“not like this,No such thing,Mr. Horner’s contribution to the team、The results achieved by leading the team are obvious to all,Mr. Horner’s decision is his personal choice,Although the board of directors of the group regrets this,But after confirming that Mr. Horner had decided,The board can only bless him、Respect Mr. Horner’s choice,And wish him more brilliant results in the new career……”

This false blessing!
A strong smell of plastic spreads in the air。
Who wants to listen to this?!
Who is interested in this stuff??!
The reporters kept pursing their lips:What everyone wants to hear is not such an official tone,We want to listen to something more exciting!
“But the Fiat Group’s board of directors approved Mr. Horner’s application for resignation so quickly,Can’t it explain the problem??”A reporter yelled immediately:“Why did the group board of directors not even retain,I was so impatient to agree to Mr. Horner’s application?”
Follow the normal procedure,Even if the Fiat Group’s board of directors·How dissatisfied with Horner’s lead,Shouldn’t be symbolically retained,Then Leclerc firmly stated that he would resign,Then the Fiat Group Board of Directors will“Mr. Horner has higher goals and pursuits,We can only respect his decision,And wish him even greater success on the new road.……”、To show that we are a humane company、Are we grateful for what Mr. Horner has done for the team over the past years??Now I haven’t even done a symbolic retention,What the hell is this again?
Are working as media all year round,Of course the reporters know there is a story,This is what they want!
Pacino dumbfounded,Don’t know what to say?
Fucking!Why did the group board of directors not even make a symbolic retention,I directly agreed to my predecessor’s resignation application,Where does this Lao Tzu know??
honestly,He also feels that the group board of directors is not doing it authentically,Make people cool,But can this kind of thing be something that a small team leader can freely put his beak??Which green onion am I?!
finally,News briefing will end with Pacino’s anger leaving,But for these“Watch the excitement for fear that things are not big enough”For the media,This is enough!
Although Leclerc·Horner’s team performance in the past two years has dropped a lot from before,But the calm and sane media actually know,Leclerc cannot be blamed for the decline of the Fiat team’s performance·Horner’s body,The power struggle within the Fiat Group and the reduction in funding for the team are the main factors,As for Leclerc·Horner this guy,No one doubts his ability and ability。

It’s just maybe because there are a little less manpower in China,So I didn’t keep doing it?

The more I think about it, the more Qin Feng feels that he has been a little too calm recently。But he is not the spider gang,Naturally, I don’t know what the other person is thinking。
Next day,Liu Yong and Yue Yang were finally released。
Both of them were in a trance originally,Although it’s just a detention room,Without being thrown into the prison。But who are they?How could the son, who has always been spoiled, withstand this?“shame”?
Chen Yunxi waited here early,I don’t know how excited I was when I saw my husband finally being released。
But I haven’t waited for him to come forward,I found a young man and some black bodyguards standing in front of him。
Chen Yunxi failed to speak to Liu Yong,At this moment, Liu Yong also saw the man standing in front of them。
This person is very young,Not even Liu Yong’s age,And look at the temperament of the other person is somewhat similar to them,If you guess right。This should also be a brother。
“Can you please let me?I want to talk to my wife。”At this time, Liu Yong has been polished to have no temper。He was already angry before replacing it。
But it’s different now,He was scared by Qin Feng。
“Want revenge??”As soon as the mysterious man appeared, he assumed a solemn attitude。
This makes Liu Yong very helpless,“no need,I want to go home with my wife!”

