But today,I don’t know how to get out of tears.。

She will dream of him these days.,He is always laughing for him,“Wife,I love you,Waiting for me to pick you up together。”This dream,It’s been in her dreams for a few times.。
She has always believed,He is still alive。
“Ah Cheng,I will hold the company,Quietly keep your pure soil,Waiting for you。What you said,After I finished my dream,You will take me to go around the world.,At that time, I will also promise to accept my father.,In fact, I think so.,I have not told you.,Dad is very good to me.,I want to be all my wishes.,Let him go to the world with your mother。”
“After all, we are still young.,Still resize,Waiting for Mom and Dad, we will come again after playing the world.。”
Blue Xin’s self-speaking,Another memories of Lu Haocheng,Be careful。
“Blue Director,Drink a glass of water。”Ning Feifei comes in a glass of water。
Looking at Blue Xin Eye Red,She is also very distressed。
She put the cup in front of Blue Xin,I want to talk about comfort.,But I can’t say it.。
“Thank you Feifei!after,You may have to worry hard,Do two jobs,Continuous arrival back。”
Ning Feifei listened to this,Breathing pause,Just like Ou Jing,,Blue Director has been refused to accept the news of the land。
“it is good!Blue Director。”She laughed,In fact, this is the most worried about her place.。
If she is crying,Sad, sad, temper,Everyone looked at her venting and didn’t worry.。
“Thanks a lot。”Blue Xin smiled and drunk a bite.。
Ning Feifei laughs,Not talking,Turn around。
Ou Jing, quickly released news on the official website。
Lu Haozheng left the Chasing Group to study abroad,Soon was transmitted by major media。
And by Lan Xin temporarily serves as the president of the Champion Group,It is also a boiling。
Blue Xin has two purposes。
one,Stabilize people。
two,Let Gu Anan relaxed vigilance。
When Gu An An called her.,There is no way to mention Lu Haozheng,Only two possibilities,First, she doesn’t know the news of Lu Haocheng.。Second, she knows that if she is installed.。
However, the Lu Group was turned to 10 billion,It’s still very hanging now.。
Even Xiao Jun’s master can’t find it.,The other party’s means is indeed。
Gu Anan no matter what,She has to take into account Lu Haozheng’s existence。
Now Lu Hao is not there.,She will not be as vigilant as before。
It has been ten days.,She overestimates Gu An’an’s ability。
this matter,Should fast knife,Drag,Will only have enough time to compete with it。
Blue Xin opens Lu Hao Cheng’s computer,The most complicated situation is the previous Lu Yi Group。
There are some old shareholders over there.,Hill a person who studies the design,They must not worry。
Yang Jing’s pressure will become bigger and bigger。
Gu Anan sits in the office at this time.,Squiring shares in your hands。

