Qin Feng understands now。Zhang Yong’s personality has changed since he was released。I heard that it seems to be taken away by Zhang Ting’s children,Then after instilling some ideas, he was thrown into the city.。

“This person,Just take revenge on me。But for Lishi,Isn’t this a scourge?”Thought of here,Qin Feng felt a little uncomfortable。
After all, this Yong’s wife and Su Rou are former best friends。
“Help me make an appointment with your boss!”Qin Feng said to Huang Mao。
“what?Oh!”Huang Mao is already a little confused,But when I hear Qin Feng, I will try to agree。Because he knows,If you don’t agree,I’m afraid it will turn into a corpse and fall to the ground like other kids。
The whistle of the detective car sounded。I’m afraid some witness called。
“Meet at the hotel restaurant in Lishi,Just say I am Qin Feng!He must know!”
Leave this sentence,Qin Feng turned around and left。
Lin Hai is not stupid,Just followed。
In the end they were not caught by the agents,But when I went to the Lishi Hotel, Lin Hai followed all the way。
“Hey,The one who wants to inherit the family property,Why follow me?”Qin Feng felt that a tail behind him made him very uncomfortable。
Lin Hai said excitedly,“Big brother,Brother Qin Feng,Can you help me take home birth?。I can give you half!”
At this time,Lin Hai still thinks about family property。Even though he almost died before,But isn’t it dead now?,Of course I’m thinking about my family property if I’m not dead。
Besides, Qin Feng knew it was a thigh at a glance,Just hold tight,After that, I can continue to be happy?
At least Lin Hai thinks so。
“I have no interest in your property!”
Qin Feng shook his head helplessly。

Under Xiang Chen’s control,My breathing gradually returned to stability,The wound on my body is indeed painful,Fortunately not fatal。

“Do you want to relay?”
Yao Yao stood not far away and asked,But in exchange for Xiang Chen’s international gesture。
Chuckled,Yao Yao also sat on the sofa leisurely。
“unbelievable,You are really the master of Yaomen on Paradise Island,Very different from the rumors!”
Lagon holds the tiger spirit in his hand,Changed another offensive position。
Punch Xiang Xiangchen,Xiang Chen is not soft at all,Catch Lagong’s fist directly,Slightly push forward,Anti-joint suppression on Lagong。
If someone else,I’m afraid it’s just this one,Will result in a semi-paralysis,The person who can be captured by Xiang Chen is Lagong,Except for the painful turn around at the beginning,after that,It almost became Lagon’s personal performance time。
Obviously Xiang Chen caught Lagon,But in the eyes of others,At this moment, it’s as if Xiang Chen was caught by Rajon。Obviously the restrainer,Xiang Chen fought with Lagong but was restrained everywhere。
Another incredible attack against joints,Xiang Chen choked away,Then was kicked by Rajon on the shoulder with a whip leg。
Fell heavily to the ground,Falling with Xiang Chen,Zhu Guosheng、Long Si and Long Qi both let out a heavy sigh。
Present,Except Yao Yao is still indifferent,Other people or regret,Or happy,Different looks。
“Your boss has already lost,You are not going to warm up?”
Zhu Guosheng seems to have caught the opportunity,Looking at Yao Yao proudly and asked,But Yao Yao said nonchalantly:“It’s not your turn to worry!Mixed points must have a mixed attitude,Don’t keep bothering us!”

The person behind the guard replied softly,Did not attract the attention of others around。

