summer,you there,A big event。
Emergenken sound from Qinling Mountains。
what’s up!
Your mother has an accident.,she,she……Be siege!
Summer face,The pupil is instantially reduced to the most dangerous needle shape。
Not long ago,Your mother suddenly appeared,She will kill……
NS3123chapter Murder
After a moment,Summer hang up the phone,Extremely dignified。
The same is true.,Obviously also got the same news。
“Sure enough, I guess it.,Your mother will definitely take the initiative,If she is not dead,How can those people explore the secret。” Merely,Ming people comfort,“Do not worry,Since it is your mother, take the initiative,Then she definitely has a backhand.,No matter what。”
Though,But his eyes are also anxious.。
“I still don’t worry.,Now go to Lushan。”
Summer is deeply spit out,God,冷 光。
“me and you together。”
Summer is sinking,Nodded,“good……”Not finished,He suddenly opened his eyes,Every sweat is on the upper and lower hair.。
I don’t want to think about it.,Shape rotation,At the same time,Very fast。
but,Still late。
“boom”Ming people, a knife, a knife, realistic, in his back neck。
Summer eyes,Stiff,Do your best to turn around,Like to see the face of the Qing Ming,Some don’t understand why you want to attack him.。
“boom”Ming people’s face change,I didn’t hesitate to make a knife.。
Summer is still standing,Pour to the ground。
Ming people quickly supported him,Then the back of the single arm,Clean this fast。
Inside the night,He puts the wind in the summer.,Touching a white small porcelain bottle from the arms。
From the inside, there is only a black pill with a size of the soybean,Tooth that opens the summer,Feeded in his mouth。
A moment,I quickly rushed to five things in front.。
This is five women,The head is a crime。
“Young master……”After seeing the mind,The ninety-five people of the crime reveals the color of surprises.。
Since Xia Jiuwei indicates the identity,Their five people have been secretly followed by。
This time,Also just learned from Xia Jiujing。
“have not seen you for a long time。”
Ming people smile,Follow more,“I gave him medicine.,I can’t wake up within three days.,Trouble you take care of him。”
“this is necessary。”
Crime, nice, no hesitation,A waving,There are two people who will take the summer.。

Extreme way,Evolutionary path,Achievement!And there is a feeling of faintness,The Lord should be better than the Holy King,I have to be a hierarchy。

certainly,These are just that he is speculated according to your own body.,Not confirmed。
“Our King of our trip,God of the god,Fairy king,Devil of the devil,Pluto in the quiet……In fact, it is a level.。”
Goflsen finally gave a sure answer,“The main road of the road,Regardless of strength or realm,Both go out,the most important is,Even even,The pole road can still continue to pursue unparalleled roads,Become an incredible existence。”
Heard this sentence,Summer is looking at,It is also difficult to cover the shock。
“There is also a realm above the Lord?”
“Of course!”
Gobian reveals the color of proud,Also exposed,“Such a realm,It is not understandable.,Even if we can imagine,Can evolve a world,Universe,Survive in ago,Controlling all the rules in the world,Control all fate of all beings,At that kind of realm,Think instant,It is God。”
Summer shocking。
Gogjian spit out a sentence,“We can’t understand the realm,But that existence,We call it to high!”
Until!Summer heartbeat acceleration,Look,Quickly digest the information in Gobs。
Thousands of thoughts have been born in the mind,Under the context。
“Fairy,In fact, it is the collective of the practice of the road.,Between the heavens and the earth,A total of five clams,Represent a gold、Wood、water、fire、Soil five systems。”
The face of the Gogjian reveals the proud color,“But every pulse,Direct to the top,But in the end of endless years,Only our wood is a lot of the ancestors.。”
The pride of his face is getting obvious,Subsequently,“This five ride mountains,It is too virtual ancestor to evolve.。”
Fall into the voice,Summer is like lightning strikes,Misappropriate。
Welcome the shocked eyes of the summer,He laughed,“Now you should know,Why do I know so much secret?。”
Nodded by the summer consciousness。
Many doubts in my mind,Declined at this moment。
Gogjian knows the five-year mountain evolution for thousands of years ago。
His master and two brothers,Sitting here before a thousand years。
Gob Sword is aware of many secrets who are not known.。
It turns out that everything is here.!This five ride mountains,It turned out to be a wooden ancestor.!
NS3926chapter choose
Until!What existence is this!Summer is really hard to imagine,What kind of great thing is there?。
Between various thoughts,Gof Sword laughed,“Your fire system,It is the most close relationship with our wooden system,Fight in other three series,So some secrets are telling you,Not a disclosure of the air。”
“My teacher said the road,The teacher is the Lord Qinglian Road,And the Lord of Qinglian Road is the pro-disciple of our wood.。”
Gobian once again revealed a silky proud,“I am the only sunset in this world.。”
Summer open mouth,Just open,Gobian is a hand stop。
He imitation seems to have a summer heart。
“You must be very curious,Since I have this identity,Why do you want to give up the path practice?,Capture the Holy King’s edge。”
Summer nodded。
Gob Sword did not answer this question directly,Sink,Sigh。
“I heard the five-bedroom hills after I heard the hills.,Mercure Master,Master is mortied by me.,Also, Qinglian’s ancestors,finally,The teacher gave me a test。”
He bowed slightly,Alert,“First test,Survive。
I have to be chased in a thousand years.……Not killed,Achieve special road。”
“so,I deliberately release rumors,Say my body,Can make people flying in a short time,And this kind of iris can make people cross,Retrograde。”
Summer is slightly wrong。

