Bold try bold, the "altitude" of the open highlands can get more and higher

As an important hub connected to the country, the self-trade test area shoulder the double mission of "reform pilot" and "open pressure test", which is conducive to deepening domestic and foreign trade integration, with higher open level, greater reform. Strength and more effective way to promote the smooth flow of domestic international dual cycles.

This 19 measures involve multiple specific areas, targeting a number of specific problems, boldly trials for the self-trade test area, boldly created better conditions and environment, which is of great significance for the construction of open highlands and construction of new development. It is conducive to adapting to the new situation and responds to new challenges.

Relevant measures from imported trade, offshore trade, bonded maintenance, medical imports, cross-border e-commerce, etc. The new challenge is to find new trade growth points in the process of adapting to the international economic and trade situation.

It is conducive to improving the business environment and further attracting foreign capital. Through the implementation of higher levels of external open, simplify approval processes, improve service efficiency, relax foreign access, and reduce foreign-funded entry, reduce foreign-funded, and reduce foreign-funded entries, and more convenient Investment conditions attract quality foreign capital to bring more incremental funds for the reform and development of the relevant regions. It is conducive to smooth international logistics to enhance product service transmission efficiency.

In the current situation, the impact of logistics on international trade is increasingly significant.

"Measures" to actively explore international logistics such as aviation, railway, multimodal transport and shipping, improve the management service efficiency of transportation transportation, and do a good job in the connection between transnational transportation, smooth international logistics, will promote China. The overall efficiency of foreign trade and bidirectional investment. It is conducive to promoting financial institutional reform and innovation to expand financial openness.

"Measures" propose rich commodity futures varieties, conducts the pilot of the bank account system of this foreign currency, explores intellectual property securitization, etc.

It is conducive to the improvement of laws and regulations in the economic and trade fields to protect the legitimate rights and interests of economic and trade enterprises. The development of international trade and investment is inevitable with the increase in legal needs. By carrying judicial practices and explorations on various transport documents in the self-trade test area, it helps to improve relevant laws and regulations to improve trade efficiency.

Strengthening, improving the judicial review of arbitral awards in the regional arbitration institutions, can effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises in the area, and lay the foundation for further enhanced trade investment facilitation.

It can be said that the introduction of "Measures" has brought new opportunities for the trade-inspinement and related companies. They are both policy beneficiaries and practitioners of policies. On the one hand, the self-trade test area should actively do a good job in new and old policies. It is necessary to pay attention to the systematic, integrity, continuity and synergism of the policy system, and accelerate the promotion of new measures as soon as possible, precise landing, and effectively land.

On the other hand, relevant companies should speed up their own system innovation and transformation and upgrading, accurately grasp new measures, timely adjust their business direction and development mode, eliminate backward production capacity, increase independence innovation, actively introduce new funds, new people and new technology, improve The quality and competitiveness of core products, create new advantages for high quality development.

Only in this way, the freedom test area is increasingly higher as the "altitude" of the open highlands, and the radiation drive will be more and more, and finally injecting powerful driving force for the construction of new development patterns.

(Wang Liyong, the author is the vice president and professor of the International Economics and Trade College of the Central University: the original title: for the self-trade zone, boldly try boldly create a better environment (open talk) "People’s Daily Overseas Edition" (September 14, 2021 Day 06) Editor: Wu Zhengdan, Meng Qingchuan.

Deliven the one who creates a newborn

  [Remembrance] Delo, the people who create new students – remember Guangdong test tube baby "first person" Chen Yuanben Guangming Daily reporter Wu Chunyan Wang Zhongyao 2020 points on April 7th, Chen Yuanben, enjoy 89 years old. The pioneer of my country’s reproductive medicine, Guangdong test tube infant "First Person", the founder of Guangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Research Institute, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, will always leave the world that he worked hard to create a new life. The ancestral home of Guangdong South China Sea, Chen Yuanben, who was born in 1930, is growing in the era of revolutionary war in the firefighting and smoke.

I have affected the father of the patriotic soldiers, Chen Yuanben has self-improvement since childhood, for the spirit of the country. Chen Yuanben’s information on the eve of the founding of New China, Chen Yuanben, who participated in the various anti-Japanese national salvation activities organized by the school in Yuebei, refused to advise him to study abroad, stayed in the motherland.

As a first-generation college student in New China, Chen Yuanben, who graduated from Zhongshan Medical College in 1955, established a life goal contributed through modern medical treatment.

  After being assigned to the Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Maternity Academy of Medicine, Zhengzhou City, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Chen Yuanbin completed the multi-patient complex huge bladder vaginal leakage procedures, and took the lead in the cervical cancer of cervical cancer in Henan Province. The first example of cervical cancer in Henan Province was carried out.