“It’s really a tricky trouble,But I hope he won’t be our trouble!”
Strictly nodded,Sighed softly。
Fleeting disadvantage,My old brother has discounted a lot,I thought I was the eight-armed Nezha,Now he just hopes that his right hand is safe。
Strictly guard one or two people quietly disappearing into the warehouse,Before leaving,Don’t forget to take a deep look at Duan Long and their three brothers,I don’t know if these three guys are simply lucky,God sent me to find my bad luck。
Wait and see!Strictly glanced at the time on the watch,For the news after dawnwww.xiangxuen.Still have expectations……
Xiang Chen and Mo Mo returned to the hotel Li Tianxing arranged for them,When people saw Mo Mo holding Ye gently,Although doubt,But no one came up to ask Mo Mo uninterestingly“Need help?”It’s just compared to the picture of a woman hugging another woman,What makes the doorman and the young lady at the front desk more confused is,People who can afford a presidential suite in their hotel,Why did you come here in a van?
All the way back to the room,Just opened the door,Xiang Chen ushered in Li Tianxing’s endless complaints。
“Where did you drive my car?And told me to come and wait for you on Ye Qing’s phone……This……This is for me?”
Today is a tired day,I wanted to sleep well when I returned to the suite,When I walked in, I greeted Li Tianxing’s complaint about the continuous gun mode。
Just when Xiang Chen was about to stun Li Tianxing with a punch,The latter saw Mo Mo gently drop Ye on it.,The haze on my face was instantly wiped away。
Things that I used to use drugs to add to the fun,Li Tianxing hasn’t done it before,But others are fascinated by the fact that they are sent to themselves,Li Tianxing’s first encounter。
If Xiang Chen really wanted to faint Ye lightly and give it to himself,In Li Tianxing’s opinion,This day’s expenses are worth it,Including my own car,It’s not a problem to give it to Xiang Chen。
It’s just happiness that creates sorrow,Li Tianxing has not had time to think about how to accomplish a happy job independently,Mo Mo woke Ye up gently。
“This……you……I……”Li Tianxing rubbing his hands seems to be acupuncture,Stalemate in mid-air,Don’t know where to go。
Ten thousand alpacas rushed past,Li Tianxing dare not say anything to Xiang Chen or Mo Mo。
“How are you?”
After Ye wakes up gently,What is playing in her mind is the scene of Xiang Chen being pointed at the head with a gun,Looking nervously at Xiang Chen and Mo Mo,After finding out that these people are in the hotel suite,I was relieved。
“what is the problem?”
Ye lightly frowned slightly,I want to know after I fainted,what happened。

Many people present could not help but gasped,I thought this Kawada-kun is too tough!

Take a closer look,Luo Leijun’s loss is not wronged,His opponent Kawada Junxin has many cards,Take advantage of the enemy everywhere,Really superior。
Knocked off from Luo Leijun,Go to Kawada-kun and wipe the blood off his fat face,The audience was silent for three seconds,Then there were crazy cheers from the students of Dongda。
The sound reaches the sky,It’s almost deafening people’s eardrums。
Compared to the excitement and madness of the opposing faction,Master Beiwu looks extraordinarily lonely here。
exactly,Almost all of them were forced。
Especially led by Cao Wen,The gang from sophomore martial arts
Give birth,They never expected,The opponent sent only one sumo wrestler,The two generals in a row,Even the leader of the sophomore martial arts student Luo Leijun went up,The result was a fiasco。
Many of them never thought that Luo Leijun would be defeated here,They all thought that as long as Lao Luo played,It’s only a matter of time to beat that fat guy,The rest depends on whether he can defeat a few opponents in a row。
I don’t know that people are not as good as heaven,Luo Leijun actually fell in the first level,I’m afraid he didn’t even think of this result。
Seeing the sophomore martial arts students showed a look of fear,So for freshmen,Only despair is left。
Don’t look at so many freshmen following,But they never thought that they would be stronger than those sophomores,And they all saw the battle scene just now,How many catties do I have,Don’t you have any idea in your heart??
This situation,Don’t talk about going to beat the opponent,Even if it continues to play,To face such a tough opponent,All need great courage。
Cao Wen is also extremely anxious at this moment,When she called for surrender just now,Didn’t think much,I just don’t think Luo Leijun can be injured in this place,Wait for the game to really lose,She was shocked to discover,I don’t have any more generals in my hands。
Among sophomores,Although there are still a few good ones,Not as good as Luo Leijun,Does this competition really have any meaning to continue??
At last year’s military student exchange meeting,Although Beiwu University regrets losing to Dongda,But it was the last breath of the battle,The strength of the two sides is almost the same,Beiwu University is just bad luck。
But now,The opponent played a sumo wrestler,And it doesn’t seem to be the core player,I’ve already beaten Beiwu University,What to do next?What else?Do you have to rely on those freshman boys??

