Effectively prevent and resolve various major security risks

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 31. State Councilor Wang Yong attended the video conference and spoke in Beijing on the 31st in Beijing in Beijing. , Firmly establish the concept of security development, grasp the safety risk prevention, resolutely curb the occurrence of various major and major accidents, and build a safe and stable environment for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

  Wang Yong pointed out that the national safety situation has been stable since this year, but recent accidents have occurred in some industries, and the safety production situation is still complicated and severe. Relevant parties in various regions should take the opportunity to organize the national "production safety month" activities, and effectively take the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and the decision -making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to the entire process of work safety, and further take strong and effective measures. Keep the bottom line of the red line of production safety.

It is necessary to deeply absorb the lessons of accidents, further deepen the large -scale inspection of safety production and special rectification in key industries, strictly implement 15 hard measures for safety production, strengthen the response to safety prevention during the flood season, guide the supervision of the company’s responsibility for the main body of actual safety production, comprehensively enhance the essence of the essence Safety level.

It is necessary to strengthen laws and regulations such as the "Safety Production Law", vigorously promote the security culture, promote the co -governance of the safety society, and better protect the safety of the people’s lives and property.

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“Lay down,Lying down and say。”

“Oh,All right。”Seeing that Xier said so seriously,Han Jiang has only obliquely,Lying on it,“What are you going to do??”
I saw that Hi Jue stood up quickly.,Step on the face of Hanjiang。
“Dare to tease me,This is the end,Die!”
After stepped, I feel that God feels cool.,Banquet,She has not participated yet,Looking for them to play, let them play.。
Han Jiang’s attention of Qi Yana and buds,After reading a look, I wanted to ask what happened.,I saw Hi.。
“Ah,Hi Jier http://www.tcylwy.cn came,Let’s fight together,Who will draw a small turtle on the face!”
Hidden is active and everyone is still a very rare thing.,As an atmosphere group, Qi Yana, is of course active.。
“OK,OK,Han Jiang him……Just now?”Bud clothes are still worried about Hanjiang。
Xier said with a smile:“Han Jiang brother is fine,Sister, my sister, let’s play.。”
“what?”The buds finally looked at the Hanjiang nodded.:“okay then,Call the team again,More than a little more fun。”
Celebration feast end,Life continues to enter a constant theme。
One month later,Han Jiang also received the summons of Tesla when he slept.。
After the Tesla’s office,Valter and Einstein are also。
“What’s wrong,Is there any urgent task this morning??”
“Treatment sent a message,They found the erosion。”
I wake up Hanjiang.,Ask:“what,Erosion?Not http://www.zzafbbs.cn eight heavy cherry,Not an 玉 丸?”
Zhanu Pills with part of the first era eroding the law,She also followed Kaolian and eight spicy waves in the world.,Will not catch up with life??
“no,Not the little guy you said,Is the erosion of this era。”
Han Jiang deeply sucking one breath:“Why don’t you say it?,Didn’t make any destruction?”
“Check our core computers,Not invaded,Did you confirm??Is it reliable?,It is the order of Higashi Dell ordered,Still eroding the law invaded us to send us?”
“neither。”Ai Minstan said:“It is the Assistant Amber, the Amber, I want to send it.,Currently only detected fluctuations in erosion,Awakening is still early。”
“I was found to be a total of three days from erosion.,An injured event occurs during the period,Several children in the school were injured in two teachers.,But all http://www.91tianjie.cn is a leather injury?。”
“???”Han Jiang’s question:“School?teacher?The students who eroded the law were injured by the erosion of the law.,It is just a peel injury?”
“Um……So tell you,Comparison,Dentity requests our technicians to record more detailed。”
Han Jiang frowned,Refers to himself:“So is me.?”
Walter took the shot on the shoulders of Hanjiang,Laugh:“Can you worry?,This time, I plan to let you and Qiana have a bud.。”
“You have a rich experience of anticiphorics,Let you go reasonable。”
“You don’t go?”Han Jiang asked。
Walt shrugged,Stressed:“I have to take the town headquarters,Stable overall situation。”
This is a bit unlike Valter.,I found that the trace of the law actually didn’t want the first to rush or destroy each other.,Or in the mouth to feel each other。
“Let us go three……”
“What do you want??”Tesla interrupts Hanjiang directly asked:“We try to meet your conditions。”
“rise salary,Still take a vacation,Still give you a promotion?”