But this day is a little different。Because an unreliable guy came back。

“Yooo,Qin Feng Kid,I am back again。I now master the use of dark energy,It’s not far from the breakthrough period,how about it,Do you want me to teach you?”
The person who returned is naturally Jiang Yan’s grandfather Jiang Min。
This guy is Qin Feng’s master,I was depressed because I was completely surpassed by Qin Feng。When I was angry, I went back to Shennongjia with gritted teeth and found the master of Cangmang sent his own master for hell-style practice.。
This period of time is simply painful for Jiang Min。But when I thought that I could not be surpassed by Qin Feng as an apprentice,So he keeps working hard。
In the end he finally went out again。
According to his family at the time“Master”Say,He has already entered the Ming Jin stage with half his foot,
Be considered a success。Only re-closed training has little effect。
The best way is to travel the world and increase knowledge,Maybe there is a way to really step in。
of course,After talking so much, Jiang Min asked him in turn,Is he capable of defeating Qin Feng。
For Qin Feng,The Cangmang faction naturally doesn’t understand,Can only be judged by Jiang Min’s narrative。But as everyone knows,Jiang Min’s understanding of Qin Feng is naturally incomplete,So the conclusion that Qin Feng can be defeated was naturally wrong.。
But this doesn’t prevent the old man from showing off his power after coming back.。
“grandfather,Why are you here so soon?Didn’t it take long to call you just now??”Jiang Yan was also very happy when he opened the door to Jiang Min。
But Jiang Min ignored his granddaughter,Yelling directly towards the backyard,I want to fight Qin Feng directly。
It’s just that Qin Feng directly ignored this old man whose brain had been trained a little abnormally.。

Chapter One Hundred Forty Eight Re-entry

The box that Xu Guoquan and his students were in closed the door,Lu Hao and Lu Cheng,And Chen Keqing beside them,The expressions on the faces of the three men are colorful,But it’s not clear in any words。
Just like Li Meier expected,Some people dare to lose their temper at home,But those who dare to be at home,It hasn’t appeared until now。
Lu Cheng looked at his cousin,The bewilderment on the face at a glance,I shrugged helplessly with my cousin,For the immediate situation,Lu Hao is also at a loss。I wanted to join as an alumni,Leave a good impression on everyone!But now because of a chance encounter with Chen Keqing,I chose to stand in line again,Obviously the people in the box won’t see themselves anymore。
“Uncle Chen,What do we do now?”
Is helpless,Lu Hao can only put Bao on Chen Keqing’s body,Since it can’t appear on the table of the group of people inside in a natural way,Then appear in another way,Don’t care if it’s a good impression or a bad impression,It’s better than making people unable to remember oneself!
“hold on!”
Chen Keqing turned his head and said to Lu Hao。He doesn’t care about the young people around him,It’s just that this time someone is talking to himself,Whether you know it or not,Can alleviate embarrassment to a certain extent,better than nothing,Talk to this young man next to me,Better than standing here alone,Not to mention that he is still the son of his partner。
But Lu Hao obviously did not appreciate Chen Keqing’s intentions,After Chen Keqing finished talking and waited,He really started to wait,Silent,This makes Chen Keqing a little uncomfortable,No attack。
I watched the box door stretched and closed from the distance I did not want,Whether it’s the students who are adding food or a gift to them at home,Are undoubtedly lit a raging fire in Chen Keqing’s heart。
Chen Keqing’s compact brows gradually stretched,As Wanghai’s local company,He is naturally not good at what to do,But some people are naturally exceptional。Underachievement,Can’t you do it if you fail?!
Chen Keqing waited silently,Not long,Two figures appeared in his field of vision。
“Manager Li,Mr. Zhu,Really ashamed,Really ashamed!”

Because they are just ordinary people,Just work in the hospital,A lot of things,Can’t be the master。

They know,If this disgusting couple insists on refunding the money and leaving the hospital,The hospital can’t stop it。
Although I know the purpose of this for in-laws,It was basically the nine hundred thousand life-saving money that the little girl’s father left in the hospital account.,But no one can do it,Because that’s only half of the medical expenses,The hospital can’t operate on her。
And even if the hospital is humanitarian,Willing to help Liu Feiran perform surgery,But if her guardian disagrees,Still can’t proceed,So this is the most troublesome place。
Now it seems,There seems to be no way to stop the little girl from leaving the hospital,Then her life-saving money was naturally swallowed by her uncle’s family。
Patients in the same ward,And those doctors and nurses,Even the patients and their families in the next ward,They all spit on the little girl’s uncle’s family,I think they are inferior to pigs and dogs,It’s a pity everyone is daring to be angry。
That guy claims to be a lawyer,And this kind of six relatives don’t recognize,Rogue with a black conscience,No one wants to provoke this kind of stuff for no reason。
“Hey,Who are you scolding?”at this time,Lu who stood at the door listening for a long time,Finally speak。
Chapter Five Hundred and One Kind heart
Lu Menglin said this,The people in the ward all cast their eyes on him。
Everyone saw only a handsome young man,Frowned and asked。
And came with this young man,There is a sick old lady,The two of them looked,It’s like just admitted to the hospital,The kind of people who still can’t figure out the depth of the market。
Liu Xing’s lawyer uncle glanced at Lu Menglin and Aunt Ba,Weird eyes upturned,I didn’t even plan to care about them。
Lu Menglin stepped forward,Reached out and patted Uncle Lawyer’s shoulder,Lightly:“I want to ask you something!Who did you scold??”
“It’s up to you!Who are you?Batman??I don’t take a piss and take pictures of myself.?Nosy,Save you!”
Lu Menglin doesn’t bother to talk nonsense with such people,Reach out and squeeze gently on this uncle’s shoulder,The pain caused him to bend down immediately。

