Construction Bank Heilongjiang Branch "Entrepreneurship Guarantee Loan" to help small and micro enterprises

People’s Network Harbin October 25th is affected by new coronal pneumonia, some industrial enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households engaged in service industries. Construction Bank Heilongjiang Branch actively practiced the social responsibility of the state, relying on the policy dividends, using financial science and technology power to "loan" the small micro private enterprise entrepreneurship.

Walk into the rivet room in Harbin Spring City Power Station Parts Co., Ltd., located in Acheng, Harbin, and a burst of heat waves, and workers are stepping up the production of boiler accessories.

"These workers are new in February this year, all nearby villagers, come to work, not only stable income, we also pay the ‘five insurance and one gold’, you can employ at home, they don’t have much happy!" Li Maocheng, general manager of Harbin Chuncheng Power Station Parts Co., Ltd., introduced that after years of development, enterprises have obtained the qualification of a large-scale enterprise upstream accessories in 2010. Nowadays have developed to more than 40, with an annual output value of more than 20 million yuan. Its production of boiler parts, forging accessories, etc. have already played a brand in the industry.

When the business is running in a hurry, it is affected by the epidemic, rising raw materials, and the enterprise faces the shortage of liquidity.

Construction Bank Harbin Acrouvel Branch Office of the Office of the Liaison Liaison Learn after the actual difficulties of the enterprise, actively help the company contact, through the "venture warranty" fund pool, relying on "cloud tax loan" products to grant 1130,000 yuan, solving The urgency of the business.

"We support small micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households through ‘entrepreneurial warranty’, and also help government departments to regulate small and micro enterprises’ operation development.

The branch is expected to implement 5 households in ‘entrepreneurship guarantery’ credit support before the end of the year, and credit 4.5 million yuan, and fiscal and interest is more than 50,000 yuan, which will reduce the financing cost of regional small and micro enterprises.

"Construction Bank Harbin Acropers, Liu Yan, said. It is understood that" entrepreneurial guarantee loans "is the construction bank Heilongjiang Branch Harbin Puyi Center of Harbin and the Harbin Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, through CCB products and Entrepreneurship guarantee loan interest policy combined, service micro-enterprises. Small micro enterprises can enjoy the financial interest policy in the premise of meeting the CCB loan conditions.

Up to now, the construction bank Heilongjiang Branch has identified the "entrepreneurial guarantee loan" project billion dollars for the Harbin region, and 143 enterprises, saving the company’s loan interest for more than 1.5 million yuan.

"As a ‘entrepreneurial guarantee loan" project organizer, we have fulfilled social responsibility, helping companies to start business, and assist social increase.

Xu Changhua, General Manager of Harbin Puyi Center, Harbin, Heilongjiang Branch.

(Yang Xuenan, Qin Yizhen, Jiang Yizhi) (Editor: Wang Yan, Li Zhongshuo) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

All-round cultivation introduces good talents (thought horizontal)

  A hundred years of big party, Fenghua Zhengmao. Qianqiu Weiye, talent is the first. General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central Talent Work Conference, scientifically answered a series of major theories and practical issues in the new era of talent work, and talked about the advancement of the advancement of the new era, and provided fundamental follows. We must learn from the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, fully implement a new idea of ??new era people’s new ideas, and promote the decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee on the new era. In the past 100 years of struggle, our party has always attached importance to cultivating talents, unite talents, leading talents, achieve talents, unity and support all aspects of all aspects of the party and people’s career. Our parties have achieved a series of great achievements in the 100 years, all of which are united to lead all the industry outstanding talents and the masses of the people, and strive to work hard. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Xi Jinping has widened the road to enter the sages, including the world’s talents, promoting the historic achievements of the new era of talent work, and historical changes.

At the same time, it is also important to see the new situation of new conditions of the new situation, if "I have a good" talent? " How to increase the opening of talents? How to make talents, peace of mind, and inderence? How to break the "hat hot" "four only"? Solving these important issues, we need to continue to deepen the regular understanding of the development of talent, and in depth, implement the strategy of new era of talents, and strive to do new era talent work.

  Being good at improving ideological understanding in summary experience, opening the work situation in the exploration law is our party’s advantage.

How to move talent creation and smart talents, playing, is a pressing problem and long-term topics that need cracks.

General Secretary Xi Jinping’s "eight persistence", which encompasses the fundamental guarantee, major strategy, target direction, key task, important guarantee, basic requirements, social conditions, spiritual leadership, basic requirements, social conditions, mental leadership, and ideological guarantee, further Deepening our regular understanding of the development of talent. We must effectively implement the "eight persistence", according to the "four-oriented" requirements, vigorously implement the technological education strategy, the talents, and innovate the development strategy, and concentrate on the party and the party, domestic and foreign countries. The great cause of the party and the people. The national development rely on talents, and the national revitalization relies on talents. Do a good job in the work of new era, to establish system concepts, focus on enhanced systemic, integrity, synergies.