“Gun”Shooting on the side of Hanjiang,Hanjiang has inserted into the arm of the Devil’s death.。

Because of eating pain,Black energy light column is not enough to shoot a car,But around the Devil’s death begins to heat,Slowly forced back to Hanjiang。
Chapter 80 Do not look back
Devil’s death begins,Control cranes can make the skill dark energy。
Han Jiang,In the hands of the double knife, there is no different attack devil.。
But because dark energy broke out,There is a zone that is full of collapse.,Let the blade not enough。
There is a car that is burned too long in the underground parking lot.,The fuel tank begins to explode。
“Han Jiang,How is it inside??”Buds asked in communication channels。
Han Jiang son:“fine,Soon it quickly!”
The Devil’s Devil is once again.,Want to launch“Gun”attack。
Devil’s“Gun”Attack has a clear start,No Shenxia Dead Drash now,Not afraid。
Han Jiangli immediately,A knife again,Make Devils“Gun”Play,Take a few cars。
The gasoline flavor of the underground parking lot is getting more and more,The flame is also more and more prosperous,The longer the delay is, the worse the Hanjiang。
If you explode, you can kill the Devil’s death.,But if you have a sigh of relief,Escape to a dense place,That is trouble。
Hanjiang two Tang knife waved in front of him,Devil’s death,Han Jiang can’t understand the syllable。
It seems to be summoned,But because the four kiliers are entangled by the three people,No way to rebuild from here。
Han Jiang can no matter so much,Finding opportunities is a round of attacks。
Devil’s death again,This time, Hanjiang saw the place where the Devil’s disappeared,Two Tang knife did not hesitate to insert underground。
If you don’t mean it, you will be invincible.,Parking space is just cement laying,Can’t stop sharp Tang knife。
Han Jiang carefully perceived underground collapse,Tang knife immediately became a drilling machine,Cement blocks are constantly flying。
One-way,Han Jiang cut a lot of clothes fragments from the Devil’s death。
But the Devil is too late to run.,The vehicle in the parking lot greatly reduced the efficiency of Hanjiang。
Once again, you will die.,But by the other party,Throughout several cars from underground。
Hanjiang on the ground can only jump on the roof,Continuously understand the go of Devil’s death。
“It is there!”
Devil’s death,When you are going to expose the ground,Han Jiang will throw out the Tang knife in his hand.,The sound of the squatting into the cement pavement。
Seeing the other party and actions,Han Jiang did not hesitate to put another Tang knife to the past,At the same time, the state village in the warehouse is taken out again.。
Even if so Han Jiang is still not trustworthy,Take out the pistol at the same time,After the top, I looked at the Devil’s Nest.。
soon,Ground start,The cement is like a dry loess to spread to the surrounding。
Han Jiang stepped into the surroundings,Re-pull out the state village is staring at the ground。
Devil from the land below the land“float”Come out,Floating the water as the wood in the water。
“Finally dead!”
Han Jiang looked at it or didn’t worry,I added a few shots again.。

