All local cases in Chengdu at 18 o’clock on the 10th is in the same spread chain

Original title: As of 18 o’clock in the 10th, all local cases in the city were in the same spread chain last night, the Chengdu People’s Government Information Office held a special conference, and the latest situation of new crown pneumonia was diagnosed, and answered reporters asked questions. According to reports, from 18:00 on November 10, 1 case in the city, the new local confirmed case, the total number of epidemic regulations were diagnosed with 24 cases. At present, all cases are separated from public health clinical medical centers, and the condition is stable.

So far, all local case epidemiological relationships in our city are very clear and in the same spread chain. The launch will notified the basic situation of new cases: Case 24: Elever Hua District Ruoshui Dongyuan (Western District), the same building of the case 6.

On November 5, its residential community was included in the sealing, the first two nucleic acid detection negative, November 9th concentrated isolation period nucleic acid detection positive, passed the clinical expert group, diagnosed as a diagnosis of new crown pneumonia.

This case has never been isolated from closed loop management.

Since the incubation period of new crown viruses is generally 1-14 days, the isolation personnel that have been controlled in the previous period may still be in the isolation period, but there is no activity trajectory in society after isolation, which causes the risk of the epidemic. The risk is very low.

So far, all local case epidemiological relationships in our city are very clear and in the same spread chain.

  According to Jincheng, the director of the Municipal Weather Committee, after the epidemic situation, the city is based on the requirements of new coronary pneumonia epidemic emergency disposal, scientific and precisely grasped the stream trace, investigation and testing, medical treatment, etc. As of 10:00, 3,588 people have been investigated in the city, 14,125 secondary contacts, except for the case of notified the case, and the remaining personnel multi-wheel nucleic acid detection results are negative. At the same time, the city has started the nucleic acid detection and key industry personnel of the key area from November 5, and 906,2134 people have been completed, and the results have been negative. (Chengdu Daily reporter Tian Chengchen Yang Su Liu Fei) (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Share let more people see.

Creating the people’s own modern international metropolis

The Chinese Communist Party held the ninth plenary meeting of the 11th Committee of the Communist Partie of Shanghai.

The Plenary Session is guided by Xi Jinping’s new era, in-depth study, in-depth study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping to investigate the spirit of Shanghai’s important speech, adhere to the people-oriented thinking, and consider the "Shanghai Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China on the implementation of" people’s city people construction, The people’s city is an important concept of the people, and the views of the new era people are comprehensively deployed for accelerating the socialist modernization of the world impact.

With the leadership of the party, we will always end with the people with the people, share the intensity, and strive to understand the science of urban construction and governance, and strive to master urban development laws and continuously improve the ability of the people’s city construction. Leading the Work Pattern of People ‘s Urban Construction. Consciously implemented the important concept of "people’s urban people’s construction and people’s cities as the people", the whole process of urban development and urban work, putting the people to make happiness, so that life is better as a distinctive theme, and practical people’s city construction The work requirements are transformed into tightly relying on the people, constantly benefiting the people, and robbing the people’s pragmatic action.

The city is a living body, organism, Shanghai as a large city, the total population is even more large, and the life is complex, and the urban governance needs more care, more fine, more scientific. Adhere to the maintenance-based, to control the emergency response capacity of urban safety prevention system, improve emergencies, especially public health safety incidents, ensuring that Shanghai is one of the safest cities in China. The highest standards of international standards, the best level, explore and develop the new realm of the people’s city, to build as an important way, to share as the ultimate goal, and strive to build people with people. Everyone can participate in the governance city. Everyone can enjoy the city of quality life. Everyone can effectively feel the temperature of the city. Everyone can have a city that is recognized, and continuously improve the socialist city of Chinese characteristics. World influence.

As the core orientation of people to promote urban development, as an important ruler for improved urban services and management, as the fundamental standards for the effectiveness of various work results, running through urban planning, construction, management and production, life, ecological links Use live red culture, sea culture, and Jiangnan cultural resources, let people enjoy more enriching spiritual cultural life.