Strengthen the research on talent work situation, law, policy, demand, judgment development trend, planning, strengthen strategic reserves; adhere to the specialty, diversity, diversity of talents, diversity, diversity, respect for talents, and grasp the growth of talents The cycle, pay attention to its development, especially the powerful internal motivation created by talents.

At the same time, we must cultivate international vision, increasing talents, so that more global wisdom resources, innovation elements are used for me. Cultivating the introduction of good talents, the system is fundamental.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in the Central Talent Work Conference to deepen the reform of talent development system mechanisms and made important deployments.

Implementing the spirit of the Party Central Committee, we must take a hard measures in terms of talent development system and talent growth training mechanism, use mechanism, incentive mechanism, competition mechanism, etc.

Do a good job in talent work, maintain a strategic power, and continue to develop innovation, play a new national strength, and take the strategic initiative to train the use of strategic talents to cultivate the "master".

Thousands of hundreds of talents in different types, different levels, and different age groups are created, and they will show their fists, and they will build a platform and stage.

Guide social forces, promote multi-body participation, soil growth of thick talents, continue to expand talents to become talented space, promote ordered competition in normative management, and form a new pattern of talent work. (The authors are deputy director of the Research Department of the Central Party School (National Administrative College) (Editor: Yang Guangyu, Hu Yongqiu) Share more people to see.

5,46 miljard! "Changjin Lake" raakt de wereldwijde kampioen van dit jaar

Aanbevolen lezen in Hequ County, Shanxi Province, gelegen aan de oevers van de Gele rivier, heeft een rijke traditionele Chinese dorpsresource en een langdurige unieke folk-liedcultuur.

Om culturele hulpbronnen meer wetenschappelijk te beschermen en te ontwikkelen, voert het Comité van de Local Party de overheid uit, neemt u contact op met onbeleefde samenwerking met bijbehorende disciplinevoordelen, op dit moment, leraren en studenten van de Universiteit van Peking Jiaotong, China Music Academy is uitgenodigd en in De Local Area Listing heeft een co?peratieve basis opgezet.

2021-11-1209: 22 "100 miljoen!" Op de 11e kwam China’s Petroleum Southwest Oil Airfield Company goed nieuws – vanaf 16.00 uur op dezelfde dag, de 2021 aardgasproductie van het bedrijf overschrijdt 30 miljard kubieke luchtspiegeling 3 miljard kubieke meter van dezelfde periode vorig jaar. Deze prestatie is 33 dagen eerder dan vorig jaar.

2021-11-1209: vóór de 21e, het nationale belangrijke laboratorium van het Zhujiang-ziekenhuis, de Chinese Academie van Wetenschappen, de onderzoeksresultaten van het nationale belangrijke laboratorium voor procesprojecten, Peking University, enz. Onderzoek "Totaal-gebaseerde Arsenic-targeting Soorten leukemie Het heeft een sterke anti-witte bloedbehandelingseffect, gepubliceerd in het Wetenschapsmagazine "Natural · Nanotechnology". 2021-11-1209: 19 Niet zo lang geleden, gaf het Chinese Manned Space Project Office een foto gemaakt in de baan en veel mensen merken een detail – er is een laag gloeiende grenzen buiten.

Is dit een sfeer? Waarom is het "helder" in de nachtelijke hemel? Wat is de hoogte van deze laag? Wat is het principe van gloed? 2021-11-1209: 16 Meteor-douche is de romantische kleurrijke lucht.

Astronomische wetenschapsdeskundigen Introductie, Taurus North Flow Rain en Leo Meteor Douche zullen in 12 november en 18 november gebruiken.

Hoewel het verkeer niet groot is, als het geluk goed is, krijgen vrienden die van de meteoordouche houden van de mogelijkheid om de heldere fireflow-ster te zien.

2021-11-1209: 15 U hebt een probleem "Release-lijst", ik heb met deze kwestie "onthuld".

Op 4 november heeft de verslaggever geleerd van het Huizhou Wetenschap en Technology Bureau van de provincie Guangdong dat het Bureau "vrijgegeven" 8 "onthulde" projectlijst dit jaar heeft uitgebracht, en de "Public Zhang Bo" is open voor het hele land.

De totale investering van elk project ligt tussen 15 miljoen yuan tot 30 miljoen yuan.

2021-11-1209: 13 Onlangs de Shandong Provinciale Science and Technology-afdeling voorziet in de provinciale afdeling om gezamenlijk een chemisch beeldvormingsmateriaal en technisch staatslaboratorium te vestigen, en de provinciale afdeling van mijnbouw-rotsvorming intelligente controle en groen mijnbouw nationaal sleutel laboratorium Bouwtoepassing rapporteert het rapport. Dit betekent dat de twee laboratoria in Shandong de belangrijkste punten zijn geworden en de "acceleratieperiode" invoeren.

