At this time, Qiao Tianyu finally had a taste,This time I wronged Keiko.。

It is clear,The person who raised the gold quotation is not someone else,It is Prince Rahul!
Because if you want to completely destroy Prince Mahmoud and his son,You have to confirm their two crimes:One is that their father and son sold off one-third of Saudi Arabia’s annual oil production,Cost Saudi Arabia heavy,Second, their father and son did not complete the purchase5000Task of tons of gold。
Prince Rahul must know that during this period Qiao Tianyu tried every means to rescue Prince Mahmoud and his son,He also knew that Qiao Tianyu was close to getting there5000Tons of gold,If the gold is really gotten by Qiao Tianyu,Prince Mahmoud and his son can be rescued,All his efforts will be in vain。
That’s why Prince Rahul can’t wait to kill Mahmoud and his son.,On the one hand, they quickly sent their father and son back to Riyadh for trial,On the other hand, it jumped out to maliciously raise the price of gold,Disturb Huang Qiaotianyu’s gold acquisition plan!
These two measures are closely linked,It’s no wonder that Prince Narahel can give power to the Saudi royal family,Sure enough!
After seeing through Prince Rahul’s conspiracy,Qiao Tianyu knows that saving people is important,Can’t look forward and backward,Hesitate。
The so-called ringer must be tied,At this time, Qiao Tianyu knew very well,The only way to save Prince Mahmoud and his son,Only that5000Tons of gold!
Let’s get the gold first,Others will be discussed later!
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu immediately followed Huizi and Qiao Dahua out of the villa,Get in the extended Cadillac bulletproof car,All the way to the southeast of Dubai city.
First0208chapter Hidden in the city
Whenever faced with difficult and dangerous situations,It can always inspire Qiao Tianyu’s ability to make decisions that are different from ordinary people,He knows that now it can only be purchased5000Tons of gold are not enough,The most important thing now is to grab time with Prince Rahul!
So after getting in the car,Qiao Tianyu made several calls in succession。
This first call,Qiao Tianyu called Michelle,Let her immediately contact all the helicopters and transport planes borrowed from the KGB,Ready to ship gold。
Although Michelle is still right5000Tons of gold have concerns,But Qiao Tianyu gave her a death order,Even that5000There is a problem with tons of gold,Also a future thing,Save lives now。
See Qiao Tianyu so sure,Michelle didn’t say much,Act immediately。

Under Xiang Chen’s control,My breathing gradually returned to stability,The wound on my body is indeed painful,Fortunately not fatal。

“Do you want to relay?”
Yao Yao stood not far away and asked,But in exchange for Xiang Chen’s international gesture。
Chuckled,Yao Yao also sat on the sofa leisurely。
“unbelievable,You are really the master of Yaomen on Paradise Island,Very different from the rumors!”
Lagon holds the tiger spirit in his hand,Changed another offensive position。
Punch Xiang Xiangchen,Xiang Chen is not soft at all,Catch Lagong’s fist directly,Slightly push forward,Anti-joint suppression on Lagong。
If someone else,I’m afraid it’s just this one,Will result in a semi-paralysis,The person who can be captured by Xiang Chen is Lagong,Except for the painful turn around at the beginning,after that,It almost became Lagon’s personal performance time。
Obviously Xiang Chen caught Lagon,But in the eyes of others,At this moment, it’s as if Xiang Chen was caught by Rajon。Obviously the restrainer,Xiang Chen fought with Lagong but was restrained everywhere。
Another incredible attack against joints,Xiang Chen choked away,Then was kicked by Rajon on the shoulder with a whip leg。
Fell heavily to the ground,Falling with Xiang Chen,Zhu Guosheng、Long Si and Long Qi both let out a heavy sigh。
Present,Except Yao Yao is still indifferent,Other people or regret,Or happy,Different looks。
“Your boss has already lost,You are not going to warm up?”
Zhu Guosheng seems to have caught the opportunity,Looking at Yao Yao proudly and asked,But Yao Yao said nonchalantly:“It’s not your turn to worry!Mixed points must have a mixed attitude,Don’t keep bothering us!”