China Party Team "International Military Competition

On September 4th, the "International Military Competition-2012" China Kurleri District officially closed, the scene was held on the spot.Zhang Yongjin photo People’s Network Koller September 5th electric karaoke, the flag is flying.

On the morning of September 4, "International Military Competition-2012" China Kurlerie District held closed.Zhu Xiaohui, a submission of the Army of the Central War District, caused the closing words, and the deputy commander Liu Feiqing announced the closing of the game.The 14-day schedule, 182 participants from the four continents and seven countries conducted fierce competitions, producing 8 single first name, the first place in 3 groups, breaking 5 event records.

Among them, the Chinese team won the first group of 3 projects, including all gold medals in Kurler.In the applause of the audience, the organizing committee announced and issued the "International Military Competition-2012" "Suvolov assault" "clear sky" and "Safety Environment" 3 competition group awards.

Change the screen, the small disease is … don’t let the mobile phone to repair "small black house"!

There is no problem in the inner screen, and the screen is going to switch.

You can only change the assembly, the inside and outside.

Facing the same shredded screen mobile phone, the solution given by different maintenance personnel may be large enough to make consumers. The reporter survey found that in addition to the standard chaos, many merchants still have problems in the mobile phone repair process, with a good, small disease, and other issues, need to standardize the rectification.

What should I repair if chaos change? The reporter took a single screen with a crack but did not affect the normal operation, and visited a number of stores.

On Chaoyang Road, there is a special mobile phone repair counter in a China Mobile Office. The maintenance personnel took a preliminary examination of the mobile phone, indicating that your inner screen is no problem, you can change the outer screen, 240 yuan, 20 minutes can get it. When the reporter tried to bargain, the other party followed the cheap, generally not warranty, and if I change it, I can warmed for three months.

The reporter further questioned how to exchange the screen, the maintenance personnel flakes, this is not to manage, since we are doing this, there must be a way. Not far away, such a counter can also be seen in the corner of a Di Xin Tongmen. You can only change the screen assembly, which is to change the inside and outside, because they are a whole and cannot be opened.

But like you, this inner screen itself is not bad, you can go to exchange.

What is redemption? The maintenance personnel explain that it is to remove your screen assembly, and there is new in the inside and outside.

This kind of affordable, manufacturers will take you with this screen. If your inner screen is broken, it will be 450 yuan minimum. The maintenance personnel turn out two small boxes from the cabinet.

Two kinds of screens, this is a domestic screen, also called the assembly screen, the screen color will be light, and if the exchange is 150 yuan. After finishing, he took the drawer and took out a screen without any brands from the simple bubble bag. This is the original pressure screen. It is the same as you now. You don’t look at the packaging, the quality is guaranteed, exchange It is 200 yuan down. In the drawer, there are many bulk screens like this, and only the difference between each other is the model from the marker note. Like you, the reason you can redeem, mainly because the screen is also useful. After processing, it will be like these original pressure screens.

Looking at the reporter is a little hesitant, the maintenance personnel added again, those who only have external screens, many of the small machine processing, will be fried, there is a bit similar to the film is not posted, there is bubble. As for how long it can be used, it will not be able to touch your luck. Still direct change assembly, the disassembly is also convenient, and the top is 15 minutes. About 1 km, a mobile phone repair store in the door of a convenience store also provides a switch service.

Your inner screen is good, so only the money of the remote screen, the total set is 180 yuan.

Only about the wall of this layer of glass, go to the factory.

The maintenance person said that there is a spot in the screen of the store, but there is no packaging, in fact, it is removed from someone else’s mobile phone. The outer screen has changed new, and there is no problem. Save it like you, there will be someone to work. There are mobile phone repair counters at another supermarket entrance, and the reporter once again heard the initial statement. Only about the external screen, 240 yuan, this will be finished for a while. The maintenance personnel referred to a small machine on the table. After heating, it will separate the glass outside, and then re-install a layer, it is guaranteed that it is not delayed.

Unlike some of the quality difference, you can’t use the fingerprint identification.

Question No matter how much it is necessary to use the traditional offline maintenance, more and more online maintenance seem to be more convenient, but it seems more professional, but the issue of exposure Many. On the black cat complaint platform, many consumers questioned the quality of online maintenance.

At that time, the mobile phone was only broken, but it still can be used normally. There will be no handle tickets in a few days after switching.

So I gave me a screen.

After three days, the screen appeared on the screen, and the color was green, and then the customer service said it was my own problem and did not replace it.

On November 8, the complaintr found that the mobile phone could not boot, and then call the supervisor staff. After the next day, they confirmed that the screen is intact, no one is damaged.

The company’s quality inspection department read the video of the mobile phone damage, not for the warranty and replacement, saying that if you want to solve it, you can only let the order again, pay the fee to continue repair. If you return it again, then change to the 2 screen similar to the above two screens? When is this? They took my ability to use the shredded screen, and the money was taken. I only had a mobile phone that can’t use it, and I can’t turn it on. Another group choosing the complaintr of the order of the order.