2021-11-1209: 12 "Nu is de verkeerscongestie van de stad ook heel gebruikelijk, hoe verkeersverontreiniging op te lossen? Een van hen is om de goederen naar de grond te vervoeren, het ondergrondse slimme logistieke en transportsysteem van de stad te bouwen. Dit systeem is gebouwd. Dit systeem is gebouwd Mensen hoeven alleen op elke muis te klikken. De gekochte goederen zijn als tikwater. De automatische verzendkasten die in de ‘residenti?le gemeenschap in het grondwater … "2021-11-1209: 10 november, de vierde de beurs sluit . Deze sessie van de nationale tentoonstelling van de Expo maakt gebruik van nieuwe technische middelen zoals virtual reality (VR), driedimensionale modellering, om een ??gestandaardiseerde digitale tentoonstellingszaal voor exposanten te bouwen, en interactieve functies zijn ook opgezet, het online display-effect verbeteren.

2021-11-1209: 10 Volgens de website van de Amerikaanse leuke wetenschap is het nieuwe model van Sino-Amerikaanse wetenschappers vastgesteld. Tijdens de nieuwe kroonepidemie, meer dan 28.000 ton verwant plastic afval, zoals maskers en handschoenen, die uiteindelijk naar binnen stroomt de oceaan. 2021-11-1209: 09 Een immunologische studie gepubliceerd op het 11e van het Verenigd Koninkrijk, wees erop dat de blootstelling van andere coronavirussen de snelheid van het lichaam kan verhogen om het nieuwe kroonvirus te wissen, omdat het immuunsysteem "geheugen" heeft, Kan het virusreplica’s onthouden met zeer geconserveerd virus in verschillende coronavirussen.

2021-11-1209: 08 Een taalonderzoek gepubliceerd op de 10e van de VK Preschool, inclusief de PAN – European – inclusief Japanse, Koreaanse, Tonggu, Mongoolse, Turkse – mogen allemaal afkomstig zijn van ongeveer 9000 China heeft zich verspreid in China en in China en in China ontwikkeling van de landbouw. Deze studie heeft geholpen een paragraaf in de geschiedenis van Oost-Europa te verduidelijken. 2021-11-1209: 07 door AI– wordt meestal aangedreven door het computerlerende algoritme zal ons op een steeds innovere manier helpen. Slimme auto’s gebruiken bijvoorbeeld gezichtsherkenningsalgoritme om te detecteren of de bestuurder aandacht besteedt aan de wegconditie, en herinneringen te maken wanneer de bestuurder uitputting en vermoeidheid voelt; smartphone gebruikt het AI-algoritme om alles te doen, bijvoorbeeld om te helpen ons om betere foto’s te maken, enz.. 021-11-1209: 07 De nieuwste nummer van "Natural" magazine heeft een onderzoek uitgegeven, onthulde hoe palmitinezuur de mogelijkheid van kanker de proliferatie van kanker verandert.

Onderzoekers zeiden dat ze de therapie van dit proces hebben ontwikkeld en klinische proeven kunnen in de komende jaren worden gestart.

2021-11-1209: 06 Er zijn veel sprankelende verpakking, cosmetische flessen, fruitplaten, enz. In het leven, maar veel van hen zijn gemaakt van giftige en niet-duurzame materialen, die plastic vervuiling zullen veroorzaken. 2021-11-1209: 06 als de hoofddeskundige van de epidemiologie van de controle en preventie van China

2021-11-1209: 05 De eerste "woestijngrond" ecologische restauratietechnologie, in innerlijke Mongoli?, Xinjiang, Xisha Island Reef, etc., de mechanica van de proefoverdracht om de realiteit te zijn.

Dit team dat "Black Technology" gebruikt om te genezen, van Chongqing, geen woestijn, van Chongqing Jiaotong University, bekend als de brug. Na het schijnbaar "negeren" is het de verkenning van de schoolmeester en ecologische kruis-innovatie. 2021-11-1109: 42 De Raad van de Staat heeft onlangs het "2030 pre-carbon-piekactieplan" voorgesteld, gericht op de implementatie van energie groene koolstofarme overgangen, die energiebesparende en koolstofproducerende actie, enz. "Koolstof implementeren Piek tien actie ". 2021-11-1109: 41 Reporter geleerd van de Chinese Universiteit van Wetenschap en Technologie, de Life Science and Medical-afdeling van de school en het eerste aangesloten ziekenhuis Xiong Wei’s Topic Group, een belangrijke rol in dit neurochondium in deze zenuwcirkel in het reguleren van de rekrutering. De onderzoeksresultaten werden gepubliceerd op 4 november in "Nature · Communicatie." 2021-11-1109: 39 Biologische stikstof als een potentieel nieuw type stikstofmeststofbron, is van groot belang voor de duurzame ontwikkeling van de landbouw. In de biologische stikstof van Legumen hebben de inhoud en componenten van de bonenhemoglobine rechtstreeks invloed op de activiteit van het stikstofase in de stero?den en spelen ze een sleutelrol. Chinese Academie voor Sciences Molecular Plant Science Excellence Innovation Center Jeremy Dell Murri Research Group en Cooperation Team ontdekte eerst het moleculaire mechanisme van de expressie van boon hemoglobine-gen in tekens in de rootoom. .