International Relief: How much life is still poured under the muzzle to wake up the conscience of American politicians

Recommended reading In 1994, the Chinese Academy of Engineering was established. Zhu Fengfeng was elected as the first academician and served as the executive vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Not long ago, on May 19th, Zhu Fengfeng also published signed articles on Guangming Royal Newspapers, and once again conducted an in -depth analysis of the construction and development of the engineers at the new stage of development. 2022-05-3109: 17: General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to science and technology workers, and strategically draws the innovation of great powers, making innovation an inexhaustible motivation for national rejuvenation.

Under the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping, China is striving for a new journey to building a strong country! 2022-05-3109: 16 The R & D team of Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute of China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute is doing experiments. Innovation is difficult, but we Chinese must have strong confidence. Even if we consume five or 60 years, we must speed up the speed, fight for innovation, and complete this task. 2022-05-3109: 10 The 16th Academician Conference of the China Academy of Engineering was held in Beijing on the 30th, and the 14th Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award Award Ceremony was held at the opening ceremony of the conference. The opening ceremony of this academician conference set up a main venue in Beijing. 27 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) including Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Hubei, and Dalian, Qingdao, and Shenzhen 3 planned units of the city have 30 branches. 2022-05-3109: 07 At present, it continues to promote the effective supply of public products in rural ecological environment, and to guide the participation of grassroots mass autonomy organizations in an orderly manner.

In addition, inspecting the effective standard for the supply of public products in the rural ecological environment is the coordination of product supply to coordinate with the consumer demand and consumption capacity of the farmers.

2022-05-3109: 04 According to the China Manned Aerospace Engineering Office, the Long March 5 Yao San Carrier Rockets of the Temple Experimental Card Launch Mission has completed all the development of the factory before the factory. The launch field.

2022-05-3010: On May 28th, a strong precipitation appeared in the Book of the Miao Autonomous Prefecture of the Qianwan of Guizhou Province. The county’s 24-hour precipitation in the county’s Mijing Village, the county, the county, and the rain was rapid.

"According to the trend of disaster weather forecasting and adverse effects, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued heavy fog yellow warning, high -temperature yellow warning, heavy rain blue warning, strong blue warning of the weather, orange mountain flood disaster meteorological early warning, and geological disaster weather risk warning.

2022-05-3009: On May 29th, Shenzhou No. 14 manned spacecraft and Long March 2 F Yao XIV Rocket Combination is ready to transfer to the launch area.

Our newspaper, Beijing, May 29th (Reporter Zhang Wen) According to the China Manned Aerospace Engineering Office, on May 29, Beijing time, Shenzhou 14 manned spacecraft and Long March 2 Far -carry rocket combination has been transferred To the launch area. At present, the facilities and equipment of the launch site are in good condition. In the future, various functional inspections and joint testing before the launch will be carried out according to the plan. 2022-05-3009: 55 "Salary" is a rap MV, which was all created by science and technology workers. The main creative team is a science and technology worker who also loves science and art. 2022-05-2915: 47 technology is the strong national strength. The foundation, innovation is the soul of national progress.

Accelerate the construction of major innovation platforms, and focus on cultivating strategic technological forces.

Efforts to stimulate talent innovation and creation, introduce "28 talents", actively loosen the talents, improve the talent management system, and strive to stimulate the "live" of the innovation chain with the "strong" of the talent chain and the "excellent" of the industry chain. 2022-05-3009: 53 In Zhu Mingyuan’s eyes, his father Zhu Guangya did only one thing in his life to engage in China’s nuclear weapons. 2022-05-3007: 14 commemorates the founders and pioneers of the famous nuclear physicist in my country, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one of the main founders and pioneers of the Nuclear Sciences, and the "two bombs and one star" meal winner, Academician Wang Yichang, 115th anniversary 2022- 05-3007: 47 General Secretary Xi Jinping made a major decision-making arrangement during his work in Zhejiang, and proposed to promote the construction of innovative provinces and strong science and technology provinces during his work. 2022-05-2710: 38 The construction of ecological civilization is related to the prosperity of the country, the national rejuvenation, and the people’s happiness.