It was said that the non-people were damaged for half a year.

However, after the screen is changed, the mobile phone has been restarted. It can restart 30 times a day, and the other party can’t say the reason, and the screen is changed.

After that, occasionally restart, think about it, no replacement.

Now fell, I didn’t fall, I didn’t press it, put it on the desktop, ready to plug in charger charging, the result is suddenly black screen, wait for it again, the screen will spend.

This complaint person contacted the customer service of Flash, the other party replied that it was caused by human extrusion, I used it to use, charged electricity. If you want to repair, you have to pay 499 yuan to change the same screen as before. Isn’t this a clear-eyed deceived consumer? Say good 180 days of warranty? Compared with the home repair, I can’t see it, and I can’t touch the delivery repair, which makes the consumer have no bottom.

According to Mr. Yang, he originally sent mobile phone to replace the external screen and back glass, but after receiving the phone, by querying serial number data, I learned that the phone except memory, the hard disk is replaced.

He called the engineer’s no fruit, and the customer service staff did not do after-sales service.

Lifting the delivery and repair, the lady is also uneasy. Once the phone leaves the line of sight, I don’t know what the other party will do, not only the components may be replaced, and it will face the risk of privacy leaks.

Remind the procedure for the backup process in advance, in fact, offline and online mobile phone repair is not completely cut, sometimes it can also form linkage. A few days ago, the Shanghai police successfully knocked off a online customer service low price, the fraud group of false repairs in the store, and arrested 20 suspects headed by Wu, more than 30 million yuan in the country.

In this case, the police have been investigated and found that the online customer service will arrange a special person to maintain the operation of various types of search websites, ensuring that consumers are prioritizing the store and contact information of the gang when searching for the related mobile phone repair keywords, and misleading Consumers use the store as a brand official repair point. After the consumer is inactive, the customer service will give a quote below the market price according to a complete set of speaking in advance, and give the customer to the physical store repair. If there is no physical store in the city, it will guide the customer to mail the phone to repair.

Offline maintenance is carried out by the gang to recruit the entity mobile phone repair shop from all over the world. It is generally equipped with one store manager and 3 engineers. According to the case of the case, after the customer arrives in the store, the engineer will first try to let customers approve the so-called risk protocol, then take the detection and maintenance as an excuse, bring the phone to the maintenance between the mobile phone, so that it is separated from the customer sight.

After the fictional, fabrication, exaggerating mobile phone failure and manufacturing black screen, can’t boot, etc., forcing customers to agree to pay high maintenance costs. In fact, the so-called original accessories are counterfeit or second-hand accessories, and some do not even replace at all. If the customer refuses to repair, the engineer will also secretly remove the original accessories to the original accessories. The problem of mobile phone maintenance is inherent in the information asymmetry, the charge is opaque, where is the phone? How to repair? What is changed? How much is it? These have lack corresponding standards, and there are many vulnerabilities. Consumers can only be in the passive situation. As a senior employee of mobile phone repair, Zhao Qiang recommends that consumers have made data backups in advance and restore their mobile phones to the factory settings or open maintenance models to protect personal privacy.

During the maintenance process, try not to let the phone leave the line of sight.

It is expected that there will be more management rules in the future to promote industry purification, reversing people’s negative impression on mobile phone repairs, and makes consumers less into the way.

In addition, the police also reminded that no matter what kind of repair method, you must remember two points. First, choose a regular channel. Second, after the maintenance service is completed, it is important to retain relevant maintenance and transaction vouchers, which will be traveled afterwards.

(Original title: Survey | Change the screen, small disease Captail & hellip; & hellip; don’t let mobile phone into repair small black house) Source: Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Zong Yuanyuan Process Editor: U010 Copyright Notice: Text copyright All the Beijing News Group, no credit is not permitted, no reproduced or adapted.

CITIC BANK ZHENGZHOU tak actief oefenen "Ik doe praktische dingen voor de massa’s"

Onlangs stroomde de Zhengzhou-tak van Citic Bank plotseling in meer dan 40 oudere klanten gevraagd om bankkaarten te behandelen.

Om het gebruik van telecomfraude te vermijden, is Citic Bank Zhengzhou Branch-medewerkers gedetailleerd aan ouderen om het gebruik van de kaart te openen.

Na volledig begrip zijn klanten schoonmaakpersoneel aan het rekruteren van een vastgoedservice Co, Ltd., vergeten om de identiteitsinformatie van ouderen in de vorige periode van het bedrijf te verzamelen, zodat de klant het account van het stopcontact zal openen.