  In 1978, Chen Yuan was introduced into the Guangzhou Second People’s Hospital (now the Third Affiliated Third Hospital Affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University), and sensitively realized the driving role of technology on modern medicine. "’Technology Xing Doctor’ is the way to pass." He once said. At the time, only Shanghai Fudan University, Hunan Medical University and other colleges and other colleges and universities conducted research on cell genetics and human chromosome preparation research. Chen Yuanben hosted the first cell genetic laboratory in Guangzhou in 1978, filled in South China. blank. It is in just one year, only a laboratory of simple required equipment, Chen Yuanben leads the team successfully prepared the peripheral blood chromosome, and later discovered the world’s first report. At the end of 1986, the Ministry of Health will capture infertility as a "Seventh Five-Year" research project, Chen Yuanbin took the initiative to carry out this very forward-looking study. At that time, the domestic test tube infant studies just started, can one municipal hospital? "There is no difficulty in the world, as long as you will climb." Chen Yuanben answered questions about the leadership of the hospital and the Municipal Health Bureau and got their support.

  "Don’t pass unknown." Chen Yuan has recalls that test tube infant technology involves multi-disciplines such as human life medicine, embryology, reproductive endocrine, obstetrics and gynecology, in order to prepare tens of thousands of words "human auxiliary reproductive technology outline" He looked over more than 100 foreign languages, and he worked almost a day and night, explored its own technical process system.

Preparation from cases, induce ovulation, follicular development, timely taking steps in eggs, sperm access, in vitro fertilization and cultivation, embryo transfer, Chen Yuanben leads team step by step, all overcome.

  On September 15, 16, 16, the first example of Guangdong Province, the second example of the test tube baby was born, the news was out, causing a lot of sensation, Guangdong became the third in Beijing, the third in China province.

Since the first test tube baby is born, Chen Yuanben continued to explore in reproductive medicine, and successively launched a number of front-edge derivative technologies such as peclate single sperm injection, embryonic stem cell technology, cytosol core.

Today’s Wide Medical Third Hospital has developed into one of the largest reproductive medical centers in Guangdong Province. "Guangming Daily" (April 20, 2020).

60 jaar governance Yulin 860 hectare groene apparatuur Quicksand Montpellier

Xinhua News Agency, Xi’an, 7 april – Titel: 60 jaar governance Yulin 860 Acres van Groene Quicksand Montpellier Ge?nstalleerd Xinhua News Agency Reporter Jiang Chenrong, gelegen in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, Li Hua Mu US Desert, Razende zandstorm, kale land heeft lang geplaagd lokaal.

Sinds de jaren 1950 begon grootschalig ecologisch beheer hier. Na 60 jaar langdurige bebossing en zandcontrole, en nu is Yulin verwoestend landen% tarief bereikt 860 miljoen mu stroomzand dat opnieuw wordt bedekt met het groen.

"Dwaas oude man" territorium woestijn zand fixatie yulin gebied van vierkante kilometers, zandige gebieden goed voor meer dan 56% van het totale oppervlak van Yulin.

Ter herinnering aan Jingbian County, Yulin City Kengzhen Hairball Village 98-jarige Guo Chengwang Ouderly in 40 jaar geleden, haarballen dorp omringd door zand, soms een wind waait, was het oogst van de aarde vol met zand begraven, de dorpsbewoners eten brandhout erg moeilijk.

Om deze situatie te veranderen, in 1985, heeft het meer dan zestig Guocheng Wang gecontracteerde zandplantenbomen rond het dorp. "Ik wilde bomen planten om de wind te blokkeren, om mensen in het dorp te geven om wat brandhout te krijgen.

"Guocheng Wang zei:" Die in het begin, te veel zand, bomen worden vaak naastnacht geplant gaf een schraap uit. "Guocheng Wang tanden gaan door met soorten bomen die wortel maken, Kang Zhu zand, geleidelijk bos. Guocheng Wang ouder, zijn zoon en kleinzoon, die kleinkinderen namen om bomen te planten. Zandcontrole in Guo is een soort geloofsfeest geworden.

Met deze geest van "vastberadenheid en moed" worden ze in zandhures van bossen.

"Mijn grootvader was in die tijd de belangrijkste soorten populieren, we zijn nu een beetje Pinus Sylvestris. Vorig jaar probeer ik ook geplante appelbomen, een paar jaar moeten in staat zijn om fruit te dragen." Guocheng Wang’s kleinzoon, 49-jarige Dit jaar zei Guo Jianjun.

Tegenwoordig is het dorp niet alleen haarballen dan vreesde zandstormen, raakten ook bekend om de lokale groentebasis. Al tientallen jaren, zoals Guocheng Wang Yulin als "dwaze oude man" zijn er tienduizenden, worden ze een belangrijke kracht in de Mu US Desert Control.

Zand tussen wetenschap al tientallen jaren, heeft "kameelstad" genoemd, zei Yulin, de bosdekking van de bosverdekking steeg van 33% tegenwoordig tot% 860 hectare zand die allemaal vaste en semi-fixed, Martinez is moeilijk te vinden. Desert Control Research Institute, plaatsvervangend directeur van SHAANXI Provinciale History Society is trots op deze sterke prestaties. Hij zei dat de technologie van China in de Desert Sand Maowusu Governance Practices, blijven toepassen, verbeteren en verbeteren.

"In de jaren zestig, Yulin City, de eerste luchtzaaitechnologie van het land.

Luchtfoto’s de zaden worden niet geplant kudde, plaats, tijd en herkomst is bijzonder over.