“Water boiled,I gonna go see。”Lu Menglin suddenly pushed his waist,Stand up from the sofa,Got into the kitchen without hesitation。

Zhou Min was suddenly stunned on the spot,From her beautiful eyes, there was an unbelievable look,And endless regret。
She bit her lips tightly,Grow up,Two steps to the kitchen door,But hesitated,Dare not go in。
“Sorry,I did not do it on purpose。I,I’m kidding you。”Zhou Min stammered。
Talk out,She knew she was wrong again。
She is a very realistic girl,I knew from a very early age that my beauty should be exchanged for a good price,So she has been waiting for the price,Waiting for her real son to appear。
Different from Zhu Qiuhong,Her purpose is very clear,What she is looking for is a strong man,A man strong enough to protect himself。
It is clear,The world today,Rich and powerful is powerful!So Zhou Min has been searching for the other half according to this standard。
Until she met this guy named Xiaolu,at the very beginning,Xiao Lu is for her,Just a weaker existence than himself,She doesn’t mind reaching out to help,To protect such a handsome boy。
But later,Zhou Min is getting more and more incomprehensible。
This guy named Xiaolu,Not only know the legendary Nan Ge,He’s still the big boss behind Brother Nan,Strong financial resources,This is not salted fish turning over,This is pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger!
If it’s just a change of identity,Maybe it won’t give Zhou Min such a heart shock。
Xiao Lu is not only rich,There is still love,To protect Zhu Qiuhong and himself,Don’t hesitate with Bai Zhiwei and Chai,And the entire Hong Kong Island entertainment industry。
No one thought,He would win!In that almost miraculous way,Won this seemingly hopeless battle。
And just two days ago,This guy named Xiaolu,Once again proved his strength,He actually went to the ring to punch,Defeated the Muay Thai King who made the entire Hong Kong Island martial arts helpless。
This battle,Zhou Min, who grew up in a slum, was heartbroken,Dream of Soul。
This guy surnamed Lu,Is the king she dreamed of since she was a child,He is driving a five-colored cloud

Zhong Yefu listened to everyone’s comments,Smile and nod,Tao:“and so,This is my value!I know how to find the demon altar。”

This remark,Everyone was shocked。
No wonder Zhong Yefu is so bold,He actually knew how to find the way to the demon altar?
Zhong Yefu smiled at Lu Menglin,Tao:“but!Can you deal with the legendary strongest scarlet demon?,It depends on Mr. Wu Hao。”
“Brother Wuhao,Don’t believe him!You can’t go to that place!”Huang Shaotian suddenly shouted。
Unexpectedly, this beautiful swordsman Huang Shaotian would speak at this time,Although in the name of caring about Wuhao,But it always sounds a bit awkward。
Does Huang Shaotian know some secrets??Among the crowd,Some people can’t help but think secretly。
Lu Menglin took a deep look at Huang Shaotian,Then smiled and said:“It’s just an old Demon Chiyue,I can handle it。”
I heard the words of Old Demon Chiyue,Zhong Yeo’s expression changed slightly,Shining in the eyes,He confirmed,Lord Wuhao,He is definitely an insider who knows the truth about the Scarlet Moon Devil,Otherwise I would never shout“Old demon”These two words。
“it is good!Since Master Wu Hao is sure,Then I will tell you!Entrance to the Demon Altar,right here!In that sarcophagus!”Zhong Ye Fuyu is not surprising and endlessly saying。
This remark,Almost everyone present was shocked again。
They never expected,The big secret that Zhong Yeo said,It’s under everyone’s eyes。
Just take the first two steps,Walked to the giant sarcophagus,You can see the entrance of the demon altar。
“Zhong Yeo!You are so bold!Dare to use this little trick to fool me and wait!”The wooden knife shouted angrily。