Citic Bank Zhengzhou Branch Personeel opende onmiddellijk het groene kanaal, regelde de balie om de ouderdomsactiviteiten om te gaan, het personeel te regelen om de wijsheidscounter te bekijken, start de Desktop Smart Teller, in totaal 4 kanalen voor de klant om de kaartkaart te openen Bedrijf, 1 Na een half uur voltooide het personeel de opening van het account. "We zullen ons houden aan het concept van service, urgente klanten, willen doen wat klanten denken, alles uitgaan om allerlei soorten klantenservice te doen, en alles uit te gaan om aan de behoeften van allerlei klanten te voldoen, het initiatief nemen, nemen Het initiatief, en streven naar bouwen wordt "er is een best uitgebreide financi?le dienstverlener, met temperatuur, karakteristiek, waardevol ‘." Citic Bank Zhengzhou Branch "zei dat de verantwoordelijke persoon zei.

(Citic Bank Zhengzhou Branch Li Silverhang] (Editor: Sonby, Xu Chi) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

Beijiao Office completed customs clearance test tomorrow’s initial turnover may be 15 billion

Original title: The North Exchange Office completed customs clearance test. At present, the work of Beijiao Office is ready to open the market November 15.

In order to verify the technical preparation of various types of business in the market participants in the market, the customs clearance test was conducted yesterday. Beijing Youth Daily reported that the Beijiao Institute started 81 companies to see the equity attributes, the number of private companies, accounting for 85%.

From the region, Jiangsu has been selected for 12, ranked first, Beijing, Guangdong, and there are three in Zhejiang.

  In addition, in accordance with the principle of coordination and system in accordance with the North Exchange and the New Triage Basic Layer, the Coordination of Coordination and System, the National Share Company has recently revised 29 business rules such as "Information Disclosure Rules", which "National Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Share Transfer System Listing Company, 11 Released on the 12th of the month.

  This revision adapts to the relevant rules related to the stock transfer system (National Share Transfer System) stocks (National Share Transfer System) stocks, continuous supervision, transaction supervision, and market integrated management, deleting relevant provisions related to the selection of layers, In order to ensure the order of the business and rules after the opening of the North Traffic Center. The above business rules have been implemented on November 15th from the date of opening the city. See the 05 version (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Share more people see.

Consumer structure steadily upgrade double 11 Witness China’s network consumption multifaceted changes

Although November 11th, the 13th Double 11 did not arrive, but the shopping carnival of major platforms has already opened. In this 13 years, it is the period of China’s network economy. Double 11 witnesses the changes in consumption levels, consumption structures, consumer groups, and consumption patterns, and lays a deep imprint for China’s online consumption. .

The consumption structure has steadily upgraded the mother, and I have chosen the birthday gift. You will help you pay. At 0 o’clock on November 1, the reporter was not able to pay since the payment of the Taobao platform when paying a birthday gift for the child.

Afterwards, the reporter learned that the consumers who grabbed the payment made Taobao collapsed again.

The reason why it is, because at 8 o’clock on the evening of October 20th, Tao Double 11 has just begun to pre-sale, there are netizens to reflect the customer service, and the news can not be sent.

Taobao official account is at 8:43 in the evening, reply: If you are not staying up late, are you so fierce? Taobao has collapsed a hot search.

According to the incomplete statistics of Tmall platform, the first hour after sale at 0:00 on November 1, the turnover of over 2,600 brands has exceeded November 1 last year; according to the data released by Jingdong, October 31 Within 4 hours, Jingdong has sold more than 100 million goods;

AlixPartners Consulting the "2021 Double 11 Prospect Report" showed that half of the interviewed consumers expected that the double 11 will cost more than 3,000 yuan this year; the "2021 brand enterprise double eleven" issued by Yibang Power The report "shows that more than half of the brand is expected to exceed 10 million yuan this year, including the proportion of more than 100 million yuan to account for%.

However, the first double 11 before 13 years ago, Taobao (including Tmall) has only 50 million yuan.

In fact, in the beginning of the year, Double 11 is only a day of e-commerce platform promotion, similar to a store with some merchants participating in the day.

Ma Qia, the Digital Marketing Research Institute of China Business Advertising Association, said that the Chinese Consumer Report said that with the explosive growth of China’s network economy, 2015, the concept of Double 11 shopping carnival is proposed, today, double 11 has evolved to prepare for half a year in advance, to create a month in advance, to promote the consumption carnival of the whole people, not only reflect the national life, personal consumption levels and market heating, but also show consumption trends and consumption Mode changes.

In Jingdong released this year’s 11.11 pre-sale data, desktop computer pre-sale order increased by 310% year-on-year; tablet pre-sale order increased by 130% year-on-year; household projector pre-sale order increased by more than 100% year-on-year.

In this year’s Tmall Double 11 first wave promotion, Wuling Hongguang is only used in 1 minute, more than last year’s total turnover. In the 13 years of the development of Double 11, people’s consumption concept gradually changed to more focused on product quality. Hong Yong, an enterprise research institute, an enterprise research institute, said that in the initial, consumers participated in the promotion of consumption, more in order to grab the discount and the goods, the quality and brand of goods are not the focus of people’s attention. Merchants are often able to meet consumer needs through price war. Today, consumers not only pay attention to the brand and quality of the goods, but also more personalized demand, which has promoted a large number of small and beautiful Internet brands emerge, and Internet merchants are also more concerned about reputation and repospheries. Ma Hang pointed out that behind the continued growth of the dual 11 consumption data, it contains changes in the consumption structure.

