“Wang Shaoxiao,You have heard so much,Go talk to the driver,I said that the second master recruited all,See if there is anything incomplete。Come see us after talking with him。”Lu Menglin smiled。

This time Lu Menglin had a real fire,Whether it is with Liansheng,It’s still the son of Zhou,He is not ready to let it go,To do a big vote。
arrive home,Lu Menglin didn’t say much to his parents,I just said I was giving Kim So Yeon,Going to Hong Kong for a few days,I’ll go back to Shenzhen City after a year。
Mother Lu looked like she wanted to talk but stopped,Lu Youshan grabbed his son,Shen Sheng asked:“She just left?What’s going on with those people?”
Lu Menglin had to patiently explain:“Those people were actually sent from Korea to take him home,Just made a joke。”
Lu Youshan is not a fool,Naturally won’t believe this answer,But this is not his concern。
“Menglin,That 20 million is not a joke, right??Now the factory is staring at this,If it’s jokes,Your dad doesn’t have a face class anymore。”Lu Youshan asked bitterly。
Lu Menglin didn’t expect this,Shook his head and smiled:“dad,Do not worry!There is no problem with the Liufang transformation plan,Just tell the leaders in the factory,Contract drafted,No trouble anyway。You can start it again after 20 million is paid。”
“Must not go wrong。This incident shocked even the city leaders,It needs to arrive as soon as possible!”Lu Youshan said helplessly。
“I know!Dad, don’t panic,I can actually pay the money!And Kim So Yeon went back to Korea,Will also solve this project in the first time。Rest assured。”Lu Menglin smiled。
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Seven cage
Half a day later,Erye and his two subordinates were handed over by Lu MenglinCLiu Ting, Captain of the City Anti-triad Brigade。
The three are locked inCCity Detention Center,Liu Ting is still wondering,These Hong Kong people have a good mentality,Polite,I kept saying thanks when I was locked up,Full smile,Seems very polite。
Lu Menglin told Captain Liu about the case,The other party is a Hong Kong citizen,A member of the club,It’s more complicated like this,At least one or two months in the detention center,To figure out the situation。
Lu Menglin also specially confessed,Before the situation is clear,It’s best not to let them contact the outside world,The more isolated the better。

“Next,We and a beauty Lianmai,She is a great singer in our guild,Conditional friends,Can go and support。”Populus euphratica。

Finished,Just accept Lin Yufei’s Lianmai invitation。
“Sister Lin fell from the sky,Do you know how to do it?”Populus joked。
Live room screen,Turned into two live broadcast rooms,belongpkmode。
Lin Yufei speaks generously:“I’m very happy to connect with Hu Ge,We ate together two days ago,Very good talking local tyrant brother……”
Business bluffs for a while,Ok!This is a normal routine。
“Lin family sister,Sing for everyone!”Hu Yang said to Lin Yufei。
Lin Yufei nodded:“Then I will give you the brightest star in the night sky,For the brothers in the two live broadcast rooms。”
“Everybody,Give a small gift if you have live currency,The student party can give people something to pay attention to。”Hu Yang reminds everyone。He doesn’t care about the gift,But others will care,Thin-skinned girl,So he asked for。
Everyone also gives face,Many people went to the opposite live room to pay attention,The people in the warehouse also sent something。
Lin Yufei sang,Keep an eye on the data。Can’t fail to pay attention,Attention has soared so fast,This time,Suddenly increased by several hundred。
In addition,I also brushed a lot of gifts,Can’t see it at all。She finally understood,Why does the guild have to let her and Brother Hu connect the wheat?。
Brother Hu never asks for coins,Ask for help this time,Many people will give face,Brush a little。
Down a song,She received a total of more than 500,000 live currency gifts,Can’t help feeling,Brother Hu is Brother Hu,Extraordinary。
She also accidentally connected with other big anchors,But the other party is not very willing to introduce his fans,How can Brother Hu be so generous?
“Thank you!Thank you all for the present,Thank you brother Hu。”
Populus euphratica waved his hand,Express don’t care:“Still time,Let’s have another song!Everyone knows,I don’t sing。”

have to say,These explanations are full of loopholes。

Ok!Even if you have a holiday with that person,But you are so stupid?I don’t know how to find someone to help you buy it?Do some hard work,Very simple?
Populus euphratica is basically certain,This guy is doing the game,Unite others to want him in the game,Courage a little fat!
Finished,Feng Li also took out a coin similar to a silver coin,You can see that it is an ancient coin from the West:“Look,This is how I walked away from his house before。”
Populus take it,On the surface,But I was actually surprised。
Because the coin in front of you is a treasure,1913American Statue of Liberty Nickel,A coin that was sold at a sky-high price。
The obverse of this finely carved coin,In the center is the lifelike profile face of the Statue of Liberty,Engraved on the edge15Five-pointed star,Representatives approved by the Federal Constitution15States。Below is the year this coin was minted:1913year。
It is said that,There are only five or six of this thing in the world,Very rare,So precious,Worth three or four million dollars。
“Good stuff!It seems you didn’t lie to me。”Populus euphratica。
Seeing Hu Yang throwing the coin with his hand,Like it very much,Feng Li overjoyed,Said quickly:“brother,If you like this thing,Sent you。Want to go see?That guy still has it at home。”
In fact,As Hu Yang guessed,Feng Li sees that Hu Yang is a rich man,Generous,Want to spend some money。then,He contacted a friend of his。
A little,He didn’t lie,That guy’s ancestor was a pickpocket,Thief,It is said that ancestral,It’s just two or three generations,Craftsmanship is lost。
His home,There are really some ghosts,But it’s worth it,Can’t say。Everyone is not stupid,I know that some crafts are valuable now,So also like Feng Li,I have taken a few pieces to an appraisal agency for appraisal,But worthless。
then,He discussed,Make a round,Everyone earned。
Of course the other party will not refuse,Make money,Who can’t live with money?So he said he would actively cooperate。
“Row,Then go take a look!”Populus nodded。