Older people should eat fruit to avoid bogey!

Older people should eat fruit to avoid bogey!

Experts pointed out that the elderly often eat fruit, have the effect of nourishing and strengthening the body and prolonging life. However, due to the aging of the body, various diseases occur. If you eat improperly and oppose the body, you must pay attention.

  Executive director of the Chinese Geriatrics Association, Professor Miao Yude, member of the Standing Committee of the Osteoporosis Committee of the Chinese Geriatrics Association, issued the following recommendations for the elderly to eat fruits: high blood pressure patients should eat citrus, grapefruit, strawberries, apricots, bananas; patients with coronary heart disease shouldEat citrus, grapefruit, strawberry, apricot, but not suitable for water intake of watermelon, coconut, etc., so as not to increase the burden of the heart and increase edema; stroke patients should eat hawthorn, watermelon; stomach ulcer patients should eat green bananas, which can promote ulcersHealing, prevent stomach acid from eroding the stomach wall, but yellow ripe bananas have no such effect, and should not eat plums, hawthorn, lemon and other fruits containing organic acid solution; patients with diseases should eat litchi, red fruit, pomegranate, apple, dried persimmon, bogeyEat raw dates; hepatitis patients should eat oranges and fresh dates and other fruits containing vitamin C, which is conducive to the treatment and recovery of hepatitis; patients with nephritis should eat juice, red dates, black skin watermelon, dried fruit; often dry stools for the elderly, can be moreEat peaches, bananas, oranges, watermelons, etc., but eat less persimmons, because persimmons contain a lot of persimmon,Eating too much will increase constipation; diabetics should eat pumpkin, watermelon, melon, spinach, bayberry, cherry, pear; emphysema cough and asthma patients should eat sputum, have gas and phlegm, clear lung and stomach function; asthmaPatients should eat pears, lychee; anemia, hypotension patients should eat pears, strawberries; elderly with high blood pressure and edema and diabetes, not only to eat less sugar, but also to eat less sugary pears, apples,banana.

Focus on protecting the 8 major parts of office pollution

Focus on protecting the 8 major parts of office pollution


Face work gap, first open the eyes, raise the eyebrows, then move the chin on the left and right sides, drive the facial muscles and scalp, perform rhythmic movements, try to use your rich expression to make your face exercise, you can delay the localThe aging of various tissues and organs keeps the mind clear and keeps the facial muscles from slackening.


Eyes In the development of information technology today, everyone will have a computer, so that our eyes are used too much, and the vision is getting worse.

After working, you can wait for a minute outside the window, then tighten your eyes for a while, then let the eyes move up and down.

It is good for relaxing eye muscles and promoting blood circulation in the eyes.


Ears Our small ears have 49 acupoints, connecting the three meridians of the twelve meridians.

So it is good to have a small “squat” on the ear.

When one of your hands is free, you can pinch your ears, or pinch your eartips up to achieve a clear fire puzzle, a smooth heart, and a sweet sleep.


If the head is a girl whose hair is not tied up, you can use your finger instead of the comb, palms to the head, combing from the hairline of the forehead to the occiput, and then combing the head to the ear and behind the ear.

If you can’t move your hair, you can gently tap the top of your head with your fingertips.

It can improve the blood supply to the brain and refresh the brain, thus lowering blood pressure.


Many office girls in the neck and neck often feel that their neck and neck are stiff and painful, which is the result of long-term inactivity.

It is better to follow it here.

First raise your head and try to lean back. When the lower jaw is lowered to the chest, the back muscles of the neck are tightened and relaxed. Then the chin is pushed to the left and the opposite to stretch, and finally loose.


The abdomen with both hands in a clockwise direction around the navel and abdomen for 36 weeks, has a better effect on preventing constipation, indigestion and other symptoms.

When you have dinner, it is best to wait until you have finished digesting and then sit down and work. If you are too late to sit down and work, you will not be obstructed to do something hidden. Although indecent, you can prevent weight gain.


