then,Lu Menglin and the four of them,Follow Hu Qi together,Into Nanfu。

now,Noisy in Nanfu,Noisy voice,Chaos,Many people are talking。
“Master Hu Su is here!”A notification came from the door,The crowd separated immediately,The people in the courtyard are as anxious as ants on a hot pot,I heard Master Hu coming,Look up,And made a way。
Follow Hu Qi and his son,Lu Menglin and Xi finally saw the appearance of Nan Fengtian。
The middle of the hall,Set up a Luohan bed made of unknown material,Nan Fengtian is lying on that bed,Shirtless receiving treatment。
A middle-aged man who looks like a doctor,Hands released white light,Is sculpting his bones。
There are two middle-aged beautiful women beside,One left and one right,Aim your palm at the south wind sky,Masses of white mist spit out from the palms of the two women,Fell on Nan Fengtian。
This scene,Lu Menglin and He Bu opened their eyes,Needless to say,This is the healing technique of the Shenmin clan!
Nan Fengtian was seriously injured this time,Although there are three great scholars treating him,But his breath is still weak,Can’t recover in a short time。
I saw Xi and Wudang are here,Even Xiao Hebu is here,Nan Fengtian’s eyes darkened,Lowered his head in shame。
Hu Su and his son came to the center of the hall,Hu Qi, Lao Tzu, arched his hands at everyone,Then frowned and shouted:“Qin family did it?They are too much!Does Hongliu City still have a king??”
He shouted,The people around nodded repeatedly,All faces are filled with righteous indignation。
“Thank you brother Hu for your concern。You are willing to stand up for our Nanfeng clan justice,I really appreciate it。”did not expect,Nanfeng’s family stood up and talked about a woman。
This middle-aged beauty wore a white dress,Headband,Beautiful and elegant,Facial profile is somewhat similar to Nanfengtian,Know without asking,This is probably Nan Fengtian’s mother。

Face opponents of the same level,Wearing armor affects one’s mobility,Obviously not a good choice。

Burst of punch,Like a whip in the air,Make a violent blast。
then,Everyone present,I saw a scene that they couldn’t understand。
Master Wuhao’s body,At the very moment,Made a series of weird moves,Some movements even change very slightly,While simply raising the arm,Just shrugged。
but,Under his series of weird actions,It completely avoided all the punches!
The great priest Gaia blasted hundreds of punches with the priest fighting technique,Without exception,Were all easily avoided by Master Wu Hao。
This is clearly impossible,But appeared in front of everyone alive,Make them even think they are dreaming。
In the history of God City,Several invincible powerhouses were born,But no one has seen such a rare thing today!
Gaia Grand Priest,Not to mention how exquisite his priest fighting skills are,Just the combat power he showed,Absolutely stronger than a forty-fourth-level fighter。
but,He blasted hundreds of punches in a row,Didn’t even hit the opponent,This is really incredible!
No one can do this!Even a fighter of level 41,If you burst out in such a small space,,Blast out hundreds of punches,At least it can hit the opponent’s three or five punches,Not miss a punch,All lost。
The appearance of this scene,Only one explanation,It’s the Great Priest Gaia and Master Wuhao who rehearsed in advance,The latter knows all the moves and attack points of the former,Two people work well together,In order to achieve such an amazing effect。
but,Everybody knows,The Great Priest Gaia and the Master Wuhao vowed not to be at odds,I want to kill him a thousand times,How can you cooperate with him??
Weird!Really weird!

But Lin Yoona doesn’t seem to know this,Even asked him to agree to another woman’s request,When another woman is in trouble,Just hire him。

