Gao Boyi is a difficult question。

“Humming,from now on,You are the temple of the temple.,Heard no。”
True jade master in the waist。
This is directly fascinated by Gao Baoyi’s grateful smoke!
Nima’s,It turns out that you want to experience the majority of Gyeonggi“style”what,If the assassin is coming, don’t call your mother.!
“knew,Large manager。”
The real jade master, slap, hit it on the high,He is an urgent road:“Don’t you still??Want to call the donor, don’t understand,How much official,no matter who,In front of you is the donor,All kinds of beings don’t understand?These don’t understand these,You still play a fart!”
See Gao Baoyi“Be unveiled”,True jade master broke,Compared with the warmth of warmth,It is completely judging two people。
“knew,donor。Poor this is going to prepare for the rice。”
Gao Baoyi hands,Looking at the real jade master。
“Um,now it’s right。I haven’t been a big supervison in my life.,Just experience what it feels。”
The master of the true jade smiled.。
NS1020chapter Slaughter(superior)
Yang A County,It’s late,Only the shining of the torch is like the face, the face, the faceless face.,Seems to zombie,No blood,Also there is no feelings。
“Go back,Burn,Kill,Do not stay。”
Section,These thirty people are not arriving,Slowly disappeared in the line of sight。
Reason,This action is the top secret,Specific departure time,He didn’t even notify Tang Yu,Don’t say other people in Xiangyang Xianbei.。
Why don’t you get rid of Jinquan Mountain??Because it will hit the snake,Let Gao Bao run away。
Do not know why,Duan Yue always feels,Gao Biyi is not so easy to die。especially in“Jinlong Temple”Such place,Let Duan Zhaoxin are particularly uncomfortable。
If you say something,So the so-called life,It must be standing on the side of Gao Biyi.,otherwise,How this is a small animal from a name?,It became a high-level Gyeonggi Dandu?
Is this really a fate??
Jinlong Temple will really go out of Jinlong?
A cold air blows,Duan Qi found that his body was already cool.,Rear back is all cold sweat。He even felt hemp。
“Really old.。”
in the dark,Duan Yu is a bitter,Unmanned。His feelings,It is like the environment he is now.,Black,Cold wind,I just sent my most trust.,The most reliable team。
Very like a gambler is a gambler,In the most important gambling,Press all chips。
he,Already there is no way to retreat。
“How did I go to today??”
Going to Yang A County,While bowing down the meditation,Confused,Only far-sighted lights,Can let him know the direction of return。
“Large manager!”
Just walked to the gate of the big camp,Duan Yucheng met the lunar and fierce!

As far as the South Murong,Harbe I will know how to choose,Moreover, there is Liu Shengwei,If he wants to join hands with Chu Deirers,Pit itself,God Hou Self-seeking will be known for the first time!