The sacral tract is the levator ani exercise. The sphincter is tightened, then relaxed, and then repeated, one tight and one loose, repeated.

Station, sit, and walk can be done, and no one knows.

This exercise can promote local blood circulation and build body buttocks.

With this method, why not do it?


When the main shaft is sitting, the human spine should support the weight of the whole person. The shaft should be moved from time to time to avoid the burden on the spine.

Bend the left and right sides, twist the back of the shoulder, apply the fist to slap the lower back, relieve the pain of back pain, lumbar muscle strain and other symptoms.

  Because the white-collar workers in the office have messed up their bodies because of their work, they must learn to carry out activities on their bodies from time to time in the office to reduce the physical strain. Naturally, your work efficiency will be greatly improved.Will not be delayed due to physical discomfort.


Comb health begins with the right choice of comb

Comb health begins with the right choice of comb

If you still only think that the comb is a tool for combing the hair, then you will go out, because the comb can always help us organize and clean the hair. As long as you learn to use the comb, it has the effect of health and health care.

  Ancient health experts are called “favorable combs.”

Because the body’s twelve meridians and odd eight veins mainly meet to the head, often comb hair massage, stimulate these acupuncture points and meridians, can smooth the gas, improve blood circulation, avoid nourishing hair, prevent hair loss, and relieve, relieve, alleviateFatigue and other effects.

  Combs, spring health is the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” 曰: “Spring March, this is said to be Chen.

Heaven and earth are born, everything is proud.

According to experts, the body’s internal organs, blood and blood will rise, float, sink, and descend the rhythm according to seasonal changes, forming the laws of human spring, summer long, autumn harvest, and winter collection.

  With the advent of spring, all things will recover and will begin to grow vigorously. At this time, the human body’s yang will begin to expand upwards, the pores will gradually stretch, the circulatory system will be strengthened, metabolism will be strong, and growth will be rapid.

Therefore, spring health must conform to the physiology of the time and the human body, so that the limbs are stretched, the blood is tempered, and the yang is stored.

That is to say, health care often says “spring health, expensive in Yangyang.”

  This, “health theory” candidate: “Spring March, each hair combs one or two hundred.

“By combing the head to continuously stimulate the scalp acupuncture points, improve blood circulation, unobstructed meridians, sputum in the yang qi, Xuanxing stagnation, sparse qi and blood, to achieve the purpose of spring Yang.

  According to the introduction of health experts, combing hair can be combed every morning, evening and evening.

When combing the hair, starting from the middle of the forehead, with uniform force, aiming at the head and the occiput, aligning and combing, usually combing about 100 times each time; or tapping the tip of the comb with the tip of the tooth5-10 minutes.

  In fact, you can use combs to comb your hair, and combing different parts of your body can also achieve different health goals.

  The intervertebral foramen often massaged with a comb back or a comb handle can prevent colds, nasal diseases, cervical spondylosis, etc. in the spring; use a comb back or a comb handle to slap the hips or massage, and press the massage of the buttocks to promote the effect of the buttocks.Blood circulation, to alleviate the pain and pain caused by white-collar workers due to sedentary movement; often combing with a comb can stimulate the important labor points of the hand, such as Laogong, Yuji, Shaofu, etc., thereby enhancing the body’s resistance.To achieve the role of physical rickets.

  For female friends, it is also possible to use a wooden comb to comb the breasts to promote breast blood circulation, which can improve the development of the breast and keep the breasts firm and full; instead, postpartum lactation, lactation, breast pain, acute mastitis in pregnant womenAnd the dual positive effects of diseases such as lobular hyperplasia of the breast.

  There are so many categories for combing combs, but it’s not just a comb to use.

It is especially important to choose a suitable comb. We need to pick it as if we were a friend.