one day、Two days、Three days、A week、Two weeks、A month、Two months。。。

Except occasionally sober,Let the fork-tailed civet hunt some food for itself to eat,Wright is almost motionless!
The rich elements let Wright enter a very rapid state of practice!
Whether it is magic or grudge,It’s all through refining elements to form magic or vindictive power,Magic practice has limits of mental strength,The limitation of fighting qi practice is physical strength!
Mental power can’t be leaped in one go,But Wright’s physical fitness is almost at its limit,And in such a high element concentration environment,Wright cultivates fighting qi several times faster than the outside world。
Simultaneously,Under the rich elements,Wright can also feel the various elements more clearly。In addition to various elements。And other special energy。
Outside,Wright’s perception of the law can only be accumulated,Occasionally a flash of inspiration can realize the law and mood。
And here,Ground、fire、Thunder and lightning、bright、Dark Seven Series,The density is 100 times that of the outside world。In addition to these seven series,Wright also felt other surging energies,Ruhe is full of death,Similar to the energy of a necromancer,Also has terrible and aggressive energy。I also feel very kind,Full of vitality……
Fiery heat、violent……
Pulsation of the earth、Heavy……
Water movement、Tolerance……
In this environment,Wright feels close to nature like never before。At this moment, he can clearly understand the rhythm of the flame several times,Even touches the earth and flowing water。
Wright is not only【The Mystic Explosion】There are new insights every day,In the third month, I realized a trace of gravity。
“Kaka Kaka~~”Wright sits on a hard rock,The earthy yellow light shines around the body,Cracks began to appear on a hard rock,Then it broke completely。Among the broken rocks,Wright smiled,
“This bit of gravity space mystery,Into the magic‘Gravity’in,The gravity effect is three times stronger,Gravity couldn’t get involved in the battle before,And now,Gravity can be used as an auxiliary means of combat。”
Open your eyes,Wright feels hungry,Soul Transmission:“Elek,How long have I been practicing this time?”
“the host,Since waking up last time,You have been practicing for almost three months。It’s only a week before you set the deadline。”
“so fast!”Wright sighed,He really hates this environment,If you give him another five or six years,The grudge reaches level 9,It’s easy to reach level 8 mental strength。At that time, I might be able to match some weak sanctuary。
But the plan I made for myself,Go back home to visit parents and sister in three years,It’s best to take both parents and sister to the Imperial Capital to live,After all, the environment of the imperial capital,Much better than Dragon Fortress。And he is in the Warcraft Mountains,Stay at most for two and a half years,And Elek said‘deadline’,Means two and a half years。

I saw among the dozen or so people behind Chen Feng,There is a young guy with yellow hair,Chao Wang Youcai who didn’t say a word walked here,There were six or seven people behind him。

Chen Feng was dumbfounded,He shouted:“Niu Xiaohu!Are you fucking trying to betray??“
“Ha ha!I was originally from Brother Wang,Now it’s justifiable to go back,Can’t talk about a betrayal“Niu Xiaohu said with a laugh。He left,Chen Feng suddenly lost seven or eight people,Thus,His number is almost the same as Wang Youcai’s。
The key is that Tian Wa and Wu Wu are very good at each other,Chen Feng has taught them。
“Good you little tiger,You turned out to be a bitch,You told Wang Youcai about Laozi’s action tonight,I said how would he know that I am here“Chen Feng is furious,A bit crazy。
Wang Youcai laughed and said:“Chen Feng!Are you out of date!This is called undercover,Don’t eat inside and outside“
Chen Feng who has fallen into the wind is like a fool riding on a tiger’s back,Up and down for a while。But Wang Youcai won’t let him go,He said coldly:“Niu Xiaohu!To give this bad breath for Brother Wang“
Wang Youcai’s words haven’t finished,Tian Wa and Wu Quan have already jumped on here,With two screams,The two horses beside Chen Feng wanted to block Chen Feng,I didn’t expect to even have time to stretch my hand,Was kicked by Tian Wa and Wu Wu。
Tian Wa and Wu Wu made heavy moves as soon as they shot,These two people lying on the ground,I didn’t get up when I got down。Others can’t help but get horrified at first sight。
“Bros,All stepped aside,You are not worthy of giving Chen Feng your life,I don’t want to hurt everyone“Niu Xiaohu shouted,With six or seven yellow hairs behind him, he rushed forward。
Originally surrounded Xia Jian and these four people,Should be Chen Feng’s capable thug,They saw Chen Feng’s side tight,Turn around quickly,Then withdrew。The danger in front of Xia Jian is lifted,But Xi Zhen, who is not reconciled, drags a stick and wants to rush upwards,But Xia Jian grabbed him。
“The protagonist tonight is not us,Let’s take a look“Xia Jian smiled slightly,Whispered to Xi Zhen。
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Two groups of people fight each other,Chen Feng’s people obviously do not have the upper hand,Soon began to fall back。Especially Tian Wa and Wu Wu are like two wild wolves rushing out of the forest,A bit overwhelming。
Which group of people Niu Xiaohu brought may be familiar with which group of people behind Chen Feng,No one hits,Who behind Chen Feng began to retreat。
Which four people besieged Xia Jian just now?,I thought it was easy for them to fight four enemies and two,What I did not expect is,They and Tianwa、Wu Wu just fought,One of them was put down on the ground。
Chen Feng saw that the momentum was wrong,Turned around and ran,But where would Wang Youcai let him go?。
“note!This turtle grandson wants to run away“Wang Youcai shouted。Wu Wu sees it,A runaway,Who is standing in front of him with a kick,Pounced straight at Chen Feng。
Chen Fenggang pulls the car door,The front foot hasn’t stepped up yet,I only feel a sharp pain in my waist,He threw himself in front of the car door,Didn’t wait for him to react,Wu Wu greeted Chen Feng with all his fists。Chen Feng howled like a pig,But his subordinates can’t take care of it。