The previous double 11 may be to grab a cheap, the cotton coat, or a pair of 50% off shoes, but now, people may be in order to buy a brand of cosmetics, high-end electricity and seize the end. Even accommodation in the house, the car, and the luxury hotel have become the goods that people buy in the big promotion. Ma Qia believes that this reflects the transformation and upgrading of our consumption structure from an angle. The consumption environment is increasingly optimized and the Taobao has collapsed together and there is still a refund.

Double 11 pre-sale has just begun, some people have made their own list full reduction attacks, in order to achieve full reduction standard, you can pick some price suitable products, then apply a refund of unwanted items.

It is not to say that this is not, the consumer is dare to make this plan, which means that the various consumer rights protection laws and regulations, policies, and the speed refund rules for the major e-commerce platforms have been introduced for consumption. Safe will be safe. According to the "China Consumers" reporter, the speed refund function introduced by the China Consumers Platform, which has been automatically processed for the refund application (5,000 yuan or less) of the refund application (5,000 yuan below) within a certain amount. At present, nearly 40% of return applications have been automatically completed through speed refund. For this year, the legal system of consumer rights in my country’s online transactions has been continuously improved.

In this process, the protection and consumption experience of consumer rights is sustained.

Lu Lilaming, professor, professor of Beijing University of Business University, said in the "China Consumer Report" reporter, in recent years, many legal systems directly related to consumer rights protection in online transactions, escorting consumers to protect consumers.

The "Consumer Rights Protection Law" revised in 2013, clearly defined a seven-day no reason to return and when the platform service provider cannot provide the name, contact information, and address of the operator within the platform, it is necessary to pay first.

Online shopping is unsatisfactory, there is no conditional return, has become a rigid legal system, consumers’ right to know, and choose the right to guarantee, so that consumers can rest assured that they will be reassured, which greatly promotes the development of network transactions.

The "E-Commerce Law" promulgated in 2018 fully stipulated the obligation of e-commerce operators, and consumer rights protection is one of the majorities.

It laid the foundation for the protection of consumers in the online transactions in the network transaction.

Since then, the government departments have also developed a supporting regulations, including the "Network Live Marketing Management Measures", "Interim Provisions on the Management of Online Tourism Business Service", etc., increased the order specification and consumer rights protection of online trading market. The law enforcement is enabling consumers to continue to increase the level of rights and levels in online transactions, and the consumer experience is constantly improving. In addition, 2017 and 2019, "Anti-Unfair Competition Law", "Personal Information Protection Law" and "Common Type Mobile Internet Applications" and the Personal Information Scope of Personal Information Based on the Personal Information of Personal Information Breeding this year " "The whole effectively promotes the improvement of consumers’ overall welfare.

In October This year, the Market Supervision State Administration said in the "Reply to the 13th National People’s Congress of the 13th National People’s Congress," will further strengthen the regulatory law enforcement of network transactions. Around the important time nodes such as the double 11, there is an important commodity and service area of ??people’s livelihood, and the administrative guidance is carried out to carry out administrative guidance and compaction platform subject responsibility.

Agricultural products e-commerce quickly rising data from Jingdong show that Jingdong 11 · 11 pre-sale opened at 8 o’clock on the evening of October 20, the agricultural product turnover exceeds October day.

Sichuan Eyuan Jelly Orange Transportation has increased by 7 times year-on-year, which is equivalent to selling an empty 150 acres of Ericsson ornamental garden; Kurla pear turnover has increased by 10 times year-on-year, sold to 896 cities across the country. Liu Hui, Dean Jingdong Consumption and Industrial Development Research Institute, said that compared with the pre-sale of the Chinese Consumers, consumers presented in Jingdong, the agricultural products rarely upgraded from the production site, the explosion, etc. Features, consumers have recognized the recognition of the original ecological origin and high quality agricultural products. As the emerging e-commerce platform, the shake will be deeply reached into the country of agricultural area in Jilin, Henan, Shaanxi, Sichuan, etc. during the double 11 period.

Among them, the headlines of the headlines on the headlines will enter Jilin Yanbian, providing millions of dollars subsidies. In recent years, the development of rural e-commerce has achieved great progress.

Hong Tao, director of the Institute of Business Economics, Beijing University of Technology, said that the "China Consumers" reporter said that this year’s double 11, many platforms combine promotional activities with rural resolution.

The report of the "Surface of China Agricultural Products E-Commerce" issued by China Food (Agricultural Products) Safety E-commerce Institute showed that the retail sales of agricultural products in the first half of 2015 and 2020 were developed from less than 100 billion yuan to billions, expanded 3 Multiply. In the first half of 2021, the national rural network retail sales was 100 million yuan, a year-on-year increase.