Throughout the history of human development and the history of civilization, ecological prosperity is civilized, and ecological decay is civilized. The changes in the ecological environment directly affects the decline of civilization.

2022-05-2709: 30 Accelerate the creation of the "three major" science and technology innovation highlands and activate the vitality of high-quality development.

In -depth integration of scientific innovation with the real economy can we better play the role of driving development and form a strong and powerful high -quality development new momentum. 2022-05-2709: 27 The nucleic acid detection is effective measures based on prevention and control, based on the prevention and control of the anti-prevention and control of the nucleic acid test. The epidemic prevention and control work is in the critical period and effort of "going against the water, but retreat if you don’t advance". 2022-05-2709: 15 The Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the "2021 China Ecological Environmental Status Bulletin" on May 26 (hereinafter referred to as the "Bulletin"). In terms of biological diversity, the national forest coverage rate is%, the grassland area is 10,000 hectares, and the total area of ??natural protection for various types of nature at all levels accounts for about 18%of the country’s land and land area. The first batch of national parks such as Hainan Tropical Rain Forest and Wuyishan.

2022-05-2709: 12 China Meteorological Administration and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry jointly issued the winter wheat dry hot air disaster risk warning. This is the first time that the two departments jointly issued an agricultural meteorological disaster risk warning.

The two departments will work closely to continuously improve the agricultural meteorological disaster risk warning index system of partitions, seasons, disasters, and crops to enhance the authority, professionalism and guidance of risk early warning.

2022-05-2709: On April 26th, a sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic affected the beautiful Jingmingju community, Jinyuan community, and Beijing Trade South District community under the jurisdiction of Yangzhuang Street. Management area.

Focusing on nucleic acid detection guidance, order maintenance, gatekeeper on duty, material transportation, etc., the community explores volunteer services "grab the single system". According to service needs, volunteers sign up for "tasks".

2022-05-2709: 30 Rice is one of the main food crops in my country. Its growth process requires a large amount of water and optimizes its "rice bowl" to the people. Under drought conditions, the rice output of the gene is more than 10%higher than the control group, thereby reducing the output loss caused by drought. 2022-05-2609: 41.


330 Song Dynasty Ru http://www.njlhj.cn Kiln Sky Celadon Glazed Sunflower Brush Washer
I took another look at the forest garden where I was beaten into a pig head on the ground,Just about to kill this guy,Thoughts again:“No way!My dad and Liu Guijiang are now taken by Jing Fawu to Yuzhou District,According to their temperament,After dawn, you must go to the police to expose the smuggling of rare earths in Linyuan。
I kill Lin Yuan now,When the police officer came, he suspected that my dad and Liu Guijiang were murderers.!”
Lin Yuan also saw Chen Xiu’s eyes reveal a fierce light like a beast,Seeing him trembles,Squatted and said:“please,Let me go。I can give you money……A lot of money……”
“A lot of money?”
Chen Xiu said with a smile:“How much is a lot?If you said
331 Bronze drum
“Song Dynasty Ru Kiln Sky Celadon Glazed Sunflower Brush Washer,Well preserved99%……Current http://www.isayido.cn market price5Billion!”
Chen Xiu got it right,Gu Yu’s hint is really authentic,As for the current market price of ancient jade5Billion is much higher than the previous Sotheby’s auction3Billion is also normal,After all, the last auction was4Years ago,And after that auction, more people knew about Ru Kiln,Over the past few years, the tide has risen.。
Chen Xiu first absorbed the mysterious atmosphere in the Song Dynasty Ru Kiln sky celadon-glazed sunflower-shaped brush wash,That huge breath is no less than that of Liu Guijiang’s Guiguzi Xiashan Yuanqinghua,Let Chen Xiu’s body cells feel like eating a big meal,Is crazy to absorb these breaths,Keep growing。
332 Ancient battlefield
“this is……Ancient battlefield!”
Chen Xiu himself seems to have turned into an eye floating in the air,I saw the female general’s drum http://www.360jzfw.cn beat,The giant barbarian elephants are losing control,Turning over is to disperse the barbarian team。