Director He from the Mayor’s Office,Still sad,I have solved so many cases,But I have never encountered such a difficult case,The key is not knowing where to start。

Out of the city government,There is still a little way to the public security bureau,Sent his car to work in the morning,It would be a waste of time not to go back,So when he was going to stop a car。
One**Year old boy ran over,tell him:“uncle,Someone asked me to send you a letter“
Director He listened,Can’t help but startled,Hurriedly took the letter from the little boy,Tore it apart without thinking,The letter says“Lord Secretary,Don’t bother,You can’t solve this case,Xia Jian is the investment representative of Venture Group,Such a big thing,Don’t you have any responsibility?”
“So I think,This list should be buried by your government,Please notify relevant departments,Ready for five million,Waiting for my news anytime,But I want to mention you,Don’t fool around,Otherwise tear the ticket!”
Director He finished reading,Can’t help but scold:“Bastard!Dare to challenge the government,I give you five million,You have the guts to take it”
Although Director He is scolding,But he was still a little happy,After all, the opponent started to show up,This shows that Xia Jian has no problems yet。He has to go back to the meeting and make arrangements。
at this time,He Jing sitting listless in the shop,Sad look,Since Xia Jian had this incident,He has hardly slept a peacefully,Just last night,She was still riding her motorcycle around the city,I want to see if I can meet these short-eyed guys。
Suddenly a beggar walked straight towards her。
The two waitresses in the shop couldn’t stop them,He Jingyi raised her head,I can’t help but frown,Found a five yuan bill,Handed it to the beggar:“Don’t come in anymore”
“Someone asked me to send you a letter”The beggar said,Threw a letter on the table in front of He Jing,Turned away。
He Jing was taken aback,Can’t help but scold:“Mystery disease”What boring guy is this again,To do such a boring thing,And let the beggar deliver the letter。
He Jing in a very bad mood,About to lose the letter,Then I changed my mind,Still take a look!See what is written on it?So he tore open the letter,I saw the letter says:“Notify the venture group to prepare five million,No report to the police,Otherwise tear the ticket,Your every move,We all know very well”
He Jingyi finished watching,Immediately chased out of the store,But which beggar has long since disappeared,In fact, she knew,This beggar is also doing things for others。
It seems that Xia Jian was really kidnapped,He should be safe for the time being,He Jing thought of this,I feel more comfortable,She didn’t go back to the store,But went directly to Donglin Building。
In Guo Meili’s office,Fang Fang and Heiwa are here,The two of them took turns on duty these two days,I’m afraid there will be a call。He Jing’s sudden break in,Surprised the two of them。
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“What’s wrong with you?”Fang Fang asked in surprise。

They are a little closer to the rock,It’s only more than ten meters by visual inspection,But just can’t make it。He is still a little scared,Long time,His level is very likely to sink。I don’t know how deep the water is here。