Among them, the retail length of the rural physical commodity network, which increased year-on-year.

The upside of agricultural products continued to recover, and the retail sales of agricultural products in the country reached 100 million yuan.

In the e-commerce promotion, agricultural products have begun to occupy an increasingly important position.

In 2019, Tmall Double 11 total turnover is 268.4 billion yuan, of which agricultural sales are as high as 7 billion yuan. During the 2020 Tmall Double 11 (November 1st – 11), Alibaba Platform accumulated 410,000 agricultural products in 1406 counties, the turnover reached 12 billion yuan, an increase of 22% year-on-year. Hong Tao pointed out that the rural revitalization strategy included digital villages, and digital agricultural products e-commerce are an important part of digital rural construction. The "Digital Country Development Strategy Outline" pointed out that after four development phases, the development goals of digital rural construction are required. In 2020, my country has completed the first phase goal. Now it has entered the second stage of development, and agricultural products e-commerce, especially digital agricultural products, will be a hot spot.

(Reporter San Xueu).

Our district organizes 33 warm winter consumption festival series activities

This newspaper Nanning News (Reporter / Zhou Hongmei) is to fully "sprint the four quarters of the closet", the reporter learned from the Autonomous Region Business Department on November 11 that from the beginning of December, under the premise of doing a good job in normalized epidemic prevention and control In our district, the consumption season of the year was organized to carry out the 20021 Guangxi 33 warm winter consumption session series, will hold more than 300 games in the consumption activities, and strive to pull the consumption of more than 20 billion yuan, and promote the rapid growth of the total retail sales in the whole year. The activities are unified, unified, unified, unified publicity, district counties, three-level joint, organize all kinds of businesses, online online linkage, business travel jointly promoted consumption, with six festival activities as carriers, set off winter consumption boom. Specifically include: "Double 11" 购, joint step by step, high Nancheng department store, Suning Tesco, Gome Electric, Guangxi Jingdong Line offline, etc. Festival, 11-December, launch Nanning Jinqiu Happy Purchase, Zhangzhou Key Business Enterprise to promote consumption activities, "Tianxia Penbin · Happy purchase" 100-day promotion activities; Bai shop Car Carnival, held "car to go to the country" Huimin Set the tour, carry out the online market, combined with the automobile exhibition, hold the automobile to replace the pilot promotion activities; thousands of home appliances Quality Festival, hold Liuzhou Huimin consumption season 100 million home appliances coupons issued and home appliances, domestic sales, home appliance dealers to carry out appliances Selling activities, etc., Enjoy the delicious food festival, hold the "Food Carnival Carnival · Imagine Digital New Life" to promote consumption, and the series of food and beverage exhibition activities; Gui Pin’s homesickness will help the agricultural draft, carry out the "Guifein Food" to help rural revitalization series Introduction, live promotions and other activities.

Sichuan Provincial CPPCC work experience exchange will be held

On September 24, the Supreme Experience Experience Experience Experience Exchange will be held in Chengdu, convey the spirit of learning the construction of the National People’s Political Consultative Conference System, and the spirit of learning and implementation of the Central, Provincial Committee of the CPPCC and the National CPPCC work experience exchange. Summarize the good practices, good experience, and research deployment of the exchange of the city county and government agreements. Entrusted by the Chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Cui Baohua, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, attended the meeting and speaking.

Since the Conference of the Central Committee, the Central Committee of the Central Committee, the province’s CPPCC has organized the improving political stations and ideological sites, firmly implement the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, and conscientiously implement the central and provincial committee decision-making deployment, Focus on the new positioning of special consultation institutions, grasp the center link, adhere to the two-way force, and the work presents a new pattern, new weather. The meeting emphasized that he should not shake and strengthen the comprehensive leadership of the party, and continue to enhance the "four consciousness", firm "four confidence", and make "two maintenance", further build "important position", further consolidate " Platform ", further smooth" important channels ", adhere to where the provincial party committee center is promoted, the CPPCC has followed up, focusing on the main business of the responsibies, continuous exploration of innovation, to take the actual action to adhere to the CPPCC system, put the CPPCC The cause is good, struggling to create a new situation in the CPPCC.

The Vice Chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Zhari, Zhongli, Li Changping, Lin Bicheng, Ouyang Zehua, Zhu Chunxiu, Liu Chengming, Yang Keining, secretary-General Lan Chi attended the meeting.

(Sichuan Daily Full Media Reporter Chen Ting) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.

Pursue truth with the spirit of truth (people’s point of view)

  The hundred years of journey is magnificent, and the 100-year-old party is flourishing.Looking back, from the stone gate to Tiananmen, from the "Little Red Boat" to "红", our party group leads the people to create extraordinary achievements, writing brilliance in the deep place; look at the future, national revival prospects bright, A greater miracle waiting for us to create.This version launched a series of comments, look forward to the past struggle, looking forward to the road in front, with the majority of readers to learn the party’s history, summarize the party’s successful experience, carry forward, and work togetherLong Zun Road in the times.