Uncle’s pipe,Made of blood willow。

Look at the whole body of this pipe,And carved patterns,Pretty beautiful。This pipe,Normally,It takes tens of thousands to buy。
visible,The person who sells this,Do not know the goods。”
Everyone can only sigh:Surprise everywhere in life!
Who ever thought,A small craft that I bought accidentally,Turned out to be antique?I bought it for only a few bucks,But worth tens of thousands,Envious!
Uncle villager was surprised,Who regarded himself as a treasure just now“jade carving”All the unhappiness that was identified as worthless disappeared。
Villagers onlookers,Is full of envy。
“This pipe,I can buy for 80,000,You can also ask yourself,May be able to sell for a higher price,It’s hard to say。”
Uncle waved his hand immediately:“Eighty thousand for you,Give you!”
He is troublesome,And afraid to ask,Not necessarily at this price,So just point。He looks at Populus,Not cheating。
Next,Hu Yang also received a piece of porcelain from the Republic of China period,Also spent tens of thousands。
After identification,Night falls,Hu Yang and others were left by enthusiastic villagers。A few of them,I won’t go back that night,Hua Zai called home,Explain the situation。Tang You and Hu Yang live alone,So no need to explain。
That night,Hu Yang and the others live in He Wenqing’s house。
Today day,Populus euphratica has not gained as much as yesterday,Make millions,But it’s passable。and,Many people in the live broadcast room think,Brother Hu did an amazing thing today。
Chapter Forty Nine fifty thousand?can
the next day,After Hu Yang and others had breakfast at He Wenqing’s house,Just going to leave。
however,News came suddenly,Someone in the town unintentionally salvaged something in Shahe。Shahe is a very small branch of the Pearl River,Usually the current is very gentle。
“It might be a shipwreck or something?This is not the first time our town has salvaged。”He Wenqing opens the door。

said laughingly:“If someone owes me millions,I won’t be like this,I’m just wondering whether we should listen to my parents。Actually, I haven’t considered this issue before。”

Xiao Fan touched her head and said:“What can be tangled,If you obey your heart,I will accompany you to do it as long as you want,
You feel good at home,Then we live at home,If you want to live outside for a while,I will stay with you outside for a while。
And we can come back anytime,Isn’t it?Mom and Dad also said,As long as we want to eat,We can all come back anytime,Let them prepare for us。
We can stay at home for a few nights and stay with them,Actually, if you think about it carefully, isn’t it like this??Su Ran and Shen Lin were not by their side。
But I will go back often。”Lin Yuna thinks about it,In fact, sometimes living together may not be a good thing,May need some space for each other。
For example, the quarrel between Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan this time,Maybe it’s embarrassing in front of Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona,If they are not at home,Maybe these embarrassments can be easily resolved。
Lin Yuna’s inner activities are very rich at this time,She is still a little bit hesitant,But at this time she thinks it might be a good idea to move out。
Because after all, moving out is not a real separation from your parents,They can come back to visit them at any time。Lin Yoona lay on the bed and exhaled heavily。
Then say:“alright,Then let’s think again,Otherwise we will move out for a while,See how。”
Xiao Fan said:“Row,We do whatever you want,But recently I may be busy at work,Can’t be with you for a while。”
Lin Yoona said with a smile:“It’s okay you go busy with you,I have a sense of measure。And these days, my company also has some affairs to deal with。
But thanks to the gold medal team you adjusted for me,Saves me a lot of heart,Saved a lot of effort,I only need to go to the company occasionally to check the accounts,Just sign the contract,A lot easier。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Send them to make it easy for you,As long as you can do well。”Then the two of them are not talking about moving out,Maybe Lin Yoona can figure it out the next day。
Xiao Fan does not force,Because he doesn’t care too much,Wherever you live is the same,As long as there are relatives around,Home everywhere。
Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan didn’t mention it anymore,After all, what to do is Lin Yuna and Xiao Fan’s own decision,They promised their own decision unconditionally,Won’t force them,Won’t force them。
Just give them opinions,If they still want to stay here,The two of them are naturally smiling,Of course, they won’t be so sad when they move out,It’s not that I won’t come back。
You can come back anytime in the same city,He just hopes these two children can live better,Every parent wants to see their children be happy。
Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan are no exception,Just like Fan Lao wants Su Ran to be happy,When every elder sees his younger generation, he hopes that they can live a happy life with the beauty and beauty.。