Er was geen positioneringssysteem, het grondpersoneel om een ??spiegel te nemen of op de vier hoeken van de rode vlag te staan, suggereert dat luchtzaaigingsgebied.

"Qiang zei clubgeschiedenis, door vallen en opstaan, herkomst uiteindelijk ge?dentificeerd als bloemstokken en andere vijf soorten gemakkelijk te leven struiken, 600 hectare zand die wordt bestuurd door luchtzaaimachine, is de introductie van dezelfde periode, de introductie van Pinus Sylvestris uit Noord-Oosten China, Mu US Desert vullen de ontbrekende gaten van groenblijvende bomen. "Na tien jaar observatie beheersten we geleidelijk de Mongolica, het planten van volwassen technologie, de overlevingspercentage steeg tot 90%. "Qiang zei Club History. Van een Scotch Pine, noch, naar de huidige meer dan 130 hectare, onderging Yulin Edge of the Mu US Desert verrassende veranderingen.

Yulin Municipal Meteorological Bureau Data tonen aan dat in 2000-2018 een aanzienlijke vermindering van de stofweertrend toonde.

In 2000 vonden de stofstormen van de stad 40 dagen later in 2014 bijna nooit gebeurd. Met de continue uitbreiding van het Yoelin-grasgebied, met een sterke geschiedenis van gemeenschap, vertegenwoordigd door zandwetenschappers aan een nieuwe studie. "Yulin vegetatiegebied is groot, maar de vegetatie-soorten is nog steeds relatief eenvoudig, we hebben al die jaren Chang Wu, Jack Pine, Changbai Pine en andere bomen ge?ntroduceerd, verkennen gemengde planten van verschillende soorten, in de hoop de kwaliteit te blijven hervormen en de kwaliteit te blijven hervormen en de kwaliteit te blijven hervormen en de kwaliteit te blijven hervormen . "Geschiedenismaatschappij Qiang zei. Zhang Ying-Long Ecological Reconstruction in Yulin City, is een "groot zand". In 2003 contracteert Zhang Ying-Long Contract de Mu US Desert 300 vierkante kilometer van het land van niemand. Na 16 jaar van governance is deze sandy gebied vegetatie-dekking gestegen van 3% tot 65%.

Na continue exploratie concludeert hij dat "waterretentie en onderhoudspunten" andere boomplantingsmodus, 38 hectare bos en grasland hiervan zijn.

In de afgelopen jaren laat de zuivere zandbebossing hem niet tevreden voelen, wederopbouw van het natuurlijke ecosysteem in MU werd zijn nieuwe achtervolging.

Hiertoe introduceerde hij vier jaar geleden een unieke Australische EMU in de zandbasis, het huidige huis van deze Emus is succesvol fokken.

Lange Zhang zou in de toekomst klaar moeten zijn voor deze groeiende emu "familie" kous in de MU US-woestijn na de initi?le ecologische restauratie, reconstructie om "Flora and Fauna Circle" te bereiken.

"Emu in de bossen, bomen kunnen onkruid opruimen en de branddruk verminderen.

Ze worden een woestijnecosysteem om een ??belangrijk onderdeel van zelfcycli te bereiken.

"Hij zei niet alleen dat, Chang, Chang-Long ook gebruik de Mu US Desert Natural Form." Crescent-vormige "zandduinen, testplanten van druiven, indigo fruit en andere contante gewassen ;. Selfgebouwde experimentele percelen, plantende bosbessen, bramen , Zandige datums die hij blijft proberen, in de hoop de meest geschikte lokale modus te vinden, het gebruik van MU-Amerikaanse woestijn van ecologische economie, kan zandige gebieden wijzigingen aanbrengen in "meloenen en fruit". "Nu nu vegetatie, met ecologische voordelen. Maar ik zou willen ‘shalitojin’, laat de woestijn de economische waarde produceren, een ‘eco-rijke manier’ vinden voor het zandige zandgebied.

"Zhang Ying Long zei.

Anhui: Industry specials empower "double trick double

Building a high-level investment platform, refer to key merchants, use marketization funds … This year, the province has established the top ten emerging industries to promote the work of work, the provincial leadership leaders, pay close attention to the industry "construction map" landing, use good capital Force, continuously optimize the industrial ecology, build a concrete, closed-loop operation, and flat and efficient mechanism system, and in-depth precision promotion "double trick double lead". As of the end of November, the province’s top ten emerging industries "double tricks and double lead" have started 602 projects, with a total investment amount of 35.3 billion yuan; 1326 contract projects, total investment billion yuan; 1266 in the project, Anhui high-quality development The kinetic energy is burst, and it is enhanced, and the prospects are gratifying.

Expand the source of investment promotion, enhance the ability to recruit professionalism in August this year, a well-known fund manager suggested the province to introduce top life and health research institutions to help Anhui life and health industry, and focus on the Beijing University Future Technical College.

"We contact Peking University Future Technical College to introduce the basic situation of our province’s life and health industry.

At the same time, through the two-way feedback mechanism, combine intentional cooperation content, the clues are recommended to Hefei, Anqing, Xuancheng and other cities, and focus on docking.