Which woman climbing on the rock sees which man Xia Jian pushed over,May have a bottom in my heart,She suddenly jumped into the water,Swam over quickly。From her swimming posture,She should be better than Xia Jianyou。
When this woman comes,The two of them pushed which man to swim towards the rock,The speed is much faster。one meter,Two meters…Finally pushed which man to the edge of the rock。
This rock has a hypotenuse of over 30 degrees,One or two people should be able to climb on it。Thanks to the efforts of Xia Jian and which woman,Finally pushed which man onto the rock。
As soon as this guy climbed up,Just like a dead pig,Motionless,May be the cause of physical exhaustion。Xia Jian clasped his hands on the edge of the rock,Body immersed in water,His feet moved slowly,Strive to float up。
“You go up!I don’t think you can”What woman said,Push Xia Jian on the rock。Xia Jian saw it clearly,This is a woman in her thirties,Longer than plump。May be the reason for being scared just now,Her face is not pretty。
When Xia Jian was about to be humble,Behind me the sound of the emergency boat motor。Xia Jian quickly turned around and waved,The emergency boat drove over。
With the help of the crew,I got the man climbing on the rock onto the boat。Then he pulled Xia Jian and the woman onto the emergency boat。
When I get back to the shore,Xia Jian is almost freezing to death。He looks really embarrassed,It seems that this hero really isn’t something anyone can do if they want to be。
Chen Xia saw Xia Jian,Hurried over,She quickly took off her windbreaker,Put it on Xia Jian。Actually this is of no use,Because all the clothes on Xia Jian are wet。
“Hurry up and find a hotel!I am freezing to death”Xia Jian said,I couldn’t help but shudder。
Chen Xia nodded quickly,When Xia Jian was about to leave。Suddenly a few reporters came,They surrounded Xia Jian,The spotlight flashes non-stop,Xia Jian can’t leave if he wants to go。
What is terrible is that a TV reporter came,She stretched the microphone over,The cameraman behind pointed the camera at Xia Jian。
“Hello there!Please answer some of my questions, OK??You are a hero,We have to report”The beauty reporter said with a smile。
At this moment,People watching the excitement surrounded Xia Jiantuan。It’s impossible to leave,Unless you grow wings and fly out。
Face this situation,Xia Jian was really angry。Don’t talk about how sloppy you are,Water all over,He’s almost uncomfortable。Can be interviewed,You have to let me change clothes!Xia Jian shook his head helplessly。
Chen Xia on the side quietly pulled Xia Jian and said:“Just a few words,Otherwise I can’t go”
“I am not a hero,Whoever encounters such a thing will do it”Xia Jian raised his voice and said loudly。

Xia Jian saw that Ma Yan was here,I got back to my senses in a panic。Qin Xiaomin stood up calmly,She supported Ma Yan on the bed。

“This gentleman,The result of your wife’s examination is very good,The three fetuses are very healthy。Her professional doctor will talk to you about it in a while,I will tell you a little bit in advance”
One of the little nurses smiled and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian was so happy,He asked Ma Yan in a low voice:“Is that so?”
Ma Yan nodded,Smiled happily:“Thanks to Qin leader this time,How about you invite Leader Qin to dinner first,Wait for my chance in the future,Let’s invite her again”
“Hey Ma Yan!What leader does not lead,I’m angry again。I’m older than you,Call sister Qin if you can,Of course you can call Lao Qin and Qin Xiaomin,But no longer called the leader,Which era is this all?”
Qin Xiaomin smiled,Also very happy to say to Ma Yan。
Ma Yan,Smiled immediately:“Obey sister Qin,No longer called”
Xia Jian heard that Ma Yan’s examination result was good,The heart he was holding then let go,So he smiled and said to Qin Xiaomin:“Ma Yan is right,I should treat you to dinner,It’s too early,Then please show your face。We finished,Bring one back to Ma Yan“
“Don’t,The doctor just said,The food I eat is provided by the hospital,No outside。and also,No escort,There are full-time nurses,So you let your parents rest in the hotel”
Ma Yan,Quickly dissuade Xia Jian loudly。
Qin Xiaomin glanced at Xia Jian,Hesitated and said:“forget it!We don’t have to be so polite。I have to go back,what’s the matter,You can go to my cousin directly,If you can’t open your mouth,You just call me”
Qin Xiaomin said,Waved to Ma Yan who was lying on the hospital bed,Then he turned around,Walk towards the door。See out,Qin Xiaomin is still a bit evasive about doing this。After all,They used to have such a touching section。
Xia Jian glanced at Ma Yan,Still chased it out。I kept chasing up to the elevator mouth before I caught up with Qin Xiaomin。Qin Xiaomin glanced at Xia Jian affectionately and said:“Hurry back!She worked so hard”There is something in Qin Xiaomin’s words,Xia Jian nodded,Turned around and went back to the ward。
Just for a while,When he goes back,Ma Yan has snored slightly。

