A while,Voice from the cave:“Next time。”

So sometimes,It’s not a bad thing to be pure in mind。
Move forward,No one is following,Gan Yifan continues to think about that question。
Leaving Dongming Lake from the monster,Not two days,Lop Nur True Dragon Emerges,There is another phenomenon of Xu Wan’s bizarre survival,Nowadays there are many pictures in my mind。If all this is not for monsters operating secretly,He can’t think of other reasons。
“Bug。”He gave a soft cry。
“Bug。”Run a distance forward,He screamed into the abyss,Slightly louder。
Still no response。
He doesn’t believe in evil,Ran a distance further,Has come outside the last grotto he entered,He stood by the cliff and said:“I know you are here,It is inconvenient for outsiders to show up for you,Then i come to you,Catch me!”
Finished,He jumped,Jump off the cliff。
Body falling rapidly,The wind rang in my ears,It’s like jumping into the river from Beishan countless times,Whenever he jumps off,The monster will jump from the river,Catch him,Fly him into Yunji Island。
Such a game,They often play。
Feet on the ground,A rock protruding from the cliff,I was optimistic about it before jumping。
The monster did not appear。
“Is it really not you……”Gan Yifan is hesitating。
The distance from the stone to the top of the cliff is more than ten meters,The stone wall is smooth and concave inward,No place to borrow,It is foreseeable that Gan Yifan will only use Lihuo to burn the stone wall,Otherwise he can’t get up。
But he didn’t,Just glanced at the location of Wu Heng and Xu Wan,Then turned around,Press down on the stone wall at the top right。
In slight vibration,A portal-like crack appeared in front of him,He walked in,Shimen slowly closed。

Through this incident,Only then did Wang Youcai know that he still had good things at home,No wonder Dad never goes to the ground,But the family life is still better than the others in the village。

“Listen to me,Your second brother already knew about this,Why don’t you let your brother know,Because he has a problem with his character,And you are too mixed,So I never told you about it”Wang Degui suddenly coughed and said to Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai lowered his voice and asked:“What the hell is going on?Could it be that the ancestor uploaded it and failed?“
“Our ancestors were paupers,Where is this kind of thing。This is a long story,Just because of this box of silver dollars,Xia Zecheng and I formed Liangzi,And even affect your next generation“Wang Degui sighed and said。
Wang Youcai listened,I think this is a bit mysterious,Why did you involve Lao Xia’s family?。He whispered:“dad!Tell me the details of the incident,I promise not to spread”
“Things are like this,Back then, your father and Xia Zecheng were militiamen in Xiping Village,One day they received the order from above,Ask the militia of Xiping Village to cooperate with Wu Qing to suppress the bandits of Laoye Mountain。Of course,Fighting is a matter for the troops,It’s the militia to clean things up”Chen Yueqin preached to Wang Youcai slowly like a story。
Wang Youcai listened,Asked very interested:“Is my dad in the process of cleaning up,Hid a box of silver dollars privately?”
“how come?He and Xia Zecheng were the last to come back.,The result is in the process of descending,I found a box of silver dollars dropped on the ground,It might have fallen off the carriage in front,At that time, Xia Zecheng, who was elm knotted, had to turn in,Your dad was moved”That’s it for Chen Yueqin,A smug smile。
Wang Youcai grabbed his scalp and smiled and asked:“Did the two of them divide the box of silver dollars?,The result is not fair,So Old Man Xia hates our dad?”Wang Youcai smiled and analyzed。
“You think so real,At that time, Xia Zecheng supported the hand in,Your dad can’t help it,Just say he can pay it in alone,In the end, this old Xiatou believed,You carried the silver dollar on your back and turned back to Xiping Village,But he didn’t enter the house until midnight,To prevent others from discovering“Chen Yueqin is here,I couldn’t help but let out a long breath。
Her nervous look,I feel that the person who turned in the silver dollar is not Wang Degui but her。
“Lao Xia believed this?He is too naive, right?!“Wang Youcai blinked and said。