China kan doorgaan met het Frans bedrijfsschool binnengaan

De duurzame manier van China maakt het Franse doelgroep verbaasd. People’s Daily Reporter Li Yongshun Foto Mensen Netwerk Parijs 9 december (Reporter Li Yongqun) op 9 december "Modeshow en Batik Workshops.

Dit ander is het hele proces van organiseren, van het hele proces van organisatie naar het display, wordt geprezen door Franse leraren en studenten. Ze hebben alleen de inspanningen van Chinese bedrijven ervaren op het gebied van duurzame ontwikkeling en ervaren de traditionele charme van Chinese ecologische zijde-mode en batik. Yang Yuping, de Chinese decaan van het Novo Business Confucius Institute, zei dat het College het Confucius Instituut is, een Franse universiteit en de Nankai University, en de eerste in de wereld is, de zevende "Business Confucius". Novo Business Confucius Institute biedt Chinese onderwijs, culturele activiteiten, bedrijfstraining, enz. In Parijs, Rouen en Lans. Het doel is om zijn eigen expertise te gebruiken in overeenstemming met de behoeften van ondernemingen in China, met behulp van zijn eigen expertise, het verschaffen van een op maat gemaakte reeks opleiding, waaronder cross-culturele training, meeslepende business Chinese training, workshop, etc.

Het aantal deelnemers is jaarlijks gestegen en bijna 9.000 mensen in 2019, 1700 mensen namen deel aan de beroepsopleiding.

"Tianyi zijde" modeontwerper Liang Zi zei dat "zijde" als een nationaal immaterieel cultureel erfgoed, en de productie ervan met de hand bevlekt is met zijde als grondstof, met natuurlijke planten "aardappel" sap, allemaal uit de natuur.

Deze vreemde oude wet die wordt geproduceerd, is de voorkeur gegeven aan de fashion-industrie van Parijs, en de mode is ook geliefd bij jonge mensen.

(Editor: Gao Song, Changhong) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Qin Zhikun lectured a training course for Dejiang County Department of Cadres

During the teaching site, Qin Zhikun is the theme of "current economic situation and industrial development", from the development of the situation in the new normal, effectively enhances the sense of worries; grab opportunities in the new machine, fully stabilize the economic base; In the three aspects of the implementation of the performance of the performance and the current economic situation and industrial development of the county, the system, comprehensive analysis of the current economic situation and industrial development is combined, and discuss how to do a good job in the development of current economic and industrial development and everyone. Qin Zhikun said, as a leading cadre, strictly follow the central, provincial and municipal decision-making deputies, actively adapt to the new development of the economy, adhere to the new development concept, use comprehensive, dialectical, long-term vision, and strive to be in the crisis Machine, in the development of the new bureau, actively promote the adjustment of industrial structure, effectively prevent and control, and fully implement the "six stable" "six guarantees" mandate, and promote economic and social development.

Qin Zhikun emphasized that this year, the county has consolidated with the "big-earning industry, consolidation results, comprehensive well-off" as the work main line, and has been consolidated around the outcome of the poverty.

All departments at all levels must earnestly summarize the lessons learned from the industry development, focus on building construction, subjective cultivation, elements guarantee, maintenance, long time, and promote the improvement of the industry. Employment income is getting rich, fully stabilizing economic fundamentals. To fully grasp the "2 + N" industry, form a game, surround the agricultural and sideline products such as beef cattle, pepper, Tianma, umbilical orange, vigorously promote the development model of "leading enterprises + base + cooperative + farmers", promote the processing of ranging to the beginning, and the deep processing Extension, enhance the added value of agricultural products. To do a good job in tourism work in the whole country, close to the overall tray of the county, scientific planning, partition layout, grab the faucet, even gold lines, highlights, improve the tourism supporting construction, and fully promote high quality developing.

Qin Zhikun demanded that the current key period of high quality wins, the county should seize the opportunity in the prosperous new machine, and fully do the current work.

It is necessary to use a very high political station, strong sense of responsibility, excellent work ability, pragmatic work style, focus, find insufficient, analyze the reasons, replenish the short board, and do not take the responsibility and mission of it, break the arrest of the boat Industry, in order to accelerate the completion of the new era of Northeast China Transportation Hub and regional center city accumulated backup. (冠 中 军)) (Editor: Lin Yan, Chen Kangqing).