the other side,The Chu Deeman was once again closed in the palace.……
I have already left before the Palace door is closed.,Time to leave the palace,The result is because Hong Qifong and Guo Jing have delayed it.!
This old is a small,It is actively looking for the Chu deer people.——They have explored《Wu Mu》Location,Is the midway after a rockery in the Royal Garden,However, in Ouyang Feng, they hit the snake after it.,The guardian of the Royal Garden is too close。
So I found a Chu Deirers.,Originally, ask Chu Deirers to find the county master,Create a creative《Wu Mu》Opportunity。
However, the Chu Deirers thought about it.,If you want Yunlo to the Royal Garden,What reason is to use??
Play with yourself,I don’t want to be seen by the guard.?
It seems that it is not suitable……
Therefore, Chu Deirers have self-cultivation,To go alone《Wu Mu》take out。
Although Hong Qifong is not confident,But think about the identity of Chu Deirers,Even if it is found, it doesn’t seem to tighten it.,So there is no stop。
Chu Deirers are not blind confident,Recently, Chu Deirens have completed two sets of integration.——One《Evil spirits》and《Sunflower》Integrate,two is《Mother and god》and《Turtle》、《Magic sword》as well as“Dafa”、“Jiuyong bone”、“Nine stuffy soul”Waiting……
Formerly fusion,Resulting《Sunflower》,Close to the legendary food, the original version《Sunflower》,At the same time, it is also integrated into the in-depth analysis of two genres.。
But《Sunflower》、《Evil spirits》Same,For Chu Deirers,Unable to practice directly,Only use“Chaotic”Analog“Sunflower”,Get the speed of the body、Speed,Express to the ultimate experience。
and《Mother and god》With《Magic sword》、《Turtle》And Jiuyin Zhenjing“Dafa”、“Spare bone”,These seems to have no relationships of martial arts integration,Mainly because《Mother and god》Not just internal strength,At the same time“Obstacle”、“Strange”、“Mental illusion”、“Sound”Waiting for branch。
Chu Deirers have also seen,This is the martial arts that I was practiced in the first fake.。
In Dongpu is also a martial arts that is biased towards Ninja cultivation.,Chu Demen is guiding,Put this part,and《Magic sword》、《Turtle》、“Dafa”、“Jiuyong bone”Waiting,Light law、Heavy scuteliness,The result is combined.“Treasure”……
Although I have no heart to practice,In the latent、Gantule、Spiritual disturbance, etc.,It can still learn from the strengths。
certainly,This also makes Chu Deirers more confident.——The Eastern is unbeaten,Is her own understanding,In fact, even if the Chu Deirers will“Treasure”and“Sunflower”Integrate,It is impossible to combine the unbeaten martial arts in the East。
Eastern is unbeaten, and there is no self-cultivation method.,Only practice,The Chu Deirers also looked at the reference.。
Obviously she and the moon,Can’t measure strength with the progress of cultivation of martial arts。
and“Treasure”,It is also the greatness of the Chu Dee.——Chu Deirers really have to come out《Wu Mu》,Don’t want to be alarmed,Rather than“sneak”take out《Wu Mu》……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 561 means
I saw that in the swaying royal garden,Chu Deee not only has a full sound,Therefore,The real gas will form a thin shadow that is similar to the weeks in the body.……
Add a moonlight、lights,Some visual“mischief”,Chu Deirers even with patrolled big escort,The other party is also aware of someone else.!
But far away,Instead, we can see the Tricks of Chu Deirers.,For example, Hong Qiong and Guo Jing on the roof……
I only feel that the Chu Deirers at this time,It seems that ordinary people can’t see、Can’t touch the devil,Walk in the world,Not at all at all!
Entirely“Treasure”Combination of body law and obstacle method……
When the false thoughts can even be used“Spare bone”and“Obstacle”,When the Chu Deirers are bigger,What’s more, now Chu Deirers are blended.《Jiuyin Zhenjing》Many tract skills,And spirit and swordsmanship《Magic sword》,There is also a symmetric law《Turtle》Go in,More effective。
Because of the reason for guiding direction,“Treasure”In about《Mother and god》Internal strength,It has been completely wasted,However, the Chu Deirers don’t think there is a pity.。
after all《Mother and god》Seems to be strange,Really weakness……
Although not like《Sunflower》,It must be self-esteem.,But after practicing,The lower yin became the largest cover door!
Even if you usually shrink in the sun,Faster is not a long time,Never use to say that there is a heartbeat。
Instead, all kinds of strange skills,For the Chu Deirers is the true essence。
Actually《Sunflower》Also、《Mother and god》Also,It can only be considered defective,Or“Evil”,and《Jiuyin Zhenjing》、《Easy》、《Northern God》compared to,Still want to faint half ahead。
It’s just that the East is unbeaten.,Carry forward the new direction……
If the Chu Deirers can completely lead the unbeaten hand,And guided by her philosophy,Combine these two kungrs,Perhaps you can reproduce the martial arts that is unbeaten by the East。
But this is nothing to say for Chu Deirers.,after all……Chu Deirens don’t want to practice“Tianma body”。
So the Chu Deirens just use them as a kind of“means”Supplement。
Now Chu Deirers are just《Treasure》,Small tapping knife,Go out“Ghost road”Shelf。