I really don’t know when Lin Yoona,Is it really stupid or fake?,Is it possible that she just feels relieved like this??Just put another woman next to him with confidence。
Xiao Fan thought of this,Shook his head helplessly,Now that he has agreed,There is no way。
so,Xiao Fan can only pray now that Zhao Ling’er should not encounter any trouble in the future.,otherwise,He is really afraid that something will happen?
“Xiao Fan,Go!”Tian Xingyao saw Xiao Fan staying still,So he immediately reminded。
After Xiao Fan heard Tian Xingyao calling him,That’s why I immediately recovered,So he quickly said to Tian Xingyao:“what?Oh,it is good,I am coming!”
Xiao Fan finished,Just follow Tian Xingyao and walk in。
And this time,Lin Yuner and Zhao Linger did not follow Xiao Fan and Tian Xingyao.,After all, just now,Because they avoided Liu Dapeng and the others’ stinky eyes,The two of them were called in by Xiao Fan to avoid those perverted eyes。
Because the air in the room is not well circulated,Most people stay for a long time,It won’t feel too good,Besides, it’s two beautiful women!
and so,Just now,Lin Yun’er and Zhao Ling’er really can’t stay in the house,Because it’s so stuffy inside,and so,The two talents did not hold back and walked out of the studio for a while。
But fortunately at this time,Liu Dapeng’s gang of stinky hooligans has been taken away by Wang Mingyang’s people,otherwise,Just the purple of these two beauties,It must attract a lot of perverts again。
“Sister Linger,Just now,Is everything you told me true?”After Lin Yoona walked in Xiao Fan and Tian Xingyao,Asked with a mysterious face。
Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Six youth
Zhao Ling’er glanced around cautiously,Sure there is no one,Caishen secretly said to Lin Yuner:“of course,Brother Xingyao didn’t let me tell others。”
Lin Yuner gave Zhao Linger a thoughtful look,Looked into the direction of Tian Xing Yao again,Although Tian Xingyao and Xiao Fan have not been seen there for a long time,but,Lin Yoona doesn’t know why she has to take a look inside,Although I can’t see anything。

Three peaks have also pulled up the cordon,Maza squatted helplessly on the ground, crying to the sky,Fingers on the ground,The big breath from the bridge of the nose、Blasting from the throat。

Loneliness in the mountains,Crow,Mazza doesn’t care about anything,She recalled the moments of getting along with Harry,Laughing and crying,Grief and moving。If Harry is dead,She will no longer live。
Wipe away tears instantly,No more crying,Stand up and shout three prestige to the valley“Harry”,Louder than louder、A stern cry than a cry,The silence of the night sets off the loudness of the sound,The voice echoed in the valley,The sound alarmed the club staff,Including Chen Limu and law enforcement officers secretly listening to the voice,Looking at each other。
Stand up,Chen Limu shouted:“not good,Tian Lu?!hurry up,Take us to see。”
First185chapter laser
Three Peaks。Mazza spread his arms,Squinting,Fearless、The attitude of seeing death as home,Jump down to the bottom of the valley。The wind is blowing her hair,The human body is as light as a leaf, slowly falling from the shoulder of the valley。
When falling into the mountainside,Flashed a dazzling laser,Diffusion,In an instant this light burst out of the mountains,Straight to the sky,Soaring Maza into the sky,Disappear in an instant。
And at this moment,Ye Xingkong accompanied by Ding Kelan at the bottom of the cliff was stimulated by a laser,I don’t know if he became a light or was pushed by the light,Rise above the bottom,To the sky,Disappear in the sky。
Ding Kelan uses the light from the strange stone,No longer see Ye Xingkong。Ding Kelan looks at the sky:“Did he feather?Did he return to his planet by a strange power??”
Circle your mouth with both hands to make a loudspeaker,Shouted into the sky:“brothers,You have to be good。”
immediately,The ironware left by Ye Xingkong,Power into a golden light,Raise Ding Kelan,A force rushed Ding Kelan out of the valley,Stop at another mountain on the ground,The iron also turned into a golden light and flew high in the air,Fleeting。
Ding Kelan dressed like a beggar,Moustache,Hair shoulders。Such an alternative look,Incompatible with the earth。
Some adults passing by took their children to cover their noses and avoid them。
Came to a square,Stop and watch the news being broadcast on the big screen,One hair smashed、Male announcer in suit and leather shoes speaks pure Mandarin,Three-dimensional presentation of news:According to reports,After years of research and development by Chinese scientific and technological workers,Finally developed the first humanF9101Smart chip network,The main characteristics are fast transmission rate,Many smart device connections,Network connection improved,And used in electronic products to increase the life of the chip。artificial intelligence、Internet of Things、Cloud computing will usher in a new leap,Highly integrated chip,Further integration of blockchain technology will resource,Development of these technologies,Humans will bring subversive experience changes,Smart home、Smart wear、Telemedicine、Introducing higher areas such as smart cities,But at the same time there is a feature,It has a radiation,Can perceive the existence of living things on the earth,Will be three years,All the organisms that live on the earth entered their original form,The earth no longer accepts foreign creatures,So as to more secure the earth。
“what?Is the starry sky because ofF9101The birth of smart chips?As alien creatures expelled from the earth,Is it back to his planet??”Ding Kelan sighed,Talk to yourself:“Maybe your planet is more suitable for you,Hope you return to your own planet,Body recovery,Live well、Happy to live。”