North Korea leaders write letters mutual greetings

  Xinhua News Agency, Pyongyang, April 22 (Reporter Jiang Yaping) According to a report by the North Korean Society on the 22nd, Kim Jong -un, General Secretary of the North Korean Workers’ Party, and South Korean President Moon Jae -in recently exchanged a letter of writing, and the two sides greet each other. It is reported that after receiving a letter from Wen Zaiyin on the 20th, Kim Jong -un recovered the letter the next day.

Wen Zaiyin stated in his own letter that he will continue to work hard to promote the joint declaration of the two countries after leaving office.

In the letter, Kim Jong -un reviewed the hope of the historic and common declaration of the two countries to the whole people.

  It is reported that the leaders of the two countries agreed that the two sides would work with hope that the two sides would meet the wishes and expectations of the nation and be improved and developed.

They also gave a cordial greeting to the other compatriots. In addition, according to the report of Qingwai, the Presidential Palace of South Korea, the leaders of the South Korea and North Korea mentioned in the letter to restart the dialogue and relationship development.

Qingwatai spokesman Park 青 青 said at a press conference on the same day that Wen Zaiyin said in a letter that the South Korean DPRK should break the opposing situation through a dialogue. How to restart the South Korean dialogue will become the subject of the next government in South Korea. Peaceful righteousness actively talks with the Korean side. Kim Jong -un said in a reply that the leaders of North Korea and South Korea have brought a letter to each other as a "symbol of deep mutual trust."

  In 2018, Kim Jong -un met with Wen Zaiyin three times. The two also signed the "September Pyongyang Declaration of September" on September 19 of the same year. Establish a permanent peace zone, etc. to achieve an agreement. (Participate in reporters Du Baiyu, Zhou Siyu) (Edited by: Wang Yuzheng, Cui Yue) Share more people see it.

“Many forces are under the world to investigate you.,His experience is investigated by a clear,That is what he treats people around him.,Take,Bravard,He has helped many enemies that have been,Such leaders are dream of everyone.。”Xianlin nodded:“Remember that he doesn’t hesitate to help a family.。”