"The Provincial Life Health Industry Special Class, the staff of the Provincial Health and Health Committee" Wang Fei said.

On November 19th, Anqing City established a cooperative framework for the University of Peking University, and launched the three scientific research conversion platform projects to build life and health, bioengineering "double students" industrial valley to create a national first-class life and health industry park. The provincial industrial processes continue to adopt the "Top Fighting Law" and take the initiative to meet the meeting with key merchants, and actively help each other. As of the end of November, the provincial comprehensive coordination mechanism, the provincial industrial processes, including 1496 industrial project clues to all localities.

It is the core competitiveness of the industrial project, which determines the effectiveness of "double trick and double".

The provincial digital creative industry will have a coordinated linkage working mechanism, clarify the two divisions of the group and the counterpart from the link, formulate two work guidance of service enterprises and merchants; the provincial life and health industry project is promoted in 5 billion targets With the provincial-level life and health industry project, the special working group or propulsion mechanism is established in other municipalities; the provincial artificial intelligence industry project has promoted the establishment of the key city to the vice mayor for the chain length and deputy director of the Science and Technology Bureau as a liaison Work specialties … "The province’s industrial processes will promote all the places to match the powerful school work forces, and specialize in the formation of professional promotion, the special officers, and the special operation of the special post, the top and bottom association, and efficient operation The provincial county industrial project is working system, and the concept of the ‘management industry must invest in investment is more deeply rooted. The relevant person in charge of the Office of the Office of the Provincial Emerging Industry Gathering. Up to now, the provincial industries have clearly appointed the "double trick and double". Municipal combined with the actual and development focus, a total of 142 jobs or special working groups, and the provincial industrial processes have established normalization docking channels from all over the country.

8 provincial industrial projects such as artificial intelligence, new materials, energy-saving and environmental protection, also lead to the organization of provincial county industrial project training, and 1250 people have participated in training. "Platform" "Fund" double-managed, promoting the Marketization Recruitment Group Construction Association Industry Alliance, which is conducive to the completion of the investment platform short board. Since this year, the provincial industries have adopted a new formation or reforming industry association and other means, building an industry or industry association, forming an industrial alliance, and promoting marketization. "The Formation of Digital Creative Industry Association in Anhui Province is currently close to the end, and nearly 150 high-quality digital creative industrial enterprises have applied for entering the meeting.

"The head of the association preparatory group, the general manager of Provincial Cultural Investment Operation Co., Ltd. said.

After the establishment of the Association, it will actively carry out industrial research, and collect information and data support for "double trick double lead". At the same time, the preparations for the Long Triangle Digital Creative Industry Alliance are also rapidly promoted. According to reports, the alliance is built under the framework of the Entrepreneur League in the Yangtze River Delta, and the Government Guide + Colleges (Research Institute) Support + Industry Association Embigator + Collaboration Platform Leads Leads Leads.

The alliance will be guided by the industrial policy, with the market as driven, with enterprises as the main body, actively link the high-quality resources of the long triangular digital creative industry, and continuously cultivate the large number of digital creative industries. Up to now, the provincial industrial project has organized 27 important industrial attractions to help each city to make up the investment platform short board, enhance the attraction of investment and enlargement. In addition to using platform thinking, industrial projects also use capital’s power to promote marketization funds.

"We actively play the role of government guidance funds and shake more social capital to carry out the ‘Double trick double reference."

At present, there have been 8 provincial industrial processes to cultivate and develop emerging industries through new formation or integration of existing government and marketization funds.

"The staff of the Provincial Emerging Industry Gathering Executive Group said, for example, the new material industry project has promoted the establishment of 20 billion yuan in China Building Materials (Anhui) New Materials Industry Investment Fund, the new generation of information technology industry projects are promoting 300 million yuan Quantum Guidance Fund.

Looking at the province, all localities also took the initiative to focus on the development of the top ten emerging industries, and the local system should be attracted and develop a group of marketization funds.

Among them, Fengyang County Xiaogang Village and Chunming Industrial Capital Group has established a rural revitalization fund. The first issue is about 1 billion yuan, and new motivation is injected into Xiaogang Village industrial development.

Establish a new type of political and enterprise interactive channel, track the service acceleration project landline online registration investment project, one-click to consult all levels of investment commissioners, inquiry the investment environment … Now, the provincial and foreign customers open "Investment Anhui" WeChat applet, you can understand I have strive for resources and enjoy efficient service. Our province has created "investing in Anhui" WeChat applets, establishing new political and enterprises, industrial interaction social channels. The provincial industrial projects rely on the platform to publish industrial investment policies, carry out online industry salon activities and attractions, and form the industrial development ecology of "Multi-Chain Association + Quality and Efficient Government Service". As of the end of November, "Investment Anhui" has attracted 2512 inside and outside the province, 144 Merchants Association to join, release 426 "double tricks and double lead" policies at all levels, including 60 provincial policies, release government and park 756 investment projects.

It is only the beginning of the project, so that the good projects settled in roots, but also rely on sustained quality services. Relying on the provincial "double trick and double" integrated service platform and city county specialized docking communication mechanism, provincial industrial processes have tracked the promotion project.