Finished,Shu Ling ran away。

Fang Yu lightly sighed。
Shu Ling,I really can’t do anything with her。
Fang Yu took a short walk。
Back to the pharmacy。
Saw mom go,Fang Yu feels much more relaxed。
“Shirley is hopeless?”
Fang Deyun came to Fang Yu,Lit a cigarette。
“Dad,Smoking is bad for your health……”
Fang Yu reminded。
“But when I don’t smoke,My health is worse……If you can bring back a girl,Why should i worry……”
Fang Deyun said helplessly。
“Dad……Shirley is about my age,But they have higher education than me,Better than me。Your son, I work in a pharmacy now,Do you think people can like me??”
Fang Yu questioned。

“FP.Tanglin Hermit Li Ge Laugh”,Guo Yinzhe,20year old,Graduate student of the Department of Agriculture and Landscape Architecture,Game mechanic,Self-made“Gou”Play style。A self-proclaimed“genius”Idiot,Join the team in order to get close to Cao Anna,Is a sponsor of the Flower Team,Another identity is“Straw Hat Flower Shop”The boss,I’ve been busy in the flower field recently“Great and secret”’S career。

“FP.XiaoZ”,Zhao Ping,Person“Xiao Zhao”,19year old,Freshman in medicinal chemistry,Game professional medical soldier。Cowardly,Made mistakes in the game,But soon admitted the error,Reintegrate into the team。Recently he was taking care of his younger sister,Whenever you have time, go to the team’s new training room to help with decoration,Diligent。
“FP.Master Luban”,Lu Yi,19year old,Law school first grade second class student,UsedID:“LY11”、“Qipianzui”,Proficient in all professions,is called“Game tricks”,It is the first in the world to use social action expressions in actual combat“madman”。Taciturn,But repeatedly rescued the team in distress,Known as the Flower Team“Hope of the whole village”。
“Super good news!!!7Game cabin has arrived at Xuanwu Lake courier point,Come to help,First come first served!”Cao Anna suddenly sent a message in the group,Think of a deep sea mine exploding many divers。
“finally reached!I want to die!”
“Haha,New games are calling!”
“almost there!”Lu Yi replied with three simple words,Then quickly packed up the tools,Took off his work clothes and ran out of the Mingli restaurant where he was working。
When Lu saw his ride, it rang everywhere,The car bell doesn’t ring,Named“Ringer”Bicycle,Fell on the grass by the road……
“Hey,Old boy,Who knocked you down again?”
Lu Yi held the bicycle up distressedly,To the north gate of Jingnan University of Science and Technology、Ride in the direction of Xuanwu Lake……

First2638chapter Minor accident

Done。Actually everyone is just chatting together,No one can change things like this。
Tian Wa、Liu Ying、Liu Changgui’s three people seem to be in a heavy mood,Because once Wang Youcai abandons this project,It means that the three of them are unemployed again。After all, I have worked with Wang Youcai for so many years,Everyone has feelings。
Until the evening,Liu Ying cooked a few dishes,Wang Youcai took out a few bottles of wine,Several people sat by the fire and drank for a while。Until Wang Youcai was a little drunk, several people went back to the room.。
Liu Ying cleaned up the kitchen,Boiled some more water。She went back to her room and took a good hot bath,Only then quietly touched Wang Youcai’s bedroom。
Actually, Wang Youcai knew Liu Ying would come,So he was not surprised at all。After the two are done,Liu Ying lies in Wang Youcai’s arms,She choked up:“Thank you boss for taking care of me over the years。Maybe you look down on me like everyone else,But you don’t know my suffering……”
“All right,It’s like a goodbye。Do not worry!I won’t give up on Chenzhuang’s project。Even if you earn less,I will stick to this project。10,000 steps back,Even if I don’t do the Chenzhuang project,Don’t I still have a hospital??Such a big hospital,Arrange an errand for you”
Wang Youcai interrupted Liu Ying,Said with confidence。
Liu Ying sighed and said:“I know all this,But I’m just this capable,I can’t do anything when I go to the hospital,If you don’t get it right, it will smear your face”
The two are talking,Fell asleep without knowing it。
Next morning,It was past eight when Wang Youcai got up。He just came to the yard to move around,Liu Ying brought him wash water。
“What about them?”
Wang Youcai was washing his face,Asked in a low voice。
Liu Ying sighed and said:“Liu Changgui and Tian Wa took the two workers they had taken to the field,They got up after six o’clock”
“Actually it won’t take so early。The ground should be either snow or ice,Can’t work at all。You like this,Early lunch,Combine with breakfast,I have to go back to the city after eating”
Wang Youcai was washing his face,Whispered。Liu Ying agreed and walked away quickly。
Wang Youcai went back to the room and added a coat,Then I put my hand in my trouser pocket,Shocked and went to the landscape tree planting base。Along the way,The frost that falls in the morning is like a snowfall。This scene corresponds to the phrase that makes the situation worse。

Already here,Ze Anzhi。He Xia Jian is also someone who has seen the world,Could she be scared by her Yang Ying like this,Then his concentration is too bad, right!