  - Editor Treat Marxism with scientific attitude, regarding Marxism is the science of revolution, rather than abstract academics and unchanging dogmas, this attitude is the pursuit of the Chinese Communist Party, running through our party’s 100 years The struggle of Marxism profoundly changed China, China has also greatly enriched Marxism.

The history of our party is a history that constantly promotes China’s Chinese and China. It is a history that continuously promotes theoretical innovation, in 1919, a professor published a system in "new youth" The theoretical article, enthusiastically praises Marxism as "The World Reconstruction Primary School", and discloses that he is a belief in Marxism, but it also believes that "Mark’s school" is "like" the whole, applied to Our survival society. Since then, he is more clearly proposed, treating Marxism must study it "how to apply to China’s political economic situation". This professor is one of the main founders of the Communist Party of China – Li Dazhao. Taking the scientific attitude towards Marxism, regarding Marxism is the science of revolution, rather than abstract academics and unchanging dogmas, this attitude is the pursuit of the Chinese Communists, and running through our party’s 100-year struggle.

  "Seeking truth from facts from here. How can the Communist Party succeed? When I was in the stone door, then a boat on the South Lake, then more than a dozen people, this step is today. The road inside will be clear, be sure to put the truth In the afternoon of September 17, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping, who is in Hunan, came to the Millennium Academic Yuelu Academy, looking at the "truth from facts" on the lobby, long-term meditation. "Be sure to put the authenticity of the truth", this deeply clarifies that our party has always regarded the scientific theory of Marxism as its own actions, and insists on constantly rich and developing Marxism in practice, we deeply reveal us. Why is the party that "can complete the difficult tasks of various political power since modern times".

  Thoughts are power.

The October Revolutionary cannon, sent Marxism Leninism to China.

From the date of birth, the Chinese Communist Party will write Marxism in its own banner.

At the same time, we have continuously promoted the publicization of Marxist China ‘s Times and China’ s actual situation, so that the Chinese Communist Party leads the Chinese people’s continuous advanced scientific theory. In the revolutionary era, our party creatively proposed the "guns of the river" "rural surrounded by the city" "branch is built in the" branch "to make the" Maximism in the mountains "guided the Chinese revolution to victory; construction years, our party The establishment of socialist transformation of agriculture, handicraft and capitalist business, enabling the socialist system to establish rapid and firmly in China; after the reform and opening up, we insist on "walking your road", successfully created Chinese characteristics Missing … Century, I am just insisting on emancipating my thoughts, seeking truth from facts, advancing with the times, pragmatic, adhering to the basic principle of Marxism, combined with China, our party group leads the people of all nationalities to create a change in the country, turning the earth Great miracle.

  Marxism profoundly changed China, China has also greatly enriched Marxism. For more than 100 years, our party persisted that the liberation of thoughts and truth from facts were unified, and Peiyuan Gao and the defending innovation were unified. He continued to open up the new realm of Marxism, producing Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, "Three Represents" important thinking, scientific development View, produced the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, providing scientific theory guidance for the development of party and people’s career.

In particular, since the 18th National Congress of the Party has been theoretical innovation based on the party center of Xi Jinping as the core, the comprehensive system has answered the new era to persist and develop what kind of socialism, how to adhere to and develop Chinese characteristics. This major era project founded the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, and realized another great leap in Marxism China. As General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "The history of our party is a history of continuously promoting Marxism China, is a history of continuously promoting theoretical innovation, conducting the theoretical creation.

"It should be seen that the more new problems in the development of the business, the more we need to explore in practice, theoretically, this is theoretical. For this reason, we must examine Marxism in contemplation in a wider eye. The real foundation and practical needs, adhere to the problem-oriented, adhere to the situation we are doing, listening to the sound of the times, and more insensibly promote the specific actual combination of Marxism with the development of China, continuously opening the new realm of Marxism development in the 21st Century Let contemporary China Marxism radioparamn more brilliant truth.

  "Adhere to Marxism and Developing Marxism, combined with new practices to make new theory creation, this is the mystery of Marxism’s vitality." Adhere to the essence of Marxism and live soul ", strengthen the problem Consciousness, the awareness, strategic awareness, with profound historical vision, broad international field of view, to grasp the essence of the development of things and inherent contacts, close track of the creative practice of hundreds of millions of people, learn from the absorption of all excellent civilization results, constantly answer the age and practice We propose a new major topic, we must illuminate the road to the front of the truth, illuminate the great journey of national revival.