"We have established the major projects of the provincial and municipal counties, and the provincial and cities of the province and city, according to the different stages of the project, negotiation, signing, start, production, production, etc., the need to be coordinated by the provincial level. Service, timely help solve difficulties, provincial and city, counties, and speed up the project landing.

"The Provincial High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry Special Class, the Director of the Provincial Department of Economic Agency is introduced. This year, the special class has been combed to more than 500 million provincial key dispatching projects, and promoted in Maanshan City Heavy intelligent equipment manufacturing industry park, signing 41 major projects such as the shared equipment production base of Wuhu City, 41 of the accumulated projects, total investment of 60.9 billion yuan.

At present, the industrial project has advanced the results of "double trick double lead". Next, the province will also improve the online docking mechanism, give full play to the "investment of Anhui" WeChat small procedure, build a line of investment merchant cloud platform, attract more online registration investment projects in the province; "double trick double "Integrated service platform investment intention docking function, help the provincial and county industrial projects to establish and improve online investment intentional closed-loop management system, and improve investment docking effect.

At the same time, improve the evaluation mechanism and project scheduling mechanism, further exert the project’s project, and continue to empower "double trick double lead".

(Reporter Tian Ting).

Tiroteos EN EE. Uu. Continúan Al Alza, Según La Cadena Abc

WASHINGTON, 13nov (Xinhua) – LaspersonasenEstadosUnidosconvivenconlaviolenciaarmada, yaquelostiroteosentodoelpaíscontinúanenaumento ,,, delascualescasi400perdieronlavida, detallólaABCenuninformereciente ,, JoshuaCorneilius, unestudiantede17aosdeunaescueladelnortedeFiladelfia, dijoque "elambienteeshostil (…) Esunaverdaderazonadeguerra" .LaviolenciaconarmasdefuegonoesexclusivadeFiladelfia, tomandoencuentaqueesteaoloshomicidioshanaumentadoenciudadesdetodoelpaís, indicó, hubo430muertesymá, segú ,, á.

China Travel Method Giant Panda twin cubs won the name

  November 18, 2021 local time, Boopol Zoo in France held a naming ceremony for the birth of two Chinese giant pandas cubs in this year on August 2 this year.On the ceremony, French famous Star Mabpe and China Diving Olympic Games Champion Zhang Jiaqi revealed the name of the selected by more than 10,000 online voting.

In the end, "Dishu" and "Huan Li" stand out from 5 to the alternative naming.

    November 18, 2021 local time, Boopol Zoo in France held a naming ceremony for the birth of two Chinese giant pandas cubs in this year on August 2 this year.

On the ceremony, French famous Star Mabpe and China Diving Olympic Games Champion Zhang Jiaqi revealed the name of the selected by more than 10,000 online voting.In the end, "Dishu" and "Huan Li" stand out from 5 to the alternative naming.

    November 18, 2021 local time, Boopol Zoo in France held a naming ceremony for the birth of two Chinese giant pandas cubs in this year on August 2 this year.

On the ceremony, French famous Star Mabpe and China Diving Olympic Games Champion Zhang Jiaqi revealed the name of the selected by more than 10,000 online voting.In the end, "Dishu" and "Huan Li" stand out from 5 to the alternative naming.

Editor in charge: Yuan Danhua.

Shanxi Province stepped up the promotion of coal mines in the overall dopulation of coal mines

  Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan October 12 (Reporter Liu Yangtao, Wang Xuetao) Recently, some coal mines in Shanxi Province were discontinued due to temporary storm.

At the press conference held on the 12th of the Shanxi Provincial Government Information Office, Wang Qi, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Shanxi Provincial Emergency Management Office, said that Shanxi has stepped up promoting coal mine replenishment, and some coal mines will not be invested in Shanxi Coal. Influence.

  Since October 2nd, some coal mines in Taiyuan, Jinzhong, Luliang, Linyi, Changzhi, Jincheng, Yuncheng and other places have been affected by heavy rainfall, in order to ensure safety production, temporary emergency stop production, withdrawal, and avoidance. As the recent rain will slow down, Shanxi Province has stepped up the promotion of the production of coal mines from all over the country.

  "As of now, most of the coal mines have returned to normal production, only 4 coal mines have not yet been restored." Wang Qirui said that there are three coal mines, and there are three coal mines, and there are 36 million tons of Linyi City. The reason for the suspension of water is still Not completely cleared, there is a safety hazard; another coal mine is located in Taiyuan City, with an annual capacity of 1.2 million tons, and the cause of the production of coal-free channels is still repaired by the landslide interruption.

  Wang Qirui said that due to the short period of ceilings in the mine, the recovery production is faster, and it will not affect the coal preservation of Shanxi Province. (Finish).

Taizhou Linhai: Let the whole people share digital reform results

  In Taizhou Linhai Ziyang Street, the public is experiencing Ali Cloud Vlog. Lu Jingguan smart machinery liberation, electronic monitoring time is closely eye-catching, AR guides easy to enjoy the beauty … Digital is incorporated into life, production, more and more application scenarios, plug in a digital wings for happy life.