Create a vibrant opportunity city, create more job opportunities, entrepreneurship platforms, business stations, and strive to work in this city in this city, open the door of success. Carry forward "Haina Baichuan, pursuing excellence, opening, wise, greatness, and" open, innovation, incubation "urban character, condense the powerful spirit and character strength of the construction of people’s cities. Creating a more relaxing development environment, accepting new concepts, inclusive new things, support new creation, and promoting more stunning struggles.

Work hard to create a city that has a chance of life, everyone can participate in the governance city, everyone can enjoy quality life, everyone can effectively feel the temperature of the city, everyone can have home agreement city ??of.

(Source: Jiangqiao Town Jia Tao Community Yaojun) (Editor: Intern, Han Qing).

Chang Wen Song is selected as the secretary of Xihui County Party Committee

On the afternoon of October 25, the first plenary meeting of the 14th Committee of China Xihui County was held.

The meeting elected members of the Standing Committee of the 14th Committee of the Communist Party of China. Chang Wen Song, Yan Chongqing, Tian Yong, Yan Mingli, Yan Gujun, Zhang Meng, Liu Minggui, Zhang Dao Ji, Hu Jie, Chen Pingguo, Wenxiang was elected as a member of the Standing Committee of the 14th Committee of China.

Chang Wensong is elected as the Secretary of the 14th Committee of China, the Chinese Communist Party’s Xihui County, Yan Chongqing, and Tian Yong were elected as deputy secretary. The meeting adopted the report of the first plenary of the fourteenth discipline inspection committee of the Communist Party of China. Zhang Dao, Wang Yuguang, Tian Wei, Zhou Wei, Zhong Zhengyi, Jiao Yuanfei, Jiang Cong was selected as the Chinese Communist Party Xihui County Member of the Standing Committee of the 14th Discipline Inspection Commission.

Zhang Dao was elected as Secretary of the 14th Discipline Inspection Committee of China Communist Party, Wang Yuguang, and Tian Wei were elected as deputy secretary. (Text / Raleife) (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

China food is more important for China

Recommended reading in Hequ County, Shanxi Province, located on the banks of the Yellow River, has a rich traditional Chinese village resource and a long-standing unique folk song culture.

In order to more scientifically protect and develop cultural resources, the local party committee, the government conduct extensive research, contact unburring cooperation with corresponding discipline advantages, At present, teachers and students from Beijing Jiaotong University, China Music Academy have been invited, and in the local area Listing established a cooperative base. 2021-11-1209: 22 "100 million!" On the 11th, China’s Petroleum Southwest Oil Airfield Company came to good news – as of 16:00 on the same day, the company’s 2021 natural gas production exceeded 30 billion cubic mirage, Add 3 billion cubic meters from the same period last year. This achievement is 33 days earlier than last year.

2021-11-1209: Before the 21st, the National Key Laboratory of Zhujiang Hospital, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the research results of the National Key Laboratory of Process Projects, Peking University, etc. Research "Total-based arsenic targeting to different types of leukemia It has a strong anti-white blood treatment effect, published in the Science Magazine "Natural · Nanotechnology".

2021-11-1209: 19 Not long ago, the China Manned Space Project Office issued a photo taken in the track, and many people notice a detail – there is a layer of glowing boundaries outside.

Is this an atmosphere? Why is it "bright" in the night sky? What is the height of this layer? What is the principle of glow? 2021-11-1209: 16 Meteor shower is the romantic colorful sky.

Astronomical Science Experts introduction, Taurus North Flow Rain and Leo Meteor Shower will usher in November 12th and 18th. Although the traffic is not large, if the luck is good, friends who like the meteor shower will have the opportunity to see the bright fireflow star.

2021-11-1209: 15 You have a problem "release list", I have "unveiled" with this matter.