2022 Haidian Network Spring Festival Evening Broadcast Eerste toepassing Virtual Reality Enhancement Technology

People’s Network Beijing 27 januari (Dong Zairui) Breng eerst virtual Reality Enhancement Technology aan, Sino-buitenlandse oppervlakteverwerving van traditionele muziek … Onlangs, 2022 Haidian Network is officieel uitgezonden. De verslaggever leerde dat de hele partij zich richt op de oprichting van de partij, die de belangrijkste thema’s zoals Winter Olympics verwelkomt, en het instellen van de "Tong Joy verwelkomt het nieuwe jaar" "Zhonghua Xin Haidian" "Anti-epidemie MOET WINNEN" Drie hoofdstukken, Gebruik van liedjes, dans, niet-erfenis, kleine producten, magie, interviews, enz. Veld audiovisueel kweekfeest.

Het is in het bijzonder de moeite waard om te vermelden dat voor de ontwikkeling van culturele en wetenschappelijke en technologie-integratie, help Sanshan Wuli National Cultural Cultural Relics Protection and Utilization Demonstration Zone, Haidian District Rong Media Center in Beijing District Rongming Media Center wordt gebruikt om Zhongguancun Science City Science and Technology Enterprise te gebruiken Virtuele realistische enhancementtechnologie, gecombineerd met de driewegs vijf tuin digitale scène-toepassingen, uitnodigende professionele ziekenhuisgroepdansers, het cre?ren van een mooie holografische dans "! Sanshan 5th Park.

In de show zijn de driewegs vijf tuinen in de lucht, het mooie, de acteur danst, en de dans van de Danna reist door de tijd en ruimte. Briljant. Olympische Winterspelen is ook veel geld in de avond. The Winter Olympic Dance "Winter Trunte" van Yongtai Primary School Le Lin luisterde naar de Dance Group in Haidian District, nam deel aan de "Winter Olympic Mensster’s 200 dagen" thema-show die wordt gehost door China en Foreign Exchange Center, Beijing Winter Olympische Comité Informatie Propaganda-afdeling gezamenlijk gehoste activiteit.

Dans met een prachtige ijs- en sneeuwwereld als achtergrond, onschuldige romantische kinderen en het slimme sneeuw flexie spelen spelen in de winter, en de sneeuwvlokken, sneeuwballen zijn ge?ntegreerd, perfect gecombineerd, ondergedompeld in de prachtige ijs- en sneeuwwereld, vormen een harmonieuze wintertroney , passerend het geluk van ijs en sneeuw en tienerverwachtingen voor de Olympische Spelen van Beijing Winter. Bovendien is het wereldwijde "chorus" een van de hoogtepunten van het feest.

Tsinghua University Trade Union Leraar Choir "Oogst combinatie" Sang Song "goede mensen een goede droom". Het is duidelijk dat "de rijm-zangerscombinatie" in 2009 werd opgericht en nam hij deel aan het 14e China International Chorus-festival.

Sun Yun, Guzheng Leraar Zon rennen en haar buitenlandse studenten, ensemble traditionele volksmuziek "Jasmine". Op het feest stuurden de internationale vrienden van Haidian enthousiast een nieuwe lentezegen naar Haidian-bewoners en verdeelde internationale studenten van over de hele wereld, ze stuurden terug naar de zegeningen in het buitenland.

In 2021, de epidemische preventie en -controle, de Olympics-service van de winter, ontstond Haidian een groep typische gevallen, en hij was heet. Op het feest, "Xiwangzhuang moeder", "de bladeren van de bladeren" Moeder, Gao Bo, Cao Shuai Paar geaccepteerde interviews, revisit het "epidemie" -scenario, wat de diepte aanraakt. In november 2021 omhelst ik met mijn dochter en mijn familie omhelst op het toneel; "De bladeren zijn geel", wanneer de moeder en het kind ge?nterviewd zijn, weet het vierjarige kind "Ik wil dat mijn moeder huilt , huil voor een tijdje niet huilen "; Gao Bo deelnemen aan de preventie en controle van de epidemie, CAO Shuai-paren reduceren naar de buitenwereld, en ‘s nachts zal ik naar huis gaan. Hun verhaal infecteert veel netibens en mensen tranen.

Deze drie groepen families zijn opgenomen in de epidemische preventie en besturingsvideo "We zijn" opgenomen door Haidian District. De twee zangers van het Haidian Yuefu Book Company hebben de video zeer aangeraakt gezien. In de partij, het nummer "zolang gewone", die het respect voor elk gewone epidemiepreventie en controlepersoneel en het grote publiek uiten.

Bovendien hebben de kleurrijke culturele programma’s in de partij een sterke jaarlijkse smaak geslaagd. Niet-legacy show "2022 dansende Haidian", verzamelde de prachtige dance Dragon Dance, het plezier van de stad, de leden van de stad, Yongfei Village, Tuni Village, Northwest Wang Village, Liulu dorp, enz.

De openluchtfase is erg levendig, en de uitvoering van folk-culturele groepen zullen het geluk en de inwoners van Haidian Mooie plattelandsconstructie benadrukken.