Touch the moon song in your hand,Leo is full of joy。

Is there any moon song silky about women?,It feels great to touch Yuege,This cold touch,Is something a woman can never bring。
“I’m afraid I will be in danger if I continue like this!”
The idea that Yuege is better than a woman flashed in my mind,Leo quickly smoked himself。
“What am i thinking!I miss a woman while holding a moon song,Am I still a real swordsman!”
Quickly calm down,Leo dare not think any more。
Yuege can become one with him,Heart-to-heart,How can a woman do it。
Compare women with Yuege,That’s insulting the relationship between him and Yuege,This kind of thinking must not have。
Really terrible idea。
Took a few deep breaths again,Leo simply wielded his sword in the yard。
Use sword practice to get rid of distracting thoughts,My heart is the sword,Nothing can shake my heart。
Practiced for a while,Leo feels calm,Then I put away Yuege and returned to my room。
“Wait a few more days,It is estimated that there will be temptations from those forces,After the temptation of these forces is over, I can start the next step!”
no way,His strength is not enough to crush everything,Those who are stronger may have the strength of a lieutenant general,He can’t eat,I can only let the other party try。
But if you can’t eat it, you can also interrupt one hand,Let them know they are not easy to mess with。
“Hope they come soon,This can save me time!”
If it’s Leo before, I’m still a little worried,But after Seun joined, he was not afraid,After all, a senior thug can do a lot of things。
“If you encounter a big problem, you can find Hancock.,She can definitely handle it with her strength,Just this way I owe her an adult please!”
Thinking of Hancock,Leo couldn’t help but ring out Hancock’s alluring curves。

Wang Youfa’s two eyes,Glancing at Song Fang’s tall chest,Then asked with a smile:“Our business?Are we two okay?“

“hate!Talk business,You do this again,I have to go“Song Fang’s face changed,Said angrily。
Wang Youfa smiled and said:“You start tomorrow,Just come to me!Temporary Director of Assembly Workshop,Wait for the first branch to officially start,You become the factory manager,how about it?“
“It doesn’t matter,The key is salary“Song Fang smiled and said。
Wang Youfa thought for a while and said:“The salary of the workshop director in the south is 3,000 yuan,I’ll set a precedent for you,How about three thousand a month?Directors of other workshops will never be so high“
Three thousand yuan,It is indeed as high as the salary of her chicken farm,If this is the factory manager,Four thousand without five thousand。Thought of here,Song Fang suppressed his excitement,Speak softly:“I’m going to the cooperative and resign now,Come to work tomorrow”Song Fang said,Stood up。
Wang Youfa stepped over,He grabbed Song Fang’s hand and said:“Don’t rush back,I invite you to eat in the market at noon today”Wang Youfa said,His hand took the opportunity to gently stroke Song Fang’s back。
Song Fang was taken aback,Then the little hand gently said:“There are so many opportunities to eat,Wait for next time!”After speaking, he turned away。
Wang Youfa looked at Song Fang who went out,Sneered”Pretend,I have seen too many women,Sooner or later you can’t jump out of my palm“
Out of the factory gate,Song Fang came back and took a look at the big characters at the entrance of the factory“Huafeng Electric Factory“She made up her mind,She must do well here,Wang Youfa is a fart。
“what?You want to resign,You have to think about it,It’s not so easy to come in after going out“Zhao Hong glanced at Song Fang, who was sitting opposite her。
Song Fang smiled and said:“You sign!I go back to the factory in the afternoon,Hand over all the work at hand,You find a good receiver“Song Fang’s tone is very firm,No room for negotiation。
“Did you tell Chen Erniu this??“Zhao Hong is still a little uneasy。
Song Fang’s mouth curled,Disapprovingly:“Why should I tell him about my business,Don’t worry about it here,Hurry up and sign it!“
Zhao Hong bit his teeth,Signed his name on Song Fang’s resignation slip,And then wrote such a line“Finance can only pay its wages after all the work has been transferred“