On November 4, the reporter learned from the Huizhou Science and Technology Bureau of Guangdong Province that the bureau has "released" 8 "revealed" project list this year, and the "public Zhang Bo" is open to the whole country. The total investment of each project is between 15 million yuan to 30 million yuan. 2021-11-1209: 13 Recently, the Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department presided over the provincial department to jointly establish a chemical imaging material and technical state key laboratory, and the provincial department of mining rock formation intelligent control and green mining national key laboratory construction application Reporting the report.

This means that the two laboratories in Shandong have become the key points and enters the "acceleration period".

2021-11-1209: 12 "Now the city’s traffic congestion is also very common, how to solve traffic pollution? One of them is to transport the goods to the ground, build the city’s underground smart logistics and transportation system. This system is built, People only need to click on any mouse. The purchased goods are like tap water. The automatic shipment cabinets that flow into the ‘residential community in the groundwater … "2021-11-1209: November 10, the fourth The fair closes.

This session of the Expo National Exhibition uses new technical means such as virtual reality (VR), three-dimensional modeling, to build a standardized digital exhibition hall for exhibitors, and interactive functions are also set up, enhance the online display effect. 2021-11-1209: 10 According to the US Fun Science website, the new model of Sino-American scientists has been established. During the new crown epidemic, more than 28,000 tons related plastic waste, such as masks and gloves, eventually flowing into the ocean . 2021-11-1209: 09 A immunological study published on the 11th of the United Kingdom, pointed out that the exposure of other coronaviruses may increase the speed of the body to clear the new crown virus, because the immune system has "memory", can remember Virus replicas with highly conserved virus in different coronaviruses. 2021-11-1209: 08 A linguistic research published on the 10th of the UK Preschool, including the Pan – European – including Japanese, Korean, Tonggu, Mongolian, Turkic – may all originate from about 9000 China has spread in China and in the development of agriculture.

This study helped clarifying a paragraph in the history of Eastern Europe.

2021-11-1209: 07 By Ai– is usually driven by the machine learning algorithm will help us in an increasingly innovative way.

For example, smart cars use facial recognition algorithm to detect whether the driver pays attention to the road condition, and make reminders when the driver feels exhaustion and fatigue; smart phone uses the AI ??algorithm to do everything, from keeping call quality to help us to shoot better photos, etc. .

021-11-1209: 07 The latest issue of "Natural" magazine issued a study revealed how palmitic acid changes the possibility of cancer the proliferation of cancer. Researchers said they have developed the therapy of this process, and clinical trials may be started in the next few years. 2021-11-1209: 06 There are a lot of sparkling packaging, cosmetic bottles, fruit plates, etc. in life, but many of them are made from poisonous and unsustainable materials, which will cause plastic pollution. 2021-11-1209: 06 As the chief expert of epidemiology of China Disease Control and Prevention 2021-11-1209: 05 The first "desert soil" ecological restoration technology, in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Xisha Island Reef, etc., the trial transfer mechanics to be the reality. This team that uses "black technology" to heal, from Chongqing, no desert, from Chongqing Jiaotong University, known as the bridge.

After the seemingly "ignore", it is the exploration of the schoolmaster and ecological cross-innovation.

2021-11-1109: 42 The State Council recently issued the "2030 Pre-Carbon Peak Action Plan" proposed, focusing on the implementation of energy green low-carbon transitions, implementing energy-saving and carbon-producing action, etc. "Carbon Peak Ten Action".

2021-11-1109: 41 Reporter learned from China University of Science and Technology, the school’s Life Science and Medical Department and the First Affiliated Hospital Xiong Wei’s topic group An important role in this neurochondium in this nerve circle in regulating the recruitment. The research results were published on November 4th in "Nature · Communication."

2021-11-1109: 39 Biological Nitrogen as a potential new type of nitrogen fertilizer source, is of great significance for agricultural sustainable development.

In legumen biological nitrogen, the content and components of the bean hemoglobin directly affect the activity of the nitrogenase in the steroids and play a key role. Chinese Academy of Sciences Molecular Plant Science Excellence Innovation Center Jeremy Dell Murri Research Group and Cooperation Team first discovered the molecular mechanism of the expression of bean hemoglobin gene in signs in the rootoma.