Het is duidelijk dat 2022 Haidian Network Spring Festival-avond wordt georganiseerd door Haidian District Committee, gehost door de afdeling Media, organisatie-districtsinstellingen, wetenschappelijke en technologische ondernemingen, staatsbedrijven, scholen, orkest, bekende zanger, goochelaars, winter Olympische Servicegebonden, kaders, enz. (Haidiaanse district voor de kaart) (Editor: Mereng, Gao Xing) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Purify the App, also the user’s Qinglang network environment (vertical and horizontal)

  Not long ago, the "App Advertising Consumer Protection Evaluation Report (2020)" (hereinafter referred to as "Report") (hereinafter referred to as "Report") shows that 58% of the 600 APPs of the test contain advertisements, where% of advertising cannot One button is closed. How to easily close the ad and set "Close button" for the app to become the interests of the majority of users. According to incomplete statistics, users spend an average hour a day in various apps, accounting for the length of the net length of the user average, and the APP is increasingly highly highlighted as a new type of advertising medium.

At the same time, some mobile phone manufacturers sell hardware and do not earn money, more of pre-installed software and their advertising profits, and some app operators’ profits are closely related to advertising. Push advertising and force to watch, like strong buying, violation of user independent choice rights, and the challenge of laws and regulations. The advertising law stipulates that using the Internet, send advertisements, may not affect the user’s normal use of the network.

Ads published in the Internet page with pop-ups, should be significantly indicated to close the mark, make sure you can close one button.

"Interim Measures for Internet Advertising Management" also have the same provisions. What is more worrying is that APP advertisements are more accurately push-up advertising, which may violate user privacy and not easy to supervise. The "Report" believes that the accurate delivery of APP advertisements and bidding transactions is premised on obtaining a lot of information from consumers, and the impact on consumer personal information protection is very large.

Since 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has launched a special rectification action for APP for two consecutive years. It is a total of 620,000 app for technical testing for illegally handling user personal information, setting obstacles. The rectification, publicly notified 500, and the 132 rectification is not in place, and the app will not rectify. Improve the illegal cost of app, increase punishment is a lot of users’ voice, and it is also a real need.

If the advertisement is one of the users reflects a strong problem. Since some app does not give the user to the advertisement "no" right, please supervise the sword, say "no" to such a app. By ordering the rectification and the rack, the APP operator really feels "pain", which has enhanced self-discipline, abide by laws and regulations, strict advertising management, and continuously optimizes the content and form of advertising. It is believed that with the gradual clearness of supervision, the supervision means continues to upgrade, through strengthening rectification, it can better promote health and sustainable development of mobile Internet industry, and also a clean and good network environment.

  (Since the "Workers Daily", the original title "Can you turn off the app?").

Strong organization excellent mechanism promotes the development of Chongzhou to construct a modern rural governance system

Guidance Village (Community) Improve Project Planning, Coordinating Resources, Coordinating Project Funds, and Creating ‘Industrial Special Economics

Guidance Village (Community) Improve Project Planning, Coordinating Resources, Coordinating Project Funds, and Creating ‘Industrial Special Economics Exploring the "Management Committee + Community" two-level government, three-level management new system, leading the economic work of the Party Crafts Committee of the Urban Agricultural Function Region, Party Organization, Economic Commissioner, served as the first secretary of the village (community), The branch is built on the industrial chain, strengthening the party building leading role, enhance administrative service efficiency, guiding the village (community) to improve project planning, travel free resources, coordinate project funds, and build "Industrial Special Economic Zone."

Exploring the modern economic system such as "Independent Director" system, the First Secretary of the Division, the Party Work Committee, and the independent directors of the collective economy, and the objective supervision and management of the country, and avoid the loss of state-owned assets.

Following the concept of "a forest disk gathering a service industry", fully utilize the fruit rectification of rural people, shaping the beautiful and livable countryside characterized by forest plate, with a beautiful environment, gathering business, and putting rural ecology Value transformation into farmers’ income effects. Take the first "happiness" forest plate project to implement the "Happiness" forest plate project, establish a large rain village share economic cooperation joint community, establish a happiness industry in Dawu Village, the establishment of the residential party organization, and choose economic Specialist, elect independent directors, introduce specialized team operations, through "Bao Rental, Second Dividend" social enterprise cooperation model, "4321" interest allocation mechanism, construct "social network", "social enterprise", "enterprises" interests The mechanism has walked out a new path for the ecological value transformation path of "resource-changing assets, capital change stocks, farmers shareholders, specialized operations".

It is expected that the annual operating income of the project is expected to exceed 23 million yuan, driving the collective economic organization to increasing 1 million yuan, driving more than 200 people in the ground.