Wake up from practice,Xu Wan woke up too,Sitting on the stone platform and watching him。

“you’re awake。”Gan Yifan reached out naturally,Touched her forehead,Normal body temperature。
“I ate that flower。”Xu Wan suddenly said。
Gan Yifan“Ok”Up,“You keep fever,The fever is gone now,how do you feel?”
“Better than ever。”Xu Wan got up,Walked a few steps back and forth,Pull out the ancient sword again and wave it,“very strange,Turns out this sword is very heavy,I can’t even lift it up,But now it’s very light,like……I seem to be strong。”
Gan Yifanxin said that you ate Pasafana fruit flowers,Equivalent to ten years of penance,Certainly powerful。
“Is it because of the flower I ate?”
Gan Yifan shook his head,“do not know。”
“you know。You won’t lie,If you don’t know, you know。”Xu Wan look over,Go on:“Now I have a heat in my body,Very strange,It’s like a sip of hot soup,Stomach is very warm,But different,The hot soup always cools down,This heat doesn’t。And it seems that the heat continues to radiate,Endless like that。I have a feeling,When I absorb this heat completely,Will become very very strong。and so,I want to know the reason,Will you tell me?”
Gan Yifan hesitated:“Sisi sister,The reason is not important,The important thing is that you become stronger。”
Xu Wan stared at him,Laugh softly,“I seem to be able to control you like a teacher,I want to try,Don’t move。”
Gan Yifan won’t listen to her,Get up and walk away,Talk while walking:“Sisi sister,Don’t experiment with me,I was charged by you last time,Very uncomfortable,You want to try,Find someone else……correct,You can find Teacher Ning,Probably time is almost up,I will pick them up。”
Mention Ningbei Zhi,Xu Wan ignores physical changes temporarily,“Where is the teacher?Is anyone else with the teacher??Are all alive?”

A silvery white light flashed,A beam of light pierced directly where Wright was。

Maybe because of the same power,The light of the angel battle formation formed by the six angels did not stop at all,The beam of light directly hits the pulsating defense。
Almost instant,The pulsation defense and the beam of light had a fierce collision,When the beam of light gradually dries up,The power of pulsating defense also begins to dissipate。
But at the moment,Wright released a second taboo magic,And a soul attack。
【Water taboo magic·Water curtain sky】
【The Profound Meaning of Water·Water mirror mysterious(Soul attack)】
The seemingly very thin layer of water tightly protects Wright in all directions,At the same time, Wright’s eyes seemed to turn into a calm lake,A wave of ripples turned into an invisible light directly into an angel’s body。
Physically unharmed,But at the soul level,Just a moment,Wright’s huge soul power is under the operation of the mysterious water mirror,To form a solid soul force,direct‘Rush’Broke the angel’s soul defense。
In fact, on the mysterious,【Water mirror mysterious】Can’t talk about how strong,Only allowed Wright to initially set foot in the threshold of soul attack,The soul attack formed is also very simple,It can also make the soul power constraint form an attack。
But even so,The strength of Wright’s soul power is too strong,Just like the sanctuary dragon blood warrior with an axe at will,It can also kill ordinary humans under the peak of Sanctuary。Wright’s soul attack has just reached the threshold for display,But it can also crush a four-winged angel。
With the fall of this four-winged angel,The angel battle formation composed of six angels disappeared again。
Wright remained motionless,But the power of the soul is firmly locked in Desli。
“Whoosh!”A figure full of water elemental breath flew out behind Wright。
【Water taboo magic·Mirroring】
Although it can only use the power equivalent to the 9th-level peak fighter,But using this mirror clone【Water and fire compatible】,Power still surpasses those who have just entered the peak of Sanctuary。
Four-winged angels that did not form an angel battle formation,It’s just a normal sanctuary level,Defeated one after another under the attack of the mirror clone。