Police people to fight against the epidemic to keep Lanzhou "Dongda Gate"

People’s Network Lanzhou November 9 (Gao Xiang) has occurred in this wheel epidemic, and the Lanzhou Tao Tangping Public Security Joint Inspection Station serves as the frontier position of the epidemic, shouldering the important mission of the Guandian "Dongda Gate".

Since the establishment of the Joint peach Ping temporary branch police checkpoint October 22, the checkpoint has been checked more than 11,000 vehicles, personnel, more than 21900 people, more than 5,000 people persuaded to return. "Peach Ping joint police checkpoint total area to be tested guide posts, equipment seized district command post, verification verify Kong District 3 class post, two-way out of the city a total of six positions, every day 25 people per shift work six hours to perform 24 hours Diligent operation mechanism. "Yu Xingliang, director of the Traffic Police Detachment of Lanzhou City Public Security Bureau, is both the person in charge of the checkpoint and the secretary of the Temporary Party Branch of this checkpoint. He introduced that due to the Dingyuan Town near the inspection station, there is Lanzhou Plateau Summer Wholesale Center, Lanzhou Yide City, Da Nishi Plate Market, Dagin City Large-scale residential community and Xiaguan Camp, etc. The traffic of traffic is 60,000 per day. In order to "external anti-input", put the throat, from the task to now for more than half a month, Yu Xingliang leads all staff to fully implement the joint defense association responsibility, 24 hours a day, traffic control, strict discovers into and out of urban vehicles, It is necessary to test the car.

"While strict investigation, the inspection station has also opened the green channel, and the vehicle holding the ‘fast pass", carrying anti-epidemic materials and vegetables. It can be quickly passed from the green channel, ensuring The public is normal and stable.

"Yu Xingliang said. Tao Tangping Check Station Card mouthpoint has a mobile police car and a temporary building 4 tent for office and accommodation. The epidemic happened to date, Donggang brigade traffic police and support police force have been stationed here. To prevent When a personnel flow infection, they have never returned home.

"Since the work of the inspection station, the captain starts at 7 o’clock every 7 o’clock. At 9 points, he summits the meeting, 10 o’clock to nucleic acid detection … Every day is like a gyro is turning, no rest When it is. "Donggang Brigade police Wang fish describes the daily working state.

Police on duty are hard to pay, in the vicinity of the villagers see in the eyes, in mind.

A middle-aged husband and wife near Bashan Village got up at 4 o’clock in the morning, with the face, rolling, cooking, catching 60 hot vegetables noodles to the cardougaining post; one nearby milk factory There are more than 240 bottles of milk to leave after milk; some people often send instant noodles, ham, etc., ham, etc. story. (Editor: Jiao Long, Wang Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Chen Yongqi and Zhang Tao, Vice President, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  On the 10th, the deputy secretary of the district party committee, the executive vice chairman of the autonomous region, Chen Yongchi, Minister of Organization, Minister of Organization, in Lhasa and Zhang Tao, the Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is talked about.

Meng Xiaolin, Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region participated in the discussion.

  Chen Yongqi first represents the party committee and government of the autonomous region, and the investigation and investigation of Zhang Tao’s vice president, and said that the Chinese Academy of Sciences has long gratitude to the Work of Tibet. He said that Tibet works in relation to the party and national working overall situation.

Since the party’s 18th National Congress, Comrade Xi Jinping has attached great importance to Tibet’s work. General Secretary Xi Jinping personally put the rudder to Tibet, and put forward the new era of the party’s governance, especially in Tibet. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary, Tibet inspections and published an important speech. In order to do a good job in Tibet, it provided fundamental follows.