Pieces of practical things are in the Shanxi Provincial Social Security Bureau launched seven risotimic initiatives

"Hey, one thing that is often in my heart is finally able to put down, and the pension is all played. I will know if the money is playing in. I don’t have to go to the bank. I have never used to queue. Opens the bank SMS service fee, now exempt the service fee, reduce our expenses, now the policy is good! "Li Mai, who received a pension, reminded SMS, was happy.

"The service of your Provincial Social Security Bureau is really too thoughtful. If the guide is to operate for me, I am really blind, I really thank you!" Zhang Shifu, who lives in Xiaofang, is grateful.

Since the development of party history, since the Shanxi Provincial Social Insurance Bureau focuses on the "first major event" of the people who care about the masses, concentrate on the "key little things", and launch seven conveniences of the people. Fully deepen the "ventilation costume" reform, and continue to carry out the "loss of interest" action.

Focus on the "reduction of time limit" "reduction materials", reshape the business process, issued the "Shanxi Provincial Social Insurance Bureau business process (trial)" to help optimize the business environment.

Up to now, 27 businesses are implemented instant, and 12 businesses are achieved, and 16 businesses are implemented online business, and the burden on the people’s mass offices has brought convenience. Strongly promote data interconnection, enterprise pension insurance transfer to achieve "one network, cross-provincial unite".

After optimizing the upgrade of business systems, all of them participate in enterprises in Shanxi Province, in handling the pension insurance relationship, cross-provisioning, only the "WeChat, Alipay, Social Security Public Service Platform" is required to transfer the transfer application to the transfer. However, the remaining operations will be implemented by the people’s social department transferring the connection platform through the people’s social department, and the "one network will be acceded", and the phenomenon of "multi-way" "folding" and other phenomena is broken. The "last kilometer" of the social security service meets the market entity and the masses of the masses. Innovative certification services, let retirees "less running legs", "don’t worry".

Let’s give full play to technical advantages such as artificial intelligence, and establish a new way to qualify and certify the "manual certification" as a secondary data comparison and the "manual certification", and certified periodic "deferred" qualification.

Using the Ministry of Human Social Development to take the train, the travel data of the aircraft can be "freely" eligibility certification. At the same time, the SMS reminder service is opened, and the SMS reminds for 2 months before the qualification period, the SMS notification is sent to the SMS notification due to overduely certified suspension, and the qualification "precision" is achieved.

At present, the eligibility certification has achieved the smooth flow of the province, cross-provincial office, all dangerous, online online, has greatly improved people’s social security service experience, Shanxi qualification certification has been successfully grounded into the country’s first part Array. Accelerate the promotion of social security information construction, and the business integration application is fully blooming. Firmly establish Internet thinking, close attention to the key breakthrough of informationization, based on the actual, learn from advanced, grab opportunities, the province’s social security information construction into improvement and acceleration development expressway. At present, the social security online platform has opened 131 functions to cover all high-frequency service matters in social insurance. Personal qualification certification, insured payment, treatment issuance, personal rights inquiry, pension insurance personalized measurement, the insured proof can check the download at any time, anytime, anywhere, can be queried anytime, anywhere. When you complete the registration registration, you can complete social insurance registration synchronously. "Online" "Pocket" "self-service" has become the first choice for the entrants and the masses.

Active as a former service, let the social security "small card" better service "big people’s livelihood". In order to reduce the cost burden of the people’s use of social security cards, improve the happiness of the people, the Shanxi Provincial Social Security Bureau, the Shanxi Provincial Social Security Bureau, coordinated 12, from June this year, from June this year, from the short message service fee of the social security card financial account. At present, the number of cards in the province has 36.626 million, and the number of pensions received by the social security card is 7 million. According to estimates, the Social Security Card Financial Account SMS service fee can save 30 yuan per person per year, and the province’s card personnel can reduce the card burden of 500 million yuan per year, of which the province uses a social security card to receive The pension can reduce the burden of cards with more than 200 million yuan. Adhere to multi-channel, hard measures, and make the work service more temperature.

In order to effectively solve the problem of smart technology difficulties in the elderly, the Shanxi Provincial Social Security Bureau retains the traditional service method familiar to the elderly, opened the "green channel" of the elderly, disabled, retired soldiers in the business hall, configured the old flower mirror , The necessary medicines such as the emergency medicine cabinet; set a full-time guideliner in the consultation station, provide boot services for special people; equipped with self-service integration, providing a profitable service for the elderly to provide social security rights.