“Not a fart,Quickly change into clothes,Wander around。”Li Tianzhen is lazy to talk to him。

Chapter VIII Reorganize
The back door of the vegetable market in the bustling city village,Disappeared for nearly a month‘Master of Excellence’The fortune-telling booth is re-supported,Stall,The captain is dressed up as a Taoist priest,With a frightened look,Plus wretched eyebrows,The whole mental state is similar to that of the prisoner detained to the execution ground。
Li Tianzhi standing next to help out,Old fashion,Like a dumb kid who just came from the country,Clumsily holding the sign,He has supported it several times,The kind of three bamboo poles,Every time I just hit it, I snapped to the floor,And then tossed again with a sad face。
“Wang Zhong,Where did you go these days?”
Acquaintances say hello,The captain seemed shocked,After seeing the person clearly, he barely squeezed out a dry smile,Uglier than crying。
“This guy is so tight today?”Acquaintances grumble,A strange expression,But when I saw the ground not far away,,It’s dusty there,A lot of white ash,There are faint black marks,This person seems to realize again,A few days ago,The bugs who messed with the captain were killed here,Wang Zhong seems to be in love with the scene,But it’s a bit courageous。
Although the village in the city is big,Many people know the captain,Most people know this guy is a playful naughty,A stall can also be eaten by a mouthful,Everyone is not disgusted,But not fooled,Especially those who have lived in the village for a long time know the details。
But just moved in,Or maybe someone who has reached the age,How much can I give the captain some food?,Starving,But can’t eat enough,Such an existence,Does not pose a threat to anyone,Not to mention any enemies,Dead,The fool finds the captain unlucky,Make a noise,Or beat up,No big tricks,But the brother of the brother was killed,There are many doggie stories that have been passed on,Acquaintances afraid of trouble,Shook his head,Leave quickly。
in this way,The fortune-telling booth was set up all day,A business has not been done,Few acquaintances I met took the initiative to say hello,The captain’s two butt balls hurt,But I seem to forget to stand up and move around,I was shaking like a pendulum for a day。
In the meantime,Li Tianzhen disappeared several times,Every time it’s silent,A turn,People are gone,The three souls that scared the captain out of his body,Even close the stall and run away,But I’m afraid of the blame,So I always cheer myself up,Hold on for a while,Big brother will be back soon。
really,Li Tianzhen came back soon,No more than half an hour before and after,Look around like a okay person,And then started to hold his sign,The only weird thing today,It’s just that these two signs are always bad。
At the end of the day,Nothing,at night,Li Tianzhi also specially invited the captain to eat a bowl of beef noodles,Double beef,This guy really had a good meal。
the next day,The captain’s courage is a little bit stronger,At least I don’t shake anymore,Occasionally I can make a few jokes with Li Tianzhen,And on the third day,The captain’s spirit has finally returned for more than half,The bewildered and nervous expression is gone,Replaced by his signature smirk,Started to greet acquaintances,Occasionally I have to say two dirty words。
These three days,Li Tianzhen still disappears from time to time,Not long every time,But do a lot,First of all, I searched all the little guys who messed with the bugs。
Scavenging in the vegetable market、Do coolies、Gangster,Twelve bastards including petty thefts,He found it no matter where he was hiding,There are even three detention centers,He also took a chance to chat with them,And basically figured out the truth。
As the captain has been worried about,The bastards are indeed collecting money,But I didn’t expect to lose my hand,I found the master who paid for people,An uninfluenced gangster,First follow‘Ahuo’mix,Followed later‘Big die’,And this big die is‘Kangyi Chess and Cards Room’Backstage boss Xie Fushun’s younger brother。
‘Kangyi Chess and Cards Room’It was smashed by Li Tianzhi and Peng Weihua,A big underground casino,It was to rescue Wu Tianbao who was kidnapped,That is the red-haired brother,But I didn’t expect this incident to become a lot of things behind***,Caused a rage among many gangsters in the society。