Lin Fengkou suddenly broke out the same snoring,He holds the devil knife,Center of the sky,Crimples on the knife。 “boom!”
A dramatic impact sound。
Nine Zombie eyebrows“swastika”The word broke out more horrible light,The end of these rays is a more huge“swastika”Character,this“swastika”Word length wide33Husband,Magnificent!
Nine huge“swastika”Words have been merged in this moment.,Blooming more horrible light,Light,It’s like a round of God.,Unable to imagine evil breath rushing out。
Lin Feng once again holds the devil knife,Come to the sky,Like a message command,His figure is like the magic of the magic.,Evil on the body,This breath makes Ye Tiancang,Xu Fengli and others feel unimaginable depression。
Lin Feng’s figure is like the same space.,The next moment is in this huge“swastika”Word to top,He sits on the knees,huge“swastika”The word carries his figure,He is like a evil spirits at this moment.。
“No God’s inheritance!”
Lin Feng’s mouth once again issued a whispering voice。
His eyebrows“swastika”I also broke out the horror of rays at this moment.,This horrible ray is sitting directly and driven knee.“swastika”The word is intertwined together,Next, a shares of martial arts sentiments have poured into Lin Feng’s mind.。
Lin Feng is like a empty spirit.,Accept these martial arts,These martial arts sentiments seem to be the same as their own,He has a constant deepening of the sense of martial arts。
Unparalleled gods inherit officially opened。
Lin Feng is like the evil spirits.“swastika”Word to top,The horrible moon is crazy to flock to this desolate island.。
Ye Tiancang,Xu Fengli,Li Wei god and others saw this scene with worry。
“We still spend it.,This is too big.。”Ye Tian is bothering and laughing:“And this inheritance does not seem to interrupt。”
“Not moving,But too big,I can’t make it impossible.。”Xu Feng rang in the mouth:“Especially this evil breath is terrible。”
“What should we do now?If someone is bother?Will not cause crisis to big brother?”Dongxing Wen Yan:“If it is a person like a woman to teach the main people like a home?,Isn’t it more trouble??”
“Yes。”Ye Tiancang and Xu Feng Lei two people heard,Although there is only a few hundred nautisresses from Fostea,However, for the half-foots of the god of the gods, the strong is not awkward.,In particular, people in this realm have very deeply distinguished。
Once the woman is teaching the leadership of this level, it is coming to the Buddha.,I really can track here.。
Once the wife, God teaches the teacher, once here,That a lot of things have been leak,Cobster,Midnight Merry Bell,Tongz,Dragon,Beijia and other forces I am afraid I have to find it.,After all, people who die are the same character of the Qing Tianju in these forces.。
Just when a few people worried,The sound of Lin Feng is coming in the high altitude.,His voice is majestic,Slightly evil:“do not worry,You guard, you can,They come,Let them come,This seat is going to suppress them!”
NS733chapter Accuse
Lin Feng came out,Make Xu Fengli,Ye Tiancang and others have a big shock,They looked at the discuscation of the dishes.。
Like a evil,Flooding。
They are shocked by Lin Feng, the power of this sentence and confidence,But Lin Feng’s voice,Lin Feng’s voice with evil spirits,Extreme monster。
And between tone is different between,This seat,This seat,This doesn’t seem to be the name of Lin Feng usually and their talk.。
Just when they shocked,Lin Feng’s evil is getting stronger,Rush,The horrible breath is like a sea,Rushing。
Ye Tiancang,Xu Fengli,Dongxing,Li Wei god four people looked at Lin Feng’s figure silence,Then hunch hob。

