The driver is a woman,She said nothing,Run away in the car。Because she might have seen the nervous look on Xia Jian’s face。20 minutes like,The car stopped。

Xia Jian is also a cheerful person,Didn’t say anything,Leave fifty yuan and run away。I don’t need him to find the triangle,Can see at a glance。It’s actually a vacant lot surrounded by several buildings,Just formed a triangle。
At the door of a coffee shop,Xia Jian saw Qin Xiaomin with a smile on his face。He ran over,Asked nervously:“What happened?Tell me quickly”
“Nothing happened,I deliberately scared you,Otherwise you won’t come back to see me,Right!”Qin Xiaomin said,Hehe smile。This makes Xia Jian an angry,He really thought something happened to Qin Xiaomin。
Qin Xiaomin’s expression changed when he saw Xia Jian,Then I realized that my joke was a bit too much。She walked gently to Xia Jian’s side,Whisper:“Sorry,It’s my fault,Make you worry about me”
“It’s fine,Why are you making such a joke?Scared to death”Xia Jian slowed down slowly,He whispered to Qin Xiaomin。
Qin Xiaomin said in a low voice with a bulging mouth:“My mom wants to see you,I’m afraid you won’t come,So just…”
First1212chapter Fertilizer does not flow out of the field
It’s midnight again,The night in the mountains is terrible。
Wang Youcai turned over in bed,The one who rolls over is unable to sleep。This person’s heart suddenly grew grass,It’s very troublesome。Wang Youcai is this kind of wild grass growing in his heart,He doesn’t seem to live except a woman。
Liu Ying since Meizi came,So he’s always loyal to Wang Youcai。This is a woman,Small-minded like a needle。Wang Youcai kept scolding Liu Ying secretly,But these days,This woman doesn’t take him at all,And when sleeping at night,The door is locked from inside。

Others are also very curious,Why Li Tingli will say this?。

Li Tingli looked at Li Liang,Tangible:“Since you know,That is not going to solve this problem.,What are you waiting for??”
Say,Everyone around me is even more,Take it down to deal with this thing。
“remember,What I want is the result,Not the so-called process。”
“If a failed,You don’t have to come back.!”
When Li Tingli looked at the eyes,It is directly to speak directly.。
When I heard Li Tingshi said so,Surroundings,It’s even more http://www.hlddh.cncold.。
“Housekeeper,We already know what to do.。”
“That’s right,This matter is for us,Isn’t it all at all?。”
“This time, I have a certain kill Shen Xuan and Sun Jia.,Take all this all!”
With those people around,You have said that I am talking here.。
these people,More more, the more I feel excited.。
Li Tingshin is very satisfied,What is the ability to do things first?。
Light is this attitude,In fact, it is already very satisfied with Li Tingquan.。
See here,At this moment,Li Tingshin nodded against his eyes.。 All right,Can you say this now?,Go on。”
“but,Wang Tinghao didn’t know what,Be sure to find someone,I will give me something about there.。”
Li Tingshin said,Other people noddlings。
this matter,Naturally, nothing。
Wang Tinghao,Shen Xuan and the blue sky tyrants are watching the people who are still trained.。
The blue sky is still an incredible:“This,This batch of warriors,It’s too high.。”
“If you can train it well,No one month,Definitely become the most elusive warrior。”
This is of course,After all, these people,In fact, it is also the best soldier who gathers.。
So see it here,Shen Xuan said directly:“Blue,This time,These soldiers are handed over.。”
Because Shen Xuan knows,It is estimated that how long does it take?,Other forces will act against Shen Xuan。
This feeling,Shen Xuan did not feel it before。
But this time,Shen Xuan but more harmonious,This matter is very simple。
so,Think carefully,Shen Xuan probably knows。
It should be the major families in Suhang City.,After all, they are too quiet.。
“If I have not an estimated words,Then these people,More than half, you should do it.,And is recently。”
Shen Xuan’s words,Then those people around him,All shocked。
Even them,I didn’t expect this at all.。
At this moment,These people face each other,Watching Shen Xuan。