  For "14th Five-Year Plan", the Millennium Ancient City Taizhou Linhai also began to depict the "digital life" scene – "highlighting the first strategy, focusing on industry, strengthening digital communication, continuous development of advanced manufacturing, speeding up two hundred billions Platform, cultivate three hundred billion industries, a batch of tens of billions of leading enterprises, collaborate to improve the three industries, and fully promote the high-quality development of private economies, struggling to rank among the provinces (cities, districts) first squares. "In Linhai City At the Five Party Congress of the 14th Cities, the secretary of the Linhai Municipal Party Committee said.

  For the industrial injection of digital power June 1, enter Zhejiang Zhengti Co., Ltd. Jin Dynasty workshop, a row of robotic arms, and standardize the operating instructions of the garden door bracket welding, intelligent manufacturing gradually replaces the ordinary labor of sweating such as rain.

  "This is an automatic welding workstation. At present, 5 stations have been introduced. Each station has invested more than 1,700 yuan. "Every day, the soldering of thousands of brackets can be completed, which is equivalent to three skilled workloads uninterrupted workload, and the workstation welding precision is high, the pass rate is in% or more.

"In the manufacturing industry, skilled welding workers have always been a talent that many companies are hired." A good technical welder month is more than 10,000 yuan, and it is difficult to hire. Now the automatic welding workstation is only manually, the following materials, ordinary employees can operate. Lu Zhiguo said. "At present, we are working with the Foxconn Industrial Fulfink, Dingjie Software, and Cooperative Robot Cooperate to carry out intelligent factory construction design, which plans to invest hundreds of dollars in the next two years, promote the innovation and development of the outdoor leisure industry in the future. "Chen Yonghui, chairman of Zhejiang Zhengdite Co., Ltd., said.

  Digitalization not only promotes intelligent manufacturing, but also integrates into the service to improve the brand comprehensive strength. Management, after-sales service management, big data analysis, etc. "The pipeline is laid in the renovation process. If there is a failure after completing the buried, the maintenance cost is high." Zheng Youqun, the information center manager of Zhejiang Weixing New Building Materials Co., Ltd. Service, the technician will go to the door to perform product testing, construction quality control, pressure testing, etc. At present, Weixing has more than 2,000 "star managers" service staff in the country, and has precipitated more than 1 million service data, and complete the transfer of online services to improve service data utilization. "This starts the Weixing pipe gold word sign, successfully created the business model of ‘product + service’, and created the industry.

"Zheng Yougun said that the past consumers will choose the prices in the past, and now we look more attention to quality and service.

  Providing digital navigation for social governance in the command hall of Linhai Command Center, a 68-square-meter electronic screen showed a flood prevention and protection platform in Linhai.

  In recent years, Linhai Ping An construction has achieved remarkable results, Zhong Zhicheng City anti-strike super typhoon "Liqi Ma", won the first batch of star "safe Jin Ding" in the province, and the people who have a sense of happiness will continue to increase. Today, Linhai Innovation Social Governance has highlighted the concept of "overall intellectual", adhere to the "Zhongxiao Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence", "Two Wisdom Integration", speeding up "Smart City", and strives to create a modernized sample of county governance.

  "Linhai’s reservoir mountain pond, geological disaster point, small river mountain hill floods on the screen.

"Xu Yangming, director of Linhai Flood Control, Drought Center, introduced the monitoring video, combined with the system, combined with the system, and the first time, the combination of the system, when there is a risk of dangerous, the system, the first time, the first time Present on a large screen.

  Digital applications build a strong line of defense for flood prevention. Linhai relies on more than 10 anti-finger members of Taizhou City Emergency Command Center platform, access meteorology, and water conservancy, real-time monitoring data, open data barriers, realize data sharing, and do emergency response linkage "intelligent", rescue rescue schedule " Visualization, currently gathered more than 10,000 risk sources and emergency resources.

  Always war, withdraw at any time.

Yuxi Town, Yuxi Town, 1088 people, low-lying Louhong Yiwei District (Mountain Hong Disaster Easy Area) 6 Collection of "city, county, town, village" four-level flood prevention platform, and based on the "plan modularization, module", directive digital "work path, the content of the plan is structured, and the city emergency plan is established. "Digital flood control prevention is greatly improved the timeliness of monitoring and early warning, not only saving time and effort, but also guarantees people safety.

"Xu Yangming said that digital applications have been exchanged through resources, and the risks are full of eyes; the plan structure is analyzed, the task is one-click; the" code "is accurate transfer, the avoidance science is an orderly; the intercaution online dispatch, the command operation is four major It features a full cycle of disasters. Including the brigade into digital thinking, walking in Jiangnan Great Wall, East Lake, Ziyang Street, Tu Mountain … The deep humanity of Taizhou Guocheng has a lingering, digital development is added to this ancient city. color.

  "There is no camera to shoot the ancient city blockbuster, both creative, and full of technology." On June 1st, the Ye Xunjun, Linhai, came to the Taizhou City Scenic Area, and experienced a charm of Ali Cloud Vlog.