“One of you,He is not you.?”Lin Dao Xuan smiled。
Xianlin is screaming。
“Sage,I am playing love?”Just at this time, there was a figure.,Three shadows came out。
The three people headed is the golden wheel back,Golden wheel back is powerful,His side follows Longqino and daughter。
“You are?”
Lin Dao Xuan looked familiar with people,But I can’t think of who is?
“Boy,Ask you to go。”Golden wheel looks back at Lin Dao Xuan Xiao:“I will know that you are the son of Lin Feng.。”
“I’m,uncle,I want to ask.,But I went to the next dead.。”Lin Daoxiao laughing:“uncle,Are you still a selfologist?。”
Talking between Lin Dao Xuan went up and took out a pack of smoke and took a hand to the golden wheel.。
“I haven’t smoked for a long time.。”The gold wagon took a smoke and laugh.:“My name is gold round,The little girl just mentioned me.。”
This book comes from
Seen《My super color star wife》The book friend still likes
Chapter 115 Lower boundary
“Jin Uncle?You are a uncle?”Lincao Xuan Wen Yan Shu Road:“I think of it.,I am old, he often mentions you.。”
“Ha ha,Such as fake。”Golden wheel back haha smile and appreciate:“Tiger father without dog,It is so young to condense the god pulse,Have a small god of robbery。”
“Jin Uncle,You’re welcome,luck。”Lindao Xuan Qian deficiency laughs:“Giving the uncle,Uncle。”
Talking between Lin Dao Xuan, Xianlin, a golden round。
“I hate these buddy festivals most.。”Golden wheel back haha smile,Big sleeve,A vast power directly floats the figure of the two people.。
“Practice can be lucky,Boy,Not worse than your father。”Long Siko also carefully got the Lincao Xuanxiao。
“aunt,Don’t praise me.,Let it go,Let’s send you to the fire hall.。”Lin Dao Xuan hairdressed。
“Can’t,You are here.,We also walk away,After a while, I will come again.。”Golden wheel:“I don’t know if I can catch you.。”
“He just didn’t take long.。”Lindao Xuan nose explained:“In this case,I will not retain you.,When I came back, I came up.。”
“it is good!”
Golden wheel looks at Lin Dao Xuanxi:“Come,uncle,Send you a gift。”Talking between the golden wheel directly took out two god swords,Every god sword is simple,Top with vicissitudes of airflow,Flowing out the breath。
This two god swords are Halftone。
Not two pieces is a half-monarch,But this semiper is a set,A slick sword is inscribed with too yin,A slick sword is engraved with the sun。
Xianlin looked http://www.stdz158.cn at these two disappearances:“Powered up to thousands of years。”
“Little girl,good eyesight,This is what the sword,I picked it in a ruin.,We can’t use it too,Give you。”The golden wheel is back and fast, and the hand is handed to Lin Dao Xuan and Xianlin.。
“Do not,Do not,uncle,Be too precious。”Lin Daoxia is busy。
“child,This is the meeting I gave you.,Accept,I am using your uncle, I can’t use this.,You can just。”Long Nuo Role:“Otherwise, you can only lose it in the corner.。”
Golden wheel back to the shoulder of Lindao Xuan:“I am most grateful for this life is you.,When I was in the lower bound, I thought about him for death.,After coming to the god,I met him when I was desperate.,He didn’t say that people who bought Tonglong people were saved.,I have lached a lot of risks,I heard that the dragon http://www.jiajao.cn family wanted to win him with a part of the Dragon Mon.。”

Many Asian members of the United States have actively supported the gun control on the shooting of the state of the state

  China News Service, May 26. The United States Overseas Chinese News reported that a severe shooting occurred on the 24th of a primary school in UVALDE, USA, and 21 teachers and students have died.

Many Asian members of the United States expressed their views on the Internet on this matter.

  Yahoo News reported that several well -known US Congress Democratic members accused the Republican Party of Twitter accusing the Republican obstructing the safety legislation they said, and urged the legislators to take action immediately to pass more regulations. Democratic Representative Andykim wrote on Twitter: "It is terrible to suffer a large -scale attack on a large -scale attack in Texas Elementary School.

I also have children myself, I can imagine the pain of those families. Those who benefit from the status quo hope our anger can disappear in a few days.

Let us prove that they are wrong.

We should vote for legislation such as general background investigations, offensive weapons ban, Charleston vulnerability and Red Flag Law until the parliament finally passed. "Maziehirono, Senator of Hawaii Democratic Party, also wrote on Twitter:" Sandyhook (Sandyhook) incident has passed nearly 10 years, and our children will still be shot at school.

How can Republicans need to help us end this nightmare? "In another tweet sent to the" Republican colleagues ", she asked:" For you, what is more important? Is your political power or your human nature? Both Andy and Hiroshino mentioned the National Rifle Association (NRA) and other gun rights groups in each election cycle to invest millions of US dollars to fund the campaign of Republican candidates to ensure that their voting opposes the safety law of the gun . Since 2013, the advocate advocate of guns has invested $ 100 million in lobbying, and has invested $ 15.8 million in 2021. This is in sharp contrast to the formation of more than $ 2.9 million in the 2021 gun control organization.

  Illinois Democratic Senator Tammyduckworth said on Twitter that large -scale shooting is "a nightmare for each parent" and added that she "feel sad for these families and shamelessly to the Republicans. I feel angry without taking action to save the lives of innocent children. " In the second tweet, she wrote: "We know that if we do nothing, we will attack again and again. We know who is stopping our actions.

"She urged the Senate to" vote on the safety reform of the long -tested guns required by the United States. "

  And most of the Asian Republican members did not mention the reform of the firearms, although many people prayed and condolences for this tragedy. Republican member Youngkim wrote on Twitter: "As a mother and grandmother, I was very disappointed with the tragic news in the school school.