NS1246chapter Unexpected condition

That beautiful woman is looking forward to,Brow,With a silk。
Youth’s face is even more gloomy,“What do you say?!Less alarms here,roll……”
“Mu Dong!”
Not finished,Pretty woman interrupted him,Turn to summer road,“you are a doctor?”
“Since it is not,Don’t talk。”Pretty woman re-turned,“I am graduating from medical school.,Although I finally didn’t become a doctor,But it is still aware of some symptoms.,Know what to do。”
Summer smiled again,“I heard that the patient hunting back before three days ago.,Means of,Has been three days……”
Toned,Also,“Although I don’t know what toxic insects are gold beetles.,But according to the patient’s current situation,Can be determined,These ointments your top use have no effect.,If you don’t treat it as soon as possible,No three days must die。”
I heard this sentence,Pretty women can’t help but,A pair of beauty is not good。
“What did you say?You are questioning me?”
Summer laughs and not speak。
“Go out!”The youth is even cold.,“I see you sincerely。”
After the end,He turned to himself said that the old man named is easy to use.,“See it.,My companion is good to give you a long history.,But this guy is cursing you to die.。”
A middle age beside the old man seems to be able to understand English,Imlate his words to the tribe in the house。
next moment,These people have become ugly,The eyes are full of angry and hostility。
“it’s not like that。”
The return is anxious,Hurry up,“Easy to use grandfather,Mr. Xia is my savior,He understands the surgery of witnesses,Will definitely not harm the grandfather……”
“Little girl,You are still small,Insufficient experience,Many people are now a look.,Be careful to be deceived.。”
Youth smirk,Households,“Do you believe that my companion or believe him?,If you believe him,Let him cure it.,If I believe in us,Put him out,Don’t be here。”
I don’t know what is going on.,Youth is very enemy to summer。
And the old man named ease is a difficulty,Finally, I said a few words to I:,Happen,The color of the returning face is difficult to look,Constantly swaying。
See this,The old man sighed,Summer,Promote the right palm in the chest,Slightly,Say a big saying。
The middle-aged middle-aged manager who acts as a translation,“Thank you very much for saving the return.,I represent Greemine tribe everyone thank you.,but……For the safety of the family,Please leave here for the time being.,Let the return take you with you.。”
This sentence,The Langyuan next to it can’t help but,Immediately anger,But it was stopped by the summer.。
He smiled and nodded.,I laughed again。
at last,He looked at the pretty woman on the bedside,An essay between the look。
“let’s go。”
Say,Turn away。
See this,Guizhen is also angry,Stepped out。
“Mr. Xia,sorry……”
Outer,Guizhou, apology,“Easy to use grandfather is very good,He is just worried about my grandfather.……”

Watch material,Short knife seems to be a bit transparent。

A blink of an eye,The short knife disappeared.。
Zhou Siki,Other than something。
But it seems that only two short knives are so god.,Because he saw the 槐, he went to the waist.,Pick up the remaining three things carefully。
Jade fell is a small round,Carvit,Material ordinary,It looks not worth money。
The hairpin and the brand are wood,Actually no rot。
Carved on the wooden sign——
“Parish,A four。”
“A four……”
槐,Immediately, he is more confused.。
He thought for a long time,I didn’t think about any name,Turned to the circumference:“You help me,What is this flat force??Which dynasty?”
“This is Lishu,Like Han Lix。”
“You help me。”
“Need not。”
Zhou has left the phone,Open WeChat,Press:“Red sister,Do you know what the Pingding Army is??”
Red dyeing is very fast。
Zhouzhi will put the sound to the maximum play:“Is ancient times a special army,Specially responsible for the antifoue。Such a military has three,Other two are mostly,This smallest,Elite,Mainly responsible for some daggers、reconnaissance、Special task such as assassination,Didn’t find it?,Your friend is very suitable for these。”
Zhoujing looked at the sequins。
槐 双 双 双。
Zhou Shou continued:“Why do you have this thing??Has he used to be human effective??”
Red-stained back:“Silly boy,He is a human,Just use a very special means to become a demon.。But it is already a long time.,He has done a lot of demon.。”
Zhou is very surprised:“There is also this means!”
Red-stained back:“I don’t know if I specifically.。”
Zhouzhi sent a sentence thank you。
Immediately, he continues to look at the sequins:“It turns out that you used to be a personal.,Not a big devil.!”
槐 also nodded:“It turned out that I used to be a personal.!”
“Go back and say,Loamed。”
槐 序 东 东 跟 周 楼 楼 离 离,He is still a bit not slow,I have been reading in my mouth.‘A four’、‘A four’of。
open the door,I wish you all the test.,Just sitting in the living room to eat ice cream,Seeing him:“Brother, you don’t eat ice cream.?”
“Do not eat。”
Zhou returned to the bedroom。
He checked for an afternoon,Only the Song Dynasty’s parity,No record of this flat force without red dyeing。
The stalks have always been sitting on him.,Silently staring at his computer screen。
Turn around,I want to find some relaxed.:“So you are actually gender.?You can’t always be both men and women when you are still.?”