Rural Terminal: Innovation Development Path Helps Rural Revitalization

  In order to protect the party history education, it is implemented in the practice, falling to the practice, Chengdu Modern Agricultural Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Rural Tarporation") party committee put "I do practical things for the masses", as the important education of party history The specific embodiment of the content and learning education results will fully implement the "root benefit of people, support the ‘medium and small", service’ three farming ‘, create value ", and inject more financial in the field of revitalization. Live water, contribute more strength to the high quality development of Chengdu.

  The rural timing is held the theme activities of "School Party History and Conception". (Data) Wisdom Agricultural Body, Relying on Internet Exploring Agricultural Socket Pattern with the "Internet + Guarantee" model, the rural timetry is involved in the new business sector, and the extension business tentacles. Signing the Internet Guarantee Business Cooperation Agreement with Zhejiang NetShang Bank, relying on the advantage of the network business bank with the ability to handle high concurrency financial transactions, massive data and elastic expansion capabilities, for small and micro enterprises, mass consumers, rural operators and farmers, Small and medium-sized financial institutions provide loan guarantee services. Exploring the cooperation model of scientific and technological empowerment, the rural banks and the Sichuan Provincial Financing Big Data Services Platform Xingchuan Lancing Company to cooperate, to make a good social efficiency, gain a good social benefit as the core, give full play to the matching of financial elements, cutting-edge technology applications , High-quality enterprise services, etc., the advantages of empowering small and medium-sized micro enterprises. Petroology interaction, with the help of the Wisdom Text Travel, Rural Rural Areas, actively revitalize the country’s revitalization.

Through a new attempt to combine with the cultivation, explore a panel of rural collective economy, helping the rural resolution of the country. In October This year, the rural timing provides 2000,000 yuan of liquid loan guarantee to the Zhongke Farler, which is used to support its development of wisdomworks to promote agricultural projects. The rural strain company also issued a guarantee loan from 1.4 million yuan in September this year, supported the development of the collective economy in Pujiang County Baihe Daquang Rural Expo Tourism Development Co., Ltd. to help the development of local rural tourism. The subordinate production company innovates the "Xiling Hot Springs" products, exploring the housing resources along the Xiling Snow Mountain and Huaquan County Tourism Scenic Area along the Daxie County, visiting the investigation star hotel, farmhouse, etc. More than 30 households.

  Multi-dimensional strategy, deepening brand building promotes agricultural rural modern farmholding company with its key points, continuously promoting agricultural rural modernization, meeting the growing needs of the people. The farmer is helping Pujiang local core e-commerce enterprises to promote the development of specialty industries and brands.

Through the investigation of Pujiang local enterprises "to honesty agriculture", the rural timing company has successfully issued 2 million yuan "Rong Yi loan", supported the development of Pujiang fruit and e-commerce characteristics and brands.

  The agglomeration company is jointly multi – party force to solve the problem of agricultural rural development.

The "Zhengda Golden Pig Association" program with the three-way farmers will be put into 6 households, pig breeding enterprises, and a total of 65 million yuan of guaranteed loan funds and commit margin funds, and improving hundreds of millions of social funds into Chuan. Pig nuulture industry. At the same time, multi-part cooperation with governments, banks, financial institutions, actively integrates the Chengdu Pully financial service system, and pays the benefits of 42 "Rong Yi loan" customers to provide billion loan guarantee, effectively reduce the financing cost of small and medium-sized enterprises. [Editor: Jiang Yan].

Tongji 72-year-old retired professor made hard core science every day by 12 million hawning netizens reminded more than 72 years old – News

  "Science" fire, in the shake, more than 56 million people have seen her science short video, and even parents have their own children "chasing" her interest physics experiment.

Behind the data is a 72-year-old physician, Wu Yes, a few decades, such as one day.

  Before retired, Wu Yiren served as the Director of the Physical Demonstration Laboratory of Tongji University and the director of the Teaching and Research Office.

It is noted that many students are good at doing, but they have less interest to physics itself. Wu Yes began consciousness in the course explanation, the experimental design increases the content of "grounding" in the experimental design to stimulate students’ curiosity and exploration of physics. want.

Since then, she promotes the openness of Tongji University’s physical laboratory for primary and secondary school students, the purpose is to let more children fall in love with physics.

  After leaving the campus, 2018, Wu Yes and old colleagues, students tried to pass short video science physics knowledge. The shake account "does not brush" becomes her new science podium. A one-minute video, she often takes two hours. In addition to humorous explanations, Wu Ye people have the understanding of physical principles and the understanding of audience.

Some netizens mentioned in the comments that if they were young, there were teachers like Wu Yu, perhaps would not be so afraid of physics. But Wu Yiren said: "Nothing is not too late, the charm of understanding science is never too late.

"The origin is physically, interested is the best teacher" the physics, love science, and the child "is the introduction of the homepage of" do not brush ", and Wu Yam has experienced a true portrayal of the past few decades. For her, Falling in love with science seems to be a matter of natural. Wu Yin’s father is the first generation of new China, usually the mysterious and busy, only Sunday can stay in a few hours to go home to accompany family.