The party committee and the government of the autonomous region shall be deepened into the important discussion of General Secretary of the Tibet on the Important Discourse of Tibet. The Treasures of the New Times Party is slightly, and the General Secretary of the New Era is inspected to see the important speech of Tibet, and firmly caught the "four major events" and promote various items. The career has achieved full progress, historical achievements. Chen Yongqi pointed out that the Chinese Academy of Sciences carefully studied the Important Secretary of Xi Jinping and the important instructions, decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee on Tibet, and selected a batch of scientists to enter the Tibet, carrying out scientific examination, and exchanged cooperation, providing powerful talents for Tibetan reform and development. Intelligence support. It is hoped that the Chinese Academy of Sciences will continue to play the role of the national team, and continue to support the development of Tibet, especially in the development of ecological civilization, major project argument consulting, specialty industries, talent training, discipline construction, etc. to increase support.

Together, we must do a good job in the second Qinghai Tibetary department, and in time, transform the scientific results into real productivity, help Tibet Changzhi and high-quality development. Zhang Tao congratulated on the achievements of Tibet’s undertakings and expressed their gratitude to the Tibet Autonomous Region for strong support given by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He said that the Chinese Academy of Sciences will delve into the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on Tibet’s Work, Tibetan Treasury, and Implementing the Important Secretary of Total Pace on Science and Technology Innovation, Based on Tibet’s Realistic and Demand, give full play to intelligence and talent advantage. Continue to deepen the exchange of interactions with Tibet, implement a new round of hospital cooperation, and make greater contributions to building a new socialist modernization. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

Report to the party and people! Jinan Mayor Qing court held the "Open Day"

Zhou Kepeng has carried out a good team education and rectification, emphasizes: First, enhance the political station, effectively enhance the sense of responsibility, mission and urgency of carrying out education and rectification.

As an important part of the political and legal system, the court must enhance political awareness, overall consciousness, responsibility, and resolutely unify thoughts and actions to the central and provincial district committees, decision-making and work requirements, and rectify education as an important politics. Task, enhance the ideological consciousness, political consciousness and action of education and rectification, and consciously and truthfully, we will have a good job of work in education. The second is to clarify the overall requirements, do not compromise the implementation of good education rectification work.

To accurately grasp the overall requirements, surround the work of the party and the people’s trust, the political and legal iron army of the party and the people, adhere to the political effect, the judgment effect, the social effects, and highlight the "key minority", and insist on opening the door to engage in education. Adhere to the symptoms of the specimen, play an iron wrist governance, and the attack of the wind.

The third is to strengthen organizational leaders to ensure that education and rectification work is achieved.

The District Court should take the initiative to actively actively act as the most determined attitude, the most powerful initiative, the most pragmatic style, the righteousness, and the righteousness, the battle of the strong man, the battle, the attack, the battle.

It is necessary to give full play to the leading demonstration role of leading cadres. The members of the team should play with the lead, with the above rate, play a good minority role, consciously stand the benchmark, do demonstration, level grading level, and grasp the implementation, ensure that the pressure is transmitted in place.

In the process of speaking, the Secretary of the Justice Bureau, Director Wang Xinyong, increased contradictions and disputes, and solidly promoted education and rectification, etc., the Municipal People’s Congress, the company representative Qin Xu Chang, Zhang Shisen, Huayang to optimize the business environment, solve the implementation It is difficult to suggestion; Liu Zhenzhen, Lu Yuqin, Shi Kun, District CPPC, Wang Li, Tian Chunhong, Sun Gang, suggested advised to improve trial quality, etc. , Improve the level of science and technology applications, increase the case of caselation, etc. For the suggestions of the representatives, the Changqing Court will seriously combine, study, in turn, further improve, improve the work of the court, and earnestly carry out the work of the team education.

(The Jinan Municipal Committee of the Political and Legal Committee) (Editor: Song Song, Xing Manhua).