Xiao Fan smiled coldly at Fourth Master Huang:“As long as you know,Ask yourself what good things your good son did?”

Fourth Master Huang heard Xiao Fan’s words,He immediately raised his head and angered at his son:“You rebellious,What good did you do,You be honest with me、Say one five ten ten,Anything to hide,I will break your leg now。”
“dad!”Young Master Huang can’t accept this reality,Now I heard that Huang Siye said something cruel to him,I feel even more dissatisfied。
Fourth Master Huang couldn’t help but say,I slapped my son in the face with two slaps,Two clear palm prints also appeared on Young Master Huang’s face,But now is not the time to love my son,Huang Siye sternly said:“Don’t hurry up to tell me。”
Master Huang looked at the angry Fourth Master Huang,I was scared in my heart,He covered his face and shivered and told what happened just now。
Of course he dare not hide it at all,From small to large,My father never touched his finger,But now I not only beat myself up,And it’s so heavy,Obviously he was very scared of the young man in front of him。
So how he invited Lin Yoona to dinner,Xiao Fan is not allowed,How did I lose to Xiao Fan?,Including how I was dissatisfied just now,I have to clean up Xiao Fan’s affairs and speak clearly,clear and direct。
The more you hear, the more frightened Huang Siye,This rebellious,Originally, this nobleman was willing to let him go,But his little-brained son is desperately trying**Step up。
I just provoke the woman Qiao An’an and was repaired by Xiao Fan like this,But now my son is provoked by Xiao Fan, the wife of the plague god,Fourth Master Huang suddenly felt like the sky was falling。
Get up from the ground,Fourth Master Huang slapped his son again,Still seems to be upset,After the fight, he made up a few more kicks.,It made Young Master Huang cried and called his mother。
Seeing such a desperate son,Huang Siye roared:“You dare to give me pain,Kneel down and apologize to the nobleman,I can tell you,Today if you are noble, I forgive you,I abolished you today!”
Chapter Fifty Four uninvited guest
Young Master Huang was so scared that he immediately knelt in front of Xiao Fan,Keep kowtow:“Sorry,Sorry,I am blind,I ran into you,Sorry,Please forgive me!”
Lin Yuna can’t stand it anymore,Pulled Xiao Fan’s sleeve,Shook his head。

look more,Is to gain experience,Just like reading,The so-called reading a hundred times is self-evident,This is the truth。something,You watch too much,Some flaws are easy to find。