A figure full of destruction aura shot out from the sea,Appear across from Wright,Patriarch Bard,Holding a sword,。

“Lieshan,what are you going to do?”Patriarch Bard is majestic,But the tone is a bit weak。
Just the power of Wright’s palm,Destroy an island instantly。Patriarch Bud can easily achieve it with the power of the Lord God。However, the surface of Wright’s body did not emit the breath of the power of the main god.。
In his opinion, there are only two possibilities。
Either,Wright has reached Dzogchen,In this way, using the power of the main god will not leak the slightest。But even if the upper god of Dzogchen does not use the power of the main god,,Can cause such a powerful destruction
Either,Wright did not use the power of the main god,That means his material attack,It is very close to the limit under the upper god of Dzogchen!
No matter what the situation,Patriarch Bard knows he is no opponent at all。As for the soul attack?He knows,I’m not good at this,To deal with a soul mutant,I am afraid that my own soul attack will have no effect at all。
“Ask me what to do?Patriarch Bard,Why do you think?”Wright has a hint of murder in his tone,Said lightly,“I’m not here to kill you,Could it be that you think I’m here to talk to you?”Now with his strength,It’s already difficult to kill Patriarch Bard。
Chief Bard gritted his teeth,A drop of power of the main god emerged in his hand,“Then you can try!”
“Swear by the Supreme God of Destiny,Must not leave the world of life within a million years,Plus this drop of power of the main god,I can spare you。”For Wright,Killing is not the purpose,The main purpose is to restrict the opponent from entering the Dark God plane,Interfered with his pursuit of James。As for his intention to kill Bud,It is not very heavy,After all, he almost destroyed Huahua Island first。
So if Patriarch Bard offers enough benefits,Wright doesn’t mind letting him go。
Chief Bard was silent for a while,Nodded stupidly:“can!”

Xi Zhen was talking,Stretch your hand out,She called which waitress to the side。Xia Jian walked over in two steps,He walked until the door number wasV888Stopped in front of his room。

Zhang Teng, who is at the end, takes two steps tightly,He walked to the door and gently opened the door。He put his head in and took a look,And then whispered back:“Just inside”
Xia Jianyi listen,He squeezed himself into the room。Large and luxurious private room,Just behind a coffee table sits Li Wei, the son of a rich man in Bucheon。This Li Wei really hugs left and right,In his arms sat two beautiful and coquettish women。
Near the door,Standing two bodyguards。These two bodyguards may have been engrossed in watching the woman next to Li Wei,So when Xia Jian and the others walked in,These two don’t know。
When Xi Zhen, who was at the end, closed the door,One of the bodyguards just recovered,When he saw that there were so many more people in the room,His face changed immediately。
“Who are you?What for?”
Which two bodyguards are chasing two steps,He asked loudly。
Zhang Teng is**The lake,He said coldly:“Go aside,Come to Mr. Li,Must be friends”
When Li Wei, who was playing, suddenly found that there were several people standing in front of him,The color of his face changed accordingly。Because these people have formed a siege to him。If it’s a bad guy,Then he is dead。
“Zhang Teng!What are you doing?”
Li Weimeng pushed away the two women in his arms,Asked with timidity in his voice。In this world,The richer,The more precious you see your life,He is afraid that he won’t be able to enjoy this blessing with a kick。
Zhang Teng said with a cold smile:“Master Li!President Xia came to see you。I think these two women should go out for a while”
“Zhang Teng!When did you take refuge in Xia Jian’s door again?”
Li Wei stood up as he spoke。
“Master Li!Zhang Teng and I are friends,No sect,There is no refuge”