Without waiting for Rosemary to answer,Tim Sloan continued:“Why do you say that?Because the wholeAMCThere are still more than 50,000 workers,These fifty thousand industrial workers means fifty thousand American families。This still directly affects,in caseAMCReally broke、collapse,What is the impact on upstream and downstream related industries?I believe the number of American households affected by this will not20Ten thousand!

Miss Rosemary,This adds up to at least25Ten thousand families may go bankrupt,These are all huge factors of instability,Can the Michigan state government bear such a result??Can not afford;Can the federal government bear such a result??They can’t afford it either!”
Rosemary agrees with Tim Sloan,Americans are really not optimistic about the acquisition of FernandezAMCMove。
How disapproving?
Used to be friends with my boss、But now Lee has completely entered the passerby mode·Alcoca,When I was interviewed by reporters a few days ago,When asked about this by reporters,Make it clear that it is not optimistic about the acquisition of FernandezAMCOne thing:“Yes,Fernandez and I are good friends,You all know,ChryslerfamilyFernandez designed it for me,Chrysler also relied on this car to quickly reverse the situation。
But what I have to remind Fernandez is,Chrysler can quickly turn things around,It’s not ChryslerfamilyThis car,But my genius management and management ability。
I have no doubt that Fernandez can design several very, very good products,But if Fernandez thinks that a few very good cars can turn aroundAMCCurrent situation,Then he was wrong,AMCCurrent problems with cars,Not a product issue,But the problem of the company itself。
I don’t hide it from everyone,AMCContacted us before,But I refused,As far as I know they have also contacted Ford and General Motors,Was rejected without exception。
Why Chrysler、GM and Ford unanimously chose to refuse?I can’t say much about the inside story,But I ask everyone to think about it seriously,in caseAMCThe problem is really that simple,AMCIt’s really a not-so-quality high-quality asset,Chrysler、Will Ford and GM refuse?Obviously not。”
And then I was asked by reporters if he was allowed to serveAMCGeneral manager of,Is he sure to reverseAMCThe current situation,Lee·Iacocca said frankly:“I’m not sure,I’m really not sure,in my opinion,AMCThe situation is much worse than the original Chrysler,Maybe it will succeed,But I don’t think the odds exceed20%。”
Lee·Iacocca’s remarks won the approval of many people。
United States、Or that the whole world has a very bad habit,As long as someone succeeds,Everything he says is right,And Chrysler in Lee·Iacocca’s leadership is getting better and better,His success proved himself,natural,In the eyes of the media and public opinion,Lee·Iacocca’s disapproval of the acquisition of FernandezAMCShares……That’s Fernandez·Chen, the young rich man, really made a bad choice。
reporter、The media quickly came to a conclusion:Fernandez·The reason why Chen, an emerging young rich man, made an acquisitionAMCMove,Must have been overwhelmed by the previous success。
This conclusion has even been recognized by many U.S. officials:So many outstanding professional managers in the United States have not been able to saveAMC,What does it illustrate?
It shows that this company has long been hopeless。
You Fernandez think you can saveAMC?
What a joke?!

