That’s right,determinebossIs using this way to respect the rights of the CEO of the company,Dolucy is happy,She blinked:“What are you going to do?”

“What else can I do,”Chen Geng sighed:“Of course it’s a gift for Europeans,Hope the Europeans will like it。”
Busy gifts for Europeans?
Dorothy is lost:What it is?Can letbossSo busy that I don’t even have time to participate in this bidding conference?
First687chapter Tailored
“Mr. Heisenberg,Lucky meeting,”Faced with Nick, CEO of the Dutch Santander Automobile Sales Group, the largest car dealer in the Netherlands·Mr. Heisenberg,Chen Geng stretched out his hand,Said with a smile:“I hope you like this little gift I brought you。”
“Mr. Fernandez,Very honored to see you,”Nick·Heisenberg hurriedly stepped forward,Hold Chen Geng’s hand tightly,Compliment:“You are the entrepreneur I admire most,Able to establish a cooperative relationship with you,It’s my honor。”
Although looking across Europe,Santander Automobile Sales Group can only be regarded as a third-rate automobile sales group(no way,Who made the Netherlands so big),But anyhow, it is also a company that sells new cars、Used car over20First Dutch Automobile Sales Group,Nick·Heisenberg’s vision is still there,He was also worried about beingAMCFernandez·Will Chen be more difficult to deal with?,Just with those damned、opinionated、Like an arrogant American,All eyes are on the top of the head,But now,Looking at Chen Geng with a smile from the heart,Nick·Heisenberg is completely relieved:This American is different from the Americans I know,He is not like an American in the ordinary sense,Always be arrogant and think that I am here to save the world,Fernandez·Chen came to cooperate with him with sincerity。
Who doesn’t want to respect yourself with a、At the same time, you can also cooperate with people who make money,Especially this guy is from the United States、May be worth more than10Billion dollar billionaire,Not only unconsciously,Nick·The smile on Heisenberg’s face is brighter and more sincere。
After some greetings,Chen Geng gesturedAMCPeople open the warehouse door,Chen Geng smiled at Nick·Heisenberg says:“Mr. Heisenberg,Please come in,Sorry,I invite you to such a simple place when I first meet,I am very sorry……”
The warehouse was previously rented,Thousands of square meters,The purpose is to display this exhibition to Santander Automobile Sales GroupAMCThe group’s customized prototype for the European market,At the same time, for maximum confidentiality。
“Mr. Fernandez, you are so kind,”Nick·Heisenberg hurriedly waved:“I can understand。”
Nick·Heisenberg can really understand,But what’s in this warehouseAMCNew models developed by the group specifically for the European market,These cars are not even finalized production cars,Just a trial car,It can be said,These test cars in a warehouse areAMCThe core of European strategy,I can’t be too cautious,Even beforeAMCThe Santander Group has been notified not to bring any camera and video equipment,Nick·Heisenberg also doesn’t thinkAMCWhat’s wrong with the requirements and practices。
Under the shining of dense fluorescent tubes,Nick·The executives and technicians of Heisenberg and Santander Automobile Sales Group were instantly attracted by the cars parked in the middle of the warehouse.。
The cars in the warehouse all face the gate、Placed in a very delicate way,Anyone who walks to the door of the warehouse will involuntarily be attracted by the car in front of them.,Nick·Heisenberg is no exception,His gaze first fell on the middle car painted with burgundy metallic paint、Obviously taller than ordinary cars、But it’s shorter than an off-road vehicle、The lines should be much softer on the strange body:what car is this?

Boxing tyrants immediately boosted morale,Smashed with both fists,Smashed directly at the door of Yayoi-kun。

This is a shock,Leave nothing,Give enough strength。
Unfortunately,Yayoi-kun’s palms are here,These two giant palms contain extremely terrifying strength,He immediately hugged Boxer。
Everyone only heard a scoff,A lot of sweat splashed all over,Both of them used gang strength at the same time。
This kind of close burst of strength,No tricks,Fighting is both physical strength,That is the strength of Gang Jin。
Same as Arcanum Warrior,After turning on the arcane rage state,Normal blows are hard to work,Only Gang Jin can destroy the internal structure of the body,Let life pass。
Under this fight,Judge。
The fists of the fighter did not hit the face of the little giant Yayoi-kun,But collapsed softly。
Collapsed with his arms,And his body。
Boxing fighter is like a big shell shrimp cramped,The whole person is completely loose。
Many people present suddenly took a breath,Anyone with a discerning eye knows that Boxer is over,He was counterattacked by other people’s strength,Has been shaken off internal organs,Can’t live。
now,Fist domineering,Only a pair of hateful eyes left,Staring at each other。
His waist was alive and thin,There are ten huge finger marks clearly visible。
The little giant Yayoi-kun is indeed a strong warrior,And Gang Jin broke out surprisingly,It is equivalent to directly pressing the boxer to death。
The audience is silent,Are all surprised by the strength of this sumo wrestler。

Uncle’s pipe,Made of blood willow。

Look at the whole body of this pipe,And carved patterns,Pretty beautiful。This pipe,Normally,It takes tens of thousands to buy。
visible,The person who sells this,Do not know the goods。”
Everyone can only sigh:Surprise everywhere in life!
Who ever thought,A small craft that I bought accidentally,Turned out to be antique?I bought it for only a few bucks,But worth tens of thousands,Envious!
Uncle villager was surprised,Who regarded himself as a treasure just now“jade carving”All the unhappiness that was identified as worthless disappeared。
Villagers onlookers,Is full of envy。
“This pipe,I can buy for 80,000,You can also ask yourself,May be able to sell for a higher price,It’s hard to say。”
Uncle waved his hand immediately:“Eighty thousand for you,Give you!”
He is troublesome,And afraid to ask,Not necessarily at this price,So just point。He looks at Populus,Not cheating。
Next,Hu Yang also received a piece of porcelain from the Republic of China period,Also spent tens of thousands。
After identification,Night falls,Hu Yang and others were left by enthusiastic villagers。A few of them,I won’t go back that night,Hua Zai called home,Explain the situation。Tang You and Hu Yang live alone,So no need to explain。
That night,Hu Yang and the others live in He Wenqing’s house。
Today day,Populus euphratica has not gained as much as yesterday,Make millions,But it’s passable。and,Many people in the live broadcast room think,Brother Hu did an amazing thing today。
Chapter Forty Nine fifty thousand?can
the next day,After Hu Yang and others had breakfast at He Wenqing’s house,Just going to leave。
however,News came suddenly,Someone in the town unintentionally salvaged something in Shahe。Shahe is a very small branch of the Pearl River,Usually the current is very gentle。
“It might be a shipwreck or something?This is not the first time our town has salvaged。”He Wenqing opens the door。