Qinghai Province formulated the "Qinghai Provincial Party Member Education Management Work Coordination Mechanism"

  In order to study in-depth study, we will further integrate resources, form a work harmony, and comprehensively strengthen the education management of Qinghai Province. 17 units have issued the "Coordination Mechanism of Qinghai Provincial Party Members Education Management" (hereinafter referred to as "coordination mechanism"). The main task of "Coordination Mechanism" is to use Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist thinking to armed the whole party as the primary political task of party members’ education management, fully implement the general requirements of the new era of the party’s construction and the organization of the new era, conscientiously implement "China Communist Party Members Education Management Work Regulations "2019-2023 National Party Education and Training Work Plan" and Qinghai Province "Some Measures", do a good job in planning deployment, organizational coordination and inspection guidance of party members education management in the province, analyze the status of party members, Study the problems in the work, formulate party members education management measures in the province, promote the implementation of key work, promote the province’s party organizations and the majority of party members to enhance the "four awareness", firm "four confidence", and "two maintain".

  The "coordination mechanism" clarifies the responsibility of the lead unit, member unit, and further compaction of the responsibility of party members’ education management, and clarifies 4 systems such as convener, conference, conference merchants, and liaison, refining the work guarantee, and improves The quality of the party membership team provides system guarantee. (Editor: Yang Qihong, Liu Peiran).

The 10th Table Science and Technology Forum and 2021 Table University "Cloud Exchange" activities have opened

  China News Hefei November 11th (Reporter Zhao Qiang) The 10th Table Technology Forum and 2021 Table University "Cloud Exchange" activities opened in Chizhou City, Anhui Province on the 11th.

  Wang Hao, Vice President of the Anhui Science and Technology Association, said the Brand Activities of the Ministry of Science and Technology Exchange in the two places, and exchanged the two-earth science and technology community, and expanded the cooperation between the two places in the two places. effect.

  Wang Hao said that the potential of scientific and technological cooperation between China and Anhui Province is huge, and the industrial complementarity is strong.

Anhui has introduced a large number of newly-containing and operative technology innovation industry support policies. "These policies will further benefit from scientific and technological exchanges in the North and another, providing a broader stage and opportunity for Taiwan-funded enterprises and Taiwan compatriots in Anhui.

"Liu Quan, director of the Anhui Provincial Department, said the active power of the exchange of two-strait college, and it has an indispensable role in the construction of rice technology and education. Since this year, the province has overcome the adverse effects such as the epidemic, has been organized More than 30 exchange activities such as Taiwan’s Youth Student Huang Culture Summer Camp, nearly 700 participants, the impact is warm and effective.

  Liu Quan introduced that in recent years, the exchange of cooperation in the willingness of the Terrace has become more and more extensive, and the economic and trade cooperation has achieved results.

From January to September this year, 87 new batch of Taiwan-funded projects in Anhui Province were up to date.

"Anhui is making it a soil that the majority of Taiwan’s Taiwanese Taiqing study and life is." Wang Chunyuan, executive vice president of the Taiwan Science and Technology Industry Association, said to build a long-term mechanism for the construction of the Ministry of Science and Technology Economics and Technology Economics, promote the science and technology circles, enterprises Communication, academic communication, enhance the understanding, friendship and trust of the two places, friendship and trust, Anhui Science and Technology Association, Taiwan Science and Technology Industry Association Joint Ministry of Technology, established the Terrace Science and Technology Forum in 2011, has successfully held nine The accumulated more than 2,700 experts and entrepreneurs attendance for the forum activities have effectively promoted scientific and technological exchanges between two parts. According to reports, this session and university cloud exchange activities, content and form have innovation, opening ceremony, project issuance and signing, the establishment of universities, the main report, the main report, and online wisdom, tourism, artificial Intelligent three sub-forums and business inspections, experience exchange activities. The event is jointly hosted by the Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Association, the Taiwan Affairs Office of Anhui Provincial People’s Government, Anhui Provincial Department of Education, Chizhou Municipal People’s Government, Taiwan Science and Technology Industry Association and Taiwan Damjiang University.

(End) [Editor: Yang Yongqing].