now,Under the pressure of the preacher’s powerful spiritual power,Li Tianzhi’s escape has become a luxury,Can only support,prior to,Fortunately, the three god golden puppets stepped forward to help him withstand the preacher’s crazy attack,In this rare buffer time,Li Tianzhi’s urge to gather the gods quickly condensed some vitality,But it’s just a drop in the bucket。

The fragile balance will soon be broken,In the carol of the tsunami from the mountain below,The power of the preacher is clearly rising,But Li Tianzhen is on the verge of collapse。
Above the sky hidden by Li Tianzhu,A bunch of cotton-like things floated outside Nantianmen,Looks shaky,Weak。
Pi Xiu discovered this thing first,My eyes rounded, I don’t know what to call this miserable guy,But it knows that this is the incarnation of God of War,An avatar who is incapacitated and about to die,I also remember that he was here,Bringing Tiangong seals to control the chaos inside,Pai Yao has a good impression of him,But why don’t you rest well??Only enter deep sleep,There is hope。
“big cat,Don’t stare at me。”
The cotton ball’s tone makes Pai Yao sound very unpleasant,But in my bones it feels like this should be the rule。
“Why do you still have to go to Nantian Gate in this situation?”
“Help,Can’t see?That bastard outside is about to twist his braids。”
“Uh,God knows something。”Another beast also recognized the incarnation,It’s a little bit smarter and euphemistic than Pai Yao,A few words to understand the reason,Li Tianzhen’s situation,It and his companions also see,But can only be in a hurry,They are actually the eyes of the Great Seal of the Heavenly Palace,It is absolutely impossible to leave without the command of the Fire Palace Master,The Lord of the Old Palace,Then the new palace owner must order it。
And once left,Great array collapse,It’s not just as simple as chaos,The projection of the Huoyan Temple may be completely destroyed。
Incarnate and almost fell to Nantianmen,The two seemingly majestic beasts,I have iron bumps in my head,Much stupid than the refined puppet,Isn’t the new palace lord Li Tianzhi?If he has his braids,Everyone is finished,What kind of shit??What’s the use of Tiangong projection even if it is lucky?How long can I support it alone?Maybe he was swallowed by the evildoer in the deep mountain。
But it’s too late to reason with the rectum,The incarnation of the strong fighting spirit sacrificed the Tiangong seal,This thing has not been returned to Li Tianzhi since he returned,It came in handy at this time,“Li Wen、Lihuo Hearing!”
Sound atmosphere、Ethereal,Let the two beasts stunned,But see that high above、The shining celestial seal,Although they hesitate,But still bow down。
“Go help that kid fight right away,Hit hard,Make no mistake!”
“But this heavenly palace……”
“There is a Tiangong printed on,Safe and sound,What are you talking about?!”
Two beasts look at each other,The last bite,A sacrifice to the gods,A blood-red bead was spit out,The body shape flashes and then sinks into the sky。

It is Zhu Yan,Murong’s Hummer,Plundered all major,Muyoufeng、But there is no very deep martial arts,Most of them are all about、Zero quarterly,Only be able to make up for the depth,So I am derived.“Murong Wudao”。