  "Ali Cloud VLOG is composed of three modules of intelligent acquisition, intelligent production, intelligent distribution." Linhai City Cultural Tourism Group Co., Ltd., the head of Mei Jianya, with HD custom camera, interactive screen, etc., automatically captures tourists Wonderful moments, unique landscape of scenic spots. Help the help of AI technology, automatic production, fragment optimization, visual effects, etc., creating short video of people with nature, cultural and life perfectly fuse.

"When the journey ends, visitors can easily obtain high quality exclusive VLOG videos for mobile phone scan.

"Jumping in Ziyang Street, waving at the Great Wall, combined with the beautiful aerial photograph of Taizhou Guocheng, tourists can completely liberate their hands, enjoy the journey of the whole body, even alone, no loss, every unforgettable moment.

Digitally combined with Wen Travel, a different intelligent tourism experience came into being.

  Come to Taizhou Guocheng Information Center, 15 electronic screens real-time monitoring of each point in the scenic spot. "The 2018 Information Center is enabled, which is the run ‘brain’ of the entire Fuku Scenic Area." Taizhou Guocheng Information Center staff Hu Mingfeng introduced that in recent years, Taizhou Fucheng Cultural Tourism Zone vigorously promotes the construction of "smart scenic spot", self-service tour positioning, multi-language Translation, passenger flow monitoring, AR guides are online, which makes the millennium history activation, and translator. Today, visitors can pass "720vr Panorama" through "720VR Panorama", and greatly enhance the experience.

In the future, the scenic spot will further improve the digital platform and other digital platforms such as business integrity management system to regulate the high quality development of tourism. (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi).

Take off the intermediary and seller direct trading buyers are sentenced to pay the annual fee

  After the intermediary provides a service, talking prices, the buyer refuses to pay the intermediary service fee, and will also be divided into the intermediary WeChat, private and sellers directly, how is the Civil Code? Recently, the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court broke a judgment on a case involving "jumping" behavior.

  Liu wants to purchase a house, contact a real estate agent company through WeChat, seeking interval service.

The real estate agent introduced Liu, introduced the case of the case, and the two sides signed the "Buying House Interested Book", and it is agreed that the case covered by the case is 2.45 million yuan.

Liu expects the price no more than 2.35 million yuan, so paying 5,000 yuan sincerity to a real estate agent, commissioning it to the above property owners, hoping to be deal with expected price. The two parties agree that if Liu purchases the house, the intermediary service fee payable to a real estate agent is%, ie 35250 yuan.

Some real estate agency company communicates with the owners of the case, and inform that Liu, the house price has been negotiated by 2.35 million yuan, and the seller has to charge a deposit of 100,000 yuan. Since then, a real estate agency company and Liu handed a dispute in a mortgage, and communication is fruitless.

Some real estate agency issued WeChat to inform Liu to handle transaction procedures, but Liu sent WeChat to inform a real estate agent, he no longer purchased the case, requiring a real estate agent to refund 5,000 yuan.

  Since then, the employee of a real estate agent will contact Liu with WeChat, but Liu is "pulled" the employee’s WeChat, and contact the seller and completed the trading transaction of the case. Guangzhou Yuexiu District People’s Court first-instance judgment: Liu pays 70% of the intermediary service fee of a real estate agent, namely 24,675 yuan.

A real estate agent is uncomfortable with Liu, filed an appeal.

  Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court secondary judgment: Liu pays a single real estate agent’s intermediary service fee of 35250 yuan. Zheng Huaiyong, a senior judge in the real estate trial court of Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court, said that in this case, Liu has formed an intermediary service contract relationship with a real estate agency company, and a real estate agency company is based on Liu asked Liu, and the transaction of the house. The price is negotiated with the seller, and eventually reached the expected purchase price, and the seller agreed to pay by Liu by Liu.

Since then, Liu refused the intermediary to continue to serve it, and put the Wen WeChat "Black" of the employee of a real estate agent, complete the transaction with the seller, and its intention of "jumping", and refuses to pay the intermediary Service charges, constitutes a default, and Liu, Liu, should bear the responsibility of the payment agreed.

  The judge said that the civil conduct of the Civil Code, which requires a timely, convenient and favorable contractual approach to the client, and guarantees the true and effectiveness of the information; on the other hand, the principal is prohibited from malicious "jumping".

It can be seen that whether it is selling a housing, buyers or intermediaries should comply with the principle of honesty and credit, respect each other’s legitimate rights, and jointly maintain the health and orderly development of real estate trading markets. (All media reporter Wei Lina correspondent Zheng Huaiyong, Zhang Jiaqi).

The important foundation of cultural strength

  [Guangming Forum · End of New Journey · Construction Cultural Strong National Series 1] Author: Zou Guangwen (Beijing Xi Jinping New Times Chinese Characteristic Socialist Ideological Research Center Special Researcher, Tsinghua University Marxist College Professor) Editor’s Soul, Wen The text is cast.

"Culture is a country, a nation’s soul, is an important support for the national prosperity and national revitalization.