Listen less,Because of this popular storytelling。Bragging about sellers,Don’t get stuck,What family heirlooms etc.,More than 90% are compiled,Don’t take it to heart。You have to be serious,Really lost。
At last,Just don’t rush to buy,Watch slowly。You watched for a long time in a stall,No one will say anything about you,Don’t be shy,I think I watched it for so long,I feel sorry for others if I don’t buy something。”Hu Yang preached to everyone。
Did not take a few steps,I met a small stall on the side of the street。
There are shops on both sides of this street,The stall is very eye-catching。The stall owner is a person wearing ethnic clothing、Women with jewelry,Small stall less than two square meters,There are pieces of silver jewelry with ethnic characteristics。
Several student-like girls are choosing。
Women greeted several guests,Shouting:“Twenty yuan a piece,Authentic pure Hmong silver bracelet……”
At this moment,Some people doubt it again,Sterling silver jewelry,Only 20 yuan a piece?Doesn’t it look like fake??Although silver is not very valuable,But it’s still precious metals!
in fact,Some people will doubt,Aren’t the ethnic minorities very poor??What their girl,All of them are silver,From head to toe,A few catties, right??
Silver is calculated based on a few dollars per gram,Ten catties are worth over 10,000, right??What a poor man?
“Haha!You are wrong。People say pure Hmong silver jewelry,No sterling silver。Miao Yin is usually not pure silver,Doped with copper or something,So Miao Yin is cheaper。”Hu Yang said。
In the Miao area,Miao Yin has another name,Is copper-nickel alloy,It can be seen that there is a lot of copper doped inside。
Huazai actually stopped,Staring at those Miao silver jewelry,Looks interested。
“Have a girlfriend?”Hu Yang asked him in surprise。
Hua Zi waved his hand:“I like this,No girls like it?Is my sister,When I saw her last time, I seemed to like this。”
before,He has no financial ability,So powerless。but now,How much money in the pocket,Plus this stuff is not expensive。
The audience in the live room laughed secretly:It seems,Another sister control!
Brother basically likes sister!Replaced by younger brother,I want money to buy a pair of sneakers or something,I am afraid it will be directly:Going with mom and dad!
Populus has no sister,So I can’t realize,Slightly amused。
Since Hua Tsai is interested,He might as well point to the side:“That silver bracelet is good,And the ring,Is not,The one beside……”

Usually met outside,Nicknames are nicknames,I’ll talk about my full name when I’m familiar,But even if I know,And will continue to call the nickname。

Unless it is a classmate,Will get used to calling names。
Even though Chen Wenjin and Abao are so familiar,I always call each other nicknames,Abao sometimes yells mixedly,But most of the time it is still called gold。
Abao also noticed,and,Even said it directly。“Xiao Xiao,You call the golden name?”
“Yes,His real name sounds better than his nickname,How tacky nickname,dislike。”When Xiao Xiao said,The expression also shows contempt for the nickname of gold。
“It’s not gold,Silence is golden,The meaning of Jinkouyuyan。”Abao quickly explained。
“Shouldn’t it be called Silent Gold??”Xiao Xiao thinks this combination is even more special。
“……It’s not bad。”Leopard thought for a while,But continue to say:“Started calling him gold,He doesn’t like a word,The nickname called gold,Everyone coax,Ok, deal。”
“That’s it……”Xiao Xiao suddenly realized,Leopard was very happy that his explanation worked,I heard Xiao Xiao followed:“But it doesn’t change the cheesy fact of the nickname gold。I like to call Chen Wenjin、Chen Wenjin、Chen Wenjin、Chen Wenjin、Chen Wenjin,what happened?”
Leopard feels weak……
Wang Shuai couldn’t help laughing,I found that Xiao Xiao was much more interesting than before。
“Xiao Xiao is very interesting。”
“I’m afraid it’s too interesting。”Chen Wenjin,Weirdly asked Wang Shuai in a low voice:“Are you unfamiliar with her?”
“Just met recently,If I knew each other early,What’s up with my ex-girlfriend?”Wang Shuai’s rhetorical question is justified,At the end,Said again:“She also read Pengzhong,So a friend introduced me,Just the most recent thing,I only know that her mother is the big taxpayer in this city,Her father is the leader of the capital city next door。This kind of must have deep and more contacts,Even if you don’t develop a relationship between men and women,Must also be good friends,Everyone can help each other in the future,Can you help each other if you have friendship?,Deep friendship can involve deeper mutual assistance。look,How nice to be a confidant with me?My network is yours,You picked up a big deal!”
“Stop nonsense!Don’t you just see that I don’t have much pursuit,Willingness is good and not used,So relieved。I really have to wait for you to take advantage,Keep your distance immediately if you are not scared?There is mutual help value you like,How far do you hide and how far you seek unilateral help。At this stage, there won’t really be anything to ask your father.,At best borrow money,Of course you speak boldly,Anyway, open your mouth without cost。”Chen Wenjin knows Wang Shuai too well,Don’t let him behave。
“……you can not do that……”Wang Shuai sighed,Got closer:“You know me so,If you want to count me in the future,How could i escape?”
“So you think,Find a chance to kill me first,You are safe, right?”
“……I’m so vicious?”