Just when Xia Jian was thinking about these issues。Yang Ying brought a bottle of imported red wine,Don’t have a goblet。Xia Jian thought,I didn’t even eat dinner tonight,Do you just drink this?
Yang Ying seems to understand mind reading,She glanced at Xia Jian and said:“I haven’t eaten dinner yet,You just eat with me。Everything is ready,It’ll be fine in a while”Yang Ying finished,Turned around and went into the kitchen。
Xia Jian took this opportunity,Looked up,In a big room,Can’t see anyone。Could it be that Yang Ying lives alone here??The babysitter should be invited!
That means there is only one possibility,That was before he came,Nanny has gone。This may be specially arranged by Yang Ying。Just when Xia Jian was thinking about this question,Xia Jian’s phone vibrated。He took it out and took a look,It’s a text message from Luo Yi。
“The plane at nine o’clock tomorrow morning,Drink less at night,come back earlier”Xia Jian took a look,Can’t help but take a breath。
In a while,Yang Ying has prepared seven or eight hot and cold dishes on the coffee table,She does these,It’s like a trick。I woke up for a while after the wine opened,Yang Ying poured her and Xia Jian separately。
“Come!At my house,It’s like you are in Luo’s family。I am a woman too,It’s just a few years older than her,Not a tiger,So you don’t have to be restrained”Yang Ying said,Raised the glass。
Xia Jian smiled,Raised the wine glass and touched Yang Ying lightly,Then turned the wine glass,Watching the red wine slowly flow down from the glass。This action,It took him a long time to learn。
But when his gaze hit the lace exposed under Yang Ying’s pajamas,,He’s not calm again。But Xia Jian is Xia Jian,He took a breath,Distracted,Let your mood recover as soon as possible。
“President Xia!Tell the truth,First contact with you,I think you are just an ordinary person。But with the back contact,I realized that you are not easy。Can be inGZYoung people in such a big city,Really not much”Yang Ying uses her little charming lips,Sip the wine glass gently,Took a sip of red wine and said。
Xia Jian learned her way,Take a sip of wine。And then after the wine is swallowed,He just smiled and said:“President Yang praised,I’m just an ordinary person。Come to see you tonight,I want to say hello to you,My plane at nine o’clock tomorrow morning”
“Oh!Walk so fast?Is there something urgent somewhere??”Yang Ying is so smart,She could even guess this。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Is not,I’m here this time,I wanted to recruit a few more small factories,I didn’t expect Luo Yi and her grandma to leave,So I was delayed。But Luo Yi took me out today,Which one of my bosses are very fond of,So this matter is indispensable,I have to go”
“Ah!This Luo Yi is really amazing。I was going to help you,But I went to Ciluo’s family,I found out,It’s unnecessary for me to help you”When Yang Ying said this,A somewhat disappointed look on his face。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Mr. Yang misunderstood, right?!You don’t want to introduce me to the big boss,Are you afraid that others will steal your business?”

Being mocked by Alice like this,Xia Jian really can’t stand it,Just when he was about to refute a few sentences,The door was pushed open suddenly,Ruth、Donna、Chen Lu looked surprised。