  First of all, in the material of the comb, try to choose the corner comb of natural material, wooden comb, etc., so that the corner comb and the comb are not easy to generate static electricity; instead of the corner comb and the wooden comb, it will not be too hard, nor too soft, not easy.Injured scalp.

  In the choice of the brand of the comb, we must try to choose the comb of the big brand manufacturer. The quality of the products of a big brand is excellent, the service is good, the technical content is high, and it is trustworthy. The product of the substitute big brand has high grade and high added value, no matterWhether you use it or give it away is more face-saving.

  Lu You said in his verse: “I feel that the skylight is white, and the short hair is from the coma.”

“It can be seen that combing hair to form a daily habit.

If you haven’t experienced the benefits of combing your hair yet, why not try it now?

Medicinal wine, health, drink, and blood

Medicinal wine, health, drink, and blood

The ancients said: “The wine can nourish, the fairy drink; the wine can be chaotic, the Buddha is ringing.

“For the understanding of wine, Li Shizhen pointed out in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Let’s drink and blood, and strengthen the cold, dissipate and resurgence; painful drink hurts the nerves, damages the stomach, and smolders.”

If he is indulged, he is drunk as a regular person, and he is guilty of ruin, even if he is ruined and killed, his life can be said!

“, therefore, it is appropriate to properly control the medicinal liquor and the contraindications to properly take the medicinal liquor.

  The medicinal liquor is suitable for different syndromes and has different properties for the application of medicated wines. The tonics have different blood, nourishing yin, warming yang and benefiting qi.

Therapists have the difference of phlegm, dampness, qi, blood circulation, and elimination, so they cannot be used.

The virtual person should be supplemented, the bloody person should be able to pass; the cold person should be warm, and the hot person should be clear.

Moreover, every medicinal wine has a range of adaptation, and you can’t drink alcohol.

Even supplemental medicinal liquor should not be served more, such as people with weak spleen and stomach who have served with ginseng supplements, which can cause chest and abdomen to swell and not think about diet; such as yin deficiency patients who suffer from velvet-filled liqueur can cause fever.Irritable, and even symptoms such as nasal discharge (ie, nosebleeds).

Therefore, it is advisable to use medicinal liquor according to the condition.

  The optimal dosage of limited medicinal liquor is about 15 tablespoons, which is 15?
20 ml, do not take too much, generally not more than 100 ml.

At the same time, you can also continue to take medicated wine for a long time.

Usually a course of treatment is 3 months. After a course of treatment, a period can be suspended. After that, depending on the situation, decide whether to continue.

Old and infirm, because the metabolic function is relatively slow, the alternative medicine should also be reduced, it is not appropriate to drink more.

  Different from nourishing and nourishing health care medicinal wines are generally used for people with qi and blood deficiency, liver and kidney yin deficiency, temper weakness, and neurasthenia.

For example, people with yang physique are advised to take hot medicinal liquor, and yin physique is not suitable for cold medicinal liquor.

The choice of medicinal liquor should be determined according to your own physique. It is best to communicate with the doctor beforehand to understand your physique so that you can replace the medicinal liquor.

When taking medicinal liquor or drinking wine, it should be reasonable and appropriate according to the tolerance of the person. Do not drink too much, so as to avoid dizziness, vomiting, palpitations and other adverse reactions.

  Depending on the time, nature has a yin and yang change at 4 o’clock in the year, spring yang is born, summer yang is strong, autumn yang is beginning to decline and yin is born, winter yin is prosperous, so “Nei Jing” said: “Spring and summer Yang, autumn and winter Yin.
For example, in the early spring, yang is triggered, and Xingan’s products can be diverged into yang to help Chunyang, and warm clothes are good for protecting Yang.

However, Daxin, hot ginseng, antler, aconite and the like are not suitable for spring health; winter medication should follow the principle of “autumn and nourish yin” and “no nuisance”.

  In general, winter tonic is well known.