No matter what is studying or worshiping, no one should feel unsafe.

I will know more about the case, and my heart is together with the victims, their loved ones, and the Yvardi community.

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Zuo Luohu back to bedroom,Specially went to buy a vase,Take back to the flower。
She looks at the flower in the vase,Remember that there is an uncomfortable thing today,I have a good taste in my heart.。He probably not regard himselfoga,The reaction of the adult ceremony is just caused by physiological factors.。
Zuo Luo Hand,Finger falling on the middle of the iris flower,Take a while,She bending his waist and gently sniffing,Iris is excessive sweet,seem……No information on the information。
The pixel and flowers are still some subtle differences.。
Another bedroom building in a single room,The wash is washed in bed,Open the quilt,On the side of a military uniform coat。He lie down,Gently put your face in the coat。
The information on the coat is actually there.,But this is her jacket。
Closed eyes,Fingertip is more in the jacket chest,Is it like a heart?,Imagine the sound of beating under the fingertips。She is still not the same today.,Will care about the flowers you sent。
Zuo Luo has never gains things other than friends.,She has already started as a friend??
Oki’s slow eyes,They still have to train together,Go to participate in the military exercise competition together,Getting closer to the future。
NS 35 chapter(Military school exercise.)
Foreign school students, Especially the northern military school is looking forward to the star,I finally waited for next Monday.,They have to follow Zuo Luo Huan to class,Look at the opportunity to play with her。As for another two military schools for other considerations, Go to other courses。
“You are the scorpion of the Northern Military Academy?”Kang Guang stared at Roshaoyuan and others saw half, Last, “I heard that I want to go to Zuo Luo.?sure, I don’t have to go on today., Take a look at you.。”
The instructors are free to exaggerate,Let Zuo Luo, who are ready to touch the fish, silent,Northern military academy can do not let Luo Zhong want to play with her, The few people are excited to stare at her.。
“Really?Then let’s start now., Don’t waste time。”Rosau suddenly rose to this face of the instructor on this face, She turned her team friendly,“I will come first.,You will wait。”
Need to ignore from head to the tail,No one will ask Zuo Luo Huan:“……”
Rosau is even starting to active hands and feet.,Looking at Zuo Luo Yisheng wants to jump。
Communication is mutual, They want to explode,The first military school also wants to explore the strength of other military school students.。
Zuo Luoyuan looks at the floor,I have a thought in my heart.:The Yi’s should want to know the strength of these people in the Northern Military Academy.。
“how to spell?”Zuo Luo came out from the same period.。
Rosau is already warm, She waved:“All, I do not mind。”
“ten minutes。”Zuo Luohuan passed over Rosau, Fall behind her other northern military school,“Six people, etc., Dragging time, you have to go.。”
“Ten minutes end?”Rosau is a finger:“You really feel that I have finished with me.,And strength to deal with others?Otherwise let them fight with Jiang Hong?”
Zuo Luohuan lifts the hand to unpack the necklace:Never:“Jianghong?He looks at it., I solve you half an hour.。”
Some people in the field rose an idea:Arrogant!
And the two people standing in the center,Instantly ignite war,When all people have not reacted,Moved。
Rosau is also asclassalpha,Whether it is physical fitness or speed level, far from the same age,And Zuo Luohuan,But not get an advantage,But at this point she is expected.。
The people in the northern military school have begun to record.,They are of course not just coming and Zuo Luohuan.,Also recorded back analysis。
Rosau is an aggressive play,Every stroke with bloodthirsty murderous,The North District is not light in a bad environment.,The border line is still not in peace,Ten years ago, it is often reported that the road people have been in the road to the gamlore empire.。She lives in that kind of place,Earnest,Natural and other military http://www.jsdongshang.cn schools are different。
Kang Guang Station is on the side,Observe the play of the two。
Zuo Luoyuan is very strange,She is a daughter of Zuo Duhong,Said that female Xiaochi,Zuo Dihong iron blood,Military merits,When you are young, it is also a name.。According to Zuo Luoyuan, he has sent her father.,It should also act almost,But she is very‘Rush’。
Like now playing against ruling,In Kang Guang’s idea,Zuo Luo should also use the fierce murderous move back.,But she didn’t,When the moving is, it is even called the peace.,Recruitment,This is only for a long time,Rosau was forced to be full of sweat。
If Zuo Luo is originally the same as her father,Now do this now,Can you imagine what extent?,Receive the momentum of your body。
Kang Guang is not trustworthy,What is more willing to think that Zuo Luo is this road http://www.mirrorquick.cn number,Different from her father。
At this moment,Roshaoyuan has been forced by Zuo Luo.,One does not pay attention to the defeat failure,I was fell by her to the ground.。
Zuo Luoyuan’s foot pointed on Rosau’s chest,Prevent her from turning over,Lift your hand and watch a blind:“ten minutes,you lose。”

