represented by Jinjiang Governance not only greatly enhances the ecological environment of the city, but also provides relying on the landscape of the city.

There is more public space that can be left in the city, and the midplanation has formed a city service person, and people love the civilization of the city.

Zhang said that she was selected as the head of the resident group this year, and he assisted the community to inform the community. "I am very satisfied with the current life, I am willing to contribute my own power for the community." Enhance the construction of non-one-day civilized city, moisturizing and silent moral education, the aesthetic education has continuously improved the connotation of Chengdu City, and residents have a deeper belonging and love. "The more you know about Chengdu’s story, I am interested in Chengdu’s culture." After the public Mao Xiaobing visited the Museum, I felt that I had a deep exchange with this city, a kind of "Chengdu people" Pride is ereasting.

  The museum is a place to concentrate regional culture and concentrate on display, people walk into the museum, can intuitively feel the connotation and heritage of urban culture.

Jinsha Site Museum, Wuhou Temple Museum, Du Fu Caotang Museum … Chengdu has 160 museums, including 11,000 non-national museums, 20 national museums.

The total number of museums, the number of non-national museums ranks in the country, so that Chengdu has become a veritable "city of museum". All the museums in urban and rural areas not only gain knowledge, but also provide leisure activities for everyone, but also enhance the spiritual sense of citizens, so that Chengdu has more cultural and charm.