Kelly·Hicks raised his head:“of course。”

She never doubted that her boss was the best。
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
Zhao Donghe thinks this is incredible,It’s like listening to a book,If this sentence is not from Chen Geng’s secretary(Actually an assistant)From the mouth,He absolutely must suspect that the other party is talking about it……But even so,He still can’t believe it。
“Ok,Bosch,”Kelly·Hicks knows too well why Zhao Donghe reacted like this,She said calmly,It can be considered a brief explanation:“Boss’sAMCThe annual sales of cars in Europe have exceeded20Ten thousand,In the foreseeable future,This number will continue to grow,As the largest supplier of auto parts in Europe,Of course the Bosch Group is very greedy for our orders,In order to get our order,Robert Robert, President of the Bosch Group in charge of auto parts business·Mr. Schneider personally went to America to visit our boss,Hope to be able to work withAMCEstablish a good cooperative relationship。”
Kelly·Hicks said simple,But Zhao Donghe was really shocked,Because the following words are no longer used by Kelly·Hicks can’t,Zhao Donghe has automatically made up for it:Just right,Chen Geng feels that Bosch can be introduced into the automobile industry park he invested in China as an example.,So I told Robert·Schneider said that if you Bosch can invest in China,We have a chance to cooperate……
I drop a good boy,incredible!
Although Bosch is not the number one company in the world’s auto parts industry today,But at any rate, it is also the existence of industry giants.,If we can attract industry giants like Bosch to invest in China,Then the investment promotion department of this industrial park will go to Europe,Isn’t it too easy to talk to other companies in the auto parts industry about investment??
Zhao Donghe couldn’t help saying:“Mr. Chen is really amazing!”
Kelly·Hicks raised his head:“of course。”
First790chapter I’ll eat you
Bosch Corporation?

Heard this sentence,David is really dumbfounded,He really didn’t want to understand,Why did Qin Feng choose this way?

To know,Such a choice is equivalent to opposing each other to the end.?But what good is this?
Qin Feng doesn’t want to speak anymore,Everything that should be said has already been said,If you want to continue, it’s mostly nonsense。
Yunxiang is not so impulsive,He looked at David and said:“Sorry,What do you say about this time??We also want to cooperate,But things like you,It is impossible to cooperate。”
If it’s you,It’s impossible for you?You know once you get something,That might change the whole situation。
David is completely silent,He also knows what this situation will be like,Because the whole village relies on those things。
If it weren’t for this magical vegetable,How many people will come in this village?
But because of these amazing vegetables,A lot of things were built directly,This also makes their mood a bit complicated。
finally,They are also very realistic compromises,Directly follow Qin Feng’s request,I rented almost a hundred shops here,A one-year rent。
To know,This rent is not a simple figure,That’s a family of hundreds of thousands every minute,Tens of millions in a month,For a year at once,This can be considered a great sincerity。
Qin Feng is very relaxed,Because here I really don’t care about so many situations。
How come all the money comes to me。
But Qin Feng also thought,I should think about my future。
“Qin Feng,I’m not talking about you,How can a guy like you do this,You know that the company is already busy,Your side is still so peaceful。”

Feel the temperature of Guo Enting’s body up close,Bai Lu’s mind is still blank,My heart seems to be lifted in my throat……

Chapter Two Hundred and Twelve Farewell
Very quiet in the room,Listen carefully,You can also hear the sound of tap water flowing in the pipe。
Whether it’s Bai Lu or Guo Enting,Neither of them are children anymore,Such a scene,What does the other party want to do,Both people know。
of course,What Guo Enting wants to do, Bai Lu knows,But this time Bai Lu’s current thoughts,Guo Enting doesn’t necessarily care。
Four eyes facing each other,Guo Enting’s breathing started to become heavy。
Bai Lu pursed her mouth tightly,Know in my heart,Such a day will come sooner or later,Just for Bai Lu,Happened in such an occasion,Still a bit early,She herself was not ready to meet。
Guo Enting suddenly opened his hands and hugged Bai Lu tightly,This carcassiHe has been thinking about it for a long time,Today is here,I won’t miss this opportunity。
Bai Lu’s slight struggle,Want to break free of Guo Enting’s arm,But where would Guo Enting give Bai Lu a chance??Hold Bai Lu tightly in her arms,I kissed Baili’s lips deeply……
The moment the lips touch,Bai Lu, whose brain is blank, doesn’t even know what she is thinking。
Under the attack of Guo Enting’s lips and teeth,Bai Lu retreats steadily,Lose every inch。
Tongue can’t pry Bai Lu’s lips,But Guo Enting was not discouraged,The dishonest hands are also walking around Bai Lu’s body。
“Lulu,I love you!”
Taking advantage of a little gap,Guo Enting said softly in Bai Lu’s ear,Also unbuttoned Bai Lu’s shirt,Palm up,Guo Enting is already a heart-to-heart。
“and many more!”
“I am not ready yet!”
Perhaps the cool breeze that got into the clothes awakened Bai Lu’s consciousness,Jerked away Guo Enting,Bai Lu’s face has reddened into a ripe apple。
Straighten clothes quickly,And looked at the direction of the door with a guilty conscience,Confirm that my mother is not back,Bai Lu quietly let go。