At the same time, for the designated more than 2,800 participants in the province, more than 2,000 four-level researchers, as a docking contact, providing zero-distance, point-to-point service, timelyly answering questions, this series of warm service initiatives, let The masses feel warm. Integrate the "one-stop" service for the implementation of the resources and social security. In response to the Shanxi Provincial Social Insurance Office, most of them are set up separately, the dispersion, the office is not concentrated, the insured unit and the masses are running back and run, and the provincial and social security bureau will lead, actively and the provincial party committee to communicate. I sent "Notice on the implementation of the unified management of the province’s social insurance operations institutions" (Jindian Society [2021] No. 25) Make a clear requirement, not only achieve the "one-clear", business "a chain", and the quality of service "a standard" transformation, which has effectively reduced the transactional burden of the insured unit and the masses. (Guo Yuheng, Yu Tingting, Fu Qiang, Yang Liusui) (Editor: Lei Hao, Zhang Linshan) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

It is Zhu Yan,Murong’s Hummer,Plundered all major,Muyoufeng、But there is no very deep martial arts,Most of them are all about、Zero quarterly,Only be able to make up for the depth,So I am derived.“Murong Wudao”。

Until“Fighting star shift”,It is Murongbo’s Zengfu Muronglong City.,One-door school……
will“Murong Wudao”The characteristics of Guangbo,Play“Force to fight”superior——Also after this,Gusu Mu Rong is a top heritage。
Otherwise it is simple“Murong Wudao”,Non-talented people,It is difficult to master,And it is the more zero-scattered martial arts that is founded by the ancestors.,And these have already lost most。
Still indirectly with the happy people, Li Qinglu ethereal is related.,Museum of Waiting,Re-order“Murong Wudao”Feasibility。
This is also Murongbo to tell you himself.,About his little scorpion is covered with green hat,The reason for never rating——Compared to the little scorpion,Obviously, it is more important with the relationship between Mrs. Li.!
But even so,“Murong Wudao”Accumulation required,It is too complicated,Compared to below,“Fighting star shift”As long as“Murong Wudao”Master a three or four points,Can be used to play。
After Murong Longcheng,Basically, it is focused on“Fighting star shift”。
The same is true for Murongjiu.,Murong Wudao is not to expose the identity“Catch”Time,Bullying bullying is a lot of opponents……
But the small ninety“Heart”,It can be perfect“Murong Wudao”,Common martial arts、General change,From the heart、Accompany what they want。
Now see“son”Really master“Fighting star shift”and“Murong Wudao”,And it seems to practice a very strong body.、And you can interfere with the intensity of the opponent,It makes up for the weak defects in Murong’s internal heritage。
Murongbo is very rapid——Even the far away the husband’s hand,It seems that it doesn’t matter,Take blood, there are a bit of sweetness.……
The only Murongbo is still worried,It is the rivers and lake rumors,“son”Come with Chu Deirers——Although the rivers and lakes are also highlighted,“Murong Fu”Made a big horse,So I flipped with Chu Deirers,but……Murongbo understands,Ten eight nine is not the matter!
How can I lie to myself?,Murongbo is still still remember,The one of the bottom of the bottom“secret”。
Therefore, it is easy to speculate,This matter is otherwise hidden……
But think,Just Chu Dee people not only break the things they don’t want to expose their identity,And also playing with the first big one of the four spirits you come.,Murongo is very angry。
Just think about“Murong Fu”It is already blue for blue,I believe it can handle these,Murongbo also led himself in your heart,Nothing to think,So inheriting,A demolition,Rebound:“And slow!”
Xiao Jiujiu glanced at the old man,Unhappy,After replacing Murongjiu。
Qiaofeng saw it:“Boss!Now ask for,Don’t you feel late??”
Murong Jiu does not give a weak road:“beg for mercy?It seems that Jie brother has also dyed the smell of bragging.!”
“That’s again……”
“Slowly!”Murongbo stopped again,After watching“son”,Benevolence,I have already set my idea:“Two people listen to me,You don’t have to find me to revenge.,I still have a sense to say,If you can listen,My head is given to two,Why do you want……”
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 711 Besides
And said,If it is not a Chu Deirers, you can keep the Yucai,I really can’t find the first of the four spirits.!
This old monster is really a heart,It is more harmful to him when he is crazy.。
Dragon,Canada,Can rise,Large Xingyun,Types of Types,Raising is between the universe,Hidden Tao……
Just this old monster coincidentally,Not what is the river,Even the dragon is not,It is ancient violence,Naturally, I only see its big,In small and hidden,I can’t see so colorful。
Especially affect the brain!
However, it is not all impossible to hide.,Just still in the category of Murita Table can。
Small、Or is fine kung fu,Nothing is not——Two small forefronts than the ancient violent dragon,Practical claw method,It is his fine.。
Chu Deirers broke his ambush,This person is awkward,And Chu Deirers from Daxiong Temple,Hit the meditation——And two pairs“Father and son”Direct direction。
“meditation hall”As the name suggestion,It is the place where Shaolin disciples meditate,At this time, natural empty,The two from the hall、Hit……
Shaolin thousands of monk,“meditation hall”Only two,Natural area is not small,Take it。
At this time this old monster performance,Has been surprised by Chu Deirers——Do not become strong,After all, a big age,But……by“Come”Impact,I have a lot of small!
Ordon him to play him within a hundred tricks“Crazy”,After that, quietly go back,Take a look at the situation and choose the current Chu Deirers.,At this time, I also seriously.。