The national hypertension is coming, doctors remind: No blood pressure monitoring and management

Ms. Chen didn’t have a high blood pressure. I didn’t monitor blood pressure after normal examination. I didn’t expect the disease. The 32-year-old XU Mr. Xu did not take medicine for two years, actually suffering from acute cerebral infarction Half the body is hemiplegism … Hypertension is called "silent killer", can cause damage to important organs such as heart, brain, kidney, is a diaphragm, cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, etc.

On October 8th is "National Hypertension Day", this year’s theme is "blood pressure should be aware of, and it is necessary to suck the standard." Chen Wen, Director Chen Wen, director of the Department of Heartkeeper, Nantong Hospital, Shanghai University, reminded the public, the upcoming autumn and winter season is a high-income season of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, must not ignore blood pressure monitoring and management.

How can high blood pressure "Too hidden" cause uremia "? How can I do this? I feel that my body has been very good." Ms. Chen did not know what it was, and her kidney-free blood creatinine 350umol / L, urea nitrogen 21mol / L has arrived in the early stage of uremia. After the doctor asked the medical history, Ms. Ms. Ms. Chen thought that he had too high blood pressure when he had a baby more than ten years. Later, it was normal, and he did not monitor blood pressure.

The blood pressure was measured as high as 200/110mmHg, and finally diagnosed with high blood pressure caused by high blood pressure. It is called hypertensive nephropathy.

Director Chen Wen said that early high blood pressure usually has no specific conscious symptoms, and the degree of subjective feeling and blood pressure increase is inconsistent, it is easy to neglect, may cause a severe problem such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, renal function, etc. , Seriously threatening health and life, the most effective way to find high blood pressure early is to periodically measure blood pressure. It is worth noting that the blood pressure compliance value of different people is different. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently been independently released in "Adult Hypertension Drug Treatment Guide", there is no hypertension, blood pressure control target is below 140 / 90mmHg; high-risk hypertension patients (including heart The systolic pressure of vascular disease high risk, diabetes, chronic nephropathy is less than 130/80 mmHg.

Director Chen Wen emphasized that patients with hypertension should comply with the doctor’s advice, develop good habits, regular follow-up, and control blood pressure in the normal range, and finally reach significantly reduced the incidence of cerebrovascular disease. Hao blood pressure "young", Yi Zhi, 32-year-old XX, 32 years old, dizzy, the upper limbs are numb, also accompanied by vomiting, family members quickly send them to Nantong Sixth Hospital (Shangda Affiliated Hospital), measure blood pressure Up to 190 / 120mmHg, head magnetic resonance suggests acute cerebral infarction.

In fact, two years ago, Mr. Xu knows that he has high blood pressure, but has not given enough attention, and did not follow the medical advice, and did not regularly monitor whether blood pressure is reached, which is the cause of cerebral infarction. After treatment, Mr. Xu has been controlled in the normal range. After discharge, he did not dare to pay more, follow the doctor’s command to continue taking antihypertensive drugs on time, and control blood pressure within the target range. Director Chen Wen said that the pathogenesis of hypertension is co-contributed by a variety of factors. In addition to genetic, there is a diet, spiritual, environment, etc., such as high salt, high sugar, high fat, etc., will significantly increase hypertension Risk, often staying up late, life is irregular, mental stress, excessive fatigue, etc. may result in rising blood pressure. According to estimates that China’s 18-year-old and above hypertension, the number of patients with high blood pressure is 100 million, and the incidence of the incidence is obvious.

He said that if there is one of the following situations, age ≥ 35 years old, the last normal high blood pressure crowd, overweight and obesity, alcohol, high salt diet, high blood pressure / cardiovascular disease family history, must pay attention to blood pressure monitoring.

Moreover, not only the patients with hypertension need often self-test blood pressure, blood pressure, should also know personal blood pressure, can monitor blood pressure in time in daily life through hospitals, family blood pressure gauges, intelligent wear equipment, etc., to understand their own blood pressure. Trend.

It is recommended to review twice in 4 weeks, not 3 measurements in the same day, if it meets the diagnostic value, you can diagnose, timely medical treatment.

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