Han Jiang suddenly widened,Disappear:“Actually so serious!?”

Chapter 619 Are you teasing me?
“That experiment?”Han Jiang quickly asked。
Yrona’s face became more ugly.,After all, this is a ugly。
“Ran?”Han Jiang’s voice suddenly improved eight points。
Good guy,The pharmaceutical project has actually been such a big mistake in such an important place.。
“Standby line?”
“Prepare”Errona is still talking,Han Jiang raised a arm:“do not talk,I see。”
The pharmaceutical efficiency of the entire storm city fell by 40%,Don’t want to think,The spare means is also destroyed by the other party.。
Errona has some buses.,“People who are responsible for the production line are all grasped. ,The person in charge was also closed against the undergoing investigation.,US”
“Don’t say。”
Rao is calm in Klei,I can’t help but I can’t help it.。
People currently have been gathered in the storm city,The anti-risk ability of the storm city has dropped too much,Slightly a little flash is a super-urban damage。
City is damaged,Representing thousands of people,I don’t know how many people will die in disasters that may arise.。
Fu Lai Deer is a qualified female god,But it is definitely not a qualified commander。
If Han Jiang does not ask,Yi Lai Deer doesn’t even know these situations。
“Lost parts are in the factory”
Han Jiang ignored the words of Yrona,Torp in Fu Lai Deal:“There is no good look here.,Let the people here carefully,We go to the pharmaceutical base。”
Compared with the soldiers,It is http://www.szkjuzjnlpddyn.cnmore important to the pharmaceutical base。
Qualified forces often have a lot of spare weapons,So what is wrong with it is not the most important thing?。
Once the drug is short,That is to have a life.。
Ordinary people can bear the concentration of collapse of today’s collapse,Once the drug is missing,Will have a madness reaction。
Lightly missing arms,Heavy change into a dead。
After walking in two steps,Han Jiang suddenly stopped,Return to Yishrend。
“Almost forgot here is not extreme,What you change is that you。”
Han Jiang’s reaction is a bit too over.,Taken this as the city of Poland。
I have taken two steps.,He just coming over auxiliary survey,The log name is still far from the way.,He also commanded no more。
In the end, it is seen the people who have seen big scenes.,Fu Lai Deer is in a hurry,But there is no change in your face or the original expression.。
Qi Lai Del let Yerona are responsible for follow-up search,She took Han Jiang and Xier to the base for pharmaceutical.。
“elder brother。”Hi Lier with the back gently pulled the sleeve of La Hanjiang,Small asking:“Is there a serious thing??”
“For the citizens of the storm city,very serious,Once anti-collapsed drug shortage,The consequences of bringing unimaginable。”
Most people are relying on anti-collapse drug survival,If there is no drug
“Han Jiang,Is there any possible pointer?”Walking on the road, Yan Lai suddenly asked。

Wei Wuya just finished,Wang Teng is standing here。

When Wang Teng looked over here,Is very direct。
“All right,Now words,Other things,Don’t worry so much for now。”
“And start now,These things,In fact, it has already been dealt with almost!”
Wang Teng finished,Move muscles and bones。
“Your side,How is the processing?”
When Wang Teng finished,Everyone in Hubao Camp saw this place。
In fact, it looks like these people,How should this matter be handled?。
Actually just these things,It’s not easy already。
Now,These tiger and leopard camp people,Even more proud。
“Lord, don’t worry,These things,In fact, we have all dealt with it almost。”
“That’s right,These ones,But it’s just a little thing。”
“but,If you really look at it now,Actually, I think,Let’s next,There will be no less chances。”
When those people around,They raised their heads and looked at the distance。
The more so,In fact, let’s not talk about other issues for now。
But now,How should we deal with this,Just this,It’s not easy already。
While looking at,The more so,Actually from now on,How to solve this problem。

Why can’t she be bright and big love??