Yang Zi walked in,Li De saw the situation and left。

Yangzi Report Chen Limu:“I just called,Speaking of dinner。”
“Oh~,is it?Then quickly add a few more dishes。correct,You go to Westinghouse to help‘Big and young’Clean up,Tidy up。”Chen Limu ordered。
After Yang Zi left,Chen Limu’s eyeball circle turned,Feel that Ke Yu came is not good,Makes her unnatural,Wondering what to do。
Evening,Ding Keyu’s special car drove into the mansion proudly,Xie Lisu in the car。
After the car has stopped,Xie Lisu wearing limited edition silver-white high heels,The calf stretched out first is white and tender.Sex.sense,Whole person out of the car,Flowing hair,Fashion makeup,Red lips and jade teeth,Wearing a dropped shoulder chiffon shirt,Chiffon lotus leaf skirt,Show your beautiful figure at a glance。
Then wore a white slim shirt,Brown trousers,Ding Keyu, who is particular about leather shoes, got out of the car。People who don’t know them think they are beautiful,Tiancheng Couple。
however,Cause illusion,Not a relationship imagined by the person you see。
Ding Keyu saw Xie Lisu’s public information in the social software Moments,I learned that Xie Lisu, who hadn’t contacted for a long time, returned,Provoked the long-dull love silk,Ask anyone in this world who melted the cold Ding Keyu,Only Xie Lisu。
After receiving a call from Ding Keyu that day,A friend-like greeting,At his warm invitation,Take Xie Lisu to the fashion store of Sheng Blu-ray for shopping,I heard all the big brands from Meilan Fashion Week,Just like Xie Lisu。
Kindness,Accompanied by Ding Keyu personally,Shop clothes、Visit the quality store,Very happy。
Based on the perspective of caring for the woman,Ding Keyu’s trip did not intend to let more people know,Even the secretary next to him is unknown,Not to mention letting the paparazzi track。Current trend,Travel of the rich children,Is the most interesting to the paparazzi。
Can effectively avoid,Ding Keyu for the beauties,Quite thoughtful。
Earlier,There are system requirements for the employees of quality chain stores。Usually come to shop,And only those big business tycoons、Rich kids can afford to spend,The privacy of visitors to the store must be kept strictly confidential,Otherwise delist,And never hire。
and so,Able to work in large enterprise chain stores,Let employees cherish,Compliance with the system is inevitable。

Lin Yuner recognizes the status of the Shen family again,And she doesn’t think she or Xiao Fan will be able to help Liu Shanshan。

“Yoona,Is such that,I’m here to beg Xiao Fan,I think he and Miss Shen’s family seem to be very familiar,and so,I just wanted to see if you could help me contact Miss Shen Jia,Help Song Haiyang plead!”Liu Shanshan said sadly。
“Xiao Fan,look,If you can talk to Miss Shen Jia,Then you see if you can help Shanshan。”Lin Yoona’s heart is soft,She just can’t see any wronged by her favorite friends。
Xiao Fan also knows and understands this deeply,So he held Lin Yoona’s hand,Said to her:“Do not worry,Yoona,I can still talk to the Shen family,Don’t worry!”
Xiao Fan didn’t expect his voice to fall,I heard two identical sounds at the same time。
Xiao Fan glanced at Lin Yuner and Liu Shanshan very speechlessly,These two people really know each other well?
My own voice just fell,The two of them said the same thing to themselves in unison。
Xiao Fan shook his head helplessly,Then said to the two beauties in front of me:“Of course it is true,Wait until the heart-warming home is over,I’ll talk to Miss Shen’s family。”
Liu Shanshan,Happy,So I thanked Xiao Fan a lot。
Finally she noticed that Xiao Fan was also very busy,So I said:“Na Xiao Fan,Yoona,You guys busy,I’ll go back and wait for your good news。”
“Ok,Goodbye, Shanshan!”Lin Yuner said hello。
“Brother Xiao Fan,Our auction today was so successful,The paintings I kept at home finally came in handy,The money raised this time,We can set up a fund,Help more children in need。”Shen Yutong said happily。
Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona looked at Miss Shen so happy,Also feel happy。

Ye Xingkong pretended to be Ding Kelan and said:“Not very well recently,Made everyone worried,I have to recover for a while before I play with everyone。”