Jiulongpo District Poonglong Primary School carried out calligraphy creation classroom enrichment students’ extra -school life

Hualong.com-New Chongqing Client News "Your regular writing has made great progress!" "The theme of this word is very clear!" Recently, the Jiulongpo District Pulong Primary School organized a classroom of calligraphy creation, from the school’s three or four Grade students start calligraphy creation around the theme of "nature and ecology". It is understood that the Calligraphy sketch creation class in Jiulongpo District to organize the cultural life of students’ campus culture and let children feel the charm of traditional culture. It is also a strong practice of the school’s implementation of the "double reduction" policy, promoting student morality The wisdom, body, and labor are fully developed.

According to the relevant person in charge of Jiulongpo District Pulong Elementary School, calligraphy is a traditional Chinese culture and art. Calligraphy lessons are set up for calligraphy teaching, so that students can experience China’s long traditional culture during the learning process. Students can better feel when learning calligraphy can better feel when learning calligraphy can better feel To the greatness of the Chinese nation, deepen the feelings of the motherland. In addition, calligraphy education can help students improve their artistic quality. The basic purpose of primary school calligraphy education is to allow students to copy excellent calligraphy works and gain visual and spiritual enjoyment.

The subtle way allows students to accept the influence of beauty, understand the beauty of calligraphy, improve students’ aesthetic ability and appreciation ability, and gradually improve their artistic quality in the process.

It is worth mentioning that during this activity, the school also put forward some requirements for students’ creation. In the process of calligraphy practice, students must not only perform simple imitation, but also need to actively mobilize their thinking and imagination during the writing process. Pay attention to observation, memory, and analysis, and gradually writing, so that students can develop good habits of down -to -earth, serious observation and learning.

The person in charge said that writing is an art education that will have a long -term impact on students’ aesthetic interest and improve their life taste. "One skimming and one -to -one understanding of culture, one paintings, one -time,", for a long time, inheritance of calligraphy in calligraphy is a dream of struggling with the dragon primary school, and the school will continue to condense the power of the whole school to realize this dream.

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Babata shaking his head,“Just sigh with your teacher,There is a saying in your earth‘Stupid bird fly first’,But if the smart bird flies first,The stupid bird naturally can’t catch up no matter how hard you try。A truth!Surpass at the starting line,Keep leading in the future,Naturally stand at the top!”
“You are at the starting line,Is far ahead of your teacher。”
suddenly,The mailbox on the screen beats slightly,Show new mail received。
Click to open the mailbox。
An email has been received。
“Li Ming:
Congratulations on becoming a full member of Taichu Secret Realm,The various training programs arranged by the Virtual Universe Company http://www.qlyflower.cn for the younger generation are from‘Universe’Start,and so,You are now first to become a universe class。You don’t need to worry about this,Waiting for you from‘Original universe’Practice,I believe it will definitely break through to the universe level。
Your current points,Get gifted1Million points,You can use this110,000 points to purchase any item in the treasure chest list,You can buy as long as you have http://www.hzdh-mobilehome.cn enough points。
I suggest you buy the secret method you need,Three years on the road,It’s best to practice the secret method。
and also!
remind you,No need to waste time cultivating original energy、Power of mind。