Perhaps only look at him outside his world,Then she also looked at him brightly.。
“I am not convenient to watch my mobile phone.,Wait back and see it.。”
“You are sophistry!”Dream soft,I looked at him coldly.,Low head does not speak。
“I have no scil arisen,I am pushing you now.,Really uncomfortable mobile phone,But I can explain why I didn’t come yesterday.?Because I am angry。”
Get this answer,Let the dream is very surprised。
She insomnia overnight,Quiet wait for a few hours,I thought about him for more than a dozen hours quietly.,Although I don’t expect to get a touch from him.,But I also hope that I can see him in the morning.。
But,The next morning, she did not wait until the morning.。
A gas is now in an instant。
“Yes,Because someone is angry,So I don’t want to come.。”Le Zhenxi also said the dissatisfaction in your heart,It is also not clear that he likes him like a naughty child.。
Said angry,I am happy to say happiness.。
But,In love,Who is a confused child。
NS2018chapter Love also loves to be confident
“hehe……”Dream is laughing。
But I can’t help but I said it.,“so,You are not angry,Don’t come, don’t say,How do I feel that the president of the seven-foot man is a child??”
Be seen by her as a child,Le Zhenxi is inexplicable,That little pride is coming back.。
“Fierce,Who do you say??”
“you!”Dream soft voice,People who pass around are weird watching her.。
But the dream soft is not conscious.,Instead, the more you say,“Also said that you are not like a child??You want to come,I don’t want to come.,Don’t come to you at least to send a WeChat to me,Don’t let me wait for you every day。”
“Even……Even…”Dream softly said。
That is to receive a call from Dad,She still worried that he will appear in the door of her home.。
“what?”Le Zhenxi looked at her。
“nothing?”Dream soft, I can’t say。
this moment,She seems to understand a problem.,Love can’t be humble,She never been a person who will grieve himself,She has been born enough from childhood.。
She is anxious to fall in love with him.,Even if you don’t want to come over this way,She can’t be humble like this.。
She needs my own courage to give myself.,Just like Blue Xin said,Don’t let your life regret。“President,I want to go to work tomorrow.,Although you can’t accompany you together,But some simple things in the company can still do it.,I am standing at home alone.,I have to bother you and blue sister came to take care of me.,I am also very interesting.,
I am going to work.,At least you can find something。“
That can divide her own attention。
She hated alone.,Today, I’m thinking,She never wants to stay alone.。

To say this thing is precious.,Indeed,The urban city may not find a few,But you have to say its practical use,At least in the Qing Palace,Probably equal to a scrap iron。