The villagers are so pretentious,How can you do big things?Not working together,How to seek development?Just because I’ve walked less,I’m making trouble for myself not to pay that much money,Sounds reasonable,But it’s actually bad。

“Not high enough in thinking!”Populus euphratica。
The village chief listened,Also nodded,Thought work,He did and did,But little effect。Because of this,He was also criticized by the town leaders。
“But not?Everyone wants to build roads,But just don’t want to pay,Various reasons。”
Get!Road not repaired,Can’t blame the country,Made by myself。
At this moment,Ying Caixia’s father-in-law speaks:“How about this!Really want to pave the way,My family donated 100,000 yuan。”
right now,His family just got more than two million,So a bit rich。One hundred thousand yuan,Just a small part,It doesn’t matter if you take it out,Earn a reputation。
The village chief listened,A little excited,With this one hundred thousand,Seems to be able to operate,Has greatly reduced everyone’s burden。
“I thank the other villagers in advance。By the time,A monument of merit was erected in the village……”
The village chief hasn’t finished,The old man said:“Just fill in my son’s name。”
original,The village chief is still thinking,When the time comes, the old man’s name will be engraved on the first place of the merit tablet。But heard him say that,Thought for a while,Can understand,Nod gently,Subconsciously did not continue to talk about that person,I’m afraid that the old man is sad again。
Everyone in the live room,I thought Brother Hu would also donate some。after all,Isn’t Brother Hu helpful??
but,Surprised everyone,Brother Hu did not answer,No intention to donate。
“Don’t judge Hu Ge,If i,I don’t donate。People in this village,Capable,Have to wait for someone to help,What is the reason?”
“Just,Reminds me of the news that someone crowdfunded to save his daughter。I have real estate and so on,Also crowdfunding other people’s money,shameless。”
“I also support Brother Hu。”

If this guy appears in the temple,Should be regarded as a living god,But this guy is an authentic fisherman,This is weird!

Some words awaken the dreamer,All these years,What I do most often is to remember the brothers who have died,But for my brother who is still alive?
Xia Chenglong asks himself,I am not treating these guys badly,But one thing,I keep these hatreds in my heart,Unconsciously, he exudes an aura of revenge.。
I might not feel anything,But for my brothers,This is a big deal,The boss looks sad every day,Don’t these guys have something in their hearts??
Is it true that you don’t have some ideas??but,They are now at the critical time of cultivation,Under their own influence for a long time,Because of these things, my cultivation started to slow down,Hard to make progress!
Remember that hatred is right,But can’t live because of hatred,Revenge is necessary,But you can’t use revenge as your motivation to live!
“Worthy of being Sea King Wang Hai!”
Xia Chenglong stood up,Looking at the back of Wang Hai who has gone away,This guy,Definitely not an ordinary person,As the oldest among the six thrones of the military,The experience of this guy’s life is not small。
“Let’s go,We go to Haicheng!”
Xia Chenglong stood up,You still need to understand this matter yourself,Zong Xueqin is good too,It’s better to close yourself to the real behind-the-scenes,I can’t let this matter go!
In the sea city,No one knows the news that the Dragon King appeared,Even Yu Zong Xueqin is immersed in the game of power that he can finally control a party and cannot extricate himself.!
Xia Chenglong changed into casual clothes that he didn’t wear much,Change one’s appearance,Within seven days,Approach Zong Xueqin and kill this guy directly!
This is the small goal Xia Chenglong set for himself!
The first thousand and five chapters Haicheng Kicking Hall
Xia Chenglong still has some difficulty in approaching Zong Xueqin silently.,After all, Zong Xueqin should also know his identity and most of his abilities.,After all these things are connected,Even in a small remote county, you already know the character of Dragon King。