At least the phone call just now proved!

At this moment,A large number of police cars arrived at the scene,Then a bunch of armed forces holding electric batons and shields appeared in front of everyone, forming a huge encirclement.。
Although some of the fish slipped through the net escaped,But most of the gangsters are unable to leave within the encirclement。Unless they dare to go head-to-head with members of the armed forces。
However in comparison,Hustle is just a mob after all,How can the courage and well-equipped detective force hard steel。
Zhang Yong yelled at Qin Feng when he couldn’t even escape.,“hateful,What did you do?And do you think you will be fine if we are caught?We are gathering people to fight,Your crime is the same as ours!”
Yue Yang doesn’t call anymore,Say in Zhang Yong’s tone,“The big deal is to lose both,My father will protect me anyway。Only you will endure jail then,Wait for death!”
Qin Feng shook his head helplessly,“Really stupid!”
He didn’t say it again,At this time, the circle of armed team members kept shrinking and getting closer,Basically most of the gangsters are already squatting on the ground holding their heads and dare not resist。
And at this moment,An armed member in a special uniform trot to Qin Feng to salute directly,“Chief,The joint operation in the Western Region subdued hundreds of rioters,Please refer to the instructions!”
Zhang Yong’s feet are soft now,Of course Yue Yang is not much better。But he still insisted,“My father is the mayor!If you dare to catch me, wait for revenge!”
“Take away!”Qin Feng is too lazy to explain,Let the armed forces take everyone away,Including Yue Yang and Zhang Yong。
As for Qin Feng,Of course you don’t have to go back to the game to explain to them。After all, all members of the special forces have the right to let local agents assist in the operation。
And of course Qin Feng as a deputy minister is no exception。So under one call,Except for the west side,In fact, several other districts are also under investigation,Directly eradicate all the community gangs that unite to fight against the wind alliance。
of course,People from the Wind League also have to hand over part of it。So it won’t be too obvious!
On the way back,Li Huan was so excited。
“Master,Who are you?。The head of the sentence made me goose bumps all over。But that’s so cool!It’s funny to see those two fools with incredulous expressions。”
Qin Feng didn’t answer Li Huan’s words,But changed the topic,“okay,You prepare,Let’s report with Zhong Fa in a few days!”

“but,This is your problem!”Long Zhanye laughed。

Tu Shanming frowned,Tiptoe,Pull out the head of the Zuma leader,Asked:“What’s the problem?”
Long Zhanye laughed:“Shi Qing Dong is all knowledge,Human feelings are the article。You are too simple,Have not experienced the tempering of humanity,So there are few changes between moves。”
“Oh!Seems to make sense。I always go straight,Breaking by force mostly,Not so many flowers intestines like you。Then how do i change?”Tu Shanming asked again。
Long Zhanye laughed:“Very simple,Find a woman,Talk about a love,One is not enough,Then find a few more。Experienced a lot,You will understand what feelings are,Can only be extremely affectionate,So it can be better than a sword,Emotionless Knife,Still a bit worse。”
“Looking for a woman?fall in love?Isn’t that a waste of time?Delayed entry?”Tu Shanming was confused,Shook his head and sighed。
Long Zhanye saw that this silly boy had been confused,Can’t help laughing:“Then look at Master Wuhao,Is the woman next to him missing??But he is not strong?Better than you?In the flowers,No leaves,This is the highest state of emotion,Your kid is too far away,Let’s start with a relationship!”
“is it?Then you have no woman?”Tu Shanming is not really stupid,Frowned and asked。
Long Zhanye had expected,Haha smile,Tao:“How old is the old man?How old are you?in those days,When I was young like you,That’s a romantic and chic!Riding a leaning bridge,Red sleeve trick!Forget it,You don’t understand!”
“Now the old man is old,It should be self-cultivation,The situation is different again!In a word,What age do things!Look at the Wuhao-sama who is your age,Don’t understand?”
“Ok,It seems to make some sense!I really can’t do Mr. Wuhao,I miss him too much!Obviously he is not older than me!understood,There are many women around him,Fall in love without delaying practice!I’ll talk a few too!”Tu Shanming said to himself。
but,He soon began to frown again,Shook his head and murmured:“but,Who am i going to talk to?Those girls,It doesn’t seem to be possible to talk to me?So annoying!”
Long Zhanye looked at this silly boy,Can’t help but be funny,Originally based on his character,Won’t talk about these things with Tu Shan Ming,For one thing, he made the first kill today,feeling good,Secondly, I also looked at Tu Shanming, this guy has always been a Tie Hanhan,The Way of Civil and Martial Arts,One by one,Like his tricks and tricks,Something will happen sooner or later。

Love is gone,She still has family affection,Mother will never betray her;Love is gone,She still has friendship,Chengyu and Ningning,They all love her,Won’t abandon her。

And those kids,All very sensible,She said she would provide them for college,Can’t break your promise。
Her love is great,Is the kind of fraternity that embraces the world,To those who experience injustice,Will use their own abilities to give them warmth;Her heart is very small,I can only hold myself and him,Can’t hold one more person。
That kind of relationship,She really can’t stand it,Even if she backs down,Where’s Huo,Will accept?
Even if the Huo family accepts,Where is the Lu family?,Will make her go well?
Chapter Four Sour oranges
You know,She still shouldn’t test her position in her father’s heart。
Love someone,very sweet;Hate someone,Very tired;Forget a person,Difficult!
Sweetness is what she wants,But not her;tired,Not what she wants,It won’t last forever in her life,Since that person doesn’t belong to her,Then force yourself to forget。
Lao Niu ruminates for digestion,If she misses her lost love repeatedly,That’s the unhealed scar on Jiexinkou,Is regretting the decision,She is the willow who goes forward bravely,Won’t fall apart。
The deviated life is back on track,The wrong blueprint has been revised,Those magnificent landscapes are beautiful,But not suitable for her,Still get a good mood,Start again!
Yangliu keeps cheering for herself,Continue to encourage myself,Do your best to imagine tomorrow’s beauty,But no matter how she thinks about it,It’s divorce after all,She is not as great as she thought,Not as strong as expected。
Tears kept falling down the corners of my eyes,Wet hair,Wet the pillow。I’m afraid my mother will be sad,Cover your head with a quilt,Hiding in there and crying。
In a daze,Yangliu slept again and again,Brain-mixed,I don’t remember any dreams。
Finally wake up,Lying in bed-Last motionless,People who love to sleep in bed,Finally have a reason not to get up。
Mother for her to sleep well,Drew the curtains,Thick curtains block the sun,Dark in the room。
Darkness brings tranquility,No use of eyes,But my ears are very sensitive,Raiying’s low whimper came faintly,Maybe my mother didn’t take it out for a walk,It protested。