For example, in the Tang Dynasty, Sun Sizhen’s “Prepare for the Urgent Needs”: “Where the medicine is thin, the medicine is cut, the medicine is used in the bag, the wine is in the middle, and the head is sealed.

On the 4th and 5th of spring and summer, on the 7th and 8th of autumn and winter, all of them are tasteful enough to go to the clothes. After the wine is exhausted, the wine is served in a square, and the third day; Dafa: Winter should be served, and the spring should stop.

“Although the ancient law says this, as long as the dialectical is clear, it is appropriate to participate in four seasons.

  Medicinal wine should be avoided. It is not a universal treatment for human beings. It has its scope of application and its own taboo.

Different medicinal wines are made with different drugs, whether as a treatment or as an alternative to fitness, they should be consistent with the needs of the drinker.

When the medicinal liquor is properly taken, it can be criticized and prolonged. It is not taken according to the body endowment and actual needs. It is often caused by “virtual and virtual reality”.

Mastering the usage and contraindications of medicinal liquor can get twice the result with half the effort.

  First, those who have contraindications to alcohol should not take it, such as those who are allergic to alcohol; chronic nephritis, chronic renal insufficiency, chronic colitis and hepatitis, cirrhosis, digestive system ulcers, invasive or cavitary tuberculosis, epilepsy, cardiac insufficiency,Patients with high blood pressure, such as drinking alcohol, even if the wine is not suitable, so as not to aggravate the condition.

  Therefore, children, pregnant and lactating women are not suitable for taking.

  Third, in the case of people with complications such as colds, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., it is necessary to supplement the appropriate medicinal liquor, and it is not advisable to absorb nourishing medicinal liquor.

  Fourth, topical medicinal liquor can not be taken orally.

For example, young people have the custom of using the yellow wine to kill the five poisons and drink the realgar wine during the Dragon Boat Festival.

In fact, the realgar wine should only be used externally for insecticide and should not be taken orally.

  Therefore, it is especially important to drink alcohol in moderation and pay attention to the various taboos of adding wine and medicinal liquor.

How to find cholecystitis?

There are some common symptoms in the early stage of cholecystitis

How to find cholecystitis?
There are some common symptoms in the early stage of cholecystitis

Cholecystitis is a biliary tract disease that occurs as a result of certain bacterial infections. This disease is very common.

Moreover, most of them are mainly middle-aged and elderly people.

Therefore, when the body has symptoms of cholecystitis, it is necessary to check and treat as soon as possible.

I will introduce you to the early symptoms of cholecystitis today.

Chronic cholecystitis early symptoms of chronic gallbladder inflammation, signs are not typical.

Most manifested as biliary dyspepsia, irritated food, bloating in the upper abdomen, belching, burning of the stomach, etc., similar to ulcer disease or chronic appendicitis; sometimes due to the cystic duct of the tuberculosis, it may be an acute attack, but when the stone moves,Two-way release, that is, quickly improved.

Physical examination, the gallbladder area may have mild tenderness or snoring pain; if the gallbladder is filled with water, it can often be round and smooth, smooth cystic mass.

Acute cholecystitis in patients with early symptoms of acute cholecystitis occurs in the middle of the night after the oil is greasy, because the high-fat diet can strengthen the gallbladder, and the supine is easy to slide into the gallbladder.

Mainly manifested as persistent pain in the right upper quadrant, paroxysmal aggravation, can be radiated to the right shoulder; often accompanied by fever, nausea and vomiting, but cold war is rare, jaundice is light.

Abdominal examination revealed a full right upper abdomen, abdominal muscle tension in the gallbladder area, obvious tenderness, and rebound tenderness.

Above, the early symptoms of cholecystitis are more common.

When you can’t analyze the symptoms of the disease, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible to check.

If you are diagnosed with cholecystitis, don’t be too nervous.

Because this disease is as common as appendicitis, what everyone needs to do is to treat it as soon as possible.

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