Several shareholders are almost exchanged,Since Ding Kelan’s accident,Are automatically dissolved。newcomer,And a few conservative shareholders maintaining the status quo。
Ye Xingkong came that day mainly familiar people、Familiar with the environment,Then came to Lin Zou, the person in charge of the club。
Lin Hai is a muscular man,40Many years old,Very dedicated to work。Under the leadership of Lin Hai,Ye Xingkong quickly got started,Can drive the car on the track,But he still lacks basic performance and skills,Decided to start from scratch,Learn from scratch。
false“Tian Lu”Maza is curious about Ye Xingkong’s job in the racing club,I thought it must be a very prestigious profession,Arguing about going to see the fun。
Ye Xingkong saw“Tian Lu”Pouting and acting cute,There is an irresistible reason,He is right now“Tian Lu”Full of curiosity,Tian Lu in the past,A little dull,Like quiet,Since the engagement,Get along with“Tian Lu”Ye Xingkong will always be full of exploring curiosity,More special,He called this feeling love。
When Ye Xingkong was on the field tour,“Tian Lu”Hand to hand,The heel of the heel is behind Ye Xingkong,Be attracted by his busy every move like an idiot。
See him adjust the wheel of the car with a wrench for a while、Drive the car to the concentration point in a while,Aside“Tian Lu”Like watching a magnificent masterpiece,Chin supported,Watching,Eyes full of love。
“Young couple”Show love,Attracting other racers and field workers to look back 100%,Some smile enviously,Some whispering,Envy。
In the eyes of employees,Very few girls come to racing clubs,“Tian Lu”It’s been a long time before a girl came to the club,Her arrival stirred up waves with one stone,Ripples in the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend spread、diffusion。

The real Tian Lu was trapped in a cubicle by Mazza。Tian Lu is taking what Ye Xingkong has seen and heard with herself,And write a story about the betrothed fiancee Mazza on the gray planet,Or be trapped in a cubicle,Really nothing to pass the time。
at the moment,Ye Xingkong and Ma Zha who turned into Tian Lu,It’s a relationship,Make others envy for a while。
Originally, every time Mazza narrated the moments between them,Tian Lu thought she would be sad,But there is no such emotion,But was infected by Mazza’s happiness,I wish them both silently。
First175chapter change

have to say,These explanations are full of loopholes。

Ok!Even if you have a holiday with that person,But you are so stupid?I don’t know how to find someone to help you buy it?Do some hard work,Very simple?
Populus euphratica is basically certain,This guy is doing the game,Unite others to want him in the game,Courage a little fat!
Finished,Feng Li also took out a coin similar to a silver coin,You can see that it is an ancient coin from the West:“Look,This is how I walked away from his house before。”
Populus take it,On the surface,But I was actually surprised。
Because the coin in front of you is a treasure,1913American Statue of Liberty Nickel,A coin that was sold at a sky-high price。
The obverse of this finely carved coin,In the center is the lifelike profile face of the Statue of Liberty,Engraved on the edge15Five-pointed star,Representatives approved by the Federal Constitution15States。Below is the year this coin was minted:1913year。
It is said that,There are only five or six of this thing in the world,Very rare,So precious,Worth three or four million dollars。
“Good stuff!It seems you didn’t lie to me。”Populus euphratica。
Seeing Hu Yang throwing the coin with his hand,Like it very much,Feng Li overjoyed,Said quickly:“brother,If you like this thing,Sent you。Want to go see?That guy still has it at home。”
In fact,As Hu Yang guessed,Feng Li sees that Hu Yang is a rich man,Generous,Want to spend some money。then,He contacted a friend of his。
A little,He didn’t lie,That guy’s ancestor was a pickpocket,Thief,It is said that ancestral,It’s just two or three generations,Craftsmanship is lost。
His home,There are really some ghosts,But it’s worth it,Can’t say。Everyone is not stupid,I know that some crafts are valuable now,So also like Feng Li,I have taken a few pieces to an appraisal agency for appraisal,But worthless。
then,He discussed,Make a round,Everyone earned。
Of course the other party will not refuse,Make money,Who can’t live with money?So he said he would actively cooperate。
“Row,Then go take a look!”Populus nodded。