“What do you mean?”Tu Shanming was taken aback,not understand。

Mi Xiaochong points to those special units,Said:“They look very similar to the Dark Race,If the body can emit that smell,Isn’t it possible to lurk into the enemy line,Spies for us?”
This remark,Tu Shanming and Long Zhanye were both taken aback,Nodded at the same time。
This kid is right!These monster soldiers listen to us,If you can send them to the enemy camp,With the dullness of those low-level dark races,I can’t find it,This is really a good plan,Very practical tactics!
Three Talking Room,The ghost giant headed by suddenly moved,Scared them。
I saw that magic shadow giant stretched out his huge palm,Dig into its own chest,Then he pulled out a rectangular box。
When this box is pulled out,The faces of the gods below changed drastically at the same time。
Because they all smelled a strong stench,That is the breath of the dark race。
The magic shadow giant gently placed the box that exudes strong spatial energy in front of Lu Menglin。
Everyone was still discussing,Said that these monster soldiers do not have the breath of the dark race,As a result, I smell such a strong stench all at once,All dizzy,Miserable。
“Tu Shanming,Go open the box!”Lu Menglin didn’t care,But with a relaxed smile。
Tu Shanming heard the boss order,Have to bite the bullet,Stride forward,Opened the lid with the tip of a knife。
result,He was struck by lightning,I was just stunned on the spot。
A few others leaned forward to take a look,Also all dumbfounded,Not much different from him。
Because in this rectangular black box,Ten divisions,There is one thing in each grid,It’s the things that are placed in the grid,Exudes a strong atmosphere of spatial energy。
Those placed in the grid,Nothing else,It is the energy core of ten magic shadow giants。
Ten energy cores,Which is ten top offerings,This wealth,Even the first-rate giants in Shenmin Continent,It may not be able to get it out in one breath!

“I was planning to sleep in Yongan earlier,As a result, a very special guest from outside world invited me to join her city of heaven,Her heavenly city can connect with other worlds,Now it has connected dozens of small worlds。”

“I think she is different from other foreign visitors,After playing with her for a while,I’m ready to go shopping in Zhutian City,Then I don’t think it’s safe to go alone,I want to call some group members to go together。”
“I guess something happened to you,So I called the Monkey King group members to go to Zhutian City,There are many creatures in Zhutian City, even I don’t know which race they are.,Really opened my eyes。”
Jingtian said with a smile,all in all,Fangcai Zhutiancheng and his party,He also saw many creatures from other races,Very wonderful。
“Sedum group member,Why don’t you call me such a good thing?I was eating roasted meat of Warcraft with my parents,If Sedum group members call me,I took my parents to go to Zhutian City directly。”
“Forget it this time,Next time if there is a chance,Remember to call me。”
Nezha said with a smile,Can connect with other world cities,There are many races that have never been seen before?Such a wonderful place,It just so happens that he can take his parents around。
“Fortunately, I didn’t call Nezha.,Otherwise things will be trickier。”
“The Monkey King group members took one of his subordinates to Zhutian City with me,If I guess right, the subordinate,It should be a delicious lazy pig。”
“Although I can see the causal entanglement on that foreigner,But did not pay attention,Just think not to talk too much。”
“Who knows that the guest from another world is so horrible that he is haunted by cause and effect,It’s the reincarnation of Broom Star。”
“There is a third-tier elder in Zhutian City,Is the strongest in a small world,I want to learn from the Monkey King group members,The Monkey King group members did not agree,Let the pig Gang compete with that elder。”
“One is the strongest in a small world,Extremely rich combat experience,One is a pig who is lazy and delicious,Nezha group members think these two are competing,Which wins and which loses?”
Jingtian asked with a smile,It’s not that he looked down on Zhu Gang,Mainly because Zhu Gang’s performance was too unbearable,Anyhow the same level,And the monster race is extremely powerful,At the very least, you have to face up to the strength of the elder Dugu Qiufei。
The results of it?I want to rush up with a fist,Fight strong and weak with your fist and the sword energy of Dugu defeat?This is still awake?It can also be seen from this that the strength of the pig is too watery,More water than him。
“Isn’t it obvious?It must be the one who won the world,Although the creatures in the little world are limited by the world itself,Unable to break the limit,but,Unable to break through,It means that they will be more familiar with the power of Tier 3,A lot of strange ideas will appear,So the third-order of those worlds are basically difficult to wrap around。”
“I remember that should be called skillful,Back to Basics?”

Qin Feng understands now。Zhang Yong’s personality has changed since he was released。I heard that it seems to be taken away by Zhang Ting’s children,Then after instilling some ideas, he was thrown into the city.。

“This person,Just take revenge on me。But for Lishi,Isn’t this a scourge?”Thought of here,Qin Feng felt a little uncomfortable。
After all, this Yong’s wife and Su Rou are former best friends。
“Help me make an appointment with your boss!”Qin Feng said to Huang Mao。
“what?Oh!”Huang Mao is already a little confused,But when I hear Qin Feng, I will try to agree。Because he knows,If you don’t agree,I’m afraid it will turn into a corpse and fall to the ground like other kids。
The whistle of the detective car sounded。I’m afraid some witness called。
“Meet at the hotel restaurant in Lishi,Just say I am Qin Feng!He must know!”
Leave this sentence,Qin Feng turned around and left。
Lin Hai is not stupid,Just followed。
In the end they were not caught by the agents,But when I went to the Lishi Hotel, Lin Hai followed all the way。
“Hey,The one who wants to inherit the family property,Why follow me?”Qin Feng felt that a tail behind him made him very uncomfortable。
Lin Hai said excitedly,“Big brother,Brother Qin Feng,Can you help me take home birth?。I can give you half!”
At this time,Lin Hai still thinks about family property。Even though he almost died before,But isn’t it dead now?,Of course I’m thinking about my family property if I’m not dead。
Besides, Qin Feng knew it was a thigh at a glance,Just hold tight,After that, I can continue to be happy?
At least Lin Hai thinks so。
“I have no interest in your property!”
Qin Feng shook his head helplessly。