Especially Ruth,She doesn’t believe it,Look at Xia Jian and Alice from head to toe,I raised the quilt on the bed and checked it again,A bit disappointed:“Really boring,They did nothing,It made us stand at the door for so long in vain”
“roll!”Alice yelled,Several women laughed and ran down the stairs。
Xia Jian is the only one left in the room,He took a breath,Look at the watch,Only then did I realize that it was past two midnight,Should he go back。
Dong dong!Wang Lin knocked on the door twice and walked in,She smiled and said:“My classmates are crazy,Don’t be surprised,It’s late,You sleep here,The bedding is new,Remember to lock the door from inside when you sleep,Be careful they come in the middle of the night and tease you”
Wang Lin finished,Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Closed the door and left。Touched the soft bed,Xia Jian thought,Don’t you just sleep?Where is not sleeping。
Lock the door,Open the quilt,Xia Jian jumped up,He was thinking,With a group of women,I have to sleep with the quilt,Is it like Alice scolded him just now?,He is an antique。
I don’t know when,Xia Jian fell asleep,He is in a dream,I dreamt that I was sleeping with Alice,Was discovered by Wang Lin,Wang Lin scolded him,Was kicked out of the villa。
Dong dong“Get up soon for breakfast”A knock on the door,Woke up Xia Jian。
The sun shines through the curtains,Shot in the room,The sound of birds singing outside the window。Xia Jian sat up,Stretched,I feel like I just fell asleep,Why is the sky bright。
Open the curtains,The scenery outside the window is very charming,On the unbudded branch,The little birds screamed happily,The morning sun is swaying golden,Give this beautiful morning,Put on a golden coat。
On the table,Xia Jian’s favorite dumplings have been set up,And a cup of soy milk,Xia Jian hasn’t eaten this for a long time,He sat down very generously,Grab the bun and eat it。
“Eat slowly,In the kitchen”Wang Lin said,Sitting next to Xia Jian,She has packed up,Look like going to work。
Xia Jian glanced around,Asked quietly:“You have eaten,Where are they?”

“nonsense!Since i save you,Will definitely let you leave here alive。As long as we don’t go out,Even if they look for it for a lifetime, they may not find it here,Unless they blow up this mountain“The old man stood up。

Lulu glanced at Xia Jian and asked:“How much hatred you have with them?They actually deal with you like this。This Xiaogu San is a forbidden medicine here,Once found out who used,Everyone will kill him“
“No hatred,Just for business benefit,So they dealt with me like this,Maybe you don’t understand what I said”Xia Jian smiled and said。
Lu Lubai glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Do you think I’ve never seen anything in the world when I look like this?I’m so embarrassed to say I don’t understand,Maybe you don’t know what I know?”
“This girl is not modest at all,You are not a medical school graduate less than three years,Are you an intern as a doctor for less than two years??I am an apprentice here,You better stop bragging in front of others”The old man laughed and said。
Lulu,Stomp with anger:“grandfather!Why do you always say such things in front of outsiders,Let me lose face”Lulu’s look,Very cute。Made Xia Jian amused on the bed。
“Hey!Don’t laugh,Talk about your situation,If it’s a bad guy,Get out as soon as possible,Don’t stop us from collecting medicine here,If it is a good person,We can also help you。But you remember,Don’t think about playing tricks,My girl’s taekwondo nine dan,And this shotgun is accurate”Lulu said very aggressively。
The old man shook his head and said:“If you don’t change your boasting habit, I’m afraid you won’t be able to marry in this life?Are 27 years old,Not considering”
“grandfather!Why do you say this in front of a stranger?!I ignore you”Lulu said angrily。
First1106chapter Magic cave
Mysterious cave。
Really shouldn’t be dead,Xia Jian couldn’t believe it,I was saved in this situation,And to save him is an old Chinese doctor who knows how to detoxify。It’s as simple as it is said in the novel,He can’t believe it’s true。
Lulu and grandpa have had enough,Still reluctant to let Xia Jian ask:“You haven’t answered the question I asked you”
“Ok!Then let me talk,I am the general manager of Bucheon Venture Group,Called Xia Jian。The people who chased me just now are what I call business competitors。Maybe our growth threatened their interests,So I got black hands and got me into the mountains,When I’m not in the group,Want to destroy our group,It’s that simple”
Lulu finished listening,Hehe smiled and said:“So we saved a big fish!Talk about,How much is the benefit fee for us?”
“Long Lu!You are too much,Can this kind of joke be made?Don’t hurry up to get some water in the cave next door,We give this Xia Jian medicine”Old man is angry,He shouted sharply。
Lulu stuck her tongue out,Chao Xiajian made a face and said:“kidding to you,Old man Long regards money as dung,Never mention money in front of him,understand?”