The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee clearly put forward the timetable and road map of the establishment of cultural powers. The Guangming Daily launched the "Equipment of the New Journey" and Building a Cultural Strong National Series, and the Significance, Connotation and Solvabness of Building a Socialist Culture. direction. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "A country, a nationality of a nation, always supported cultural prosperity, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation needs to have a prosperous development of Chinese cultural development." Culture is a soul of a national progress. . The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th National Party is based on the overall height of the Chinese nation’s development, and it is clearly proposed to build a cultural strength in 2035. The proposal of this specific schedule marks the future of the future China in the new journey of building socialist modernization countries, and the status of cultural construction is based on the status and premise. Indeed, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation requires both powerful material power and needs strong spiritual power.

Cultural strength, this is a must-have to build a socialist modern country with Chinese characteristics.

Culture is also a modern soul, cultural is not strong, and modern countries have no talk.

Throughout the world, human modern practice is a systematic project, which is the overall conversion of social life, and therefore, it will inevitably involve political, economic, social, and cultural and other fields.

This is as highly emphasized by General Secretary Xi Jinping: "Socialism with Chinese characteristics is the great cause of comprehensive development, comprehensive progress, no socialist culture prosperity, there is no socialist modernization." Cultural strong country strategy to the great revival of the Chinese nation, for us It is of great significance to build a socialist modernization.

Contemporary China’s reform and opening up, so that my country’s modern practice has achieved historical leaps. We used more than 40 years to finish the development path of the West in the West. The great time to build a hundred years has achieved comprehensive construction of a well-off society. It can be said that we successfully broke out a new path of Chinese modernization, namely the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

There is no doubt that Chinese style modernization has enriched the development model of human modernization, and contributes Chinese wisdom for the future development of the third world. At the same time, in the face of the second hundred years of struggle, we face more arduous challenges, which requires all Chinese more exciting, more filled with cultural confidence, and inject powerful spiritual power for socialist modernization. Strengthening the Cultural Value Consensus in Cultural Strong Country, Concentrateing the Power of Modernization Practice. Cultural value consensus is a national or country that maintains self-symbols across the era of change, which provides the most basic and stable cultural power for a particular nation in the era of globalization.

Chinese style modernization road is the correct path established by the Chinese nation, and the party’s leadership, the people’s main body, and Chinese characteristics are the most basic cultural value consensus. Based on this consensus, we must profoundly recognize the core power of leading our modernization is the Chinese Communist Party, and the fundamental principle of adhering to the comprehensive leaders of the Communist Party will run through the whole process of China’s modern practice. It is necessary to consciously realize that the modernization we seek is the modernization of all the Chinese people, so we must respect the main status of the people, give full play to the first spirit of the people, will achieve good, safeguard and develop a fundamental interests of the most broad masses of people. The fundamental starting point and development of Chinese style modernization pathways. We must also stick to modern Chinese characteristics, take your own path, correctly understand and dialectize the relationship between the three of the three outstanding traditional culture, revolutionary culture and socialist cultural culture, adhere to the correct direction of cultural development in the great practice of modernization. .

  To enhance cultural attractions in cultural strength, show the unique charm of Chinese style modernization path to the world. The Reform and Opening and Opening and Modernization Practice Let China have an unprecedented integrated national strength.

It turns out that only the country is strong, and the people of other countries can face our culture. For Chinese culture, we must have a sense of mission, especially on the basis of economic strength, and in culture, it is necessary to take a confident and robust pace, and truly understand the future in the way to China’s progress and development. Chinese culture advocates beauty and common, and different, there is a powerful compatibility and inclusive characteristics, which is undoubtedly our unique cultural advantages. For the future, we must not only show the world’s long history and brilliant, more importantly, showing the spiritual faces and innovative culture of contemporary Chinese, showing the modern civilization of contemporary Chinese, and is good at sharing Chinese modern modernization with the world. The results and experience of development, enhance the appeal and appeal of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics.

In cultural exchanges between the equality of all ethnic groups, civilized mutual forwardings and common prosperity are constructed. Taking the strong cultural creativity of cultural strength to cultivate strong cultural creativity, the source of the Chinese nation is given into the source. "Building a strong country in building socialist cultures is to enhance the national cultural creation." This important argument provides fundatures for our construction of socialist cultural powers. "

The revival of a nation must be accompanied by culture.

Cultural Power should have strong creation, production and communication capabilities of modern culture. As the soft power of national development, culture should have become the leading and social modernization practice.

We must adhere to the road of socialist cultural development in Chinese characteristics, continue to promote the reform of cultural system, and simultaneously in both highlights of modern culture. From the perspective of cultural popularization, the people have an endless cultural creation, so we must give full play to the enthusiasm of the cultural creation of the people, improve the modern cultural literacy of the whole nation, and consolidate the deep social foundation of culture creation. From the perspective of culture, it is necessary to fully mobilize the creation of cultural workers, advocating profound thoughts, keen insights and lofty responsibilities. It is necessary to work hard to change the status quo of the copy capacity of my country’s cultural industry, the original capacity is not high, and the reform is released in cultural innovation, and truly creates a group of cultural masterpieces to the people, contributes a group of immortal works for humans.

To face the world, the new brilliant broad brilliance of the broaden, facing the future, providing a strong value leading to the cultural strength and national cultural rejuvenation.

  "Guangming Daily" (September 09, 2021).