Gu Hua smiled first,Then he pointed to the people in the venue and whispered:“Everyone here is very valuable,If the price increase a little bit, it would arouse their grudge,Once it gets angry,Losing a few million is nothing to them,At that time, this calligraphy and painting call for a price of 5 million yuan。

I raised the price a lot,It shows that I am determined to win this calligraphy and painting,If it weren’t for the fact that there are so many people who would love to get this calligraphy,Generally, no one can sing against me。
after all,First, this calligraphy and painting were also called to the critical point by me,Second come,Everyone often meets at auctions,Look up,Someone sells me some face。”
Chen Xiu couldn’t think that there were so many skills in the original bidding,Can’t help but think of Qin Zhi’s last bid《Preface》when,If I directly bid for 10 million,There is no middle a little starting price,It is estimated that Xiang Jinglong will not bid to 20 million with himself.。
“Brother Chen,Is there nothing you like at the venue??If you don’t bring enough money,I can help you advance。”
Gu Hua got his love,Naturally very happy,I saw Chen Xiu never bidding,I thought he didn’t have enough money。
“I don’t lack money,But there is nothing that fascinates me……Not urgent,Look again。”
Several valuable antiques were auctioned off in succession.。
To the thirteenth auction item,The four staff in the exhibition hall carried a stone up。
Chen Xiu stared at the stone,There is no information in my mind,There is no heat in the palms。
“Brother Gu,What’s this famous?Why did you lift a rock up。”
“This is no ordinary rock recovered from the river。”Gu Hua said with a smile:“This is rough。”
“Correct,It looks like this is an ordinary stone,It is possible that there is jade inside、What about jade?,If you cut a piece of ice jade or imperial green,That’s a big deal。”
“Uh,I understand……This is a gambling stone,It’s more likely that it’s still a stone when it’s cut down,Worthless。”
The gambling on stone Chen Xiu heard people talk about it when he was in school before,Especially at the border of China and Myanmar, it is the largest stone gambling center in East Asia。

Chen Xiu is a little bit unbelievable in Gu Rimou’s knowledge of Fengshui,Grabbed《Plum Blossom Mental Arithmetic》Look,There really is such a passage in the book,But Gu Rimou did miss the previous prerequisites。

“The book says,This one is the land of Sanyin,Yin is too heavy to be buried!According to your theory,It should be said that this place has the thinnest aura、The most suitable place to plant the elixir fairy grass is!”
“what,Do you still have this sentence?”
Gu Rimou snatched the plum blossom and took a closer look,There really is such a sentence,I was dumbfounded,Said embarrassingly:“A heavy yin may not nourish the fairy grass,Come all here,Just a few hills away,Take another two steps to take a look。”
Chen Xiu can already confirm that this old man is a classic case of reading and seeing the world.,Reading is a choke,Just look at the part with lots of text。
Anyway, Gu Rimou’s basis《Plum Blossom Mental Arithmetic》The knowledge of watching the mountains and watching the air is very unreliable。
Chen Xiu is sitting on the grass,Waved and said:“not going,I’m exhausted all the way。Going to see,go by yourself!”
Gu Rimou said angrily:“You are also a strong Nine-Rank cultivation base anyway,Why do you feel miserable after walking this little mountain road。
Eh,Why are young people like this now?,I can’t bear a little bit of suffering。When the sky comes to great responsibility, the people in Sri Lanka must first suffer from their will,Work hard……”
“I’m still hungry!”
Chen Xiu took out compressed biscuits from his backpack,Nibbling and complaining:“What about the nine-pin cultivation base,Not tired yet,Light work is not flying,It’s not about stamina。
I’m the one who opened the way and cut the thorns along the way;I’m the one who repels insects and snakes;I was the one who made me jump on the treetops to see the road。You are a master,Why don’t you open the way by yourself!”