“I said everything,You can’t do this to me!I’m just a part-time worker,What do they let me do,What i have to do,Otherwise you can only leave,And I’m afraid I won’t be able to leave for a while”Wang Dongping said,Took a breath。

Xia Jian stretched out his mobile phone in front of Wang Dongping and said:“What you just said,I recorded it all。So don’t be foolish,Responsibility will always put you in jail”
“So you are from Mr. Nan?”Wang Dongping asked a little surprised。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“What you just said was right,You are just a part-timer,Don’t participate in other people’s housework。To put it plainly,Who is the boss,You only get a salary,So you know,Don’t tell anyone what happened just now,Right did not happen”
“I know!But what I just said,You must not let Guanbei know that I said it,Otherwise he won’t spare me”Wang Dongping said worriedly。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“I leave evidence for fear that you will not obey,Since you know current affairs,The stuff inside will not be announced,Understand?”
“understand,I listen to you all”Wang Dongping panting,Nodding and bowing。
Xia Jian nodded,Gave him his phone。Only then walked out of Wang Dongping’s office with Du Hai。Where is Wang Dongping sitting?,Until the office door is closed,He didn’t dare to move。He was really scared。
Xia Jian came out of the warehouse,So I went to Tian Dong’s office。When Xia Jian went in,Tian Dong is with aTWhat are the Chinese women talking。Xia Jianyi went in,Tian Dong sent the woman away。
“What happened to Wang Dongping??”Xia Jianyi closed the door of Tiandong’s office,Then asked。
Tian Dong,His face changed immediately,He stuttered:“how?He is back?This person is from Guanbei,Took sick leave some time ago,Why did you come to work suddenly today??”
“I don’t think he is sick!”Xia Jian said,He lowered his voice,About what happened to him just now,I went through it from beginning to end。
Tian Dong took a breath and said:“You are so bold。If it wasn’t for your extraordinary skill,,This has already been revealed,I really can’t find out anything when I check it down”

Ma Yan and Xia Sanhu are busy wearing strings,And Mo Yan put fruits and melon seeds on the small table on the side。Qin Xiaomin walked over,So I took the initiative to say hello to everyone。She has no official airs,This made everyone familiar with her soon。

Xia Jian originally thought that Qin Xiaomin would stick to him on such occasions.,Unexpectedly, she ignored Xia Jian at all。This makes Xia Jiandun feel relaxed。
Zhao Hong, who was sitting next to Xia Jian, seemed more comfortable in her heart,She asked Xia Jian in a low voice:“Did Auntie drink too much tonightI heard her voice at the gate,Feeling very excited”
“Hey!When people are old, they like their children around。These years,The Mid-Autumn Festival I spent with them is really not much,She is happy tonight,Unexpectedly, they drank with Qin Xiaomin,I can’t stop her”Xia Jian said,I couldn’t help but laugh。
Zhao Hong smiled and said:“Why are you stopping her?If she is happy, let her drink two more glasses,Moreover,It’s okay even if you say something wrong。I think the mayor Qin is a generous person,Does she know how to keep needles?”
Just as they talk,Chen Erniu’s grilled chicken wings are ready。Up this end,Everyone started to eat。Qin Xiaomin while eating,Said to Xia Jian with his thumbs up:“Mayor Xia!You are really not enough,You have such a good master in your village,Why don’t you bring me here earlier?”
“Him!Non-professional,It happened to him tonight“Xia Jian laughed and raised his glass。
Everyone cheered,They toasted and drank,The scene is very lively。Xia Jian did not expect,Qin Xiaomin’s drinker will be so good,She just drank liquor for a while,Here again holding a beer glass and drinking with everyone,This made him really look up at Qin Xiaomin。
Just when everyone is drinking,The phone in Xia Jian’s pocket bounced a few times。Xia Jian hurriedly took out a look,Seeing that the call was from Yao Junli,So he stood up quickly,Step aside。
One call,Yao Junli smiled and said:“Mayor of Happy Mid-Autumn Summer!Where tonight What?Which beauty are you with?!”Yao Junli’s sixth sense is really good。
“At my hometown,Where are you?”Xia Jian said with a low voice。Coincidentally at this time,Qin Xiaomin and Zhao Hong are drinking beer,Do not know what is the reasons of that,The two yelled at the same time。
Yao Junli on the phone immediately smiled:“Mayor Xia!I heard,This woman’s voice is not just one,Should be above two。You just have a good holiday!Ouyang Hong and I are in the provincial capital,Be together tonight,Two older women have a Mid-Autumn Festival,Tell her a few words!”
Yao Junli’s voice has a trace of sadness,But this is no way。