Until“Fighting star shift”,It is Murongbo’s Zengfu Muronglong City.,One-door school……
will“Murong Wudao”The characteristics of Guangbo,Play“Force to fight”superior——Also after this,Gusu Mu Rong is a top heritage。
Otherwise it is simple“Murong Wudao”,Non-talented people,It is difficult to master,And it is the more zero-scattered martial arts that is founded by the ancestors.,And these have already lost most。
Still indirectly with the happy people, Li Qinglu ethereal is related.,Museum of Waiting,Re-order“Murong Wudao”Feasibility。
This is also Murongbo to tell you himself.,About his little scorpion is covered with green hat,The reason for never rating——Compared to the little scorpion,Obviously, it is more important with the relationship between Mrs. Li.!
But even so,“Murong Wudao”Accumulation required,It is too complicated,Compared to below,“Fighting star shift”As long as“Murong Wudao”Master a three or four points,Can be used to play。
After Murong Longcheng,Basically, it is focused on“Fighting star shift”。
The same is true for Murongjiu.,Murong Wudao is not to expose the identity“Catch”Time,Bullying bullying is a lot of opponents……
But the small ninety“Heart”,It can be perfect“Murong Wudao”,Common martial arts、General change,From the heart、Accompany what they want。
Now see“son”Really master“Fighting star shift”and“Murong Wudao”,And it seems to practice a very strong body.、And you can interfere with the intensity of the opponent,It makes up for the weak defects in Murong’s internal heritage。
Murongbo is very rapid——Even the far away the husband’s hand,It seems that it doesn’t matter,Take blood, there are a bit of sweetness.……
The only Murongbo is still worried,It is the rivers and lake rumors,“son”Come with Chu Deirers——Although the rivers and lakes are also highlighted,“Murong Fu”Made a big horse,So I flipped with Chu Deirers,but……Murongbo understands,Ten eight nine is not the matter!
How can I lie to myself?,Murongbo is still still remember,The one of the bottom of the bottom“secret”。
Therefore, it is easy to speculate,This matter is otherwise hidden……
But think,Just Chu Dee people not only break the things they don’t want to expose their identity,And also playing with the first big one of the four spirits you come.,Murongo is very angry。
Just think about“Murong Fu”It is already blue for blue,I believe it can handle these,Murongbo also led himself in your heart,Nothing to think,So inheriting,A demolition,Rebound:“And slow!”
Xiao Jiujiu glanced at the old man,Unhappy,After replacing Murongjiu。
Qiaofeng saw it:“Boss!Now ask for,Don’t you feel late??”
Murong Jiu does not give a weak road:“beg for mercy?It seems that Jie brother has also dyed the smell of bragging.!”
“That’s again……”
“Slowly!”Murongbo stopped again,After watching“son”,Benevolence,I have already set my idea:“Two people listen to me,You don’t have to find me to revenge.,I still have a sense to say,If you can listen,My head is given to two,Why do you want……”
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 711 Besides
And said,If it is not a Chu Deirers, you can keep the Yucai,I really can’t find the first of the four spirits.!
This old monster is really a heart,It is more harmful to him when he is crazy.。
Dragon,Canada,Can rise,Large Xingyun,Types of Types,Raising is between the universe,Hidden Tao……
Just this old monster coincidentally,Not what is the river,Even the dragon is not,It is ancient violence,Naturally, I only see its big,In small and hidden,I can’t see so colorful。
Especially affect the brain!
However, it is not all impossible to hide.,Just still in the category of Murita Table can。
Small、Or is fine kung fu,Nothing is not——Two small forefronts than the ancient violent dragon,Practical claw method,It is his fine.。
Chu Deirers broke his ambush,This person is awkward,And Chu Deirers from Daxiong Temple,Hit the meditation——And two pairs“Father and son”Direct direction。
“meditation hall”As the name suggestion,It is the place where Shaolin disciples meditate,At this time, natural empty,The two from the hall、Hit……
Shaolin thousands of monk,“meditation hall”Only two,Natural area is not small,Take it。
At this time this old monster performance,Has been surprised by Chu Deirers——Do not become strong,After all, a big age,But……by“Come”Impact,I have a lot of small!
Ordon him to play him within a hundred tricks“Crazy”,After that, quietly go back,Take a look at the situation and choose the current Chu Deirers.,At this time, I also seriously.。