“Why do you want to capture this thing??”Qing Palace, the eyebrows can’t help but wrinkle,Lower awareness muttering,“He has the right to exchange the rights and the right of Leisa,Why is this?”
“Basic particles are still small than atoms”Qing Palace frown,The lower language of the next consciousness,There is, He is shocked!
and many more!
Academic city urban,Small than atoms,It is worth it to win,Very important thing!
That is not‘Lag’?!
垣 根 帝 帝 解 解 解‘Lag’?!The Qing Palace jumped,Sub-open field,It’s not that you have‘Lag’After monitoring,This is frown to continue thinking。
‘Lag’This kind of East and Western Qing Palace have long known,His ability,It can easily realize it after the field is opened.‘Lag’The presence,Don’t look at that thing is only a seventy nanometer size,And is still evolved from air to power generation,But in the eyes of the Qing Palace,Even if it is also a clear spot,This is just a little bit.。
Timeline,The Qing Palace will ignore the consciousness‘Lag’,And his field is opened,I will unconsciously‘Lag’Rejection,Long time,Naturally let the Qing Palace gradually pay attention to this kind of http://www.famous1.cnthing。I haven’t thought of it.,Today, I found out such a thing.!
I didn’t try to crawl after the Qing Dynasty.,But although he has the ability to capture and even destroy,But he can’t solve the intelligence in the inside.,Plus the lag back is controlled by the Aresta,Once you do it yourself,I can’t get it to be knew by Accista,It’s still a trouble.。
But,just now,Qing Palace just learned,‘tweezers’After being robbed,Actually there is such a function,This makes the Qing Palace not surprised.。
垣 根 帝,I want to do anything.?
When he thinks about this problem,Earthly,He suddenly felt that the ground was trembled.,then,A strange fluctuation suddenly broke out,Let the Qing Palace have grown up。
In his perception,Above the top of your head,Two powerfulaiBive at this moment,Crazy crashing together,Although no sound is generated,But let the Qing Palace have kept this fluctuation.。
“This is the 垣 roots?”In the eyes of the Qing Dynasty, they can’t help but flashed a sharp ray.。
Chapter 555 Disaster
Reason,Qing Palace does not feel‘ite’Play‘school’,Although they are in advance.‘owlet’help。New Badi Chinese Network https:// https://x81
Battle between the dark,After all, I still have to look at high-end power.。Shaving two super powers do not mention,For comprehensive strength,Enhanced‘ite’It’s enough to hit the whole‘school’,But once the Emperor of the Emperor,The battle rate of the battle is changed.。
Don’t look at the city’s urban city.level5,But the Qing Palace is clear,Remove yourself,First place and second place,Have a great gap with the five people behind。
Easy to describe it,Just like a test,Ninety or more people can getlevel5Title,One party pass and 垣 根 帝 督 分,Meiqin did a wrong choice,And Mai Ni is a solution step by the US piano.
In fact, this metaphor is not too appropriate.,Meiqin and others are trying to achieve this score,And one party and the 垣 根 帝 督 人 因为 因为 分 分 分 分。This way,The gap can know。
As for the Qing Palace yourself,He is actually not counting himself.,He is open
Perhaps the eight people have a black palace that knows the answer in advance except for the Qing Dynasty.,But the remaining four people are more than the previous few,Really a lot。
Therefore, the Qing Palace has not been taken from Mai Yin.,Just like it’s the attitude towards Mai Napo.,perhaps,At this time, Emperor Yudong and Mai Yak’s collision in him.,It’s just that a kitten who has been fried is playing.。Kitty may have a chance to scratch him two,But once I am always convinced,Mai Ni is not an opponent at all。
“This extent,It is Mai Yak in the main attack.?”The Qing Palace is condensed.,I can’t help but pick the eyebrows,“The guy of the governor of the 垣 根 帝 离 离?”
“perhaps,I should go and take a look.?”Qing Palace,The eyes are exposed to a little thoughtful look。
Can be at this time,His mobile phone suddenly rang,When he saw an incoming call,Watching noise。
on the ground。
Write a quiet station in the channel,It seems to have experienced the battle,The white coat on the body is contracted with some dust and black smoke.,A few silk blond messy stickers,See some wolf,But her gaze is still usually calm.。
Looking at another exit,The eyes of the bundle, flashing a deep quiet,Surrounded by her,Several looks of the researchers are shaking on the wall,Some is falling down.。
At the exit of her not far away,There is a girl in a dress in a few seconds.。
“Is it to attack me with residual researchers in the Institute?”Write a whisper,But there is no rush to chase,“This person’s ability is very interesting。”
“level4Level spirit is big,I have really seen a few。”Beravulate,Several researchers fell to the ground,Coma,“But like this kind of kind, it’s really nothing to play, I’m so happy.。”
“‘Psychological routine’”The bundle is a slightly exhausted sigh,“Embrace a specific two‘Inner distance’Expressed with a value,And casually adjust the distance from oneself to others, unfortunately,You hit me。”
Although it is not certain,But the bundle is also guess.‘Psychological routine’Role,By adjusting the distance between the hearts of others,You can quietly affect the human mind,Thereby producing a magical effect,For example, digestion hostility、Enhanced,Even through the soul of others, you can spy the idea of others, etc.,Is a fairly troublesome skill。