However, it is also in this week, and the father has opened the door for physics and science for young Wu Yans. Wu Yu people recalled that in the childhood, he and your brother often observed under the leadership of the father, thinking about everything around him.

Why do dumplings float when boiling dumplings? Why can’t you fall in the glass? When washing socks, is it a brain to wash in soap water, or a piece of block washed cleared? These others seem to be empty, but the beginning of her and your brother. Under such a curious heart, Wu Yam has chosen physical majors after growing, and begins to explore the movement law in the experiment.

In Wu Yemuth, interest is the best teacher. However, when Tongji University taught "University Physics", Wu Yu people found that many students not only don’t talk about this discipline, but even some "fear". They may be good at doing questions, but there is no enthusiasm for scientific exploration.

Wu Yu people want to change this situation, the first thing is to identify the root of the problem. Combined with teaching practice and personal experience, Wu Hao believes that the lack of curiosity of the objective world may be the reason for this phenomenon. As a result, she is interested in the choice and layout of the experimental equipment, and has also built a physical exploration laboratory with colleagues. Many students will regain pure fun of scientific exploration.

  In 2007, under the support of Tongji University, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Education Committee guided Wu Yao and others founded the Physics Practice Workstation of the Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Talent Training Base Tongji University. Heart is a child, and youth popular science can also be very hard to learn the popularity of physics.

Unlike college students who have accepted systemic learning, children in the youth have not formed their minds, and it is when it is curious. Good science content is not only able to nourish the life of children, but also to stimulate their "scientist dreams", leaving fire in their future development. In 2018, Wu Ye who had retired Wu Yao and the students were led by the top ten professors, and the Ph.D. did not brush the club. In April of the same year, the club began to update the shake account "Do not brush", explore the science in the form of short video. Soon, with the "brain hole" props, the interesting history of the fun, the explanation of the sound, Wu Yiren went to the red jimmy, became a "scientific embarrassment" that was familiar with 1.22 million fans.

  Wu Yu people in short video, one silver hair, laughing will show two tiger teeth. In her hand, eggs, drying racks, coins … and unusual supplies may become experimental equipment for mechanics and electrical experiments. Some time ago, Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft successfully launched.

Many children are therefore curious: How did the Rocket fly on? In order to answer this question, Wu Yes specially filmed the first phase of the video, through the blowing ball, let everyone know the speed of the rocket flying in the rocket burning reaction force; then use the liquid nitrogen to spray the experiment, let the children can intuitive Feeling how much fuel takes a breakthrough of the first universe.

  Netizens who are familiar with "Don’t Brush" account noted that although Wu Yao’s explanation always goes deep out, it is easy to understand, but in the choice of knowledge points, she is not limited, and she will not be limited to the children. Deliberately select simple content.

In a short video about "How long is there in a second, Wu Yao first explains why it takes high precision time scale, and then introduces the latest international" second "to the latest definition: 铯 铯 海The two super fine energy levels of the CS133 atom-based state, the transition oscillation of 9192631770 cycles in the zero magnetic field. Netizens, especially children, will not understand this professional complex academic definition? Wu Yu people are not worried, and the repurns of the commentary area also fully demonstrate the popularity of hard core content in short video platforms.

Finally, Wu Yao left a question: Why is the "Beijing Time" Time Center built in Shaanxi Linyi instead of Beijing? More than 4,500 netizens participated in interaction in the comment area, "Close to China’s geographic center, the transfer error as possible", "" High-precision instrument should consider the influence of ground vibration, "perhaps, perhaps based on stability ? "… Different people have different thinking dimensions, and the answer may not be completely accurate, but it is clear that everyone will begin to seriously think about this problem. Some people will not understand, just as Wu Yamao’s reply: "Science to, understand it.

"Turning the network, becoming 1.2 million fans," Science "now, Wu Yao, the average of three videos, determine the theme, write scripts, select the experiment … She is almost all kinds of pro, sometimes she needs homemade" teaching "When some principles did not know how to explain, Wu Yao will pull on the old colleagues to discuss. In order to ensure the accuracy of science, she specially invited the team’s young people to make a phrase, except Recalled what you have to talk about, and did you use the parentheses to do what action. Wu Yam’s short video collected named "Science", stem from the name of the reality to her. Many students she brought over the past Have a family has a child, and the children are used to calling Wu Yao’s "".

Usually meet, Wu Yu people like to take out toys to take them together to do experiments, long time, "scientific" prefixed before "". Now, this styling continues on a short video platform, millions of fans have also begun to like this "scientific". Up to now, "don’t brush" account has accumulated 1220,000 fans, got 3.68 million.

In addition to "science", more and more natural science content began to go into the short video platform. The public data shows that in the past year, only the shake platform is only 33 billion times, and the 700 million people are praised by the relevant works. Among the natural science content categories most concerned about netizens, physical is home to the top five.

I have made countless people’s headache, scared disciplines, is becoming more and more people like to see content.

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